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  1. That's indeed a strange behaviour. Among its issues, L2JFree's Gracia Final branch used to have a similar one in the past. Not sure if it was the same problem though. The team tried to solve it by adding this check inside 'moveToPawn' method: // if the target runs towards the character then don't force the actor to run over it if (pawn instanceof L2Creature && pawn.isMoving()) { double speed = ((L2Creature)pawn).getStat().getMoveSpeed() / GameTimeManager.TICKS_PER_SECOND; offset += speed * Math.cos(Math.toRadians(Util.getAngleDifference(_actor, pawn))); } Perhaps, this can give you a small hint on how to move on. Link: https://github.com/l2jfree/l2jfree-ct2.3/blob/master/l2jfree-core/src/main/java/com/l2jfree/gameserver/gameobjects/ai/AbstractAI.java
  2. This issue occurs due to missing client support for your custom ID. It's usually not recommended for NPCs but you can have a try with CreatureSay packet. You'll also avoid modifying client this way, since it accepts character name directly, instead of ID. If you still prefer doing it with NpcSay, try adding a new record for it in npcgrp.dat too (npmname would definitely not be enough).
  3. @Jon78 That's an answer to your new topic: https://maxcheaters.com/topic/231964-where-are-the-old-style-servers/?tab=comments#comment-2739798 These servers definitely bring back nostalgia (except for L2MxC which I never played into), but things have changed so unexpectedly in the passage of time. For instance, who would have thought back then that L2Elite would be the last server standing among them? After reading few posts in this thread, I was like "wtf? This server was no big deal back then". No offense to ppl playing there, but last time I spelled its name was around 2006 when I scolded a guy for donating there instead of L2Revenge. Also, there are definitely many greedy owners whose whereabouts I wouldn't wanna ever know again. Like JohnieWalker of L2U, Devoust of L2Tritan, or even Pyromaker of Vendetta who gave up much later. In the past, there've been many times I also considered using my files to open a 'more' old school server than the boring ones around, but the level of l2 community has been disappointing for years now. Well, maybe a reboot is going to help so let's ddos all live servers out there and let community start from scratch.
  4. After many requests, we are moving back to our old SVN repository. Its latest commit is 710 which is equal to GitLab's 711. If any issues occur in SVN sources due to updates, feel free to report them. Thank you all for your contribution to the project. BR, DnR
  5. You are welcome. I rarely perform a few minor client mods on this chronicle, in order to support admins who use my project. If you are interested, you can take a look at my latest buff window mod here:
  6. Hello everyone. This is an incomplete addition to my existing buff window patch for Chronicle 4 that increases slots, whose release was about a year ago. This one increases buff rows in PartyStatusWindow, PetStatusWindow, and SummonStatusWindow since client supports up to 2 (total of 20 effects or 24 for those who use my old patch). It consists of 2 files since there was an effect limit in PartySpelled packet. Using this patch will add extra slots to buff window, just like before, and will also increase party buff window slots from 24 to 36. Defects: In the case of PartyStatusWindow, debuffs will NOT be highlighted but will be displayed just like regular effects instead (that's why it's incomplete but you can blame my inability to complete it ). Download Links: 4Shared MEGA Have fun, DnR
  7. That may be a bit off-topic but I request that you reconsider your choice. The problem is actually those dozens of private servers being around. Those greedy of admins have already drained enough of free material for more than a decade now, especially from l2j community, and the majority of them still failed to develop a decent project. This proves 'that majority' consists of immature and irresponsible people nowadays. Private servers have to be reduced and only those worth of managing such projects should start one. If you wish to start something, don't let it be for free or it's gonna be wasted.
  8. Not happening. Unlike all later chronicles, C4 has everything hardcoded inside .dll files. Even if that was possible in theory, nobody would take such a job due to the amount of time and effort. If you are still looking for a way to use 3 bars in that chronicle, there once was a guy that created an external program: Since it's been 10 years and links are dead, you either have to search a lot for it or have someone make a similar one for you. BR, DnR
  9. If you really think the main reason of community being decreased is developers getting greedy, then you should carefully collect your thoughts once more. Anyway, it seems that it's once again all about Interlude. Except for his ungrounded reference to C4 that related projects have not developed a lot these past years, Tryskell might be right on the idea of choosing another chronicle. If by any chance I was too much used to Interlude and wanted to develop something, I would probably try a C5 project and especially now that there is a working patch. If you carefully think about it, despite being very similar, many complained about features that were Interlude - specific over the years (augmentation system, shadow weapons, dinos, etc). Also, its client is as customizable as IL due to the existence of interface files that are missing in older clients. The first step for this would be downgrading an IL project and adapting login server Init logic from a C4 project. Might be bad as a concept, just throwing one of my ideas on the table.
  10. Thank you too. Honored to be praised by one of the most skilled client devs. :)
  11. Hey all, I'm here to share the first (public at least) properly functional C5 patch. Few details about this. For couple of years now, all C5 patches have ceased to function and Windows 10 helped a lot on this crime. In order to connect, some people used to modify hosts file and started an apache server as a gameguard emulator locally. That is because of the complicated gameguard checks that would never let players connect otherwise (later chronicle clients usually had a trivial fix for this using a mere property). Actually, there is only a single system patch around that worked for C5. This patch (DisgraceC5FULLpatchV1) uses old Prelude authentication as a bypass and works like crap. An example of a drawback of this method is it sends credentials to server without any encryption. And that is what I meant by saying "properly functional". My share is my fix (a file) and a system folder along with it. It's a working system with C5 original authentication for protocol 709. Downloads: Fix 4Shared MEGA System 4Shared MEGA How to test if it works? In the case of l2j, there are no C5 forks around except for l2jserver old branch. L2JFree branch was really good, but it's long gone. However, C5 client can connect to L2J C4 login servers and that is enough for testing login. I hope someone somewhere finds this helpful. Lots of people were looking for this few years ago, but it's never too late. Special thanks to @Karakan and @DarthVader for pointing out and confirming the problem. Best regards, DnR
  12. Revision 701 - Added configurable login server support for chaotic throne clients. Depending on forks, some game servers may need modifications to connect to login server. For now, it's tested with Interlude client. - Fixed credentials issue. Thanks Joabi. - Removed unused settings in LoginServer.properties. - Fixed exception that occured when a client with a forbidden protocol version tried to connect. Also, protocol version validation attempts will only be logged in debug mode.
  13. Since revision 699, we are adding configurable login support for clients with completely killed GG. An unexpected benefit from this is that few of the last remaining working C5 patches can connect to our login server with 100% success. Might also add Interlude support to our login server in the future based on demand. BR, DnR
  14. I wish a Merry Christmas to MxC community and best wishes to everyone! Let's all enjoy these blessed days along with our beloved ones.