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Found 223 results

  1. java.lang.Exception: Stack trace at java.lang.Thread.dumpStack (Unknown Source) at l2f.gameserver.model.entity.olympiad.OlympiadGameTask.runImpl (Olympia at ( at java.util.concurrent.Executors $ (Unknown Source) at java.util.concurrent.FutureTask $ Sync.innerRun (Unknown Source) at (Unknown Source) at java.util.concurrent.ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor $ ScheduledFutureTask. access $ 201 (Unknown Source) at java.util.concurrent.ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor $ ScheduledFutureTask. run (Unknown Source) at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker (Unknown Source) at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor $ (Unknown Source) at (Unknown Source) Hello i have this problem when i register in olympiad the timer reach 7 seconds then console show this error my files l2 tales old source . this file package l2f.gameserver.model.entity.olympiad; import l2f.commons.threading.RunnableImpl; import l2f.gameserver.Config; import l2f.gameserver.ThreadPoolManager; import l2f.gameserver.cache.Msg; import; import l2f.gameserver.utils.Log; import org.slf4j.Logger; import org.slf4j.LoggerFactory; import java.util.concurrent.ScheduledFuture; public class OlympiadGameTask extends RunnableImpl { private static final Logger _log = LoggerFactory.getLogger(OlympiadGameTask.class); private OlympiadGame _game; private BattleStatus _status; private int _count; private long _time; private boolean _terminated = false; public boolean isTerminated() { return _terminated; } public BattleStatus getStatus() { return _status; } public int getCount() { return _count; } public OlympiadGame getGame() { return _game; } public long getTime() { return _count; } public ScheduledFuture<?> shedule() { return ThreadPoolManager.getInstance().schedule(this, _time); } public OlympiadGameTask(OlympiadGame game, BattleStatus status, int count, long time) { _game = game; _status = status; _count = count; _time = time; } @Override public void runImpl() throws Exception { if (_game == null || _terminated) return; OlympiadGameTask task = null; int gameId = _game.getId(); try { if (!Olympiad.inCompPeriod()) return; // Прерываем игру, если один из игроков не онлайн, и игра еще не прервана if (!_game.checkPlayersOnline() && _status != BattleStatus.ValidateWinner && _status != BattleStatus.Ending) { Log.add("Player is offline for game " + gameId + ", status: " + _status, "olympiad"); _game.endGame(1000, true); return; } switch (_status) { case Begining: { _game.broadcastPacket(new SystemMessage(SystemMessage.YOU_WILL_ENTER_THE_OLYMPIAD_STADIUM_IN_S1_SECOND_S).addNumber(Config.OLYMPIAD_BEGIN_TIME), true, false); task = new OlympiadGameTask(_game, BattleStatus.Begin_Countdown, Config.OLYMPIAD_BEGIN_TIME / 2, (Config.OLYMPIAD_BEGIN_TIME / 2) * 1000); break; } case Begin_Countdown: { _game.broadcastPacket(new SystemMessage(SystemMessage.YOU_WILL_ENTER_THE_OLYMPIAD_STADIUM_IN_S1_SECOND_S).addNumber(_count), true, false); if (_count == 60) task = new OlympiadGameTask(_game, BattleStatus.Begin_Countdown, 30, 30000); else if (_count == 30) task = new OlympiadGameTask(_game, BattleStatus.Begin_Countdown, 15, 15000); else if (_count == 15) task = new OlympiadGameTask(_game, BattleStatus.Begin_Countdown, 5, 10000); else if (_count < 6 && _count > 1) task = new OlympiadGameTask(_game, BattleStatus.Begin_Countdown, _count - 1, 1000); else if (_count == 1) task = new OlympiadGameTask(_game, BattleStatus.PortPlayers, 0, 1000); break; } case PortPlayers: { _game.portPlayersToArena(); _game.managerShout(); task = new OlympiadGameTask(_game, BattleStatus.Started, 60, 1000); break; } case Started: { if (_count == 60) { _game.setState(1); _game.preparePlayers(); _game.addBuffers(); _game.restorePreparePlayers(); } _game.broadcastPacket(new SystemMessage(SystemMessage.THE_GAME_WILL_START_IN_S1_SECOND_S).addNumber(_count), true, true); _count -= 10; if (_count > 0) { task = new OlympiadGameTask(_game, BattleStatus.Started, _count, 10000); break; } _game.openDoors(); task = new OlympiadGameTask(_game, BattleStatus.CountDown, 5, 5000); break; } case CountDown: { _game.broadcastPacket(new SystemMessage(SystemMessage.THE_GAME_WILL_START_IN_S1_SECOND_S).addNumber(_count), true, true); _count--; if (_count <= 0) task = new OlympiadGameTask(_game, BattleStatus.StartComp, 36, 1000); else task = new OlympiadGameTask(_game, BattleStatus.CountDown, _count, 1000); break; } case StartComp: { _game.deleteBuffers(); if (_count == 36) { _game.setState(2); _game.broadcastPacket(Msg.STARTS_THE_GAME, true, true); _game.broadcastInfo(null, null, false); } // Wait 3 mins (Battle) _count--; if (_count == 0) task = new OlympiadGameTask(_game, BattleStatus.ValidateWinner, 0, 10000); else task = new OlympiadGameTask(_game, BattleStatus.StartComp, _count, 10000); break; } case ValidateWinner: { try { _game.validateWinner(_count > 0); } catch (RuntimeException e) { _log.error("Error on Olympiad Validate Winner", e); } task = new OlympiadGameTask(_game, BattleStatus.Ending, 0, 20000); break; } case Ending: { _game.collapse(); _terminated = true; if (Olympiad._manager != null) Olympiad._manager.freeOlympiadInstance(_game.getId()); return; } } if (task == null) { Log.add("task == null for game " + gameId, "olympiad"); Thread.dumpStack(); _game.endGame(1000, true); return; } _game.sheduleTask(task); } catch (RuntimeException e) { _log.error("Error on Olympiad Game Task", e); _game.endGame(1000, true); } } }
  2. hello everyone , any can help me to chose an host for my l2j server ? from , i see here many hosting option , for example i bought an vServer with specification 8 Core CPU 32 GB RAM 600 GB SSD No telephone support more information... 1gb bandwith , its that enough for open a server ? this is an vServer , any know what its best choice ? vServer or root server ? witch one is best for me ? and how many ppl i can have on my server with this specs ??
  3. Hi, please, have anyone script or some mod or NPC to make SubStack server? 1+4? Thank you. I don't know how to make it o.O. Hi5 version.
  4. Guys i did everything i saw on a post for creating a l2 server eveyrthing is fine i try to open l2.exe but its gives me a critical error 2018.4.20 02:46:20 OS : Windows Vista 6.2 (Build: 9200) CPU : GenuineIntel PentiumPro-class processor @ 3694 MHz with 2047MB RAM Video : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti (9065) General protection fault! History: UOrcMove::CalculateCRC32 <- UGameEngine::Init <- InitEngine
  5. I'am searching script that i will get clan (Hot Springs Guild House) hall with killing raid boss. Who can share this script with me? Functions: Raid Boss ID : 25282 If any player killed boss without clan then set siege time clan hall to next week. But if anyone killed raid boss with clan (also clan members) then set clan hall owner clan leader. Project: Lucera 2 Rev 15.0 Thank you very much! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Я ищу скрипт, чтобы получить клановый зал (Hot Springs Guild House) с убийством рейдового босса. Кто может поделиться этим скрипт со мной? Функции: Рейд Босс ID : 25282 Если какой-либо игрок убил босса без клана, то установите клан-холл осады на следующей неделе. Но если кто-то убил рейд-босса с кланом (также члены клана), тогда владелец кланового зала назначит своего лидера клана. Project: Lucera 2 Rev 15.0 Большое спасибо!
  6. Hello guys i would like to open an l2 server offline just to have some fun in my home only for me my pc has windows 10 any good guides to help me opening the server ? thanks
  7. Could someone help me how do I create a probability with 2 arrays? The problem is this, I created a npc for ticket exchange per item, and using Luckywhell that posted here in the forum, the item configuration is like this: IDItem, Quantity, Enchant, Chance. But the chance is according to the quantity of items, not by chance of each item, could you help me to solve this problem?
  8. hello i have used one custom set jewel at my server and i have one problem how i can make to don't stack 2 jewels for example i have the boss jewels antharas and Antharas Tremor and when I use that 2 jewels i took stats from both ... how i make it to dont take stats from one jewel or when i used one jewel to dont allow to wear it ?
  9. Hello, I wanted to know how I can save a coordinate, because on my tvt when the event ends I'm teleported to giran I would like to know how I can get where I was This instead of putting me where I was, leaves me in the same place after the event ends. int[] playerCoordinates = new int[] { player.getPosition().getX(), player.getPosition().getY(), player.getPosition().getZ(), player.getPosition().getHeading() }; new EventTeleporter(player, playerCoordinates, false);
  10. Hello, Im going to play on new RU OFF server (24.04) Salvation, is possible to swap some english files from EU client? Someone said that client modify is forbidden and they can detect it and ban you. Maybe some of these files are undetectable, what do you think?
  11. Is there a drop list on acis pack??? I want to delete all spellbooks from mobs drop list is there anyway to do it ? Any help or idea? Regards, Carvage.
  12. Hello, Can you please recommend better files for creating h5 stable server? Should I buy Mobius or Sunrise subscribition? Maybe you have exerience with one or another?
  13. Hi, I'm adapting the Town Manager event for aCis. When I change this TownManager.getTown(Config.TW_TOWN_ID).setIsTWZone(true); for ZoneManager.getInstance().getZoneById(i, TownZone.class).setIsTWZone(true); generates the error what did I do wrong ? TownManager of jserver : public static final L2TownZone getTown(int townId) { for (L2TownZone temp : ZoneManager.getInstance().getAllZones(L2TownZone.class)) { if (temp.getTownId() == townId) { return temp; } } return null; } /** * Returns the town at that position (if any) * @param x * @param y * @param z * @return */ public static final L2TownZone getTown(int x, int y, int z) { for (L2ZoneType temp : ZoneManager.getInstance().getZones(x, y, z)) { if (temp instanceof L2TownZone) { return (L2TownZone) temp; } } return null; }
  14. How do i use custom dat files with newer chronicles? If you edit one system dat file the client wont start. How do i solve this?
  15. hello guys im using l2j server develop and i got a null problem on getName() method the return _name goes null when example use NpcViewMod to see npc drops when take tw flag with some words when something use this method got npe its all ok problem is from somewhere else pls help or if someone need payment to fix it ok
  16. Hello, there's 1 player that when he tries to login, appears like the account is already in use all the time, u know what can cause this? Maybe somethiing in hauthd it cann be solved? I changed the logout time in bd but still the same, regards L2 off IL
  17. i have this error on putty when start my gameserver. I was busy for a while ./ line 10: log / stdout.log: No space left on the device any idea
  18. guys i have this problem when i run server panel and login panel < who know how i may slove it , i wish you tell me .
  19. Hi everyone. Anyone can help me with some tutorials about how to create server? I want to start now and i need some help cuz i am using windows 10.. Thank you. Any help i will appreciate.
  20. Is there anyway to set up the mobs in catacombs/necropolis that drop seal stones to be always spawned? I use ascis pack and the mobs aren't spawned and i have no clue how to make them spawn, and keep them spawned after. Any help? or Idea? Regards, Carvage.
  21. Kalispera MxC, exw ena provlimataki Sta config\functions\accsess opos tha deite EDW exw to user accsess level 6 Sto navicat accsess_levels opos tha deite EDW einai ola comple Sto navicat admin_command_accsess_rights opos tha deite EDW episis ola comple To provlima kai i aporia mou einai. Afou otan kaneis new char ston server fenete o char me accsess lvl 6 kai exei accsess lvl 6 o new char, giati den exei admin commands kai pos to fixarw afto? Thelw na to kanw gia GM Server opos ton palio L2GM.ORG Ligo Help ,Thx!
  22. I got this Error when i try to open the gameServer... Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "10." at java.lang.NumberFormatException.forInputString( at java.lang.Integer.parseInt( at java.lang.Integer.parseInt( at net.sf.l2j.commons.config.ExProperties.getProperty( at net.sf.l2j.Config.loadServer( at net.sf.l2j.Config.loadGameServer( at net.sf.l2j.gameserver.GameServer.<init>( at net.sf.l2j.gameserver.GameServer.main( Server have terminated abnormaly. Server terminated. Press any key to continue . . . Any help? or idea? Regards, Carvage.
  23. Hello people. I have some problems on my dedicated server on OVH. I'm getting attacks, and I do not know what type they are. More than one here must have safe ovh, and I need if any can give me a help with the configuration of the network firewall and IP-Tables to reduce attacks, since ovh offers defense against DDOS but not against two. I post some picks. and here is the pic of the atack.
  24. Why is the image not full screen?( loading screen of h5 client ) i even used a custom image this is what it look like when i first open the client : ( why is it centered? ) there is no window in interface.xdat to define the size of this area.... this is what happens if i move the window or if i resize it and then restart ( not client , just go to lobby and ingame again)