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  1. Hello! First of all, congratulations for this great project and make it open! Well, i would like to ask some things about the project: 01-Is there any classmaster? 02-Is there npc buffer? 03-Is there custom events like TVT or DM? 04-Is there option for autoloot ONLY adena? If no, can i hire you or someone here to make this? Thank you!
  2. So, i repeat my question to this Project. :) Obviously, it is not perfect. But it can actualy run a live server? Is there any critical bug in this project? Thanks, again!
  3. Very interesting! I will make a try. Thank you! Anyway, if anyone knows more about this shared GF Vanganth, i am still curious about it.
  4. Hello everybody! My friends, anyone know if the shared Vanganth "Last" GF is ready for live server? What are the known major bugs in it? Thank you very much!
  5. Thank you very much, my friends!
  6. Hi! I would like to buy key or keygen for Vanganth GF. My skype: alexandre.java