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  1. I did search and tried a few compilers but they all seem to work for other chronicles such as Interlude, High Five etc. Do you have anything specific in mind and willing to share?
  2. So as the title says. I am looking for an Interface.u compiler working for Gracia Final. Send me a message here or in PM so we can discuss the price. Thanks.
  3. So I guess I can remove it from my pack as well without problems appearing later on. Thank you for replying mate!
  4. Hello, I've got a simple question regarding the creation of items in the source code. I noticed that each time a mob drops an item, a copy of it but with null value is appearing in the player's inventory (Disappearing after inventory refresh). After a small research I found out that this method is to blame: public L2ItemInstance createDummyItem(int itemId) { L2Item item = getTemplate(itemId); if (item == null) { return null;
  5. Hello, Are the patches going to be available for download any time soon?
  6. Greetings, I am trying to replace the way Npcs redirect you to simple HTML text with community board html text. I edited L2Npc class and changed the NpcHtmlMessage with the Util.SendCBHtml method and I managed to make the window open in the CB but the buttons with the npc's bypasses do not work at all. Note: The html text is the same I used to have on my npcs before the change, when the bypasses used to work. Any ideas on how to make them functional again while on CB? Am I missing something here? Thanks.
  7. Hello, Quick question: I noticed that each time a click a button on an HTML text and I have teleport protection on, the protection is cancelled. That's probably because it triggers on action request but I've got no idea which packet is requested each time I click that button. Do you guys have any clues?
  8. Try ---> moveToLocation(spawnX, spawnY, spawnZ, false); If that doesn't work as well you'll need to search for that method and see if the argument list matches yours.
  9. Hey there, This is absolutely no bug. Its just retail like. I discovered this 2 weeks ago too and it was pretty easy to fix. You'll need to copy the checkAndReturnTospawn method from L2RaidBossInstance.java, paste it to L2MonsterInstance.java and introduce it to the startMaintaince task. Also if you wish to have the monsters/bosses move to their previous location instead of teleport, you can change the teleTo... method to moveTo and you are set!
  10. Nice job mate! I decided to use some of them too on my project and it seems that some players from old custom servers crave them :D . For those that insist that they are stolen from other servers, let me remind you that they all exist in the official client (created for npcs obviously). Since you asked for opinion, I would suggest focusing on introducing the smaller ones cause some of them might seem uncomfortably big for players like Tryskell said. Good luck with your mid rate project!
  11. Well it is a pretty practical idea. No wonder other servers use it too :)
  12. Yeah I thought about that parameter too but I am running the project on my own so it is ok :)
  13. Oh I see, so technically speaking the first way is better in terms of performance but less efficient. Since I've got very few ids I think I am gonna stick with the first one . Thanks for your replies guys :) You may lock it.
  14. Well assuming that I've got no problems managing the ids of the new entries on core side, is there any other difference like for example: more allocated memory usage if I don't parse the boolean and go the "hardcode" way, or anything else that I am missing?