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  1. you are using dead project.... i can't understand that... why?? use hellas who is still active and you won't have to worry about those skills.
  2. L2PcInstance.java public void checkAllowedSkills() config : altsettings : AllowedSkills
  3. zake is right, there is a check for illegal skills. you can check premium system too ( //premium_menu). no need to make new getters for aio. and merge premium system with your aio skills. just saying my opnion.
  4. i wont create a list you can check by your self its not that hard. if you need more you can find by searching here or in our forum. L2Hellas discord : https://discord.com/invite/HY8nMPp
  5. thanks :) old base is l2jarchid, quests from acis. but a lot of reworks has been done.
  6. thanks guys :) true its old code, i did not notice it, thanks for repot, its better to report in forum not here.
  7. Links: Forum: http://l2jhellas.com/ New Svn: https://bitbucket.org/NickAbsolutePower/l2jhellas/src/master/ New Timeline: https://bitbucket.org/NickAbsolutePower/l2jhellas/commits/ Discord: https://discord.com/invite/HY8nMPp Old Timeline: https://www.assembla.com/spaces/l2hellas/subversion/commits/list How can you help? Everyone can become a part of the project! The first step is to register in our forum(links above) and give us feedback(Suggestions,ideas). Bug reports and custom patches from users are welcomed as well. That way you will help us grow stronger and keep providing you a stable and free interlude pack.
  8. that's true, lock this :) hey :) dont worry. :)
  9. hellas already running 7 online servers(from what i know they may be more) , you can run anything you want, and if you will find any problem you can report it in forum :) i think that i have already helped you :) am i right? :)
  10. describe your problem correctly. its a problem or something that you wanna do?
  11. h bgale to ! kai kanto < config.enchant h balto se paren8esh kai kanto if ( !(pvpwep.getenchant > config.enchant) ) 8a htan kalutera an to ekanes etsi : final L2ItemInstance pvpwep = to code s. if (pvpwep != null && pvpwep.getEnchantLevel() < config.maxenchant && Rnd.get(100) > 50 )
  12. dont do it, boss should be hard. 1 min for boss kill is nothing and bored, also healers really?pvp with out healers? no man. anyway i can help you to do it , but as kara said you can do it.... its not that hard....
  13. tell him to put in l2.ini as server address. localhost address for his home. (only for home where the server locate)
  14. new updates :) https://l2jhellas.com/ Revision 556: Fix: -player karma lost thanks xfranky for report. -player curson bug, thanks raxzerax for report. -admin respawn-delete npc properly delete npcs from database thanks xfranky for report. -on raidboss death player points are properly update. -castle-clanhall wrong message. thanks xfranky for report. -player sendRelationChanged added a check to avoid invisible exploit. -player can properly Equip-uneuip weapons when finish casting. -IpCatcher: perma ban (mac address-ip address) now working properly. -revert char-userinfo player classid. -Auctioneer: read actions issue added propper messages Rework: -L2AttackableAI -L2GuardInstance -Sweep (skill handler) Clean up: -AdminDisconnect -AdminClanFull -AdminNoble and more admin command handlers. -casino manager thanks to StinkyMadness Implement: -(custom)Admin item search thanks to StinkyMadness -(custom)IconData + xml parser. for iteam search, also can be used for every icon we wanna parse in html. i put almost all usable icons. Removed: -AdminMassHero -Formulas: calcFestivalRegenModifier