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  1. •Instant lvl 80 •No Farm •All Items Free •The Only Farm Is To Lvl Your Clan Need Only Points No Chars Enchant rates • Safe/Max Enchant: +10 • Extra Scroll From Vote To Make Weapon +16 Rate. 50% CUSTOM NPC'S • Full GM Shop • Full Buffer • GateKeeper • Augmenter Manager • Nobless Manager • Class Manager EVENTS • CTF • TvT • DM • LMS • Domination • Double Domination • Zombie Features • No Custom • Heroes System • Starting Level 80 • sub,clans (Academy,Royal Guards,Order of Knights) • Weapon Augmentations • Dueling System • Olympiad 100% Retail like • Flawless Geodata & Pathnodes • Active and experienced development/GMteam! • No corruptions! • NO LAG!!! • 100% Uptime • International community • 100 Buff Slots Olympiad Information • Begins 18:00 • Ends 00:00 • Hero changes every week -site -forum OPENING AT 17 GMT+1
  2. cant wait for the site lol cuz this srv if ll fail u wont find another one with this balance lol tbh i didnt saw any other java with this balance)
  3. haha even better if it s not 1/1 and just 1 active or 1 passive just use 1 of those 2 lol
  4. just read the srv description auguments are not stackable lol just 1 active/1 passive
  5. in the future l2ahr/l2gangplank/l2nunu/l2annie and maybe l2LoL dunno gl with ur serv
  6. there is no online counter...but log in and u ll see many ppl lol
  7. u gotta make an account so u can log in ol aint op lol aint an easy farming but in 1-2 h u can have full+16 the community is growing so u should come on this srv tbh it s really ballanced
  8. 15 January or 1 february cuz that counter from the website is showing that it ll start on 15 january
  9. gm s gonna fix it it s working at it atm
  10. what about auguments,it will stack if u use 2-3 different active auguments?