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  1. hellas already running 7 online servers(from what i know they may be more) , you can run anything you want, and if you will find any problem you can report it in forum :) i think that i have already helped you :) am i right? :)
  2. describe your problem correctly. its a problem or something that you wanna do?
  3. h bgale to ! kai kanto < config.enchant h balto se paren8esh kai kanto if ( !(pvpwep.getenchant > config.enchant) ) 8a htan kalutera an to ekanes etsi : final L2ItemInstance pvpwep = to code s. if (pvpwep != null && pvpwep.getEnchantLevel() < config.maxenchant && Rnd.get(100) > 50 )
  4. dont do it, boss should be hard. 1 min for boss kill is nothing and bored, also healers really?pvp with out healers? no man. anyway i can help you to do it , but as kara said you can do it.... its not that hard....
  5. tell him to put in l2.ini as server address. localhost address for his home. (only for home where the server locate)
  6. new updates :) https://l2jhellas.com/ Revision 556: Fix: -player karma lost thanks xfranky for report. -player curson bug, thanks raxzerax for report. -admin respawn-delete npc properly delete npcs from database thanks xfranky for report. -on raidboss death player points are properly update. -castle-clanhall wrong message. thanks xfranky for report. -player sendRelationChanged added a check to avoid invisible exploit. -player can properly Equip-uneuip weapons when finish casting. -IpCatcher: perma ban (mac address-ip address) now working properly. -revert char-userinfo player classid. -Auctioneer: read actions issue added propper messages Rework: -L2AttackableAI -L2GuardInstance -Sweep (skill handler) Clean up: -AdminDisconnect -AdminClanFull -AdminNoble and more admin command handlers. -casino manager thanks to StinkyMadness Implement: -(custom)Admin item search thanks to StinkyMadness -(custom)IconData + xml parser. for iteam search, also can be used for every icon we wanna parse in html. i put almost all usable icons. Removed: -AdminMassHero -Formulas: calcFestivalRegenModifier
  7. new updates :) https://l2jhellas.com/ Revision:555 Added Quests: Q024_InhabitantsOfTheForestOfTheDead Q115_TheOtherSideOfTruth Q136_MoreThanMeetsTheEye Q137_TempleChampionPart1 Q138_TempleChampionPart2 Q139_ShadowFoxPart1 Q140_ShadowFoxPart2 Q141_ShadowFoxPart3 Q142_FallenAngelRequestOfDawn Q143_FallenAngelRequestOfDusk Q343_UnderTheShadowOfTheIvoryTower Q386_StolenDignity Q501_ProofOfClanAlliance Q503_PursuitOfClanAmbition Q505_BloodOffering Q635_InTheDimensionalRift Q648_AnIceMerchantsDream Q998_FallenAngelSelect(custom) Rework-Cleanup: delete L2CharPosition and replace with Location, thanks kara for report. L2CasinoInstance thanks kara for report. deleted PlayerToAssasinate Fix: monsters: prevent to think in not active regions.
  8. new updates :) i post here cause hellas is not listed in private projects(already asked) Fix: -Owner Summon animation. -pvp damage in pease zone. -l2off like npc interaction rotate the player to face the npc -The infamous "Air" phx script fix. -CastleManager npe. -onMagicFinalizer npe -attacking monsters circling the player removed rnd and added a check to avoid nearby mobs around the player without any sense. -player speed to synchronize with server-client. -when using delux key if there is no Success chests attack before decaying. -deathpenalty and player exp percent lost close enough to official,removed delevel config, and now player lvl > 9 and without lucky skill, on die loosing exp. there are some exceptions for example: can't lose exp in pvparena-siege participants inside siege zone etc. also added a emum(PlayerExpLost) to avoid hardcode. Rework: ItemsAutoDestroy SkillTreeData FleeingNPCs are correctly working(Rabbit-Elpy) Clean up: SpawnTable L2Spawn:removed spawnlistener HitMan config. Champion config delete, champion are now static in core(config.java) you can modify it there. NpcBufferTable NpcBufferInstance BuffTemplateTable NpcBufferSkillIdsTable Quests: Added: Config to enable-disable FakePlayer system Q114_ResurrectionOfAnOldManager, thanks to BossForever. Q333_HuntOfTheBlackLion, thanks to BossForever. Q334_TheWishingPotion. Q335_TheSongOfTheHunter. Q336_CoinsOfMagic.
  9. for sure some times i c/p from Unity too. anyway you are right,. post updated :) i test it and works fine :) yeap i own you only for quests, that i c/p :)
  10. i already have the proper fix(got it already in vposition tsekarepos void), tk dont spam, your movement system that is half fixed is worth? and they pay for it.....
  11. thats why you did not fix it yet in acis? cause you can do it better? when i will commit it in hellas you will be able to leach it from there + fly/water check. :) dont worry :)
  12. you can easy overwrite the falling check , remove the message and keep the check only in validateposition.