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  1. i found some crap inside the sources this thing called pvpzone.java package zones; import java.util.concurrent.ScheduledFuture; import l2f.commons.threading.RunnableImpl; import l2f.gameserver.ThreadPoolManager; import l2f.gameserver.listener.zone.OnZoneEnterLeaveListener; import l2f.gameserver.model.Creature; import l2f.gameserver.model.Player; import l2f.gameserver.model.Zone; import l2f.gameserver.scripts.ScriptFile; import l2f.gameserver.utils.ReflectionUtils; /** * @author L2Mythras */ public class PvPZone implements ScriptFile { private static ZoneListener _zoneListener; @Override public void onLoad() { _zoneListener = new ZoneListener(); Zone zone = ReflectionUtils.getZone("[pvp_zone_toi]"); zone.addListener(_zoneListener); } @Override public void onReload() { on reload } @Override public void onShutdown() { on shutdown } public class ZoneListener implements OnZoneEnterLeaveListener { @Override public void onZoneEnter(Zone zone, Creature cha) { ScheduledFuture<?> _checkTask = null; if (zone.getParams() == null || !cha.isPlayable()) return; if (!cha.isPlayer()) return; cha.getPlayer().sendMessage("You have entered in a PvP Zone!"); cha.startPvPFlag(null); cha.getPlayer().sendMessage("You are now flagged!"); _checkTask = ThreadPoolManager.getInstance().scheduleAtFixedRate(new checkZone((Player)cha, zone, _checkTask), 60000, 60000); } public class checkZone extends RunnableImpl { Player _cha; Zone _zone; ScheduledFuture<?> _checkTask; public checkZone(Player cha, Zone zone, ScheduledFuture<?> checkTask) { _cha = cha; _zone = zone; _checkTask = checkTask; } @Override public void runImpl() throws Exception { if(_cha.isInZone(_zone)) { _cha.startPvPFlag(null); } else { _checkTask.cancel(true); _checkTask = null; } } } @Override public void onZoneLeave(Zone zone, Creature cha) { if (cha == null) return; cha.getPlayer().sendMessage("You have left the PvP Zone !"); cha.getPlayer().stopPvPFlag(); } } }
  2. Hi im using L2Mythras files h5,i want to make a custom instant flag zone (you will be flagged all the time inside that zone). Its possible to made it ?
  3. Hi im looking for some help to change how the "Ancient Enchants" works on H5. Here its a enchant description pic. As you can read this enchant has a limit ,you can only use it on weapons by above +16. So Basically i want to change this restriction to use it from +15 to +20. Im using H5 Mythras Files ,i tried to find this "Restriction" on sources but i couldn't.
  4. Great how should i run this script ,(seriously ,have no idea )?
  5. Basically i need to setup a L2OFF server with a dynamic ip(this ip changes every time that the modem restarts) I have a no-ip service,and vangath files ,so i use a noip of 15 letters (it can't containt more than 15 lettters on the dbo.server table) Example serv67.ddns.net So When Hauth Loads the server it says External IP "" ,why not serv67.ddns.net? No problem i tried to log in the server but it get stucked on the server seleccion screen. Both ports are open