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Found 19 results

  1. i want to make upgrade shop (if you need to upgrade your weapon the next weapon is +5) example: upgrade from dynasty weapon to vesper. <item id="1"> <ingredient id="7140" count="10000"/> <production id="10001" count="1"/> </item> vesper(you give dynasty for vesper) in vesper multisell <item id="1"> <ingredient id="7140" count="2500"/> <ingredient id="10001" count="1"/> <production id="10300" count="1"/> </item> if you have +5 weapon dynasty and you upgrade to vesper you got +0 vesper. how can i fix?
  2. Hello guys. I would like to ask you, if anyone of you knows how make fast attribute item with CTRL+click. The example, 50 attribute stones at one click.
  3. I have aCis server and how i can give stats (pAtkSpd, runSpd, pAtk, mAtk etc) to item when enchant it ?
  4. Hello I am trying to create a function using an old system message (SystemMessageId.S1_S2_SUCCESSFULLY_ENCHANTED). The code in which the packet is sent can be seen below: SystemMessage sm = SystemMessage.getSystemMessage(SystemMessageId.S1_S2_SUCCESSFULLY_ENCHANTED); sm.addInt(enchant); sm.addItemName(this); player.sendPacket(sm); player.broadcastUserInfo(); The message is sent properly with the name and the enchant level, however I noticed it also opens a small dialog window with a confirm button that should show the exact same message. Instead the dialog does not show the item nor its enchantlevel (See attachment below). Should I create a new ConfirmDlg sending the packet again or is there a more efficient way? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  5. WTS Blessed Nickl. Freya +4 price - 20 eu ------------------ No trades, no offers. Payment just by PayPal. If you intrested add me on skype: line.age
  6. Hey, Would it be viable to create a code that changes a weapon's grade from lets say D grade to C grade after enchanting it to +12? If yes would anyone mind sharing some ideas how to implement such thing? I know it sounds weird but it definitely adds a twist to what I am trying to achieve behind this idea :) Thanks in advance.
  7. Hello, I'd change the odds of enchant .. I have a silver pack of l2jsunrise . J would like to make my vote scroll 90% and scroll donate 100% blessed 75% Could anyone help me ? thank you
  8. My free reference: Auto augment script for all three major chronicles. New script: Multipurpose supporter script. Can be used on Bishop, Shillien Elder, Elven Elder, Warcryer, Overlord. - Buffing party members by name each with their own unique bufflist that you can give. It will ONLY buff the missing buffs, so if you get a cancel it will instantly rebuff the missing buff(s) on you! - Party heal. - Self heal - Party recharge - Follow given player - Assist given player ( put debuffs on mobs: stigma, windshackle etc... you can give the debuffs you want to put on mobs, even multiple debuffs at once ) - Give noblesse to every party member. - Remove 1 or 2 zerk if needed. - You can define the health, and mana limits the script will let party members drop below, before it starts to recharge/heal. - It will remove EVERY debuffs from all of the party members that YOU give to the script in a list. - Evey each one of the settings can be turned off or on, to suit the user's needs. - Works with all three major chronicles. Script can be extended for custom requests. This script is being continously improved, when I have added something, you will get the updated version for free. Price: 12€. New script: Assisting spoiler. - Spoils assist target until it has been successfully spoiled. - It will sweep every mob in it's surroundings, if it has items in it to sweep, even if the mob that died is not the main target. - Follows party leader given by name. - Accepts party invites from given names. - Assists given name in combat. - Works with all three major chronicles. Script can be extended for custom requests. Price: 8€. New script: Multipurpose supporter script. Anti Aggro/Anti Mirage/Target Lock Script. - Retarget the previous target as soon as possible, it may even bypass aggression on some of the less good servers. - Works with all three major chronicles. Script can be extended for custom requests. Price: 6€. Auto Enchant Script. - Auto enchant infinite type of items with one setup. ( meaning you can enchant a full set without touching the script ) - Stop enchanting at given enchant level. - Use blessed or crystal scroll from given enchant level. - Cancels trade requests, party requests, clan requests. - Restocks items from any kind of custom shops with a very easy one-time setup that I will help in! - Works with all three major chronicles. Price: 8€. Auto Skill enchant script ( 8€. 1x sold ): - Automatically enchants skills as fast as possible ( this is usually fast as lightning ) - Uses mastery books from given skill level. - Stops on given level if set. - Works with all three major chronicles. Price: 8€. DeadlyBackstab. - Move behind your target as precisely as it is possible in the game ( it will be the back of your target, even if you skill from the front ) - Works with all three major chronicles. - Can be easily combined with anti-mirage and anti-backstab scripts. ( for an extra 4€ ) Price: 8€. Auto Attribute Script. - Define 6 items at once to attribute the given elements on them. - Stops at given level if set. - Fast as lightning! - Works with all three major chronicles. Price: 8€. Anti-Backstab script. - Instantly turn to the target, as soon as someone casts a skill with lethal chance on you. Price: 2€.
  9. Hello guys, i'm looking for a code for Enchant Configs for aCis. I searched and i couldn't find something working. I'm not asking for crazy things like to set rate for every enchant level or not brake or w/e. I just want config files for enchants. Here is an example of what i want: WeaponNormalEnchantRate = 50 ArmorNormalEnchantRate = 50 JewelsNormalEnchantRate = 50 WeaponBlessedEnchantRate = 50 ArmorBlessedEnchantRate = 50 JewelsNormalEnchantRate = 50 WeaponCrystalEnchantRate = 50 ArmorCrystalEnchantRate = 50 JewelsCrystalEnchantRate = 50 As a reward i can create a banner,logo or cover for him and give him a rep for his help. Thanks in advance.
  10. I wonder if you can Create or Edit a Scroll that enchant the + % of the player . Or general or specific ( Weapon / Armor / Jewel) . Edit: EX : + 10% chance to enchant If possible then I would indicate the path , either free or paying for the service . Regards,
  11. Who can help. What settings in Configs need to change that after Fail Enchant Items non Crystallize. Me trying all settings in Enchant.properties and in DB tables `Armor` and `Custom_Armor` all they have Crystallizable = false. But in game if Enchant fail - it destroyed (((
  12. Hello mxc members. I want to ask how to add enchant glow on monster's weapons And 1 more thing. How to add hero effects on npc ! Thanks in advance
  13. Hello, Developers of maxcheaters. I would like to ask if someone can make me a code for crystal scrolls enchant for L2JFrozen. I mean when i make the enchantment (for example i have a weapon +16 and im going to enchant it to +17 but it fails then i want the enchantment to stay +16 and not to go +0 or something...) Is it someway easy to make me something like this? if yes i would be gracefull ^^ Thank you.
  14. Regards I will try to be accurate. I've created my server with this: eliteadmins.l2jhispano.com/threads/high-five-preconfigurado-ii-masterio-pack-mods-custom-eventos-npcs.6705/ Well... I need the java code to limit the maximum enchant of the player skills to 10 or 15. I searched in other forums but only found half codes or requiring of eclipse (I dont know how to use it u_u ). The server has not open yet (there's no player with skills already enchanted), so I just need only the limitation. Please some help :D
  15. I need help to Edit script enchant, i dont know where is this script. (I want make Crystal or Blessed scrolls, when failed back to +7,)
  16. Hello i would like to have a code to stackable code for all enchants scrolls like this http://pastebin.com/wRLDrW0G P.S I have already ls and bogs stackable with code that i say up. P.S i will need a patch edit too or if is that the same with bogs ls i know how can i do it.
  17. Καλησπερα σε ολους..θα ηθελα εαν μπορει καποιος να με βοηθήσει σε ενα θεμα που εχω..ψαχνω καποιο NPC ή custom scroll για safe enchant..θελω ομως η χρηση τους να ειναι 100% επιτυχής και να ανεβάζει αμεσως το enchant σε καποιο επιθυμητό επίπεδο (π.χ απο +0 σε +20)..ακομη θα ηθελα να μπορει να γίνεται διαχωρισμός μεταξύ armor,weapon,jewerly και A,S grade καθως θα ειναι διαφορετικο το enchant..
  18. LT L][silence High Five PvP serveris! Dėl nepavykusio starto, dėl serverio klaidų ir mūsų neapdairumo, pirmas startas nepavyko. Šį kartą pažadame Jūsų nenuvilti! Serverio atnaujinimai: 1.Pakeistos zonos. 2.Pakeistas buferis. 3.Sutvarkytas Shopas (Sutvarkytos kainos, įdėti talismanai, sutvarkytos kelios smulkios klaidos) 4.Pridėti Mini Raid Bossai. 5.Sutvarkytas bufų level'is ir laikas. 6.Sutvarkyti enchantai. 7.Sutvarkytos java klaidos, dėl kurių kildavo lagas. 8.Sutvarkyta serverinė. Rytoi bandysime vėl startuoti, pilnu pajėgumu. Startas vyks 2014-02-03 18:00! Lauksime visų! Pagarbiai L][silence Administracija. Serverio tinklapis: http://www.l2silence.us.lt [/ url] ENG L] [silence High Five PvP Server! Due to the failure of the launch, on our server errors and negligence, failed to start first. This time, we promise not to disappoint you! Server Updates: 1.Changed area. 2.Changed buffer. 3.Changed Shop (grouped price put Charms, arranged a few minor errors) 4.Changed Mini Raid boss. 5.Changed buffs level'is and time. 6.Changed enchant. 7.Changed java errors which arose lag. In the morning we will try to re-start, full power. The start will take place on 2014-02-03 at 18:00! You are all welcome! Sincerely L] [silence Administration. Server Website: http://www.l2silence.us.lt [/ url]
  19. Hello there, i have one question and i want to get an answer but only from the people who knows about this subject. Ok. So the question sounds like this: If on a server... the lowest attribute resistance is..hmm..lets say WATER. I should enchant my skills for more damage on +WATER attack or +DUEL ? Because i have asked some people and i got different answers. I dont need answers like: LoL..wtf is with this question? noob or something like this. A clear answer and an explanation would be perfect. Thank you ! With respect, - AlexTheGreat.
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