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  1. Merry Christmas fella, wish you all best and a healthy new year!
  2. As the title says, anyone knows how can i convert files to PSK and PSA for 3ds max? Which program do i need? Thanks in advance
  3. First of all, thanks for your answer. Now about these programs, i have many of em but not these : gildors umodel plus gui , skeledit from gildor mabe, skeledit from gildor mabe postal game editor, proper tool , zbrush, mudbox. If you could send me the links for these progs i would be so greatful. Thanks once again.
  4. Well, hello first of all.I was wondering how can i make my own stuff and etc but since i have no free time to do that i'm still learning about programs and whatever else it needs, found few guides and that's truly helpful. Anyways, my point, leave the "creating new stuff", that i know it can be done with some research and work. I'm asking for your help about the adaption as the title says from other chronicles like armors, weapons, npcs and etc, is it that hard like creating, is there any guide to show me how, do i need the same programs as creating? Thanks for your time. P.S I don't know if this is the right section for this kind of question, if is not, please move it, thanks.
  5. How can i remove that i have in those circles? :https://imgur.com/a/ZX4tbtW Thanks in advance.
  6. Hello, i was wondering if there is any guide to show me how can i add an effect on weapons, or even better if can any one show me how to. Thanks in advance.