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  1. For me not working, or i'm doing something wrong..
  2. http://www.mediafire.com/file/2ylu7mujl0al39n/droplist.sql/file This is my droplist.sql
  3. Hello. I',m trying to remove all droplist from monsters, and i wanna to leave only Adena. I tried like that - DELETE FROM droplist WHERE itemid IN (SELECT item_id FROM etcitem WHERE itemid <> 57); But not working for me. Maybe anyone can me explain how to make it?
  4. this is for auto vote reward, or vote manager?
  5. What pack are you using? Just let me know, and i will give you full code for frozen or acis.
  6. Exactly! I got what i needed, theme can be locked.
  7. well, you better know from where i am.
  8. i have tried user 'Iordanov' interface - not really like for me. Thank you for offer!
  9. theme is not about my computer specs.