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  1. I do the same.with DUC and ports. But ports are still closed.
  2. How i can open ports? I make like in few tutorials, and i can login, other players not
  3. <skill id="2099" levels="1" name="Escape: 5 minutes"> <set name="blockedInOlympiad" val="true" /> <set name="hitTime" val="300000" /> <set name="isMagic" val="2" /> <!-- Static Skill --> <set name="operateType" val="A1" /> <set name="skillType" val="RECALL" /> <set name="targetType" val="SELF" /> <cond msgId="113" addName="1"> <not> <player insideZoneId="10501, 10502, 10503, 10504, 10505, 10506, 10507, 10508" /> </not> </cond> </skill> I must put Giran coord to insiteZoneId? And how? with , ?
  4. And where i can touch to make all new chars spawn in x location?
  5. Have someone a clean system which work on windows 10 x86 / x64? Thanks!
  6. Hi all. I want to make unstuck to teleport from everywhere in giran. I edit this: Was _activeChar.teleToLocation(TeleportWhereType.TOWN); And i change with this _activeChar.teleToLocation(83491, 149065, -3409); And no working
  7. Ok, i solved with open ports :) But now i am stuck at server selection. Confirm button `dont` work :)
  8. Hello all. I am connected to the wireless router. And untill reset router, i have same ip. How i can put srv online? I try in ip config. and loginserver console tell me the address/port it is already binded. What's the problem? I put ports on router. 7777 and 2106 and i put enable it.
  9. Hio. Can explain me someone how i can add same color enchant from 1 to +1000? I can add this line Enchant1=(R1=0,G1=50,B1=180,R2=0,G2=44,B2=155,Opacity=1.2,Num=0.9) (Yellow+white) 1000 times? TY
  10. Ok, i have buffer, and i add today Master's Blessing's. All gods untill i press on buff to felt me. I get jail :)))). Heed help please
  11. Yes, but to not give to player when he confirm trade. (Sell)
  12. How i can set back my work? ctrl+z no work anymore and i have some errors in eclipse with this price