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  1. I'd love to use this, but I'm stuck on the epilogue client for my project. I haven't done much interface editing yet, but would this be too difficult to convert to epilogue?
  2. Hey my scandinavian brother. To tell you the truth, it's very unlikely you'll be making a profit on an L2 server these days. You're looking at probably $600+ usd startup and about $50-70 a month at least for a server. More if you're planning on spending money on advertising to increase your player number at launch. Money to launch a server is the last of your concerns in the beginning though. How is your server going to be better than what's out there now? Do you have a plan?
  3. I'm still trying to figure this out.. I have so many questions, but I really just need to know how to grab the data that one time during the useitem packet. Could someone please give an example of how to do it? I'd be so thankful. C++ is not my strong suit. E: Solved, thanks pada
  4. I'm sure you're right, and I would do that if I knew how :) I'm still learning! Thanks for helping out.
  5. I've gotten that far, but any attempts I've made at isolating the augment IDs after that have not been working. I have the correct CItem pointer, but I'm really unsure of what to do next. I'm just trying a bunch of things, seeing if I can grab the data. I'm just not getting anywhere yet. It feels like it should be simple. Like something like this: UINT32* itemOptionKeyA = reinterpret_cast<UINT32(*)>(item + 0xB8); INT16 testAA = static_cast<INT16>(itemOptionKeyA[0]); INT16 testAB = static_cast<INT16>(itemOptionKeyA[1]);
  6. Thanks for this! I was doing some testing in setvariation, and I calculated the 0xB8 offset as well, but I wasn’t sure I was correct. It’s great to see that I’m on the right track. now I just need to find a way to grab that address at the same time... efforts don’t far are not really successful. I’d like to grab it during the useitem packet. I feel like I’m getting close!
  7. Thanks for posting that. It's different from GF as far as I know. Which chronicle is that from? The CItem I have access to looks like this: /* 0x0000 */ unsigned char padding0x0000[0x001C - 0x0000]; /* 0x001C */ UINT32 itemId; /* 0x0020 */ unsigned char padding0x0020[0x0048 - 0x0020]; /* 0x0048 */ CSharedItemData *sd; /* 0x0050 */ ItemInfo *itemInfo; /* 0x0058 */ class CYieldLock *lock; /* 0x0060 */ unsigned char padding0x0060[0x0078 - 0x0060]; /* 0x0078 */ std::vector<CSkillInfo*> skills; /* 0x0098 */ unsigned char padding0x0098[0x00B8 - 0x0098]; /* 0x00B8 */ UINT32 contributeDataObjectId; /* 0x00BC */ unsigned char padding0x00BC[0x0130 - 0x00BC]; /* 0x0130 */ UINT16 attributeAttackType; /* 0x0132 */ UINT16 attributeAttackValue; /* 0x0134 */ UINT16 attributeFire; /* 0x0136 */ UINT16 attributeWater; /* 0x0138 */ UINT16 attributeWind; /* 0x013A */ UINT16 attributeEarth; /* 0x013C */ UINT16 attributeDivine; /* 0x013E */ UINT16 attributeDark; There is no direct reference to variationOptions, itemOptionKeys or augments. But looking at your addresses, it kinda looks like they might be hiding in the skills pointers. I'll report back, thanks! Update: There's nothing in the skills array :/ I'm still not sure where to look.
  8. I've managed to make the augments stay on items, as well as making the items droppable. The "last" thing I need now, is to figure out where the augments are stored on an item. I know it's in the database, but where are the augment skills located in the CItem object?
  9. Thank you for your reply! I've been fighting this issue for days :) I've made it work with a workaround. The "cannot be dropped" seems to be a hardcoded limitation in the epilogue client, it doesn't even send the packet unless it's a viable option. My workaround is to send the RequestDestroyItem packet instead, and before destroying the item on the server, I drop a copy of the item on the ground. One issue is that I don't know where the augmentations are stored on the dropped copy (or the original item for that matter), so I don't know what to check for when the player picks it up. Because I don't know where to check for this, I can drop and pick up the item again, and it'll re-roll augments. I'll look into the cached packet option, but I'm still learning. If you have any examples, that'd be awesome. I'll try the pUser->Action thing soon! Thanks! -B
  10. You should listen to half of what this guy says OP. No one needs L2OFF files, and since this is your first time, L2j will be just fine.
  11. I make L2Homage. It's a tool for customizing Lineage II, but the wiki has a pretty thorough guide on how to get a server going. This is for L2 Epilogue. Check the wiki
  12. I'm able to generate augmented items that are stored in the database, now they persist between sessions. I'm looking for two last things: 1. Where can I disable the "augmented items cannot be traded/dropped" limitation? I've looked through all the interface files to see if I could find anything, but no dice. Am I missing something? 2. What's the packet I need to send from the server to make the character do the pickup animation? The way I'm generating the augments makes the pickup animation disappear. Thanks!
  13. Hi, I'm trying to figure out where augmented info is stored on an item. I'm using L2OFF Epilogue. I know that usually augmentations are stored in dbo.user_items table, in the variation_opt1 and variation_opt2. But where is it stored before then? Let's say an augmented item dropped on the ground. I know it's not possible by default, but how does the item know that it's augmented? I'm using Emca's extender to do my testing, and I'm able to generate an augmentation on an item as soon as it drops. It works completely, but the augmentation doesn't save on logout. I need to figure out a way to call some kind of force-item-save functionality. I don't know where to look! I hope someone here can help me out. I'm also looking into removing the cannot drop/trade limitation. Thanks! -B
  14. Thank you @Celestine! Let's keep L2 alive :)