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  1. Code 1000pvps from item l2jacis

  2. Code 1000pvps from item l2jacis

    No i addapted it from other client.
  3. Code 1000pvps from item l2jacis

  4. package net.sf.l2j.gameserver.handler.itemhandlers; package net.sf.l2j.gameserver.handler.itemhandlers; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.handler.IItemHandler; import; import; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.model.item.instance.ItemInstance; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.model.olympiad.OlympiadManager; import; public class Pvpitem implements IItemHandler { @Override public void useItem(Playable playable, ItemInstance item, boolean forceUse) { if (!(playable instanceof Player)) return; Player player = (Player) playable; if (player.isInCombat()) { player.sendMessage("You can't use this item because you are in combat"); return; } if (player.getKarma() > 0) { player.sendMessage("You can't use this item if you have karma."); return; } if (player.isCursedWeaponEquipped()) { player.sendMessage("You can't use this item with a cursed weapon."); return; } if (player.isDead()) { player.sendMessage("You can't use this item while you are dead."); return; } if (player.getActiveTradeList() != null || player.getActiveEnchantItem() != null) { player.sendMessage("Cannot use while trading/enchanting"); return; } else if (player.isInOlympiadMode() || OlympiadManager.getInstance().isRegisteredInComp(player)) { player.sendPacket(SystemMessageId.YOU_ARE_NOT_AUTHORIZED_TO_DO_THAT); return; } final int pvps = player.getPvpKills() + 1000; player.setPvpKills(pvps); player.broadcastUserInfo(); player.sendMessage("Your PVP count is now " + pvps); playable.destroyItem("Consume", item.getObjectId(), 1, null, false); } } package net.sf.l2j.gameserver.handler; registerItemHandler(new ClanItem()); registerItemHandler(new ExpAndSpItem()); registerItemHandler(new CleanKarma()); + registerItemHandler(new Pvpitem()); } public void registerItemHandler(IItemHandler handler) { _datatable.put(handler.getClass().getSimpleName().intern().hashCode(), handler); }
  5. Help l2jacis mage problem

    oxi den exw valei kapoia customs kai otan paei na loggarei enas mage vgazei ayto sto gs den mporei na kounithi kai eksafanizete k olas kai aytos vlepei olous na kouniounte klp alla einai kolhmenos oute restart oute exit game mono me ctrl alt del vgenei...Client [Character: Name- Account: Name- IP: x.x.x.x] - Disconnected, too many queue overflows.
  6. Help l2jacis mage problem

    [gr] htan mia xara to mc to exw valei 2.5 alla oxi mc kanoun 10k me amc +0 klp se oso mdef kai na valw kai se 10k mdef
  7. hello i have a problem with mages they are doing from 500 dmg they are doing 10k in 3k mdef it was running normal and that happend just like that w/o reason
  8. akuro lock it eixa kanei vlakeia sta tables.
  9. Exception in a Runnable execution:java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: StatsSet : Long value required, but found: null for key: TimeOfHero. ειναι κομπλε μιλαει απλα οταν πηρα το hero πεταει με σπαμ αυτο..δεν πειραξα τιποτα απο hero και μου φαινεται παραξενο
  10. Help acis karma gs error

    Thanks merlon only the second without editing the first it worked! :)
  11. When i'm more than 80+ level when i get a pk and try to "burn" my karma im getting this error and the mobs stuck dead they dont spawn if i kill them when im with karma

  13. Καλησπερα παιδια σημερα ειδα ενα ερρορ κατα τυχη γιατι δεν ετυχε να πειραξω τιποτα στην Olympiada αυτο εδω δεν μπορω να καταλαβω απο που ειναι αυτο το ερρο και οταν παω να μιλησω σε αυτον τον τυπα της ολυμπιαδας για να δω της καταταξης με τα classes παλι το ιδιο μου πεταει ενω οταν παω να δω την καταταξη με τα classes στο community board μου τα διχνει μια χαρα acis pack
  14. When 2 or more cardinals or other healers in one party the heal gets nerfed public void useSkill(Creature activeChar, L2Skill skill, WorldObject[] targets) { +int healers = 0; +int minus = 2; + + if (activeChar.getParty() != null) +{ + for (Player player : activeChar.getParty().getMembers()) + { + if (player != null && player.getClassId().getId() == 97) + { + healers++; + + if (minus != 2 && (player.getPvpFlag() != 0 || player.getKarma() > 0)) + minus = 2; + } + } +} //go here hp = power; hp *= target.calcStat(Stats.HEAL_EFFECTIVNESS, 100, null, null) / 100; } //and paste this too +if (healers >= 2) // 2 or more healers in party +{ + int nerfValue = (2 + (healers - minus)); + hp /= nerfValue; + } // If you have full HP and you get HP buff, u will receive 0HP restored message
  15. Help Assist reward pvp system

    @melron it's working like this but im getting something that it seems weird i dont get +1 pvp i get the pvps that my party mate has if he has 551 and me 0 if he gets pvp i will go 552 Party party = getParty(); if (party != null) { for (Player partymate : party.getMembers()) { if (partymate == null) continue; if (partymate.getClassId().getId() == 97 && partymate.isInCombat() && partymate.getPvpFlag() > 0) { if (partymate.isInsideRadius(this, 1100, false, false)) { if (Rnd.nextInt(100) < 100) { partymate.setPvpKills(partymate.getPvpKills() + 1); break; } } } } } // Add PvP point to attacker. setPvpKills(getPvpKills() + 1);