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  1. People have learnt to play this game the wrong way, especially the last 7 years. Proper L2 is grindy and hard AF, but its more fun for the long term. If you want craft you should make it more fun for non-botters.
  2. 50k eu? Tsipras and Tsakalotos will be happy.
  3. How come nobody talks about it here? I have been playing for almost a week now and its amazing. As someone playing Lineage 2 since 2005 i can tell you that it has the same open world sandbox thing going on.
  4. 2 cores are enough for l2j. I used to have an athlon 2 core server with hetzner and 500 players were no issue. CPU usage was barely 40% during massive tvt event (200 players)
  5. Too expenive considering there are cheaper alternatives with svn access. You dont even tell us what is so much better than other pakcs to justify the 1k price.
  6. The ones with the higher fake number set in the configs.
  7. Ama thes kalo vps gia server pane edw: https://hostbastic.com/ Pare ena apo ta gameservers h ena apo ta vps me 4gb ram kai panw.
  8. Dude you played 100 different servers in a year and wonder why you cant find a high rate server with lots of players?
  9. Cause server owners make $$$ from allowing whoever pays to use bot. I am pretty sure some of these server owners (if not all) have made deals with bot developers etc. This l2 private server community is toxic AF. If you still play this game and expect everything to be legit im sorry but theres something wrong with you. Better go play on retail server. At least there they rip you off in your face.