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  1. maybe u just gave wrong ip address to your friends? :D
  2. just compare ur custom item xml with old one current similiar item xml and u will see where problem.
  3. Website Url: https://l2j.eu Free add server. API current votes/is player voted. Minimalistic website template, easy to use. Powered by PHP-Fusion
  4. MAIN FEATURES Starting Level: 80 Safe Enchant: +6 Max Enchant: +25 Normal Scroll Enchant Rate: 75% Blessed Scroll Enchant Rate: 85% Crystal Scroll Enchanting Rates: +22 Minimum Enchant Rate: 50% +23 Minimum Enchant Rate: 40% +24 Minimum Enchant Rate: 30% +25 Minimum Enchant Rate: 20% - You may enchant your weapon only up to +21 using Normal Scrolls or Blessed Scrolls. -If t
  5. Config.DEFAULT_GLOBAL_CHAT.equalsIgnoreCase("on") make sure this setting is `on` not true/false but `on`
  6. you need change system , bcz l2top co have api https://l2top.co/reward-system show source code ur vote manager.
  7. what??? just change id.. https://l2top.co/index.php?page=server_info&id=11082
  8. http://prntscr.com/sx42nh now compare ur url and url in example.
  9. if(getPartyMembers().size()<4){ for (final L2PcInstance member : getPartyMembers()) if (member.isInsideZone(L2Character.ZONE_UNUSED)) member.teleToLocation(81035,148614,-3464); }