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  1. Stolen logo. Makes no surprise to me.
  2. Links are broken,please refresh them.
  3. If you talk about me,jump in the 1st page of thread and you'll see :D
  4. That's kinda wierd,don't you think?You're on your secret base where you try to think new ideas on how you'll troll in any forum?Hahah same old brave..
  5. Long time no see brah!Where have you been?
  6. If that helps you, De-me-tres Ga-la-nes or in English version you can pronnounce it "Jim Galanes" AlmostGood thank you dude!
  7. Heh,izi pizy,you can have my facebook profile if you want. https://www.facebook.com/Dhmhtrhs.Galanhs P.S:what is wrong with you guys?He just make some fun of me and that's it,let it go lel :D
  8. Name:Dimitris NickName:You can see that dumbs :D Country:Greece City:Lamia Hello guys.I'm new here and i wanna say i've learned alot from this forum. Glad to be a member here,i will respect all the rules of the forum. I recently started to study some dev things so,don't expect anything big from me. Regards,TehBot12 P.S:member since 2013 but now i've joined for good :D
  9. Nice share!Amazing npc! Regards,TehBot12