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  1. Revision 604 Effects system reworked. - Added debuff slots. Current default limit is 20 for buffs and 10 for debuffs. - Implemented short buff icon for healing potions. Also, Healing Potions won't consume buff slots. - Improved Charge system. Now, charges will be reset after 10 minutes. - Fixed an issue in RaidBossSpawnManager causing server to freeze upon restart or shut down. Thanks Nakehoul and SCRASH0 for reporting. - Took care of all XML warnings by declaring doctype. - Updated HOT effects. Also, their stack types have been corrected. - GameTimeController task will start after NPCs have been loaded. - Quest timers will be cancelled on server restart/shut down. - Improved server database settings. - Renamed few table columns to avoid using SQL reserved words. Also, keep in mind that certain table columns have been renamed. In order to avoid errors, please execute the following SQL queries in your database. CODE: ALTER TABLE `droplist` CHANGE `min` `min_drop` INT(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0'; ALTER TABLE `droplist` CHANGE `max` `max_drop` INT(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0'; ALTER TABLE `merchant_buylists` CHANGE `order` `item_order` DECIMAL(4,0) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0'; Best regards, DnR
  2. Revision 602 & 603- Added unknown packet flood protection against server attacker tool. Thanks Mordor for reporting.- Added move-based knownlist functionality, in case admins want to use it.- Merged MMOCore source with GameServer source. This also fixes login issues reported.- Removed L2Event from core.- Reworked event system. Improved TvT Event and added support for adding future events, team or solo. - Fixed players killing team members to increase kills in TvT Event.- Fixed NPC walker routes not being reloaded with admin_reload command.- Fixed QuestManager concurrency issue.- Updated GameTimeController.- Fixed weapon equip task bug found by Tryskell. Thanks jmd for reporting.- Updated JDBC and related libraries. Thanks DenArt Designs for pointing out.- Removed Trove library, since its use is minor. Thanks DenArt Designs for pointing out.
  3. @DenArt Designs I believe I owe an apology. Being under a lot of stress these days, i might have misinterpreted your thoughts making me feel offended, and now I feel embarassed about this. I'm also under a lot of stress just by being the project manager and always try to defend project community's work and my work. Apart from developing, my role is to also listen as much as possible, which there are times that like many i do not, due to my human ego, but i'm doing my best. Just as I pointed out in my earlier post, i'm going to take some of your advice and move forward. I apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for caring about this project. Best regards, DnR
  4. I know very well what it was, but you seem to fail to understand. Not only was it overreacting, but it offended project's philosophy at the same time. I already provided you with details regarding libraries such as mysql not being up-to-date and had a good explanation for it, but i'm really wondering if you ever got past the second line while reading. My possible answer? There is no other valid answer? I don't like people who make assumptions based simply on their own thoughts. You have to realize this is the project's philosophy. I declared that project won't translate quests from python to Java, long ago. It might do so in a very distant future if it's still alive, that's all i have to say. However, AIs (most of them) are written in java and people are allowed to develop their scripts using any engine. I also declared many other things that strangers who never followed project before, would not be familiar with. That's not making sense, at all. I never had such major issues while updating. Not even with removing Javolution, since python scripts use native python map and list. Datapack required updating merely about 5 scripts. Even though your first post was as senseless as suggesting to rewrite project in C++, it was really understandable, but on the other hand you haven't got a damn clue about project's 8-year history, my lack of activity and announcements, and yet you treated, willingly or not, me and all those people who worked hard in these past years as stupid. So on my side, i treated you and your first post as clueless, as gently as possible. I'm pretty surprised you didn't assume that using your psychic powers, though. Before i say anything? Remember? Well, tbh your attitude gives me the chills. Script engine is still working pretty well even after the removal of Javolution. Also, I believe i have the right to choose what to update and what to not according to what i think it's the best for my project. Project also focuses on game stability which you didn't say a thing about, and i really don't have enough time to waste at reworking things that are still of use. Please assume that my time is really limited, because it is. C4 branch required even more work due to its horrible mess, than few later chronicles, despite having less features. I honestly took your suggestion of updating libraries into account because it's common sense to do so. About removing, it's not going to happen. I would also be grateful if you respected project's philosophy more, and realized that not everyone wants to follow the examples of aCis project. Once more, thanks a lot for your suggestions and good luck. DnR
  5. Hello, thanks a lot for posting your opinion about project structure. Before i start, let me point out that I believe you are overreacting here. JavaScript and BeanShell engines are being kept for legacy purposes, just like l2j did for dozens of years, and for the time being i'd rather they stayed there, since they don't cause any harm. Ofc, I also doubt admins will create scripts using these engines. They have enough trouble doing "the easy part". Jython engine is used for quest scripts. Java engine is also available and is used for AI scripts. Trove is a really useful library but not much use has been made of it. In that case, i'm probably gonna agree with you and remove it from project. JDBC libraries need to update to their current versions. That is definitely because project wasn't really active these past few years. MMOCore is going to be merged with source soon, it's been in the plan for a long time but there have been obstacles, far more important than the amount of libraries ^^. Also, work regarding geodata is going to be done in the future. After all, L2J_GeoAbstraction was adapted from Freya, which removed it a while later, long ago. I hope i answered your questions. Thanks for suggesting.
  6. Rev601 I'm here with revision 601 to announce the removal of Javolution library.Along with it, memory leaks and potential nulls were fixed.Couple of bugs, not visible to naked eye, were also fixed in the way.This commit includes cleanup, and it also reduces warnings from 15xx to 2xx.Also:- Javolution TextBuilders were replaced by StringBuilder, combined with StringUtil to increase performance.- Added boolean isHeroItem for hero items.- Fixed para_all command not working. Also, it now affects all characters around and not just players.- Admin shutdown page changed so that it's displayed again if admin uses shutdown or restart commands.- Organized GameServer startup operations (Instance Managers and Data Tables were loaded in a messed order).This might improve startup a little bit.This update increases free memory to almost up to 100MB.Best regards,DnR
  7. Rev600 - Changed project IDE code formatting to a more simple one. Developers can always feel free to use theirs, though.- Fixed datapack revision not being stored when compiling. Also, source revision will be shown during compile for both gameserver and datapack.- Added L2GrandMinion class to fix epic boss minions turning into champions. Thanks Karakan for pointing out.- Fixed Baium ClassCastException, making boss unable to attack.- Fixed adena dupe exploit in ShriekOfGhosts quest. Thanks Flopix.- Fixed Seven Signs monsters faction issues. Thanks Karakan.- Fixed Goddard guard duplication. Thanks improvise.- From now on, newbie status level range will be configurable. Thanks improvise and Daniela for pointing out.- Fixed admin setname command not working.- Improved admin edit character menu. Now, after each modification save, admin edit character menu will be shown again. Same goes for admin exp/sp menu.- Fixed community board type 1 working as type 2 (full). Thanks jmd.- "Missed Target" message will now be shown for all kinds of weapons, or empty-handed combat. Thanks improvise.- Corrected an extractable item wrong id. Thanks improvise.- Fixed weapon trigger cast abilities chance using the new enum SkillAbnormalStatus. Chance was being calculated twice and the second time, ss/bss were included in it.- Improved fishing system due to issues reported. Thanks improvise. From now on, neither fishing rod nor bait will be unequipped during fishing. Also, players will stop fishing if teleported.- Fixed Judges' Sepulcher throwing errors. Thanks improvise.- Fixed several NPCs not displaying message to players when clicking "Quest" button (e.g. players talking to newbie masters of different race). Now, an "I have no tasks for you now" message will be shown from NPCs which have no quest message to display.- Allow noblesse teleport during siege. Thanks ASDron.- Reduce mounted player speed to half when swimming. Thanks Karakan.- Increased Transfer Pain range. Thanks confejulian.- Fixed participants toggle effects not being displayed properly to observers in Olympiad games.- Fixed front area skills not working properly. They were not targeting front players, but all players inside range if original target was in front.- Fixed front area skills not affecting players using Fake Death.- Fixed players blocking themselves. Thanks improvise.- Buff packets will now support custom client patch (36 effects max).- Fixed extractable items not consuming item if extraction failed. Thanks improvise.- Adventurer's/Traveler's weapons will automatically be unequipped if player gets karma points. Thanks improvise.- Drain and ChargeDamage skills will now affect players using Fake Death.- Fixed a major flaw in item drop during death. Thanks jmd.- Improved SkillTreeTable code.- Solved warnings for certain classes including L2Character and L2PcInstance.- Fixed skill timestamps that got broken in previous revisions. Thank you all for your persistence to improve this project. More commits are coming in the next few days.Best regards,DnR
  8. Hello MxC community. This is a client mod for C4 client which increases buff slots per row from 10 to 12, just like later chronicles. So far, the maximum visual buff limit was 30. From now on, it's 36. The limit for party window buffs was also updated to 12 per row. There is already a patch of mine about party for 15 buffs per row, but the reason of reducing the amount was symmetry, according to user interface. In this picture, we see the old interface with 36 buffs + Focused Force (server-based) on character. Client limit of 30 buffs was overflown and etc status bar was broken. Also, servitor status window consists of a maximum of 20 buffs. Now in this picture, we see the new interface with enhanced abnormal status window and 36 buffs + Focused Force. Limit of buffs is 36 and even if it reaches 37, etc status bar will still be there. This was a small client bug that got fixed in the way. Also, servitor status window consists of a maximum of 24 buffs. Though it looks small as a feat, it's almost practically impossible to modify slots. After a lot of struggle, the changes were injected and gave us a 100% functional window. It has no flows and not to mention that even tooltip hover is a bit more accurate than before. This issue was first reported in our forums by WilliamFS in 2013. http://www.l2jlisvus.forumotion.com/t310-maxbuffamount-and-shining-bow-focus-s-a Download Link 1 Download Link 2 Just paste the file into your system folder. I hope you find it useful. Enjoy. Best regards, DnR
  9. Hello MxC community, After a long time of work, i decided to share some work of mine with you. It' s a Chronicle 4 (Scions of Destiny) pack based on L2JServer, which can be considered as the most stable free version so far. If you take a look, 240+ commits have been done, but i have been working on the files long before i created the svn. I missed the nostalgic old times so much that i decided to create a pack for free and bring C4 to life. I have been working alone so far, but everybody interested in helping is welcome. I won' t mind if somebody copies the project, too. Some people may ruin C4 just like they did with Interlude, but i' ll take the risk. If, by any chance, you get any errors, i' m here to provide support, so as to keep the pack clean and stable with all my strength. For further support, you may visit forum. Useful links: Forum SVN Project Stream Current Revision: 601 Check forum for compiled versions: Link 1 Link 2 Enjoy. ^^