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Found 6,847 results

  1. hi, i working with Fandc/ro team files and try add Killing spree system Any can help me with add killing spree? i already add some lines in java/model/ but dont work properly Problem: cannot stop killer on death, i need stop killing_spree when killer die find: private long _resurrectionBuffBlockedTime = 0; i put below private int kill_streak = 0; find: protected void doPKPVPManage(Creature killer) { and search pk.setPvpKills(pk.getPvpKills() + 1); and i put below kill_streak++; switch(kill_streak) { case 1: blah blah blah break; case 2: blah blah blah break; } find protected void onDeath(Creature killer) { i put below if(kill_streak > 0) { if(kill_streak > 12 { kill_streak = 0; announcement stop killing spree blah blah blah; } } When i test in game nothing happens and only show messages from switch if i delete kill_streak = 0; on protected void onDeath(Creature killer) { class any can help me? thanks sorry for my bad english.
  2. Hello .I need your help . how to set an "arena" type to auto flag zone.. i already have this code: <zone id="99991" type="Arena" shape="NPoly" minZ="-3035" maxZ="-3025"> <stat name='name' val='halisha'/> <stat name='spawnX' val='81236'/> <stat name='spawnY' val='148638'/> <stat name='spawnZ' val='-3469'/>. Which is halisha's room ..when i teleport i have the message of enter combat zone ..i can hit without "ctrl" but chars arent get flag and pvp's doesnt count. I spend over 5h to searched and guides but noone of those helped me .so i decide to ask your help. type="arena" <~ i have change it to FlagZone ,BossZone ,ChaoticZone and noone of these worked. I also tried this code <stat name ='Flying' val='true'/> and nothing Pack:l2jfrozen rev 1132
  3. Client Crashes With Deadz Interface Patch after selecting character to Enter game. The error I think is realated to interface.u and interface.xdat files but I was not able to fix to get Deadz working. Here is the screenshot of the error. If anyone wants to help modifying and fixing the error, I could share the requires files when asked.
  4. Hi community, im working with Faction mod and im trying to set when a player dies to go to last captured flag in faction mod, is there any method to do this ? the idea is that the "fixed " button teleports a player to last faction captured flag , i know that "l2tpflaginstance" manages captured flags , so the npc shows a list of captured flags for the team , using this maybe i can set up the button to go to the first flag in the list (the first is the last captured in the npc ) or maybe create other method to store that location when a player capture the flag and bring it to the fixed button . Someone can help me with these ? it well be appreciated . thanks and sorry for my bad english.
  5. hello i get this error after 30 min when my server is online help me plz [ Info : Client [IP:] -> Protocol Revision: -1 is invalid. minimum is 740 and maximum is 746 are supported. colosing connection pack: L2jfrozen
  6. Making texture file etcitemgrp: itemname: Item icons doesn't show up in server. Maybe somebody can tell me what I am doing wrong? Anybody? :) SOLVED
  7. Hello guys, I want to use devstool with Fafurion and L2Classic patch (I downloaded from public servers) but everytime I am getting a gameguard error. How can I use devstool to see the newer clients? Thank you!
  8. Καλημερα σας θα ηθελα να βαλω ενα inteface σε εναν interlude server αλλα οταν βαζω μου βγαζει το system οτι εχει πειραγμενα Files και δε ξερω πως να το περασω.. Q : Ποιο interface βαζω? Α: Του καλου μας και αγαπημενου Iordanov Δεν γνωριζω τιποτα στο να προσπαθησω κατι παραπανω. εαν μπορει καποιος να μου εξηγησει θα ηταν πολυ ωραιο.. Ευχαριστω για το χρονο σας καλημερα.
  9. Hello everyone, I know thats after the numer of posts you will be quite skeptical about my post but i would ask so much for help in directing me a certain matter. Lets start.. i put the custom interface into the game and everything works except one thing. Is it Help html file does not load i have tried serveral settings by editing interface.xdat but without any effects. It will sounds quite strange but i sit on it for three days and without any i losing patience and hope that some good people help me that the game would work against my expectations. I didnt hit here right away because i love to learn such things because they intrest me. I would like to ask for a specific and detaled answer. Im sending a screenshot of what html looks like to me after instal that custom interface. Btw i would also like to ask you how to make help option for bind like "alt+v". I will be gratefull for your help.
  10. hello everyone :) i have question, i would like to edit Kookaburra, i did edit npc itself and name aswell, but problem appears when it has custom name, for example when people have their own name so u cant target them with /target, can i somehow change that custom name, or make npc dissapear or something?
  11. Όταν ανοίγω τον server κάνω login κανονικά , Όταν όμως περνάει κάποια ώρα δεν μπορώ να κουνήσω τον παίκτη και όταν κλείνω το client και πάω να ξαναμπώ μπαίνει μέχρι την επιλογή του server , δεν έχω κανένα error στο gameserver Pack: L2jFrozen
  12. Hello, I need guarantor for adrenaline premium. Maybe someone can help me with that?
  13. Καλησπέρα , όποτε μπαίνω σε full screen(ALT+Enter) στο L2 και πάω να φτίαξω τις ρυθμίσεις μου πετάει Critical error. Δοκίμασα μήπως φταίει κάτι με το Patch του Server αλλά δεν είναι αυτό διότι και σε άλλους Server το ίδιο παθαίνω. NOTE: Αυτό έγινε μετά απο Format και Fresh install του client αν και εχω ξανα κανει Format , Fresh install κτλ άπειρες φορές και σαν Error πρώτη φορά μου τυχαίνει Ευχαριστώ προκαταβολικά! 2020.2.24 16:10:26 OS : Windows Vista 6.2 (Build: 9200) CPU : AuthenticAMD Unknown processor @ 3594 MHz with 2047MB RAM Video : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB (4219) Error setting display mode: CreateDevice failed (D3DERR_DEVICELOST). Please delete your Option.ini file if this error prevents you from starting the game. History: UD3DRenderDevice::UnSetRes <- CreateDevice <- UD3DRenderDevice::SetRes <- HandleBigChange <- UD3DRenderDevice::Lock <- UViewport::Lock <- UWindowsViewport::Lock <- UGameEngine::Draw <- UWindowsViewport::Repaint <- UWindowsClient::Tick <- ClientTick <- UGameEngine::Tick <- UpdateWorld <- MainLoop
  14. Guys i have a problem with Mobius Pack and own Custom Comunity Board. I can't sell itens on my inventory on menu sell from CB if im player but if im ADMIN i can sell fine. Has anyone seen this problem and can help me?
  15. how to convert xml file to sql? i have acis pack and i want to add custom and i dont have a sql files . i put the files to client and gameserver/data but dont have a sql file . i see ppl say to make my own sql for this
  16. Anyone know how I can fix this issue to 3ds max? Thank you
  17. Hey guys, I was wondering is the Gildor patch still needed for making .ukx animations? I have already created a ukx with armors, shields without any issue using L2Editor but I am trying to make an NPC and it's invisible in game (no critical errors or smth) it is just invisible, while I can see it normally with UEViewer. Is this happening because I don't have the gildor's patch? Thank you
  18. good evening, i am here with a question again ^_^ So lets say that i want to see the DEBUFFS my targets has ( under the TargetStatusWnd) ( Only monsters or even players, either of both is fine ) I tried to copy the button party window has to show party members buffs debuffs etc but i didnt succeed. Any help is welcome, Thanks alot.
  19. Γεια σας παιδια .χρειαζομαι την βοηθεια σας εχω βαλει το type: "arena" αλλα δεν γινονται flag οι chars.. εχω αυτον τον code: <zone id="99991" type="Arena" shape="NPoly" minZ="-3035" maxZ="-3025"> <stat name='name' val='halisha'/> <stat name='spawnX' val='81236'/> <stat name='spawnY' val='148638'/> <stat name='spawnZ' val='-3469'/>. Ο οποιος ειναι το halisha's room ..οταν κανω teleport μου βγαζει το enter combat zone ..και λειτουργει κανονικα δλδ μπορεις να hit χωρις"ctrl" αλλα οι chars δεν γινονται flagged και τα pvp δν μετρανε καν ουτε to custom reward που εχω βαλει το δινει. ξοδεψα πανω απο 5ωρες σε guides και τπτ δν με βοηθησε .οποτε αποφασισα να απευθυνθω σε εσας .στο type="arena" <~εδω το εχω αλλαξει με FlagZone ,BossZone ,ChaoticZone και κανενα απ αυτα δν λειτουργει. επισης εβαλα και αυτο <stat name ='Flying' val='true'/> και παλι τπτ.ΒΟΗΘΕΙΑ! Pack:l2jfrozen rev 1132
  20. Hey there community! I would like to ask if someone had this problem in the past with L2AvA. I had a few Issues trying to test this but after install the correct jdk (-8u241) and adding some system variables but I'm stuck now. I been looking how to initializate the log4j... but I haven't a success (sighs*). So I wanna see if someone here could help me. ^-^ <3
  22. Hi, Friends! I'm making modifications on the L2JRoboto. Which I'm implementing a method where if the character dies I will revive him in a city. Class : FakePlayerAI protected void toVillageOnDeath() { Location location = MapRegionTable.getInstance().getLocationToTeleport((Creature)this._fakePlayer, MapRegionTable.TeleportType.TOWN); if (this._fakePlayer.isDead() && !this._fakePlayer.isInsideZone(ZoneId.FLAG) && !Config.FAKE_PLAYER_RETURNS_TO_FARM_ZONE) this._fakePlayer.doRevive(); this._fakePlayer.getFakeAi().teleportToLocation(location.getX(), location.getY(), location.getZ(), 20); } protected void rebuffAfterDeathAndTeleportBack() { switch (this._fakePlayer.getClassId()) { case ARCHMAGE: case SOULTAKER: case HIEROPHANT: case ARCANA_LORD: case CARDINAL: case MYSTIC_MUSE: case ELEMENTAL_MASTER: case EVAS_SAINT: case STORM_SCREAMER: case SPECTRAL_MASTER: case SHILLIEN_SAINT: case DOMINATOR: case DOOMCRYER: this._fakePlayer.getFakeAi().applyDefaultBuffs(); break; case DUELIST: case DREADNOUGHT: case PHOENIX_KNIGHT: case SWORD_MUSE: case HELL_KNIGHT: case SPECTRAL_DANCER: case EVAS_TEMPLAR: case SHILLIEN_TEMPLAR: case TITAN: case MAESTRO: case SAGGITARIUS: case ADVENTURER: case WIND_RIDER: case MOONLIGHT_SENTINEL: case GHOST_HUNTER: case GHOST_SENTINEL: case FORTUNE_SEEKER: case GRAND_KHAVATARI: this._fakePlayer.getFakeAi().applyDefaultBuffs(); break; } teleportBackFarmzone(); } static int[] spawnloc2 = Config.SPAWN_FAKE_LOC2; static int[] spawnloc1 = Config.SPAWN_FAKE_LOC1; static int radius = 10000; protected void teleportBackFarmzone() { if (spawnloc2[0] >= spawnloc1[0]) spawnloc2[0] = spawnloc1[0] - 100; if (spawnloc2[1] >= spawnloc1[1]) spawnloc2[1] = spawnloc1[1] - 100; if (spawnloc1[2] >= spawnloc2[2]) spawnloc1[2] = spawnloc2[2] - 100; int x = Rnd.get(spawnloc2[0], spawnloc1[0]); int y = Rnd.get(spawnloc2[1], spawnloc1[1]); int z = Rnd.get(spawnloc1[2] + 20, spawnloc2[2] + 20); this._fakePlayer.getFakeAi().teleportToLocation(x, y, z, 20); } public static boolean FAKE_PLAYER_RETURNS_TO_FARM_ZONE; public static int[] SPAWN_FAKE_LOC2; public static int[] SPAWN_FAKE_LOC1; FAKE_PLAYER_RETURNS_TO_FARM_ZONE = fakeplayer.getProperty("FakePlayerReturnFarmzone", true); SPAWN_FAKE_LOC1 = fakeplayer.getProperty("FakeSpawnLocation1", new int[] { 148989, -168447, 2008 }); SPAWN_FAKE_LOC2 = fakeplayer.getProperty("FakeSpawnLocation2", new int[] { 147208, -171816, 2248 }); What happens to me is that the characters, when they die, come back to life all the time in the area but repeated as the image shows. Could you help me to see the error? Thank you.
  23. Solved , solution is Make utx with UE2003 (UE2004 get fail) -------English-------- Hello, I have created a Utx with the unreal and I have put 9 DTX1 format images and I have saved the utx, then I pass it through the L2Encoded with encryption 121 and I get an error the system does not let me load, someone would know how to tell me, since I believe The UTX as it is encrypted, and what program I use, because I have used several versions and I always get an error when starting to look for the images (128x128 icon) and it does not let me start. Thank you all --------Spanish---- Hola, he creado un Utx con el unreal y le he puesto 9 imagenes formato DTX1 y he guardado el utx, luego lo paso por el L2Encoded con encriptacion 121 y me da error el system no me deja cargar, alguien sabria decirme , desde que creo el UTX como se encripta , y que programa uso , por que he usado varias versiones y siempre me sale error al iniciar al buscar la imagenes(icono 128x128) y no me deja iniciar . Gracias a todos
  24. hello I have a problem with the l2j freya server how to unban IP addresses starting at 192.168. etc? Because I want my friend to join I will add that the other one who has an ip starting differently than 192.168 can normally connect to the server. I removed from the file "banned_ip.cfg" a note that ip is banned 192.168 etc. please help. and of course sorry for my english
  25. I need a sound to sound when they revive me, can anyone help me? When the revive dialog appears, I need an alarm to sound, can you guide me to do it? i think laRevive - object resurrected. P1 - object (TL2Live). laMyRevive - user resurrected. P1 - user (TL2User). I think I need these lines, but I'm a newbie, can anyone help me?