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  1. How i can set x raid for spawn from 10 min to 60? I try 600-3600 but no work, i think it's another numbers. I check database also but i don't understand what's there. Someone can tell me please? Or where i can see this?
  2. Nah, i check package, isn't from there. Also i check my configs, isn't. L2jsunrise project. Thx u
  3. I saw now. Solved. Can close topic pls. Thank you
  4. Can someone tell me why after restart character/server songs/dance's disappear? And how i can fix this? L2jSunrise pack
  5. I find somethingn abouyt blesseds. Only these lines. // blessed enchant - clear enchant value activeChar.sendPacket(SystemMessageId.BLESSED_ENCHANT_FAILED); item.setEnchantLevel(0); item.updateDatabase(); activeChar.sendPacket(new EnchantResult(3, 0, 0)); if (Config.LOG_ITEM_ENCHANTS) { LogRecord record = new LogRecord(Level.INFO, "Blessed Fail"); record.setParameters(new Object[] { activeChar, item, scroll, support, }); record.setLoggerName("item");
  6. Oh, my apologizes, i use L2jSunrise (hi5)
  7. It is that in EnchantScroll.java? I can do something from there? I saw something like isBlessed
  8. it is a java file in eclipse to do that? I try to search now. Thanks for answer.
  9. How i can set blessed enchant max for 200 and different chances? I try this <!-- General armor enchant group. --> <enchantRateGroup name="ARMOR_GROUP"> <current enchant="0-20" chance="100" /> <current enchant="21-50" chance="98" /> <current enchant="51-200" chance="100" /> <current enchant="201-65535" chance="0" /> </enchantRateGroup> <!-- General full armor enchant group. --> <enchantRateGroup name="FULL_ARMOR_GROUP"> <current enchant="0-20" chance="100" /> <current enchant="21-50" chance="98" /&g
  10. Hi all. I need a bit help on Delevel Manager npc. I want when player have lv 85 to can make delevel. I don't remember that line. I try player.getLevel() >= 85 But no work. Thank you!
  11. I am looking for someone who can make runes to boost XP/Drop Rates. Individual for each player. Just keep in inventory item and get effect. With time limit of course. Both runes from 100%.....1000% (+1 rate to +10)
  12. Hello everyone. Who can help me to make few runes for boost drop rate and same for xp? I pay for that. Pm with price. Platform L2jSunrise That runes i want with time limit. 1 h. For premium and non-premium users. Just keep in inventory to take effect. Best regards.
  13. You are right mate. And thanks for tip. This is for what i looking for. Close topic please
  14. Hello, can someone tell me why i get this error? [09:28:56] WARN: Recived Wrong Packet Data in Aquired Skill - id: 48000 level: 1 for L2PcInstance:Dev[268440003] Syntax of skill is <skill id="48000" levels="1" name="Level Mastery"> <set name="magicLvl" val="76" /> <set name="operateType" val="P" /> <set name="targetType" val="SELF" /> <for> <mul stat="pvePhysDmg" val="1.50" /> <!-- Pve by 50% --> <mul stat="pveMagicalDmg" val="1.50" /> <!-- Magic PvE by 50% --> <mul stat="pvpPhysDmg" val="1.05