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  1. As long as paypal gets their cut they gonna leave you alone.
  2. Considering the amount of non traditional L2 content the server offers i cant see how they would describe the server any better than they did. Server seems interesting, good luck.
  3. Are you doing this for money or for "fun"? Im willing to help anyway i can if its a passion project (for fun).
  4. May i suggest you post it on https://gist.github.com ? So you can keep updating it and the link wont change.
  5. Honestly even before hopzone got sold it wasnt managed very well, the support was unreasonable at best. For example they kept refusing new servers because of previous listings, even though the servers were unrelated to each other and 5+ years apart.
  6. No there is useful information in here, deleting or locking so early it will only help burry the truth.
  7. That requires further changes to how Epic Raids spawn but at least i can help you with tips to at least make it so it spawn in 4 days. 4 days is 96 hours. If you want the boss to spawn at exactly 4 days after its killed you set Interval at 95 hours RandomSpawn at 1 hour
  8. And Arion, same website design plus its on top. At this point im pretty sure the top servers are all his.
  9. The main problem with the community here and the L2 private server community in general is greed. Not a single project i have joined as part of a team were doing it for fun or to learn or be a part of a community. I get it, running a server can be very lucrative but when it becomes all about the money the server suffers. People can sense that, thats why they dont invest time in a server just money to get that old nostalgia feeling for a week and then move on or wait for the inevitable re-opening in 1-2 months to repeat the cycle again. This translates into the l2j projects too, with people withholding codes for personal use or pay wall things. Maybe not only players but developers too need to change their mindset about this, thats the only way to break this cycle. Rant is over, i dont know maybe im completely wrong and the problem is L2 is an old game.
  10. This is all nice and dandy but i havent seen any of you "fix" or bring l2jfrozen up to date and offer an non-paid alternative. Theres a lot of scams arounds but all people do is complaint when the scammers keep on scamming. P.S Im not saying @Vilmisis a scammer just offering my 2 cents in the topic at hand.
  11. People have learnt to play this game the wrong way, especially the last 7 years. Proper L2 is grindy and hard AF, but its more fun for the long term. If you want craft you should make it more fun for non-botters.
  12. 50k eu? Tsipras and Tsakalotos will be happy.
  13. How come nobody talks about it here? I have been playing for almost a week now and its amazing. As someone playing Lineage 2 since 2005 i can tell you that it has the same open world sandbox thing going on.
  14. 2 cores are enough for l2j. I used to have an athlon 2 core server with hetzner and 500 players were no issue. CPU usage was barely 40% during massive tvt event (200 players)
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