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  1. Is it possible to find a list of everything interface.u is responsible for in the game world?
  2. Thank you very much! it's amazing! If the textures flicker with a strong distance, is it possible to fix it?
  3. Hello. Thank you very much. I only noticed the teleport stand was missing some textures ... Can you please tell me how can I edit other cities? for example, I really like new textures Gludio, Seal of Shilen also looks very nice in the new chronicles, what should I study to transfer these textures?
  4. perhaps this happens only with a fresh start of the server ... and as soon as this error appears once, it will not work there a second time, but it will turn out in another trading place ..
  5. Your invention is fantastic, a masterpiece, thank you very much! Health, happiness, creative success and all the best to you. I want to ask: is it possible to set up this wonder extender for admission to a classic client? I just like the maps and the way the textures are reworked in the new client, Epilogue has even more functionality than the Classic chronicles, but the client is a bit behind in graphics capabilities ... I suppose it is possible to replace the textures in the Epilogue client itself, but what if can i change server protocol ?? Thank .. just awesome, to have such an excellent opportunity to create your own rules in such an amazing world as Lineage 2. Just 10 years ago, I fell in love with the music of Bill Brown, who wrote almost all the songs, including the legendary theme of Dion, and the quality of this music can be immediately said that the developers have invested the strongest forces from around the world, and the quality of all the content at the highest level, which the world has not yet seen, in any other MMO-RPG. Thus, users who say that L2 is dead defile the greatest creation, show their disrespect for the creators and probably only think about the financial advantages of this game. True connoisseurs, thank God, see this as the greatest opportunity. For 10 years I have not even been able to fully explore many aspects of this world.and I can’t even imagine how much energy, imagination and time are needed to create at least something like that ... Thanks to the kind people who made the official server free, and those who continue to share, learn all the programming and extension features .. such legends as Eressea, Verbrannt... - act on the call of the soul and heart, which means that their actions are priceless. The world is full of free things from nature and great people. maybe someone knows why the trade dialogue opens the second time?: [. \ NpcSocket.cpp] [****] not a cached buy-sell list...