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  1. Hello folks ! How i can display dmg on screen for Hi5? And it is possible to change style of dmg? I try with L2lige, but....unsuccessfully... this settings..: See my settings. Thank you !
  2. hi members as i am looking in pastebin i found this code: Auto Farm Acis 372 - Pastebin.com This code belongs to sarada. can someone ofc with better knowledge of me help us to adapt in on acis 382 without being vip parameter? thanks a lot
  3. Hi folks, im having an weird issue, summon isnt coming back to master when it kills a mob, you have to touch "change movement mode " someone had this issue ? its acis 399. I see that the code its ok, but maybe im wrong. thanks . @Override protected void thinkAttack() { if (getActor().denyAiAction()) { doActiveIntention(); return; } final Creature target = _currentIntention.getFinalTarget(); if (isTargetLost(target)) { doActiveIntention(); return; } final boolean isShiftPressed = _currentIntention.isShiftPressed(); if (getActor().getMove().maybeStartOffensiveFollow(target, getActor().getStatus().getPhysicalAttackRange())) { if (isShiftPressed) doActiveIntention(); return; } getActor().getMove().stop(); if (!getActor().getAttack().canDoAttack(target)) { doActiveIntention(); return; } getActor().getAttack().doAttack(target); }
  4. Hello, perhaps anyone know how to bypass NCsoft account creation error? Once I try to create the account I get this ''Acount Creation Failed. You are not authorized to create an account'' message. I know that there is 3-4 accounts allowed to be created per day per IP and I have been able to register accounts on my phone by reseting IP. But for some reason it is not working for me anymore at all. So maybe someone could give me some tips on how to avoid the protection systems?
  5. Hi, does anyone have the Rank Pvp System 3.8.7 by Masterio (rps_v387) for share ? i cannot find it in any place... links broken.. Thanks !!
  6. Hello, Im running a server with mobius c4 pack and I need to move to l2jilivsus, because the pack is more stable. I did try the full backup and import at first, but livsus gameserver wouldnt run. soon I recognized that some rows/fields/values are different. So far I got to restoring the accounts, characters and items databases, with more or less success, but when I log in the character they spawn at 0,0,0,0 loc(near DE Village), dead and no "To Village" option, how can I fix this problem, or how can I transfer the databases more accurately? I really hope you guys can help...
  7. can someone help me i want to generating geodata using client files i was searching and i find the geo generating but i don't have any idea how to use it if some 1 have tutorial https://github.com/madyanov/l2mapconv-public
  8. Good day all, I'm looking to find out what files Client Side control the following if anyone can point me in the right direction: - Pet Skill Action List (H5 has more skills for Servitors than IL so need to remove some) - Player Action List - Player Macro Icon List (Want to add more icons to be used for Macros) Any help appreciated! Cheers
  9. Hi, i wanna delete red screen when die like this : https://ibb.co/88YQ4Gm in what file i can find this texture ( i wanna delete it) or mayby is possible delete it form interface.xdat?
  10. Hello, everyone! I've been using the DEADZ INTERFACE 2.4 for a long time, but I have a problem that when I have an active debuff skill next to the buff bar, I can't write in the chat or as I write the chat and it suddenly stops! Can you help me how to fix this problem?
  11. hi to all someone could help me if in possession of the elite status on adrenalin because the technical support replied that if I do not know another person who is already with the elite status I cannot get it
  12. Hello folks, how i can change this blue title? I've tried to change from systemmsg-e. But isn't there. please help. thank you !
  13. Hello colleagues, maybe someone can tell me what are the packages that handle the party system, because I recently added a tournament "2.0" code and then the "party leave" command stopped working. that is, I put /leave (i didnt modify the commands far from it, but add the "tournament 2.0" that is circulating on the internet and now I have this bug ... I could roll back the code but maybe it is something easy to solve (took me some time to adapt ... hee hee.. ) ... maybe someone had similar issue with this... I use Acis ... in advance, thank you very much to all you colleagues of mxc community. Greetings to all. Sorry my bad english. solved, please close, thanks
  14. Hi all, At first when I've noticed this I though it's easy to fix problem. Unfortunately, it took hours and I still can't find what's wrong... So, there is two armour which showing NoItemName. DC heavy and Nightmare heavy. All the other items showing everything perfectly. Video (YouTube) Below you see the lines from itemname-e.dat 365 Dark Crystal Breastplate -1 365,388,512,5765,5777 Heal receiving amount +4%, chance to get Paralysis attack -50%,Atk. Spd. +10%, P.Atk. +10% STR-2, and CON+2. 641 Shield Def +18%. 0 0 6 When all set items are enchanted by 6 or higher, P. Def. and MP regeneration rate will increase. 374 Armor of Nightmare Full body armor. -1 374,2418,5771,5783 P. Atk. +14%, Atk. Spd. +10% chance to get Sleep/Hold attack -70%, CON+2, and DEX-2 2498 Inflicts 5% of damage received in close-up general physical attacks on the enemy. 0 0 6 When all set items are enchanted by 6 or higher, P. Def. and MP regeneration rate will increase. When I edit these lines, make even tiny change, in game all the items turns to NoItemName. The below line for IC breastplate which is working perfectly. 6373 Imperial Crusader Breastplate -1 6373,6374,6378,6375,6376 DEX-2, STR+2, P. Def. +8%, P. Atk. +12%, Atk. Spd. +12% and maximum HP +445. Chance to get Sleep/Hold attack -70%. 6377 Chance to get Poison/Bleed attack -80%. 0 0 6 When all set items are enchanted by 6 or higher, P. Def. and MP regeneration rate will increase. Can't understand what's wrong, but I've tried nearly every possible way to edit these lines. I've even tried to copy IC breastplate line which is working and place instead of DC breastplate just change ID. Didn't worked, all items turns to NoItemName. Also tried to take itemname-e.dat file from other system, no success. Even downloaded other system from some server and took itemname-e.dat to see what happens - all items show NoItemName. Have any idea how to sort this out? Thanks in advance for any help.
  15. can i edit this star size bigger than now??? Which files do I need to edit?
  16. Hello, i have tried to open 2 servers at the same time but the second one, although it loads it perfectly, does not appear online in the selection list of server login. help me please 🙂
  17. Where can I change the IP address? and ports. The l2.ini does not change.
  18. Hi. im having this problem with summoners, sometimes (not all the time) when you use summoning (all classes) it starts floating... someone had this problem? maybe u guys can tell me what packet can i check in the source to solve ... its really annoying. Im using acis. Thank you very much guys.
  19. kalispera pedia antimetopizw auto to provlima apo xthes prwspathontas na katalavanw ti einai alla matea ti mpwrei na fteei? prospathw na valw to ip mou sto LoginserverHostname: my ip kai meta trow to error pou vlepete parakatw otan xekinaw ton login server exw anoixei ports sto router 7777 2106 episeis exw wrisei kanones sto firewall EX & IN gia ta sigkekrimena ports ti allo na kanw re pedes? :\ # --------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Login Server Settings # --------------------------------------------------------------------------- # This is the server configuration file. Here you can set up the connection information for your server. # This was written with the assumption that you are behind a router. # Dumbed Down Definitions... # LAN (LOCAL area network) - typically consists of computers connected to the same router as you. # WAN (WIDE area network) - typically consists of computers OUTSIDE of your router (ie. the internet). # x.x.x.x - Format of an IP address. Do not include the x'es into settings. Must be real numbers. # --------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Networking # --------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Enables automatic port mapping for login server. # If you have a router login server will request for port forwarding. # Default: True EnableUPnP = True # Bind ip of the LoginServer, use * to bind on all available IPs # WARNING: <u><b><font color="red">Please don't change default IPs here if you don't know what are you doing!</font></b></u> # WARNING: <u><b><font color="red">External/Internal IPs are now inside "ipconfig.xml" file.</font></b></u> # Default: * ( LoginserverHostname = adding my ip here # Default: 2106 LoginserverPort = 2106 # The address on which login will listen for GameServers, use * to bind on all available IPs # WARNING: <u><b><font color="red">Please don't change default IPs here if you don't know what are you doing!</font></b></u> # WARNING: <u><b><font color="red">External/Internal IPs are now inside "ipconfig.xml" file.</font></b></u> # Default: LoginHostname = # The port on which login will listen for GameServers # Default: 9014 LoginPort = 9014 # --------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Security # --------------------------------------------------------------------------- # How many times you can provide an invalid account/pass before the IP gets banned. # Default: 5 LoginTryBeforeBan = 5 # Time you won't be able to login back again after LoginTryBeforeBan tries to login. # Default: 900 (15 minutes) LoginBlockAfterBan = 900 # If set to True any GameServer can register on your login's free slots # Default: True AcceptNewGameServer = True # Flood Protection. All values are in MILISECONDS. # Default: True EnableFloodProtection = True # Default: 15 FastConnectionLimit = 15 # Default: 700 NormalConnectionTime = 700 # Default: 350 FastConnectionTime = 350 # Default: 50 MaxConnectionPerIP = 50 # --------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Database # --------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Specify the appropriate driver and url for the database you're using. # Examples: # Driver = com.mysql.jdbc.Driver (default) # Driver = org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver # Driver = com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerDriver Driver = com.mysql.jdbc.Driver # Database URL # URL = jdbc:mysql://localhost/l2jls (default) # URL = jdbc:hsqldb:hsql://localhost/l2jls # URL = jdbc:sqlserver://localhost/database = l2jls/user = sa/password = URL = jdbc:mysql://localhost/l2jls # Database user info (default is "root" but it's not recommended) Login = root # Database connection password Password = # Default: 10 MaximumDbConnections = 10 # Default: 0 MaximumDbIdleTime = 0 # Connection close time. # Default: 60000 ConnectionCloseTime = 60000 # --------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Misc. # --------------------------------------------------------------------------- # If False, the license (after the login) will not be shown. # Default: True ShowLicence = True # Default: True AutoCreateAccounts = True # Datapack root directory. # Defaults to current directory from which the server is started. DatapackRoot = . # --------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Developer Settings # --------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Default: False Debug = False # --------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Restart LS every 24 hours? # --------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Enable disable scheduled login restart. # Default: False LoginRestartSchedule = False # Time in hours. # Default: 24 LoginRestartTime = 24
  20. Olá a todos, sou novo no fórum e venho pedir a ajuda de vocês, este problema tem me tirado noites de sono, e não consigo resolvelo! Só acontece com as armas tipo Fist (garras), o problema em si eu acredito que esteja nas LUVAS CUSTOM pois só acontece o "bug" quando, são equipadas luvas custom. Eu quero aprender a consertar, então peço que alguém me disponibilize um tutorial detalhado se possível, de como resolver este problema! O tutorial seria como editar arquivos UKX, eu não quero criar e sim arrumar usando algum outro item que esteja correto como base. E um outro problema que notei também, é a posição das Fists na mão do personagem, uma delas sempre fica um pouco fora da mão! Se vocês notarem também, verão que até o tamanho da arma muda COM e SEM a luva equipada! Segue abaixo algumas fotos , espero que alguém possa me ajudar. Desde já agradeço!
  21. i have this error and i dont have any idea how i can fix it can some one help error : https://ibb.co/qdLj1L4 code : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- package zones; import java.util.concurrent.ScheduledFuture; import l2f.commons.threading.RunnableImpl; import l2f.gameserver.ThreadPoolManager; import l2f.gameserver.listener.zone.OnZoneEnterLeaveListener; import l2f.gameserver.model.Creature; import l2f.gameserver.model.Player; import l2f.gameserver.model.Zone; import l2f.gameserver.scripts.ScriptFile; import l2f.gameserver.utils.ReflectionUtils; /** * @author L2Mythras */ public class PvPZone implements ScriptFile { private static ZoneListener _zoneListener; @Override public void onLoad() { _zoneListener = new ZoneListener(); Zone zone = ReflectionUtils.getZone("[pvp_zone_toi]"); zone.addListener(_zoneListener); } @Override public void onReload() { on reload } @Override public void onShutdown() { on shutdown } public class ZoneListener implements OnZoneEnterLeaveListener { @Override public void onZoneEnter(Zone zone, Creature cha) { ScheduledFuture<?> _checkTask = null; if (zone.getParams() == null || !cha.isPlayable()) return; if (!cha.isPlayer()) return; cha.getPlayer().sendMessage("You have entered in a PvP Zone!"); cha.startPvPFlag(null); cha.getPlayer().sendMessage("You are now flagged!"); _checkTask = ThreadPoolManager.getInstance().scheduleAtFixedRate(new checkZone((Player)cha, zone, _checkTask), 60000, 60000); } public class checkZone extends RunnableImpl { Player _cha; Zone _zone; ScheduledFuture<?> _checkTask; public checkZone(Player cha, Zone zone, ScheduledFuture<?> checkTask) { _cha = cha; _zone = zone; _checkTask = checkTask; } @Override public void runImpl() throws Exception { if(_cha.isInZone(_zone)) { _cha.startPvPFlag(null); } else { _checkTask.cancel(true); _checkTask = null; } } } @Override public void onZoneLeave(Zone zone, Creature cha) { if (cha == null) return; cha.getPlayer().sendMessage("You have left the PvP Zone !"); cha.getPlayer().stopPvPFlag(); } } } ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  22. I am currently developing a client extender for lineage 2 interlude client and I have a working proof of concept. I have already hooked a bunch of the system library methods ( mostly engine.dll ). For the POC I use a system, which I downloaded from the internet, so I don't know if its clean or not. I would like to use the official files, so I will be 100% sure that nothing is altered. Many many years ago I created my own system files from the official ncsoft files. As I remember I had to unpack ( themida ) the system files and then apply a fix for win7. I would like to re do this procedure but I don't find this info nowadays ( maybe i suck at searching ). Could you please help me?
  23. Hello everyone . Never came accross this error so far on L2Net , 1. I have no anti-virus installed 2. Firewall is disabled 3. Windows Anti-Defender , i added everything to exception I still get this error , any ideea what i could do ?
  24. anyone know Stigma of Shilen skill can working with everyboss raidboss but actually can work with Valakas and Antharas ? thank you
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