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  1. Could you elaborate a bit more with some details? A full example would be very appreciated.
  2. So this would mean that Fastkill (ID=268519867) dropped 1250693297 of adena (ID)268525608) on the floor and MecanOtGorata (ID=268504804) picked it up?
  3. What about adena? What's the ID in adena? What's the best way to trade it?
  4. But I'm guessing that with simple filters the admins could remove most of the noise even in Giran, or maybe I didnt fully understand.
  5. Any one know the best way to make a trade between a potential banneable account and the target account untraceable by the admins in their logs? I assume throwing items to the ground and picking them up is still traceable? Private store too, right? Thank you!