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Found 7,248 results

  1. HI all, it is possible to make hero aura reflected on enchanted glows weapons? For exemple. If weapon it's +10, glow it's blue. Hero aura i want to be blue. +16 glow weapon it's red. Hero aura i want to be red. Greetings
  2. What it's this error and from where provide? http://
  3. I recreated some armors, but when i equip a fix their main glow is not shown, only the radiance glow is shown. any ideea why this is?
  4. I have some files and they have crypte I have to do to open it
  5. So, regarding my previous topic about changing dwarfs from 'fighter' to 'mystic' in character creation, i found out that in l2 interlude it can't be done in interface.u (thanks vampir) (actually in no .u interlude file). So my second thought was that the code of this part should be located in nwindow.dll. I tried decompiling this .dll using .net reflector, but it won't load it (i guess because of encryption or smth ?). I know most of you would call me stupid if i tried to use a decompiled .dll (since you won't get 100% correct/working code after decompiling), but i have to try :)
  6. Hello, Has anyone have knowledge in php, Needs some help in paypalIPN script , Not sure where i did make a mistake? [Hidden Content]
  7. Hi all, how i can make a npc which players can learn just 3rd skills from each class? I can do this? If i have to make a new class in java, where i should do? Greetings!
  8. hi guys! im trying to write a script for clean the pk of character. Only have a part of them. Anyone can help me to finish it? please def onEvent(self,event,st): htmltext = event count=st.getQuestItemsCount(57) if count < 5 : htmltext = "ErrorAdena.htm" elif st.getPlayer().getPkKills() < 5 : htmltext = "ErrorPkKills.htm" else: st.getPlayer().setTarget(st.getPlayer()) if event == "RemovePk": st.takeItems(57,5) st.getPlayer().setPkKills(st.getPlayer().getPkKills() - 5) st.playSound("ItemSound.quest_finish") st.setState(COMPLETED) return "End.htm" if htmltext != event: st.setState(COMPLETED) st.exitQuest(1) return htmltext
  9. Hello everyone. I want to ask for an opinion. i want tofind a free/open source of l2j high five more stable than sunrise or a good one. I was looking on L2jMobius, but it is unstable. L2jDevs, i think unstable. L2jServer, idk, i don;t test yet. So pls, if someone know a good one. Pls link here. Best Regards!
  10. Whenever i want to do my nobless quest i am gettin this error. first of all i am taking the quest at lv 55 with my subclass character from Talien who is standing near of the stairs in Aden with . after taking the quest He is saying me to meet with Gabrielle in giran town i am arriving to gabrielle clicking her and whenever i clicked the quest button from the panel i am getting this code i am using L2jFrozen Interlude Rev 3160 [31/07 06:05:17] Client: [Character: dwarf - Account: rere - IP:] - Failed reading: [C] 21 RequestBypassToServer ; org/omg/PortableServer/POAManagerPackage/State java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/omg/PortableServer/POAManagerPackage/State at at at at at at at java.base/java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker( at java.base/java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$ at java.base/ java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/omg/PortableServer/POAManagerPackage/State at at at at at at at java.base/java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker( at java.base/java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$ at java.base/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- if ((qs == null) || qs.getState().equals(State.ACTIVE)) { state = ""; } else if (qs.isStarted() && (qs.getInt("cond") > 0)) { state = " (In Progress)"; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- showQuestChooseWindow(player, options.toArray(new Quest[options.size()])); } else if (options.size() == 1) { showQuestWindowSingle(player, options.get(0).getName()); } else { showQuestWindowSingle(player, ""); ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Quest of Nobbless # Made by disKret import sys from import State from import QuestState from import QuestJython as JQuest qn = "241_PossessorOfAPreciousSoul_1" #NPC STEDMIEL = 30692 GABRIELLE = 30753 GILMORE = 30754 KANTABILON = 31042 NOEL = 31272 RAHORAKTI = 31336 TALIEN = 31739 CARADINE = 31740 VIRGIL = 31742 KASSANDRA = 31743 OGMAR = 31744 #QUEST ITEM LEGEND_OF_SEVENTEEN = 7587 MALRUK_SUCCUBUS_CLAW = 7597 ECHO_CRYSTAL = 7589 POETRY_BOOK = 7588 CRIMSON_MOSS = 7598 RAHORAKTIS_MEDICINE = 7599 LUNARGENT = 6029 HELLFIRE_OIL = 6033 VIRGILS_LETTER = 7677 #CHANCE # CRIMSON_MOSS_CHANCE = 5 MALRUK_SUCCUBUS_CLAW_CHANCE = 10 #MOB BARAHAM = 27113 class Quest (JQuest) : def __init__(self,id,name,descr): JQuest.__init__(self,id,name,descr) def onEvent (self,event,st) : htmltext = event cond = st.getInt("cond") if event == "31739-4.htm" : if cond == 0 and st.getPlayer().isSubClassActive() : st.setState(STARTED) st.set("cond","1") st.playSound("ItemSound.quest_accept") if event == "30753-2.htm" : if cond == 1 and st.getPlayer().isSubClassActive() : st.set("cond","2") st.playSound("ItemSound.quest_middle") if event == "30754-2.htm" : if cond == 2 and st.getPlayer().isSubClassActive() : st.set("cond","3") st.playSound("ItemSound.quest_middle") if event == "31739-8.htm" : if cond == 4 and st.getPlayer().isSubClassActive() : st.set("cond","5") st.takeItems(LEGEND_OF_SEVENTEEN,1) st.playSound("ItemSound.quest_middle") if event == "31042-2.htm" : if cond == 5 and st.getPlayer().isSubClassActive() : st.set("cond","6") st.playSound("ItemSound.quest_middle") if event == "31042-5.htm" : if cond == 7 and st.getPlayer().isSubClassActive() : st.set("cond","8") st.takeItems(MALRUK_SUCCUBUS_CLAW,10) st.giveItems(ECHO_CRYSTAL,1) st.playSound("ItemSound.quest_middle") if event == "31739-12.htm" : if cond == 8 and st.getPlayer().isSubClassActive() : st.set("cond","9") st.takeItems(ECHO_CRYSTAL,1) st.playSound("ItemSound.quest_accept") if event == "30692-2.htm" : if cond == 9 and st.getPlayer().isSubClassActive() : st.set("cond","10") st.giveItems(POETRY_BOOK,1) st.playSound("ItemSound.quest_accept") if event == "31739-15.htm" : if cond == 10 and st.getPlayer().isSubClassActive() : st.set("cond","11") st.takeItems(POETRY_BOOK,1) st.playSound("ItemSound.quest_accept") if event == "31742-2.htm" : if cond == 11 and st.getPlayer().isSubClassActive() : st.set("cond","12") st.playSound("ItemSound.quest_accept") if event == "31744-2.htm" : if cond == 12 and st.getPlayer().isSubClassActive() : st.set("cond","13") st.playSound("ItemSound.quest_accept") if event == "31336-2.htm" : if cond == 13 and st.getPlayer().isSubClassActive() : st.set("cond","14") st.playSound("ItemSound.quest_accept") if event == "31336-5.htm" : if cond == 15 and st.getPlayer().isSubClassActive() : st.set("cond","16") st.takeItems(CRIMSON_MOSS,5) st.giveItems(RAHORAKTIS_MEDICINE,1) st.playSound("ItemSound.quest_accept") if event == "31743-2.htm" : if cond == 16 and st.getPlayer().isSubClassActive() : st.set("cond","17") st.takeItems(RAHORAKTIS_MEDICINE,1) st.playSound("ItemSound.quest_accept") if event == "31742-5.htm" : if cond == 17 and st.getPlayer().isSubClassActive() : st.set("cond","18") st.playSound("ItemSound.quest_accept") if event == "31740-2.htm" : if cond == 18 and st.getPlayer().isSubClassActive() : st.set("cond","19") st.playSound("ItemSound.quest_accept") if event == "31272-2.htm" : if cond == 19 and st.getPlayer().isSubClassActive() : st.set("cond","20") st.playSound("ItemSound.quest_accept") if event == "31272-5.htm" : if (st.getPlayer().isProcessingRequest() or st.getPlayer().isProcessingTransaction()) : st.getPlayer().sendMessage("Another transaction in progress..") elif cond == 20 and st.getQuestItemsCount(LUNARGENT) >= 5 and st.getQuestItemsCount(HELLFIRE_OIL) and st.getPlayer().isSubClassActive() : st.takeItems(LUNARGENT,5) st.takeItems(HELLFIRE_OIL,1) st.set("cond","21") st.playSound("ItemSound.quest_accept") if event == "31740-5.htm" : if cond == 21 and st.getPlayer().isSubClassActive() : st.giveItems(VIRGILS_LETTER,1) st.addExpAndSp(263043,0) st.set("cond","0") st.playSound("ItemSound.quest_finish") st.setState(COMPLETED) return htmltext def onTalk (self,npc,player): htmltext = "<html><body>You are either not carrying out your quest or don't meet the criteria.</body></html>" st = player.getQuestState(qn) if not st : return htmltext npcId = npc.getNpcId() id = st.getState() if npcId != TALIEN and id != STARTED : return htmltext cond = st.getInt("cond") id = st.getState() if player.isSubClassActive() : if npcId == TALIEN : if cond == 0 : if id == COMPLETED : htmltext = "<html><body>This quest has already been completed.</body></html>" elif player.getLevel() < 50 : htmltext = "31739-2.htm" st.exitQuest(1) elif player.getLevel() >= 50 : htmltext = "31739-1.htm" elif cond == 1 : htmltext = "31739-5.htm" elif cond == 4 and st.getQuestItemsCount(LEGEND_OF_SEVENTEEN) == 1 : htmltext = "31739-6.htm" elif cond == 5 : htmltext = "31739-9.htm" elif cond == 8 and st.getQuestItemsCount(ECHO_CRYSTAL) == 1 : htmltext = "31739-11.htm" elif cond == 9 : htmltext = "31739-13.htm" elif cond == 10 and st.getQuestItemsCount(POETRY_BOOK) == 1 : htmltext = "31739-14.htm" elif cond == 11 : htmltext = "31739-16.htm" elif npcId == GABRIELLE : if cond == 1 : htmltext = "30753-1.htm" elif cond == 2 : htmltext = "30753-3.htm" elif npcId == GILMORE : if cond == 2 : htmltext = "30754-1.htm" elif cond == 3 : htmltext = "30754-3.htm" elif npcId == KANTABILON : if cond == 5 : htmltext = "31042-1.htm" elif cond == 6 : htmltext = "31042-4.htm" elif cond == 7 and st.getQuestItemsCount(MALRUK_SUCCUBUS_CLAW) == 10 : htmltext = "31042-3.htm" elif cond == 8 : htmltext = "31042-6.htm" elif npcId == STEDMIEL : if cond == 9 : htmltext = "30692-1.htm" elif cond == 10 : htmltext = "30692-3.htm" elif npcId == VIRGIL : if cond == 11 : htmltext = "31742-1.htm" elif cond == 12 : htmltext = "31742-3.htm" elif cond == 17 : htmltext = "31742-4.htm" elif cond == 18 : htmltext = "31742-6.htm" elif npcId == OGMAR : if cond == 12 : htmltext = "31744-1.htm" elif cond == 13 : htmltext = "31744-3.htm" elif npcId == RAHORAKTI : if cond == 13 : htmltext = "31336-1.htm" elif cond == 14 : htmltext = "31336-4.htm" elif cond == 15 and st.getQuestItemsCount(CRIMSON_MOSS) == 5 : htmltext = "31336-3.htm" elif cond == 16 : htmltext = "31336-6.htm" elif npcId == KASSANDRA : if cond == 16 and st.getQuestItemsCount(RAHORAKTIS_MEDICINE) == 1 : htmltext = "31743-1.htm" elif cond == 17 : htmltext = "31743-3.htm" elif npcId == CARADINE : if cond == 18 : htmltext = "31740-1.htm" elif cond == 19 : htmltext = "31740-3.htm" elif cond == 21 : htmltext = "31740-4.htm" elif npcId == NOEL : if cond == 19 : htmltext = "31272-1.htm" elif cond == 20 and st.getQuestItemsCount(LUNARGENT) < 5 and not st.getQuestItemsCount(HELLFIRE_OIL) : htmltext = "31272-4.htm" elif cond == 20 and st.getQuestItemsCount(LUNARGENT) >= 5 and st.getQuestItemsCount(HELLFIRE_OIL) : htmltext = "31272-3.htm" elif cond == 21 : htmltext = "31272-7.htm" else : htmltext = "31739-2.htm" return htmltext def onKill(self,npc,player,isPet): npcId = npc.getNpcId() if npcId == BARAHAM: # get a random party member who is doing this quest and is at cond == 3 partyMember = self.getRandomPartyMember(player, "3") if partyMember : st = partyMember.getQuestState(qn) st.set("cond","4") st.giveItems(LEGEND_OF_SEVENTEEN,1) st.playSound("ItemSound.quest_itemget") elif npcId in [20244,20245,20283,20284] : # get a random party member who is doing this quest and is at cond == 6 partyMember = self.getRandomPartyMember(player, "6") if partyMember : st = partyMember.getQuestState(qn) chance = st.getRandom(100) if MALRUK_SUCCUBUS_CLAW_CHANCE >= chance and st.getQuestItemsCount(MALRUK_SUCCUBUS_CLAW) < 10 : st.giveItems(MALRUK_SUCCUBUS_CLAW,1) st.playSound("ItemSound.quest_itemget") if st.getQuestItemsCount(MALRUK_SUCCUBUS_CLAW) == 10 : st.set("cond","7") st.playSound("ItemSound.quest_middle") elif npcId in range(21508,21513) : # get a random party member who is doing this quest and is at cond == 14 partyMember = self.getRandomPartyMember(player, "14") if partyMember : st = partyMember.getQuestState(qn) chance = st.getRandom(100) if CRIMSON_MOSS_CHANCE >= chance and st.getQuestItemsCount(CRIMSON_MOSS) < 5 : st.giveItems(CRIMSON_MOSS,1) st.playSound("ItemSound.quest_itemget") if st.getQuestItemsCount(CRIMSON_MOSS) == 5 : st.set("cond","15") st.playSound("ItemSound.quest_middle") return QUEST = Quest(241,qn,"Possessor Of A Precious Soul - 1") CREATED = State('Start', QUEST) STARTED = State('Started', QUEST) COMPLETED = State('Completed', QUEST) QUEST.setInitialState(CREATED) QUEST.addStartNpc(TALIEN) QUEST.addTalkId(TALIEN) QUEST.addTalkId(STEDMIEL) QUEST.addTalkId(GABRIELLE) QUEST.addTalkId(GILMORE) QUEST.addTalkId(KANTABILON) QUEST.addTalkId(NOEL) QUEST.addTalkId(RAHORAKTI) QUEST.addTalkId(CARADINE) QUEST.addTalkId(VIRGIL) QUEST.addTalkId(KASSANDRA) QUEST.addTalkId(OGMAR) QUEST.addKillId(BARAHAM) QUEST.addKillId(20244) QUEST.addKillId(20245) QUEST.addKillId(20283) QUEST.addKillId(21508) QUEST.addKillId(21509) QUEST.addKillId(21510) QUEST.addKillId(21511) QUEST.addKillId(21512) STARTED.addQuestDrop(BARAHAM,LEGEND_OF_SEVENTEEN,1) STARTED.addQuestDrop(BARAHAM,MALRUK_SUCCUBUS_CLAW,1) STARTED.addQuestDrop(BARAHAM,ECHO_CRYSTAL,1) STARTED.addQuestDrop(BARAHAM,POETRY_BOOK,1) STARTED.addQuestDrop(BARAHAM,CRIMSON_MOSS,1) STARTED.addQuestDrop(BARAHAM,RAHORAKTIS_MEDICINE,1) STARTED.addQuestDrop(BARAHAM,VIRGILS_LETTER,1)
  11. can i open a server with evaluate version of L2jFrozen.15 ? i am getting dc in every 15 mins sometime i cant login to my server i was using l2jmobious l2jbrasil l2jserver i haven't problem with these.
  12. HI all, I add Drop Runes. (Item stored in inventory for 1 hour. (limited period)) and it is applied just for admin....and for i don;t know how, my ip. Server it is hosted in Germany. I am from another country. I think i have some problems with handlers. I think. Can i get help? Can someone check my L2PcInstance method and where it is methods of this runes? Thank you!
  13. Hello Guys, I'm like a dinosaur in the lineage 2 world (postpacific era) and I want to make a server to play with my family and some old friends... L2OFF is not an option because the server I want to use is running linux with a minecraft server, so l2j is the best option! I'm testing the L2Scripts with GOD mod sources shared here in the forum because for some comments I see that the best, or more complete H5 sources are from L2Scripts? well, I compiled the sources, setup the server, patch the client (H5 Client with protocol 268) etc. and everything is working as planned but I see some problems and I don't know from where to start to fix this problems, this is why I need some help/advice. 1- Summons/Monsters don't Run (Same problem reported Here) @addx20 found the solution but he don't post how he fix this problem. 2- Swimming out of the Catacombs/Necropolis is not possible in l2j? I have some experience with geodatas (I wrote this guide years ago: How to create your own geodata) but I think this is an l2j geoengine problem? Please don't be rude, I am on the learning curve (again) about l2 dev :) Regard, Cuba
  14. Can any of you help me with how to get these materials? There are other colors for them, but I don't know how to make them or where I come from. I hope for help because I need it very much in the server that is playing the game :) thank you
  15. Hi, I've got control panel with donate system etc. but got stuck with paypal confirmation to confirm IPN back to the database. if anybody could provide any guides or support of how to do that myself, it would be appreciated. if someone could do that for me and maybe add couple extra payment methods I would be willing to pay for it. thank you,
  16. Hi all. I have a problem. With hp. After 16 kk hp, when player restart his charater, he go back on previous location. Can someone help me ple?
  17. Hello. How to create radar map for specified chronicle and map? Any guid is exists? Need for this tool.
  18. Hi, is possible to bypass the box limit? i have already read all topics but no solutions.. Thx for help
  19. Hey guys, I have developed a l2 off server and I am trying to figure out Castle Sieges. So far I figured out how to start a set with //set_quick_siege and //attack castle clanname Now the problem is once in the throne room, and I try to use the Seal of Rules, my character runs up to the edge and acts like they cannot see the holy artifact. I can see it fine and click on it, but the game acts like there is an invisible wall blocking my character from casting the Seal of Ruler. Therefore no one can capture the castles yet....
  20. Hello mxc , im new to java i have 2 months , i can't do nothing from scrath but is not that hard to edit , so i tought why not make elfocrash robots to go tvt .. so first i tryed to make them register tvt , i found in voice command .register this: public boolean useVoicedCommand(String command, Player activeChar) { if (command.equals("register")) EventManager.getInstance().registerPlayer(activeChar); else if (command.equals("leave")) EventManager.getInstance().removePlayer(activeChar); return true; } so i go to fakeplayers and searched where i can add this: "EventManager.getInstance().registerPlayer(activeChar);" i found this: if (isInsidePeaceZone(this, this.getTarget())) { return; } and made it look like this if (isInsidePeaceZone(this, this.getTarget())) { EventManager.getInstance().registerPlayer(this); return; } now if they are in town , they are registering to event (remember im not programmer , i never did something from scrath ) , so everything was fine until i was teleported to event location , but they were all invisible , i tryed alt+g to teleport to them , they were walking , but they are all invisible .. so i guess it didin't work well.. after this i checked to make //recall (charname) on fakeplayer to check if this works , so i tryed recall one from aden to giran , i had same problem , they were there but invisible somehow... after this i check that when they die , they are teleporting to nearest village so i found this protected void teleportToLocation(int x, int y, int z, int randomOffset) { _fakePlayer.stopMove(null); _fakePlayer.abortAttack(); _fakePlayer.abortCast(); _fakePlayer.setIsTeleporting(true); _fakePlayer.setTarget(null); _fakePlayer.getAI().setIntention(CtrlIntention.ACTIVE); if (randomOffset > 0) { x += Rnd.get(-randomOffset, randomOffset); y += Rnd.get(-randomOffset, randomOffset); } z += 5; _fakePlayer.broadcastPacket(new TeleportToLocation(_fakePlayer, x, y, z)); _fakePlayer.decayMe(); _fakePlayer.setXYZ(x, y, z); _fakePlayer.onTeleported(); _fakePlayer.revalidateZone(true); } and this : public FakePlayer spawnPlayer(int x, int y, int z) { FakePlayer activeChar = FakeHelpers.createRandomFakePlayer(); World.getInstance().addPlayer(activeChar); handlePlayerClanOnSpawn(activeChar); activeChar.spawnMe(x, y, z); activeChar.onPlayerEnter(); if (!activeChar.isGM() && (!activeChar.isInSiege() || activeChar.getSiegeState() < 2) && activeChar.isInsideZone(ZoneId.SIEGE)) activeChar.teleToLocation(TeleportType.TOWN); activeChar.heal(); return activeChar; } so i guess that solution is somewhere here: _fakePlayer.broadcastPacket(new TeleportToLocation(_fakePlayer, x, y, z)); _fakePlayer.decayMe(); _fakePlayer.setXYZ(x, y, z); _fakePlayer.onTeleported(); _fakePlayer.revalidateZone(true); i go to eventmanager again i found this: protected void start() { state = EventState.TELEPORTING; announce("The registrations have closed. The event has started.", true); announce("You will be teleported in 20 seconds. Get ready!", false); preparePlayers(); schedule(() -> teleportPlayers(), 20); } and this : protected void teleportPlayers() { state = EventState.RUNNING; if (!teams.isEmpty()) for (EventTeam team : teams) team.teleportTeam(); else for (Player player : players) player.teleToLocation(getRandomLocation(), 40); paralizePlayers(); announce("You have been teleported to the event.", false); announce("The event will begin in 20 seconds!", false); schedule(() -> begin(), 20); } now , im far by knowing java programming , but my intuition tell me that i need to add something like "fakeplayer.revalidatezone" here but i really dont know how , that why i came here to ask you guys for help ? Im not here for beg i can send you guys via paypal money for a beer if you know what i mean (10-20)E.
  21. Hello! anyone knows what files i have to change to make the npc names normal again? Thanks a lot!
  22. hello i try to use ucc compiler, i have decompiled uc scripts all is fine, but when compiling i got error message redundant data: name ="spriteemitter15" ObjectProperty Engine.ParticleEmitter.Texture: unresolved reference to `Texture `Lineageeffectstextures.Particles5.fx_m_t8158` now i get that the file lineageeffectextures is not found by the compiler, i put the .utx files in the system folder where compiler is, outside the system folder, made new folder systextures also, nothing works, can anyone tell me where to put the files ? in l2.ini of the compiler is written like this: Paths=../SysTextures/*.utx ty
  23. How can i change announcement color and keep text Announcement? I change from public static final int ANNOUNCEMENT = 20; This is yellow and Announcement it is replaced with my name here should be Announcement: New Free .... How i can change this?
  24. Hello all. I do a small mistake. And this mistake it is on custom_spawnlist. I duplicated all spawns. Npcs/monsters. How i can delete duplicated spawns? It is a command on sql or query? Greetings