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  1. the image must be loading from another texture file that is not the game default
  2. there is no trojan, some antivirus may report a false positive in some dll's, as they are interface protection.
  3. Thank you so much for supporting Celestine, you are the man!
  4. guys, the interface was released in this topic( video description have the download link): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cw3MeP-byYA Now if you open the channel's videos, you'll see that I released other videos after the launch, with updates about it, but you can download the download from the link above or go to the channel's "about" option and there's also the link there.
  5. Revisar se na pasta system esta o arquivo Silent_Tex.u
  6. do it in interface.u, create an example customtooltip function, get the checkbox object, put it in a variable and load it into the customtooltip, and add your text.
  7. Update 😁 @Celestine link updated.
  8. Put utx in .U and smartcrypt, dont help ?
  9. Yes sure. But I think I found the location of the problem, in the schema file, more precisely in the ct0/window.groove schema, this file is responsible for the attributes of the "window" session, where would be the unk100, unk 101..., in my tests , I replaced this window.groove file with another windows.groove file from my editor version 1.3.7, and to my surprise the editor opened a modified xdat, which I was already using, but now it shows me what I already got, which is window screen with the unk..., I can only open it with windows.groove of version 1.3.12fix os xdat original interlude. So, I notice that in the unk fields of custom xdat I have interfaces, I get some data that doesn't match with the new 12fix configuration, which was created on top of the settings of an original xdat, and I stopped at this point, tried numerous things to try tidy up, but to no avail. Now my doubts, your 1.3.12fix editor has undergone any modification so you can open any modified xdat, or do you not use this version? In this video I demonstrate an attempt to open an xdat of yours from an your interface that released a short time ago, which only has a few options to apply transparencies and change buff sizes, this xdat is not encrypted and its original, unmodified.
  10. Hi, I have the last version of java, 8u291, but the same error, i see in other post for use 8u40 or more, or need exatle 8u40 ? I tried: - I installed version 1.8.0_51, (32 and 64 bit) the same as the utilized in editor. - I Installed version 1.8.0_40 (32 and 64). - I installed the latest version 1.8.0_291 (32 and 64). For each case of tentative installation, I used the official java uninstall tool before, so as not to have file and cache remnants. And the tests I did on a pc and a notebook, same problem occurs. The 1.3.7 version of the editor that I've always used works fine, but it's outdated in the windows tab "window". @Celestine in test, with version 1.3.12fix I can only open the original xdat from interlude, without modifications, but when I try to open an already modified xdat the error that I showed in the message occurs. Any suggestion ?
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