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  1. After research, i can say it can be done for older clients, such as C3. Also, there is the possibility of expanding the slots even more. However, if requested it won't be for free since time is precious and it requires a lot of time.
  2. Hello MxC community. This is a client mod for C4 client which increases buff slots per row from 10 to 12, just like later chronicles. So far, the maximum visual buff limit was 30. From now on, it's 36. The limit for party window buffs was also updated to 12 per row. There is already a patch of mine about party for 15 buffs per row, but the reason of reducing the amount was symmetry, according to user interface. In this picture, we see the old interface with 36 buffs + Focused Force (server-based) on character. Client limit of 30 buffs was overflown and etc status bar was broken. Also, servitor status window consists of a maximum of 20 buffs. Now in this picture, we see the new interface with enhanced abnormal status window and 36 buffs + Focused Force. Limit of buffs is 36 and even if it reaches 37, etc status bar will still be there. This was a small client bug that got fixed in the way. Also, servitor status window consists of a maximum of 24 buffs. Though it looks small as a feat, it's almost practically impossible to modify slots. After a lot of struggle, the changes were injected and gave us a 100% functional window. It has no flows and not to mention that even tooltip hover is a bit more accurate than before. This issue was first reported in our forums by WilliamFS in 2013. http://www.l2jlisvus.com/t310-maxbuffamount-and-shining-bow-focus-s-a Download Link 1 Just paste the file into your system folder. I hope you find it useful. Enjoy. Best regards, DnR