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  1. You buy them from Gm shop or drop them from mobs
  2. Hi, Can we still hope for good old time style servers (L2 Extreme, L2 Forever, L2 Sublimity, L2 mxc etc...) ? Why dont wee see them back return ? Do you have any explanation ?
  3. Yeah you might be right but at least, it would be 2 mouth of pure nostalgia and fun ! I'd sign for it right now
  4. Was talking about L2 Forever Aprilon Dynasty Would be so aweome, Anima was few years ago talking about reopening it but in fact it did not happened
  5. Yeah L2 forever was one of the best server ever imo ! And it is one server that had the qualities to last longer in time than the actual server because it was so long to get full geared ! I would love so much to see one of these server coming back ! We need to call the admin back, plus they could make so much money with these servers !
  6. Do we have any chance of playing one of those server again or any chance to have this type of server again ? L2 extreme, Forever, mxc etc...