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  1. You seem to have zero knowledge regarding Python OOP, so I suggest you take a small look here: https://www.w3schools.com/python/python_classes.asp For start, try calling your new method using 'self' reference which is almost equivalent to Java's 'this' reference. Also, there must be an extra first parameter that refers to current object and exists solely to give you access to it. In most cases, developers name it self. So, your method parameters should look like this: def testas(self, player): and you should call it like this: self.test(player) *Note: Do not use semicolons in Python. I hope you find these tips helpful.
  2. I see, that makes a lot of sense now. I also checked package origins and confirmed it's acis but I noticed that public source build file is set to use Java 8 so I think there is also the question of whether he is using your public or premium source?! Here is the repository I took a look at: https://xp-dev.com/svn/aCis_public/ Regardless, it's him who should post more details about his server origin. About your points regarding JDK 11, this really sounds interesting since GC has always been a pain for developers until now. Thanks a lot for your suggestion.
  3. What is your definition of trying? If by any chance you've kept all those versions installed, I doubt you even know which version your server is run with. After doing a bit of search regarding error tips, I realized you are more likely using acis (public sources at least), so yes it must be Java 8 compatible. I did not get any spare time to try JDK 11 or even read docs, so thanks a lot for correcting me on this. However, even though you seem informed, It seems really strange to me that it still didn't cross your mind at first, since this is one of the most common error cases of JDK 8 -> 9 incompatibility in the past 2 years and I believe it's worth checking. @AominePride If you have not yet, please perform a clean installation of JRE 8 and JDK 8. Secondly, if you still have more versions installed, make sure your server is running using the proper version. In worse case, regarding suggestions above, you could also try and run an out-of-the-box compiled version to check whether it's a compilation issue or not. Good luck.
  4. Hello AominePride. Your error definitely indicates that your default Java environment version for running this server is 9 or newer. This means a NoSuchMethodError occurs because the server you are trying to run is compatible with (hopefully) Java 8 or an earlier version. In newer versions of Java (9+), ByteBuffer class has no longer access to clear() method, resulting in the error mentioned above. If you really want to run this server, you should either install Java 8 or do some dirty work and possibly add Buffer class casts to all ByteBuffer objects that try to call clear() method. Good luck.
  5. This is definitely wrong. In the past, there have been private servers based on L2JServer branch (yes a 12-year old branch full of bugs) and many of them lasted for long, comparing to servers nowadays. Back then, server admins had decent balls and a little of programming experience to manage and solve any kind of trouble occuring in their servers. These years were pretty joyful and I wish they were back. Nowadays, admins are endlessly complaining while looking for something perfect. Acis has long reached a decent quality for a live server, and I hope they keep up the good work. In fact, it's 2019 and we are talking about emulators of such an old game that you all should at least be a bit thankful for the work of L2J projects up until now, instead of complaining. Admins should worry more about creating a decent community for their servers. All those good people who used to play and love this game have long given up.
  6. Revision 615 - Cleanup of useless attributes in skill XML files. - Removed buffDuration flag from all skills. Duration can always be calculated from total count * period. - Updated aggro system so that each skill has its own aggro points. - Added isLevelStackable and maxStackableLevel attributes for skills like Hot Spring diseases. - Removed 7000-7099 skill XML, since these skills are not supported by client. - Minor fix regarding AIO Buffers update. Default time was broken. Revision 616 - Fixed mobs circling players and getting stucked in walls. Thanks Karakan. - Added FleeingNpc AI. Thanks Karakan. - Added Valley of Saints AI. Thanks Karakan. - Added a skill XML that was accidentally removed in previous commit. Thanks Karakan for reporting. - Fixed sitting characters being able to move if they turn invisible while sitting, by GM command. Revision 617 - Replaced getAltSpawn method with getScriptValue. Thanks Karakan. - Retail-like ss/sps charge. Thanks Karakan. - Improved summon spawn coords offset calculation. Revision 618 - Reworked Friend System. - Added Hot Springs Guildhouse missing doors. Thanks panousos1995. - Organized doors file by ordering doors by region. - Minor changes regarding variable and method names. Converted names from studly case to camel case. - Added and updated new AI scripts. Thanks a lot Karakan. - Added staticHitTime property for skills. - Fixed Scrolls of Ressurection, so that they ignore caster' s casting speed. - Fixed Dimensional Rift chests being aggressive. Thanks improvise and Karakan. - From now on, chest monsters are not going to help monsters of the same faction. But it can still be done vice-versa. - Fixed MagicSkillUse packet being corrupted at certain cases. - Fixed characters targetting themselves upon using items like soe or fishing shots. Thanks improvise. - Fixed soe exceptions causing soe for Castle and Clan Hall not to work. Thanks improvise. - Fixed minor craft issues. Thanks improvise. - Fixed private store visual bugs. Thanks improvise. - From now on, character names will be store in CharNameTable. - Added cache support for CharNameTable. - Modified Trade chat configurations to be identical to Shout chat's. - From now on, global shout chat flood protector will also be used for global trade chat. - Changed isOnline method fron integer to boolean for easier usage. - Friends should not be blocked by /block command. - Block commands will not prevent GMs from talking to block requester. - Player message refusal mode cannot apply to a character with higher access level. - Fixed server name in login server list getting red at times due to missing packet data. Revision 619 - Added NPC Location Info function to Newbie Guides. Thanks xlinkinx. - Added configuration for setting Clan & Alliance name regex template. Thanks improvise for suggesting. - Organized Item Container classes in itemcontainers package. - Minor rework on SpawnTable. - Removed PetNameTable, since certain methods including isValidName were moved in Util class for general usage and had no more purpose. - Moved L2PetDataTable to datatable package. Revision 620 - Completely removed Beanshell from core since it's not used. - Improved Faenor Script Engine, so that it can parse XML files directly, instead of opening zip first. - Removed events folder from datapack. - Refactored Script-related class files. - Added Java JSR-223 engine to core. - Added a check for preventing players from selling collar of their summoned pet. Thanks improvise. - Renamed controlItemId to controlItemObjectId to avoid confusion. Revision 621 - Replaced old quest state system with a newer one. Using CREATED, STARTED, and COMPLETED states by default. - Replaced no quest and completed quest messages with getNoQuestMsg() and getAlreadyCompletedMsg() methods respectively, in all quests. - Corrected Quest monster spawn coords for Test of the Warspirit quest. It was way below ground, so players could not proceed to next quest step. *This update affected almost all scripts and there is a small chance that there might be small isues. If so, we are here to solve them. Revision 622 - Added more private store checks. Thanks improvise. - Corrected Magical Creatures race skill ID. Thanks Karakan. - Replaced TOI AI with a new one, written in Java. Thanks Karakan. - Converted 'Letters of Love' quest to Java. - Fixed questItemIds array which got broken in previous commits. Revision 623 - 624 - Removed useless synchronization blocks inside MinionList. - AI additions. Thanks Karakan and xlinkinx. Revision 625 - Fixed aggression skills causing monsters to walk when they shouldn't. Thanks xlinkinx and Karakan. - Reduce monster walk on attack chance. - Minor refactoring. Revision 626 Cubic System rework! - Improved Cubic AI so that cubics attack when possible and when target is appropriate for attack. Thanks confejulian. - Cubics will now use their own M.Atk for attacking. - Added 'saveCubicOnExit' parameter to store cubics on logout. This is officially applied to Life Cubic for novice characters. Thanks Karakan. - Removed useless 'save' parameter from all skills. - Added missing effect type/power/stack for certain skills. - Added a special check so that a new effect with identical stack type and order does not replace old effect if it has higher duration. This is mostly done for high rate servers where a buff like blessed body may have a lot higher duration than body of avatar or battleroar. - Removed few bad spawns in Plains of Dion. Also, corrected Z coordinate of some spawns in that area. - Added support to CreatureSay packet for displaying player name inside message. - Added Plains of Dion AI. Thanks Karakan. - Added Forge of the Gods AI. Thanks Karakan. - Reworked Fairy Trees AI into Java. Thanks Karakan. - Fixed Venomous Poison skill not working. Thanks Karakan. - Corrected Death Bomb hit time. Revision 627 Important! Previous commit included an effect check that caused duplicate buffs. This check was removed. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Also: - Improved NPC Buffer checks. - Added support for bypass commands without the use of -h parameter. Revision 628 - Reworked NPC Buffer (Summer Gift by DnR). - Fixed Tyrant fist skills working with other weapons. This was probably broken in past commits. - Minor additions and fixes in PlainsOfDion AI. Thanks xlinkinx. - Added contains method for checking if an array contains an object. Thanks Karakan. - //setaio command will not run if AIO Buffers are disabled. - Fixed HP/MP bug for servitors and pets. - Re-added effects duration check. No issues will occur this time. Best regards, DnR
  7. Thanks a lot! :) It's a bit more than 7 years actually. In early 2011, i privately begun to adapt patches and fixes to project (this has never been the poor version of L2j C4) and in summer of 2011 I uploaded my work as revision 1 of the project I manage today.
  8. Revision 614 Hello guys. From now on, project will use L2J latest geoengine as it was adapted in rev614. Now, few details about this. - Merged jars with core. Now, anyone can experiment with geo engine. - Geodata is active by default, meaning that if server has geo files then geodata will work. Instead of using 3 options for Geodata, admins will now use 3 options for pathfinding. - Gameserver maximum memory was increased for proper startup, if server has geodata files. - GeoDriver.properties was renamed to Geodata.properties. - Improved map dimensions calculation in L2World. - Regarding AI, adding several geodata checks for monsters casting skills. - Removed an AI check increasing the probability for monsters that cast skills to stuck in walls. Tests were done in necropolis. Thanks DanielaCZ for pointing out. - Fixed 2 issues in login server. Also, increased login maximum memory limit. Unfortunately, I noticed that there might still be cases that monsters stuck in wall corners if pathfinding is enabled. Tests were done with L2JGeo Premium Geodata. Thank you all for your support and good luck. DnR
  9. Revision 613 Project GNU license was updated from version 2 to version 3. This revision does not include any bug fixes. BR, DnR
  10. Revision 612 - AIO/NPC Buffers system was reworked. Let's get into more details about this. - Removed useless columns from npc_buffer table. - Added aio_buffer table for AIO Buffers. - Added //setaio command to turn a player into an AIO Buffer (e.g. //setaio 1 sets AIO status while //setaio 0 removes AIO status). - Added //reload support for AIO/NPC buffs. - Added configuration for setting name color to AIO Buffers. - AIO Buffers can cast dances without dual swords. - AIO Buffers cannot participate in Grand Olympiad Games or TvT Event. - AIO Buffers cannot add or change subclass. - AIO Buffers buffs are set in aio_buffer table, where their duration and level can also be configured. - Duration set in both tables will only affect buffs given by AIO Buffers and NPC Buffers respectively. - Duration set to 0 means that buff keeps its original duration. - This method will let buffs keep their original duration when casted by common players. This way, admins benefit in such a way that players cannot create alternative characters to gain buffs. Also, original duration means balance for classes in Olympiad games and team events. - Default duration is set to 1 hour for npc_buffer buffs and 2 hours for aio_buffer buffs. Also, admins are always allowed to use 'EnableModifySkillDuration' setting instead. Couple of other additions. - Added configuration for keeping buffs on subclass change. - Fixed a reuse delay bug that caused certain skills cooltime not to be stored. - Added FallenOrcShaman AI. Thanks Karakan. - Corrected Benediction skill power. - Added configuration for buff slots client patch. - Converted System.out.println messages into logs. - Changed access for couple of loggers. - Minor cleanup in certain classes. Thank you all for your support and have fun. Best regards, DnR
  11. Revision 610-611 Hello people. This commit contains Login Server rework along with few minor additions. - Updated login server to make full use of MMOCore and its NIO Selector. This is the first public C4 project that made L2J modern MMOCore operate with it. - Cleanup of GameServerThread and took care of some duplicate values, since they were already kept into GameServerInfo instances. - Added corrected GNU licences to certain classes. - Column rename fixes for custom tables. Thanks SCRASH0. For live servers, there are few SQL fields and the hexid file that need to be updated. For taking care of SQL changes: ALTER TABLE `accounts` CHANGE `lastServer` `last_server` INT(4) NULL DEFAULT '1'; ALTER TABLE `accounts` CHANGE `lastIP` `last_ip` VARCHAR(20) CHARACTER SET latin1 COLLATE latin1_swedish_ci NULL DEFAULT NULL; ALTER TABLE `accounts` CHANGE `lastactive` `last_active` DECIMAL(20,0) NULL DEFAULT NULL; Hexid example: #the hexID to auth into login #Sat May 25 18:33:54 EEST 2019 HexID=<your hexid> +ServerID=<your server id> Thanks a lot for your support and have fun. Best regards, DnR
  12. Forum is inaccessible due to host's technical issues.
  13. Revision 607 Fixed players being unable to unequip full body armors and hair accessories. Thanks panousos1995 for reporting. Revision 606 CellPathFinding concurrency issue fixed. Thanks Karakan for pointing out. Revision 605 Grand Olympiad update.- Reworked Olympiad Observer mode. Also, fixed several related old bugs.- Added Olympiad point ranking.- Olympiad data will now be stored into database.- Improved Olympiad user packet broadcasts.- Players who log out during Olympiad will spawn at their initial location upon relog.- Olympiad properties file will now contain Olympiad configurations.- Fixed a serious bug that could stuck hero computation. This was caused by removal of Javolution.- Minor corrections on database installer.- Removed skill_name column from character_skills, since it's useless and consumes space.- Fixed Olympiad and Seven Signs auto-save global tasks not running.Before updating, please make sure to install new addons.All in all, new update requires the following:- Installation of olympiad_data and olympiad_nobles_eom tables.- Drop of column skill_name from character_skills.- Move of stored parameters from olympiad properties file to olympiad_data table.Best regards,DnR
  14. Hello MxC community, After a long time of work, i decided to share some work of mine with you. It' s a Chronicle 4 (Scions of Destiny) pack based on L2JServer, which can be considered as the most stable free version so far. If you take a look, 240+ commits have been done, but i have been working on the files long before i created the svn. I missed the nostalgic old times so much that i decided to create a pack for free and bring C4 to life. I have been working alone so far, but everybody interested in helping is welcome. I won' t mind if somebody copies the project, too. Some people may ruin C4 just like they did with Interlude, but i' ll take the risk. If, by any chance, you get any errors, i' m here to provide support, so as to keep the pack clean and stable with all my strength. For further support, you may visit forum. Useful links: Forum SVN Project Stream Current Revision: 620 Check forum for compiled versions: Link 1 Link 2 Enjoy. ^^