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  1. its shared for free on somme russian forums ,this one its not binded so you don't need key. GF Vanganth Last
  2. i found some crap inside the sources this thing called pvpzone.java package zones; import java.util.concurrent.ScheduledFuture; import l2f.commons.threading.RunnableImpl; import l2f.gameserver.ThreadPoolManager; import l2f.gameserver.listener.zone.OnZoneEnterLeaveListener; import l2f.gameserver.model.Creature; import l2f.gameserver.model.Player; import l2f.gameserver.model.Zone; import l2f.gameserver.scripts.ScriptFile; import l2f.gameserver.utils.ReflectionUtils; /** * @author L2Mythras */ public class PvPZone implements ScriptFile { private static ZoneListener _zoneListener; @Override public void onLoad() { _zoneListener = new ZoneListener(); Zone zone = ReflectionUtils.getZone("[pvp_zone_toi]"); zone.addListener(_zoneListener); } @Override public void onReload() { on reload } @Override public void onShutdown() { on shutdown } public class ZoneListener implements OnZoneEnterLeaveListener { @Override public void onZoneEnter(Zone zone, Creature cha) { ScheduledFuture<?> _checkTask = null; if (zone.getParams() == null || !cha.isPlayable()) return; if (!cha.isPlayer()) return; cha.getPlayer().sendMessage("You have entered in a PvP Zone!"); cha.startPvPFlag(null); cha.getPlayer().sendMessage("You are now flagged!"); _checkTask = ThreadPoolManager.getInstance().scheduleAtFixedRate(new checkZone((Player)cha, zone, _checkTask), 60000, 60000); } public class checkZone extends RunnableImpl { Player _cha; Zone _zone; ScheduledFuture<?> _checkTask; public checkZone(Player cha, Zone zone, ScheduledFuture<?> checkTask) { _cha = cha; _zone = zone; _checkTask = checkTask; } @Override public void runImpl() throws Exception { if(_cha.isInZone(_zone)) { _cha.startPvPFlag(null); } else { _checkTask.cancel(true); _checkTask = null; } } } @Override public void onZoneLeave(Zone zone, Creature cha) { if (cha == null) return; cha.getPlayer().sendMessage("You have left the PvP Zone !"); cha.getPlayer().stopPvPFlag(); } } }
  3. Hi im using L2Mythras files h5,i want to make a custom instant flag zone (you will be flagged all the time inside that zone). Its possible to made it ?