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  1. Pws Mporw Na Valw Stats sta html file ta stats pou einai katw dld na grafei p.atk +2000 m.atk +3000 exw vrei sto pride merika alla auta dixnoun mono osa einai me add kai oxi mul stats MAX_HP("maxHp"), MAX_MP("maxMp"), MAX_CP("maxCp"), REGENERATE_HP_RATE("regHp"), REGENERATE_CP_RATE("regCp"), REGENERATE_MP_RATE("regMp"), RECHARGE_MP_RATE("gainMp"), HEAL_EFFECTIVNESS("gainHp"), HEAL_PROFICIENCY("giveHp"), HEAL_STATIC_BONUS("bonusHp"), LIMIT_HP("limitHp"), // non-displayed hp limit // ATTACK & DEFENCE POWER_DEFENCE("pDef"), MAGIC_DEFENCE("mDef"), POWER_ATTACK("pAtk"), MAGIC_ATTACK("mAtk"), PHYSICAL_SKILL_POWER("physicalSkillPower"), POWER_ATTACK_SPEED("pAtkSpd"), MAGIC_ATTACK_SPEED("mAtkSpd"), // how fast a magic spell is casted (including animation) ATK_REUSE("atkReuse"), // make bows hit simple hits way slower and will not affect skills P_REUSE("pReuse"), MAGIC_REUSE_RATE("mReuse"), // how fast a magic spell becomes ready to reuse SHIELD_DEFENCE("sDef"), CRITICAL_DAMAGE("cAtk"), CRITICAL_DAMAGE_ADD("cAtkAdd"), // this is another type for special critical damage mods - vicious stance, crit power and crit damage SA // it was totally bad since now... MAGIC_CRIT_DMG("mCritPower"), // PVP BONUS PVP_PHYSICAL_DMG("pvpPhysDmg"), PVP_MAGICAL_DMG("pvpMagicalDmg"), PVP_PHYS_SKILL_DMG("pvpPhysSkillsDmg"), PVP_PHYSICAL_DEF("pvpPhysDef"), PVP_MAGICAL_DEF("pvpMagicalDef"), PVP_PHYS_SKILL_DEF("pvpPhysSkillsDef"), // PVE BONUS PVE_PHYSICAL_DMG("pvePhysDmg"), PVE_PHYS_SKILL_DMG("pvePhysSkillsDmg"), PVE_BOW_DMG("pveBowDmg"), PVE_BOW_SKILL_DMG("pveBowSkillsDmg"), PVE_MAGICAL_DMG("pveMagicalDmg"), // ATTACK & DEFENCE RATES EVASION_RATE("rEvas"), P_SKILL_EVASION("pSkillEvas"), CRIT_DAMAGE_EVASION("critDamEvas"), SHIELD_RATE("rShld"), CRITICAL_RATE("rCrit"), BLOW_RATE("blowRate"), LETHAL_RATE("lethalRate"), MCRITICAL_RATE("mCritRate"), EXPSP_RATE("rExp"), ATTACK_CANCEL("cancel"), MAGIC_FAILURE_RATE("magicFailureRate"), // ACCURACY & RANGE ACCURACY_COMBAT("accCombat"), POWER_ATTACK_RANGE("pAtkRange"), MAGIC_ATTACK_RANGE("mAtkRange"), POWER_ATTACK_ANGLE("pAtkAngle"), ATTACK_COUNT_MAX("atkCountMax"), // Run speed, walk & escape speed are calculated proportionally, magic speed is a buff RUN_SPEED("runSpd"), WALK_SPEED("walkSpd"), // BASIC STATS STAT_STR("STR"), STAT_CON("CON"), STAT_DEX("DEX"), STAT_INT("INT"), STAT_WIT("WIT"), STAT_MEN("MEN"), // Special stats, share one slot in Calculator // VARIOUS BREATH("breath"), FALL("fall"), AGGRESSION("aggression"), // locks a mob on tank caster BLEED("bleed"), // by daggers, like poison POISON("poison"), // by magic, hp dmg over time STUN("stun"), // disable move/ATTACK for a period of time ROOT("root"), // disable movement, but not ATTACK MOVEMENT("movement"), // slowdown movement, debuff CONFUSION("confusion"), // mob changes target, opposite to aggression/hate SLEEP("sleep"), // sleep (don't move/ATTACK) until attacked VALAKAS("valakas"),
  2. Thanks Kara ❤️ if i want stop destroy item . becuase i have 100 pvp kills maybe you know
  3. Geia sas paidia tou max mipws mporei kaneis na mou pei pws mporw na kanw to chat shot na einai me item kai na to ksodeuei otan grafei sto !chat??
  4. http://www.mediafire.com/file/wxrk1ktv6p5ub94/Custom_Button.rar/file http://www.mediafire.com/file/5qrjwkfcxk1oggk/Icon_Button.rar/file http://www.mediafire.com/file/3phfvaa4drggzbi/Button_Santas_Icon.rar/file http://www.mediafire.com/file/fbsng8tikk3kesx/Icon_Hell.rar/file
  5. Download Link = http://www.mediafire.com/file/3phfvaa4drggzbi/Button+Santas+Icon.rar/file size 256x32 128x32 64x64
  6. Download Link http://www.mediafire.com/file/7v48y33x06tlslb/Custom_Button.rar/file 256x32 128x32 64x64 Icon Hell Download Link http://www.mediafire.com/file/fbsng8tikk3kesx/Icon+Hell.rar/file 64x64 128x128
  7. Go to RequestSellitem and make that long price = item.getReferencePrice() / 2; totalPrice += price * 0; if (((MAX_ADENA / i.getCount()) < price) || (totalPrice > MAX_ADENA)) { Util.handleIllegalPlayerAction(player, "Warning!! Character " + player.getName() + " of account " + player.getAccountName() + " tried to purchase over " + MAX_ADENA + " adena worth of goods.", Config.DEFAULT_PUNISH); return; } and now all item you sell 0 totalPrice += price * 0;
  8. den katalava tpt apo auta pou eipes den gnwrizw kai toso kala tin glwssa auti
  9. paidia pws mporw na valw sto pvp na dinei item enchant 16 na valw ena draconic +12 if (Rnd.get(100) > 50) { addItem("Loot", 7575, 1, this, true); } px se auto
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