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  1. There's no way, it extends these particular binaries and won't work with anything else :(
  2. Protocol 83 is Gracia Final, protocol 87 is Gracia Final update 1. There are few differences, see this: http://netpro.revengineer.eu/protocols/gracia_final.html http://netpro.revengineer.eu/protocols/gracia_final_update_1.html Also the updated client (87) is far better than the older one (83) - there are less crashes and there's no glitch with terrain height between two cells (notable for example between Goddard and Varka outpost).
  3. Hi, you're asking in a wrong section (this section is for l2off, not java). I'm moving your topic to proper section :)
  4. Any help is really welcome :) Project is (and will) be open-source. Just please, please, don't discuss off-topic personal stuff here, thanks :)
  5. Hi everyone, it's been some time I've started to work on H5 extender but I kept it private because there's still f*cking LOT of stuff to fix and add (see TODO, stuff marked with + is done/investigated, stuff marked with * is to be done). It also requires you already have proper H5 binaries (l2server built on September 28, 2011 - I've promised not to share them) and Visual Studio 2005 toolkit in some newer Visual Studio (I'm using VS2019). It's still very incomplete but I hope someone will be interested and I'll have more motivation to continue with it. Link to bitbucket repository: https://bitbucket.org/l2shrine/extender-h5
  6. Probably it is possible but there would be lot of problems with features present in GF/GE and not present in Classic... and it would be LOT of work (rewrite all packets, ...) You're not the only one who was asking about this bug in last few days, seems I'll have to try to investigate what causes it (unfortunately I don't know how to trigger this bug with my setup; I'd appreciate any info)
  7. It's not about process name, it's about global objects it creates (and also ports where it listens). You would have to rename all global objects (shared memory regions, mutextes, ...) and change all listening ports...
  8. Hi, I think you're asking about l2j (written in Java), not l2off (written in C++). I'm moving your topic to proper section.
  9. You cannot do that, l2server and l2npc use shared memory to share data about creatures, items etc (CSharedCreatureData, CSharedItemData, ...) - they have to run on the same machine.
  10. I'm writing a brand new Gracia Final/Epilogue extender, if you want to try it or have a look at sources, I'll put some development versions here: it's hosted on bitbucket. https://osamelahora.cz/MyExt64/ https://bitbucket.org/l2shrine/extender-public Now it does almost nothing but I'll add some new stuff over time... I'm adding new stuff over time :) MyExt64 What is MyExt64 MyExt64 is new opensource extender for l2off Gracia Final server (l2_off_gracia_final) supporting Gracia Final and Gracia Epilogue chronicles. It uses some knowledge from OSIE extender, MXC extender and maybe other extenders. Features Supports protocols 83 (Gracia Final) and 152 (Gracia Epilogue update 1) Protocol 87 (Gracia Final update 1) should be working but is not tested Supports Gracia Epilogue skill enchanting + buy/sell Supports Gracia Epilogue refund Supports Gracia Epilogue mail system Bunch of bugfixes (some ported from OSIE, some ported from MXC extender) Voice commands - offline trade, experience gain on/off, server time, online player count Configurable item enchant (safe/chances) Custom drop/spoil rate algorithm Custom event drop algorithm (flat chance based) Players in the same command channel are treated as allies Configurable max level for main/subclass Global shout/trade Vitality multiplier Configurable clan restriction (penalties) Configurable buff slot count + max divine inspiration bonus Configurable vitality level ranges Configurable autoloot system Embedded Gracia Final AI (NASC) compiler How to use it If you're not familiar with l2off, it will probably require learning some stuff (MXC forum is a good start). To just use the last build, copy following files from server folder in this repository to your server folder: * MyExt64.dll - main extender file * MyExt64.ini - extender configuration * MyExt64Loader.exe - extender loader and run the server via MyExt64Loader.exe If you're more experienced with messing around PE files, you can add MyExt64.dll to import table of L2Server.exe and add call to DllMain. How to compile it You should get Visual Studio 2005. Maybe it would be possible to compile it on some newer Visual Studio, but you'll have to define your own templates for std::vector and std::map (and possibly more containers) to match memory layout of their VS2005 versions. MyExt64 has no external dependencies and requires only standard libraries for Windows development.