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  1. Wow! Thank you very much. it looks very impressive! I look forward to when you release the new version) please continue..
  2. Tell me please, is it possible to set up account registration with binding to static ip, and adding ip to the white list - with the included server login function only from the white list? And enable an additional firewall, which will also filter out all ip addresses except the white list? Will this protect against possible DDoS attacks?
  3. Editing skills is awesome ... I'm sure that you will succeed! It seems you mentioned, that i can delete existing Npc? I did not manage to do this, although the cloned ones - easily ...) Perhaps if you could implement a search engine in the program, that would be great ... Thank you very much for your efforts.
  4. This happens when I first started the program, when the process comes to spawns scanning. Or an error can be caused when switching between (map 0), (map 1), (map 2). Or if you delete the files along the path l2homage-3.2 \ Data \ L2H(except the settings file), and scan again... When this error occurs, spawns scanning does not occur. The program says that all files are uploaded, but the spawns line contains - 0... although all other tables successfully loaded and working ... items, nps, droplist ...
  5. Hello Bumble. Thanks for your reply. I unpacked jpg, map files to the "Worldmap" folder in the root of "l2homage" ... do I need any other map files?
  6. Wow, this is an amazing, brilliant invention! So that with such simplicity and accuracy you can edit the world of Lineage 2 ... we could only dream about it ... you turned our imagination into reality! Windows 7x64 spawns scan fails, maybe i need framevork?
  7. Is it possible to create script which would be talking with all the sellers that caused a forced error buyselllist immediately after starting the npc server?) to keep players calm) --------------- please tell me, whether it is possible to add a function to hide / show unused skills, in the client itself, or with a request to the server ...? -------------- Is it possible to hide things with the parameter (is trade = 0) in the sales section? Since if you try to sell such a thing, the transaction will be discarded. And the player may not know what things can be sold and which cannot, and what is the reason for his unsuccessful transaction.
  8. Endless gratitude to Eressea ... for work, generosity, help, openness, responsiveness ... I adore her ...) (lvl 0) Сompiler application guide (for gremlins like me :) 1. Version Python no higher than 2.7 (syntax errors may occur in newer versions) 2. Open a command prompt: 3. cd C: \ l2 // directory where the Compiler is located. In my case, C: \ l2 4. make.py all // execute the .py script with the command line parameter all done! get three big compilations: ai.nasc ai.obj ai folder ----- To compile one big ai.nasc into ai.obj: 1. put ai.nasc in the folder with l2npc.exe (in my case C: \ l2 \ nasc \ l2npc) 2. Open a command prompt: 3. cd C: \ l2 \ nasc \ l2npc // again specify the directory) 4. l2npc.exe -c ai.nasc done! Compiler: http://download.l2shrine.com/nasc.tar.gz
  9. Dying is not a game. People are dying ..) Great graces, games, jewelry, jewels, things, sculptures, books, music, paintings, films, dances, architecture ... are created by great People, and remain in memory for centuries ... Playing this Game, having the ability to control this World through open source, through Developers and Hackers, through Computer, through Electricity, through three thin wiring of the World Wide Web, at crazy data transfer speeds, meet together, from different points of the World in Virtual Reality, I do not know about you ...) I feel a touch on the Divine ...) Appreciate, love, learn, admire, exalt, enjoy, give, be healthy, happy ... while you are alive ...
  10. use the search by project folders or look in the “Server” folder ... if you set the Release mode, dll is created, there is simply no information in the log in which directory the dll is created.)
  11. O great Lord of the Extender)... I bow down to your feet ... everything works perfectly, Kamael is not created =) very pleased))
  12. It would be great if in any case of death, from mobs, guards, pvp, pc,% exp decreased, but the maximum level would never be dropped ... =) or that% exp also does not decrease ..) ---- although by and large I can remove items and their pieces only from the drop, spoil, quests, boxes, and then no one except the GM can get this item? right? =)
  13. I get the message Creating library .. \ Server \ MyExt64.lib and object .. \ Server \ MyExt64.exp. and a lot of .obj files ... how to set up a project to get a .dll file?) *figured out) it was necessary to specify the output directory in the project settings) I'm noob) ----- i'm wondering if i use some part of Osie code https://github.com/MMOCOM/OSIE-GF(Interlude Extender, based on Gracia Final) (names for scripts (items, mobs) change? Will it be possible to use ready scripts from interlude? Or the names left by Gracia, and all scripts need to be edited manually? ---- I get a server crash when creating any of the characters with an active Kamael off function.. + WriteMemoryBYTES(0x925288, "\x76\x7F", 2); + WriteMemoryBYTES(0x925297, "\x76\x7F", 2); Unfortunately it did not work ... please, what other options are there?) ---- Disable penalty works great thank you from the bottom of my heart.. --- Is it possible to make the experience not diminish at death from mobs at the maximum level (80, and 85)? or so that the level is not reset back?
  14. I would like to stay on the GE client (under your wing, with protection)) (with good graphics, interface), but at the same time, downgrade all elements to IL ..) Could you tell me how I should do? Use Osie GF-IL algorithms for items (is it possible?), Or lower everything manually in scripts ...?) I get 28 errors when trying to build a solution: error C2664: 'GetPrivateProfileStringA' : cannot convert parameter 1 from 'const wchar_t *' to 'LPCSTR' Types pointed to are unrelated; conversion requires reinterpret_cast, C-style cast or function-style cast. Please tell me what I have to do to make it all right ... this only happens in debug mode. In release mode, everything works out right, and in the x64 - release folder - many files are created, how can I convert them into one MyExt64 dll file?