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  1. Yeah, deleting existing NPCs is not a good idea. The game crashes when you remove certain data, so it's better to just remove their spawn point if you want them gone. You should only delete the cloned stuff. I'll try to implement a filtering system of some sort, or a search engine. Thanks for the suggestion. You're welcome, I hope you'll make something cool. EDIT: I think I found the cause of the crash. I'll try to fix it for the next update.
  2. Alright thanks, I'll take a look :) I'm currently working in importing/editing/exporting skills (~40% done), but I'll fix that issue asap.
  3. No, that should be fine. Do you remember what you were doing when the crash happened? If you could describe how to make that error happen, I'll try to fix it asap.
  4. Hi @Hitcher. Thanks, yeah I'm excited to see the worlds that will be created with this tool. I'm still working on it to add more functionality. Regarding your issue, did you download the worldmap files too? And when did that issue happen? It's been a while since I had trouble with the spawns, so let's see if we can figure it out :)
  5. Thanks @PARADISE, it's good to be back :)
  6. Updated to version 3.2. - Fixed incorrect name on newly created exported NPCs. - Added multisell list editing: - Added direct download link to worldmap files. - Added direct download link to working base system folder. This will make it easier to start modding. It's based off of L2Shrine's system folder, so thanks Emca once again. Development has been slow due to a sudden case of leukemia (lucky me). I'll continue working on L2H when I can. Please let me know if/when you find any bugs. -B
  7. I've been on vacation, but I'm back now! I'll see when I have time to continue the work, but I have no intentions of stopping now. I just have some catching up to do! Thanks xeL, I know you've done a lot of parsing yourself! I'm sure you know the hassle :)
  8. This is awesome eressea. I've been hoping to see something like this. Please do continue the development, I'll make sure L2Homage follows suit. I know the binaries aren't available yet, but things have a way of happening :) I'm happy to see this!
  9. This project is awesome! I hope someone continues the work.
  10. Is it not working, or is it just the client not reflecting the change? If you equip B-grade as lvl 58, do you have the penalty debuff?
  11. I think you should edit skillacquire.txt instead of skilldata.txt.
  12. That's how large servers work in general. You cache a bunch of data for immediate access, and then use a longterm database for storage. Every interaction goes through the cache, and only the cache updates the longterm storage. This way you'll always get the most recent data, and you prevent incorrect/duplicate database entries. In this case, the data pool contains all items and npcs. Yes, it's used heavily.
  13. Hey there, thanks for testing it out. L2H is only intended to work for Epilogue at the moment. If you try to load high five or C4 data, you'll get incompatible data. Small wrong space leads to no encrypt, yes. I've tried to protect the input to prevent user errors like that, but it's possible I've missed some of them. If you let me know where it happens, I can correct it. You won't ever have to pay for L2H, it'll always be free. Did you download the newest version, 3.1? Also, it'd be best to take these suggestions to the release thread, now that it's finally available.
  14. Hey pal, you're in the wrong section. L2j questions go in the L2j section. To answer your question, it seems you can't connect to your database for some reason.
  15. I haven't had any reports of huge bugs in the newest test version, so I've included the link in the original post above. It's also available on Discord. Weedy caught a significant NPC export error, which is fixed in the new version. If you're making custom new npcs, you'll need to download this. I'm looking into AI for the time being.