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  1. setPvpFlagLasts(System.currentTimeMillis() + 3000); time in ms
  2. Share L2jRobot free and open source

    compiled with eclipse and all working ;)
  3. Share L2jRobot free and open source

    wrong build.xml , it not compile src. Can you fix it? i want compile it in cmd with command "ant"
  4. Thanks for share, i think i will use it on tvt event to fill up teams :D
  5. its "AdBlocker Ultimate" and "uBlock Origin" ;]
  6. http://prntscr.com/hg3bgv :D
  7. try this and tell me results. https://pastebin.com/U5gspyu9
  8. at annoncememt make pk.assasins. and assasins = 0; put upper by 2 lines.
  9. hmm, then try make assasins varbiable public and at doPKPVPManage() assasins++; change to killer.assasins++; switch(killer.assasins) { and other at announce. and change to old code at onDeath. just to assasins = 0; maybe it will work, idk.
  10. why isDead return true when u alive??? try check if(isDead()) sendMessage('u alive:); else sendMessage('u died'); and check on both players what write.