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  1. Glassy banned for insult Adms on global chat and trashtalk, and yes to receice respect players must show some respect too, Adms are human and not robots. Server stay stable after 3 months, and everyone are free to come and give a try.
  2. Adms online everyday as always, but some rage quiters spamming dead server cause they lost some pvp.
  3. Hello everyone, after more than two months of online server we noticed that L2Afterlife has become a stable server, we want to thank everyone who turned our project into a success. Observing the current days, we noticed a need to make some modifications in order to bring more players and improve some aspects of the game, so from the next restart Marks for the second class change will be added in the Donation Shop, the schedule of Sieges will be modified and a new event will start . We know that the topic "Second Job" was a very discussed topic at the beginning and very controversial, I repeat
  4. Hello Guys, I come to thank everyone who is trusting our project, L2AfterLife Completed 2 months online !! The server is super stable, with active sieges and people coming in every day. Enter our Site / Discord, download the patch and come to our community !!!
  5. About selling second job , yea its p2w since people dont waste adena teleporting/using shots , players who donate will get advantage and advantage is p2w, about "force" people to make quest, its the game, the retail game, im not forcing anyone. Yes my project is based on oldstyle gameplay and many people enjoy it, sadly some players think make quest is not part of the game. About players have many accounts and supports, this is a good reason to make quests, cause lifetime of server is longer, its so easier just make AQ chars or supports just buying quests, but on Afterlife you need to "work mo
  6. Server just have a new record of players everyday, rules are made to people respect each other. Adms online all day, if players have a problem they can just pm on discord channel. Second Job Changed Class not on donate shop, so less p2w, everyone need to make your quests, it takes some hours only, project is based on oldstyle gameplay. If Interact is become "racist" or anything like that, yea sure you can be banned. I invite you all to check our Discord channel, also play our server, OFF Files, no bots, no P2w, active Adms, and growing everyday.
  7. Server is fine now , 3 days stable, no lags and no disconnects, we bought new machine and new protection to server, so all working fine now. Come and have fun!
  8. We are providing a new server machine to fix DDO'S problems and all will be fine after that, for the guy Donrarsch i just want to say "People who dont follow the rules get banned" as you trying to log 4 accounts since we told you to log off like 3 times or more. Server is Online, bought a New Machine , new antibot and new protection system, enjoy the game.
  9. Thanks for the words SQL, our project intends to rescue the origins of the game, with a cleaner server. Staff's promise is to keep the server online for a long period, donations will be collected only to improve the server and increase its lifetime. We hope that players like our project and that they have a lot of fun. Access our discord at http://discord.gg/UFtQZtu The time is coming! Hello guys, less than two weeks before the opening of our project and with the server almost ready, we decided to open the testing phase. The Beta Phase will open on the 13th of May at 18:00 GMT + 1
  10. GRAND OPENING !!!! 23/05/2020 18:00 GMT+1 https://l2afterlife.com/ Forum: https://forum.l2afterlife.com/ Discord: discord.gg/UFtQZtu In brief, this will be a new journey for both us – AfterLife has never released a low rate. Our goal will be to maintain the integrity of the low rate game play and offer to the players 100% retail quality, or at least as much as we can deliver. We want to give you a long lasting server that provides you with the nostalgia of Lineage 2. The forums will remain open for discussion. We will begin advertising f