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  1. where you thing is the problem? I am looking for sugestions maybe we can fix that .
  2. Hello mate and thanks for your reply , i alrdy did that and same i have same problem.
  3. Hello mxc I have a graphic problem when i click on buffs i get black screen and i have to click again at same point to remove this black screen also when i click on different images , text ingame i have same problem , did anyone know this issue or any suggestions ? Preview bug : https://gyazo.com/80c8a5279eae796bae179e141d0adb6d Preview bug : https://gyazo.com/a06c1baef2237889ab9620cfd72d23ef Client : Interlude Thanks in advance !!
  4. thank you mate really apreciate it !!
  5. actually cant find them on spawnlist.
  6. if i //spawn it its exist i can spawn it normaly , but is not spawned at catacombs .
  7. i have problem with mobs who drop seal stones they dont apear .
  8. Hello mxc Looking for an expert to solve some issues on 7s festival (interlude pack), please pm me thanks !!
  9. Hello mxc I Sell Adena on http://l2essence.online/ x20 1kkk = 7e For more informations inbox