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  1. Trusted person. Saved my *ss from a Layer 4 & 7, with a lot of hours looking for solution and staying awake for extra hours!
  2. I am happy to see people who care for the community and share. I believe your share will improve people's imagination. Great work!
  3. i just said I was going to share the source code of Lucera, and that I needed the jar files to take'em out. If I wanted to hide that I used this decompiler, I would have used my editor that takes 30 seconds to get rip of all the decompiler tags. Finally, I don't see any problem with the source code. It is normally readable, as you would see it on a normal project. You need more time to spend to double check it but I said, I can't be asked (CBA) to make a topic about it so I just posted it here. I was planning to test it and check it but I changed my mind, cuz was not really worth o
  4. CBA to create a new topic. Here is the download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/b3jmpwbrq321zmx/LuceraL2_1-7.zip/file
  5. According to the commend below, it is Lucera 1.7 but any version is crackable if I get hold of the .jar
  6. It is just that I hear that Lucera is the best and you cannot find the source code, there are restrictions, nobody has ever managed to get the source code, but it was a matter of 5 minutes to break it from a jar file into multiple, and high readable source code without issues. People keep saying that all the L2J projects apart from lucera have a really bad skill system because they are made out of Java, which doesn't make sense, and seen the skills on the source code it is obvious that lucera doesn't defer at all. They are also made out of Java. I believe this will break this ice and the rumou
  7. Hello everyone. Is it worthy having to share the source code of L2JLucera? Are people looking for them? I have a source code from 2018. If people are interested for the newest version, please send me on a PM all the jars of your pack or your project and I will get the source code out of it. Update: I've got the message. Here is the link for Lucera 1.7 https://www.mediafire.com/file/b3jmpwbrq321zmx/LuceraL2_1-7.zip/file
  8. In his words. Also he has an agreement with maxtor where no link that leads to his pack including the sourced is allowed to be shared on MxC, apart from his link, whether it is customised or not.
  9. Hello @Trance. I am sorry about that. Silly me! Initially, my project concept or idea was not to create a derival of aCis, but about a group of multiple but separated from one another, up-to-date and available features, which aims people that are looking for a particular feature. The advantages were to reduce the developer's time on looking for the features that are hard to be found either on MxC or Google, and they will not be out-of-date Part of this idea for the features was to be based on aCis for creating and building up those features, and make them available for m
  10. I had way more than I could handle alcohol in my body last night. Now that I look at it, it was pointless. The worst I have come up with yet while I'm drunk in coding! Locked
  11. I am not too sure if this is going to fix ur issue but try this: if (receiver == null || receiver != null && receiver.getClient().isDetached() && !(receiver instanceof FakePlayer))
  12. If you are looking into importing a method from the Core.jar into your code, first of all, place the Core.jar into the dist folder. After than, look for a list to import "the library" Core.jar, which you can google. Once you do that, try to open the Core.jar with Winrar and see the folder. It could be like com.something.something, when it comes to its folders. this is how you can import it into your code. I am not sure however if this is what you are looking for.
  13. Please read the rules before you create a topic. You placed your topic on the marketplace, where other people advertise that they either want to buy or sell, while your topic is related to a l2 discussion rather than a sale. I have also fixed your prefixes!
  14. Thank each and everyone for their support, but I believe, it was a waste of time to ask people who would want to contribute in such a thing. Only a few people have responded positively, but I haven't seen anything. I will most likely start something by myself and let others just contribute, if they want, whenever they want, as I will be sharing my links to everyone. The way how I will make this is, I will come to the community to ask what features they would like to see, then I will be starting it myself, and when I feel is in an "okish" standard to be released, I will share the li
  15. This won't happen. It will be actually quicker to have someone providing them to me, rather than expecting an answer from L2Topzone.