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Found 7,375 results

  1. Hi, Can any GOD of the interface put this mini map below in a normal interlude interface? I didn't want to change the whole interface with those classic schemes and automatic things, just include the mini map. If possible, I would very much like someone to help me.
  2. Παιδιά έχω κάνει αυτό το code για το PartyZone μου, αλλά δυστιχώς δεν μπορώ να το κάνω να κάνει teleport το υπόλοιπο party πίσω στο Town όταν θα είναι <5 μέσα στο Party Zone..
  3. As mentioned in the title, I lose Npcs after restarting the server from the admins panel. The problem is, I never had this issue before. Also it's not for certain Npc, it's for all Npc. What i mean is, all the Npc I spawned before I started getting this issue are still in place. Whatever I spawn now is gone after restarting. It's like I exceeded the limit of spawns. Tried searching here but nothing was applicable for me (even though others had this issue). Is there anyone who had this issue or anyone who knows how to solve this? Thanks in advance. (aCis 382)
  4. HI, it is possible to make a zone without buffs? On enter and when player is trying to buff to no work. Thanks
  5. It is possible to make this statuses more than 99? And how? What i should edit?
  6. Hello all..i have created a party zone for 5+ players...and i set a check if a player leaves pt or die and pressed go to village and the party goes <5 then all going back to spawn. but when a player leaves party he isn't teleported back to Town.. party also stay inside party zone with less than 5 players.. only if the player restart will be teleported back to town.any suggestions>?
  8. Καλησπερα και συγγνωμη για την ενοχληση. Απο εχθες εχω μπει σε εναν παρα πολυ ωραια φτιαγμενο σερβερ που τυχαινει να ειναι και ελληνικος. Ολα ειναι 10/10 για μενα αλλα για καποιο λογο το εικονιδιο (βελακι) που γυριζει την μπαρα απο οριζοντια σε καθετα δεν υπαρχει. Τι να κανω ρε παιδια, κανενας εδω που γνωριζει? Εγω ειμαι ξυλο απελεκυτο χελπ πλζζζζ
  9. help with anti captcha with adrenaline please? google didnt help :/
  10. Hey guys, i want to change the party icons to retail, I'm using a interface that is shared here, but it has custom party icons and I want to change them to retail ones, someone can help me ?
  11. Guys do you know what is the character menu icons path? for example what is the path for the Icon of Character stats/ Clan/ Quests /Skill icons above the list. I need these icons for a html in my server
  12. Hello, I recently added this code, which I adapted for aCis 382. I compile and run the gameserver without any error. I added the configs and I also tried without configs but by directly adding the rep value or item Id in the code. But once I press the item in game nothing occurs in both situations. With some searching I did on the forum I found that it's an issue from registering the handler and adding it to the items XML. I think I've done those though. I've added these in ItemHandler : import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.handler.itemhandlers.Calculator; +import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.handler.itemhandlers.ClanRepsItem; registerHandler(new Calculator()); +registerHandler(new ClanRepsItem()); Added this in the XML of Festival Adena : <set name="is_stackable" val="true" /> +<set name="handler" val="ClanRepsItem" /> Does anyone know what could cause this? Thanks in advance. Edit : Added the code I use.
  13. I have added an appearance system in hi5, I have a problem that when viewing using the client packages it does not support the preview of skin + accessory. Any solution to preview skin + accessory? Thank you
  14. Γεια σας μαγκες μου... εχω αρχισει και ασχολουμε με το Trinity Pack (l2pride pack). και εχω 3 errors. Σας ευχαριστω για τον χρονο σας.
  15. How do i fix the inventory it randomly makes all items unusable unless dropped and picked up with the inventory open or dragged to a hot bar once close inventory bug resets and everything is unusable again how do i fix this So it happens even on new account creation
  16. Hello all ! Someone can help me with L2pe ? The installation is okay (i think) the ware need the location of L2.ini and it say : couldn't load... If anyone have the solution of this problem... Very thx to you ^^
  17. Hey guys, I am trying to open interface.xdat (custom interface) with xdat editor and I receive this error: Read error "Try to choose another version" I am choosing the correct version though, and I tried all other versions (chronicles) but all time same error. Can someone help me please? Ps: I am using the new version (1.3.12) of xdat editor, with old version it opens normally.
  18. i have added this code on i am trying to do is when a pparty is inside the zone and the members goes less than 5 teleport them back to town but it's not working. removePartyMember(player); if (!player.isInsideZone(L2Character.ZONE_PARTYZONE)) if (getMemberCount() <= 5) getPartyMembers().forEach(s -> s.teleToLocation(TeleportWhereType.Town));
  19. Hello all ..i have add this code for 24hour top pvp/pk monument statuet.. no errors on java error on sql everything is ok. but the npcs appears without armor weapon name of the top pvp/pk player. here is the Screenshot
  20. I am looking a way like lineage to pass data through database into game, i am not aware how the currency (if exists) work, so i am looking info on how to raise the currency of the player who donates or give him any special perks by accessing the database. PS: if there is a third party to be created in order to access the currency/perks i will share it with the proper credits/thanks in my website or github if needs updates. PS: any general info regarding my question is also welcome.
  21. Ok guys, i really need some help here. For some stupid reason, my internet provider shuts down all ports under a specific number and i can't change that unless i'd pay for more (of course). I was able to change all ports to values that worked for me on the server side. On the client side however, i can't seem to change the login port. I've found 2 supportive files that were supposed to change the auth port: - Goldfinch authorization port changer: an .exe file to run on the system folder that supposedly changes the port on the engine.dll file - this method is from 2008, so i think it does not work properly cause the client does not open with the new generated engine.dll. (Found it on the following link: ) - authport, by Fyyre: On this method you encode on the l2.exe to read this authport.dll and change the port to a hexadecimal number on the .ini file. This method works perfectly. However, it only reads hexadecimal numbers limited to 3 characters. So the highest port possible would be hex FFF - 4.095. And that does not work for me cause i need to use 9000 or higher ports (Found it on the following link shared here on maxcheaters:!1FMQTTCZ!E7tnIb7qFmthkU9uuF310Sx8mQuM2nYNfdK_ai5vRrE ) I tried to find some .dll editor but i'm not a professional programmer so i have no clue on how or what to change on the authport.dll for the file to read 4 hexadecimal characters. If you guys have any better methods, i'd gladly try them out, 'cause i couldn't find anything. Please help me.
  22. Hello there , i have a problem that i can't solve and its from HWID client files , in server selection this error appears and you have to press 2x times Ignore in order to join in server. This error appears in specific systems , mine laptop too with intel HD graphics. I used clean system and of course cant sent the hwid to server so i put some dll's that sent it , and then error comes. Also i have no idea from client side things.
  23. Hi, some1 who know set skillgrp for H5 client ? IL skillgrp effekt NPHRN_skill.phenomenon.269 H5 client have simple only ID 1092 for effekt, how can see on pictures, thx
  24. Hello. Please prompt how in acis assembly to make preservation of colour of a title and a nick so that after a log it wasn't made former.