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  1. Hello, Any solution to avoid delay between click button in me html? Because if now i click button/Url in community board i need wait ~3-5 sec then i can click again, otherwise if i click bypass client just not send to server..
  2. can u share system patch? i will try to look
  3. about client side just copy and paste to excel and not need to count :D http://prntscr.com/qaik55 just me advice.
  4. i have do it with formulas.java example how i change mag dmg. CalcMagicDam(...){ .......... .... and at function end if(attacker instanceof L2PcInstance){ L2PcInstance pcInst = (L2PcInstance) attacker; int attackerClass = pcInst.getClassId().getId(); double balance = 1; if(pcInst.isInOlympiadMode()){ balance = BalanceDataTable.getInstance().getClassData(attackerClass).getOMSkillDamage(); }else{ balance = BalanceDataTable.getInstance().getClassData(attackerClass).getMSkillDamage(); } damage /= balance; } } same shit and with other stats/damages and etc. Its just me idea for you. Its good way or no idk.
  5. with old map file i see ground texture, with ur not. What can be wrong?
  6. yes, but he not tested i think, because all ground without textures, like in me screenshot.
  7. Same topic: i dont know why some one lock it.
  8. No way!!! Better to try learn by yourself. ok i fixed invisible walls (just deleted it) but now have another problem :D http://prntscr.com/pjsxl2 when save map ground textures not showing.. Maybe someone know why?
  9. Yes, some place have invisible walls or what, rly i dont know, i just see shadow on it. just recorded: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etVIGTzUqXw&feature=youtu.be
  10. Hello, Maybe someone have this map for interlude? without bugs. Already tryed to search.
  11. in item name must include all search words so draconic armor not show. its good if u not remember part of item name.
  12. if i try search example "Bow Draconic" or "Drac Bow" then not working. with me code it will work
  13. i think multi word search must be like: String[] parts = search.toLowerCase().split(" "); for (Item item : ItemData.getInstance().getTemplates()){ boolean add = false; for (String part : parts) { if (item.getName().toLowerCase().contains(part)){ add = true; }else{ add = false; break; } } } if(add) items.add(item);