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  1. public boolean useVoicedCommand(String command, PlayerInstance activeChar, String target) { if(!activeChar.isGM()) return true;
  2. after restart augment keep on same item with same aug skill? data appears in `augmentations` table?
  3. i have used this pack 1132 and there no bugs with augment. u doing something wrong.
  4. maybe after server wipe you not clear augment table in database.
  5. i mean procedures not table... if not then: change CALL sellbuff_restoreSellerData(?) to SELECT * FROM sellbuff_seller_data WHERE char_obj_id=? change CALL sellbuff_saveSellerData(?,?,?,?) to INSERT INTO sellbuff_seller_data VALUES (?,?,?,?)
  6. sellbuff_saveSellerData and sellbuff_restoreSellerData procedures.
  7. did you create `procedures` in your main database? and why u use it???
  8. but you tested ur query manually in navicat??? it's not weird you just didn't see mistake. just debug every action. easy.
  9. in ur code print query, random example: try (Connection con = ConnectionPool.getConnection(); PreparedStatement ps = con.prepareStatement(INSERT_MACRO)) { ps.setInt(1, _owner.getObjectId()); ps.setInt(2, macro.id); ps.setInt(3, macro.icon); ps.setString(4, macro.name); ps.setString(5, macro.descr); ps.setString(6, macro.acronym); ps.setString(7, sb.toString()); ps.execute(); System.out.println(ps); // print query to console. } copy it from console and then execute in navicat in ur MAIN database. idk how explain 😄 if u not see anything
  10. like i said test ur query via navicat in main db. maybe different mysql version? it can occur syntax errors and etc..
  11. or just simple mistake that u didn't see. one simple method to test just print ur mysql query and execute on ur main db via navicat.
  12. maybe u have changes in other tables? show code.