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  1. Hi everyone. Help me please with edit chat color. Interlude client. Question: where I can edit color for chats ?
  2. Hi everyone, our team want to create lineage java server, we looking for good java developer. Desirable on a permanent basis we guarantee a decent wage. Lineage 2 Interlude server based on Lucera source code.
  3. Hi. I have gmshop with item enchant scroll for 5 000 000 adena and when i have 1+ adena im traded with npc for 500+ item and take scrolls + 1.7kkk adena back. WTF is this ? <!-- Blessed Scroll: Enchant Weapon (Grade S) --> <item id="88"> <ingredient id="57" count="5000000" enchant="0"/> <production id="6577" count="1" enchant="0"/> </item>
  4. Hi. I'm trying to edit Item Skill: Hydro Blast in skills' xml but reuse time not work. Help please, how to edit reuse time at skill ? p.s in game when i use Item Skill: Hydro Blast my spiritshots dont uses why ?
  5. one of project based on lucera is euro-pvp.com - it is a russian server with smartguard anticheat programm. just look how many people play on lucera server project. Ofcource developers of aCis says as lucera is sheet but it is not real. lucera is a good project as I think. Sorry for my bad english because I am russian man.
  6. sorry not see ur last message its not spam xD
  7. when u reboot router may be you ipv4 adress is changed. check ur ipv4 adress. and you can reserve your adress for you computer in router config
  8. Try my strategy ^_^ go to cmd and write ipconfig and remember you ipv4 address for example then go to you router and find DMZ config. then enter you ipv4 address to dmz and reboot you router. thats all all ports has been opened try start server and check ports. sorry for my very bad english. I hope you understand it ^_^
  9. I have aCis 364 rev + svn. Who knows how to make such a tattoo ? or tell me how the skill enchant4skill work for duals ? where I can find the example code ? I'm a newbie in development. Help me please people who know how to do this ? I can pay for help. Sorry for my bad english. Peace !
  10. Anybody help me ? aCis developers here ?
  11. It doesnt work for me. Anyone help ? When I add this code only mAtk has been increased. Sorry for my bad english help please <enchant val="0" order="0x0C" stat="pAtk" /> <enchant val="0" order="0x0C" stat="mAtk" /> <enchant val="0" order="0x0C" stat="pAtkSpd" /> <enchant val="0" order="0x0C" stat="mAtkSpd" />
  12. It doesn't work. Okay <item id="6580" type="Weapon" name="Tallum Blade*Dark Legion's Edge"> <set name="default_action" val="equip" /> <set name="weapon_type" val="DUAL" /> <set name="bodypart" val="lrhand" /> <set name="random_damage" val="10" /> <set name="attack_range" val="40" /> <set name="damage_range" val="0;0;44;120" /> <set name="crystal_count" val="2440" /> <set name="crystal_type" val="S" /> <set name="material" val="ADAMANTAITE" /> <set name="weight" val="2080" /> <set name="price" va
  13. I have aCis server and how i can give stats (pAtkSpd, runSpd, pAtk, mAtk etc) to item when enchant it ?
  14. I am not author of this item but I know this did with unreal