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  1. Please be aware that the section that you placed your topic is irrelevant, and it should be on the website section. Therefore, I am moving your topic. Read the rules before you create your topic.
  2. Hello everyone. I am looking for authorisation keys from an active server that is currently accepted by Hopzone, Topzone and L2Network, as I intend to use them to create a Vote System using the provided APIs. I promise not to share those keys in any shape of form and format, as I will be publically sharing this Vote System with everyone. Please PM me with the keys in order to start my development and my work. I cannot give away yet what is going to be until I finish its development. When it comes to the Topzone, I am aware that there is an issue as Topzone will not accept other IP addresses to make API requests rather than the one that hosts the server, therefore, I have already come up with a solution that will allow me to avoid any issues.
  3. In my opinion, it takes extra time to read an extra XML file, rather than a config file that is read already, and adds extra space to the memory just to hold the data of the XML. Also, you could have separated the pvp kills with the name colours, and the PK kills with the title colours, and have your extra Skills. I do not believe that anyone would create a server for extra kills, just to make their character stronger and increase their penetration. You have to create extra skills for the characters, which requires l2 client knowledge in order to get this right. Finally, I believe that this could have happened a lot quicker and easier, with less lines of code, rather than doing it with the way you attempted. What I suggested is just an opinion and is not meant to judge you, or you as a programmer or your work. I believe you have done a great job bringing this code for the community and I hope I see more shares from you like this one. I will be releasing my personal version of this system, so you are welcome to judge me and suggest your own opinion.
  4. Whoever wants to participate and help out please send me a PM. If not, I will simply abandon this idea
  5. My aim is not to use aCis as a base for a aCis pack full of customs, like L2JFrozen or L2JFrozen 1.5. My aim is just to release modes, based on aCis. 1 mode per repo. Meaning, I will have one repo for, let's say, custom Community Board, another repo with a clear version of aCis for Faction, another one for something else. I will not create anything like a pack full of modes, simply because I do not want to do anything like that. I just want to unite developers to create shares every ones in a while, the way how @Elfocrash has done in the past for his Survey system, and many more unique releases that haven't been thought before. For me, has a good concept and I loved it. I used many of his releases in the past. In a few words, we will just release, either the repo itself to the public for each mode or share, or a .diff file. My intention is not to create another L2JFrozen pack, based on aCis with full customs inside. This is not my cup of tea. The reason why IL, is just that it doesn't matter what Chronicle you develop on. They can be adapted everywhere, and because I love IL for some strange reason. Anyway, I was even planning to release multiple .diffs for different type of packs including Chronicles. Now, I do not know why directly everyone disappears but I had a 3 year break so I can work with something completely different for my own reasons, and now I decided to come back cuz I'm not as busy as before. Therefore, I have no clue what happened during this period and I would be happy if someone would tell me.
  6. If you do, no more cookie for you! @Elfocrash This is what I thought until I saw the attached image. He has like a repo commiting every two hours, constantly active.
  7. You won't know until you try! So go on an give it a go. We all believe in you! Once you are done, text me everything I need on PM :)
  8. I've already concluded that the best decision is aCis. I have created a repo on GitHub temporarily called Faction Mode: https://github.com/mariosmikroulis/Faction-Mode I just want to see what people want and who wants to help me out on this. I am not saying I am not capable of doing it myself. It is just better to work with others and have something that is worth sharing. I love your ideas mentioned and I will definitely add it to my list. I will just give it a go and see how it goes. If not, I might just do it myself at the end of the day. It is just that I have real job and won't be quick to do all of those staff, but definitely worth the try!
  9. I changed the title of this topic. If someone WANTS to help the move I am trying to create, and help us create ANYTHING for the general public, pm me.
  10. Thank you for your advice. As I mentioned earlier, regardless that the title of the topic is about Faction, it doesn't have to be particularly about Faction system. Also, have you got any logs confirming that? There are plenty of things that we could do in my opinion. Would you also like to support us on this move? I won't expect you work full time on this, or anyone else!
  11. I believe it must be your keys that are not correct, therefore, causing the code into thinking you have not any votes. For the second one, I can help you via Teamviewer, as I need to see the actual code. I believe it must be the way how you set the reward on your configs. The system might not really understand what you've typed there. Just PM me!
  12. aCis is not free from revisions 371 up to 390. However, the base revision is going to be 370, which is available and free for the public. @Tryskell or @SweeTs can confirm that. This is just a mode that we develop for everyone. It is just a share. For testing purposes, I don't mind hosting it from my computer. I have decent computer. I am not opening a server, but just developing a mode. I am just asking the public to work with me on modes for the general public.
  13. I mean, this isn't about the money. It is about reuniting the l2 dev community. For a SVN we can use GitHub instead, which is free for the public. When it comes to the forum, we can just use MxC and Discord, which already have the protections for us. For test servers, we will see what to do about it. Also, a faction mode is just something I thought. It could be anything. I just want to try that. Do you want to participate?
  14. I see. Well, if my vision becomes blurry, I will wear glasses. You might be having a point there. I will then have to master the html of l2. I even had a thought myself based on your comments, and it is not worthy wasting my time doing something like that.
  15. My decision is to unite all developers together, and revive everything. I will make a GitHub account only for L2Projects that everyone wants to support! Apart from Faction System, we can make other systems too. It is just the pack that the majority of people want to work on.