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  1. Lineage 2 Interlude PvP server 2000xWe glad to present you a old school private server completly free only fair donations.I will tell you some features of our server; Starting level 40 in Cementary (Level Zone) Easy Farming S grade, Epic Bosses, Mass PvP zone in PI, Noblesse one click, and new Farming area (Cruma Tower , Antharas nest & PI)Safe enchanting is +3 and maximum +20 normal scroll you have a chance 75% and bleesed scrolls are 85%Saturn Armor Apella C5 Saturn Weapons Infinity Hero are the best gear ingame but with normal stats to get a good balanceing gameplaySieges every weekend
  2. Server Rates are 200x (Mid Rate).Enchant Rates for Weapons 75% to +15 after 15 to 20 you have a rate from 50% !Enchant Rates for Armor/jewels are 65% and Max is +15 for Weapons Max is +20!The Scrolls for enchanting, you can buy at Shop in Giran Castle Town.The concept of L2Saturn is that we want a old school server to get farming & pvp experience!! All stats based on S grade sets, that means we have new Stats for S grade armor, Major Arcane Robe set have now +17% Casting speed for example! At black smith of Mammom you can upgrade your S grade Armor to Apella Sets! the bonus of this set is
  3. Hi. Im Looking for a Event like Deathmatch and Team vs Team. I cant found a working Code for acis… Maybe you got one? thanks you!
  4. someone can help me to add this Code on my Project (I use acis) but got full of Errors when I tryed to add this Code.
  5. yes. I added you on skype but nothing… came back
  6. This is a crappy achievements. I lf a high end Design like this one, which I Post. I want a good Server not like a homeserver. But anyway thanks. Btw. I still searching!
  7. I cant see the Shields, Glow fix link also die. please reshare it. thanks! nice Job!
  8. Hello. I looking for a achievenments on my Server. I cant find one Good arround... so I try it here! pm me for the Price and for a prewiev.
  9. Trust me, its worth for you. Becouse your Server will Write History of best PVP Server. Dont give up dude! I Played After my First Server in lineage2world.com at your deathwhisper, I liked all. The Farming, pvp and the gears!! Everywhere is Vote to get stats, Farm for gears is oldschool! Bring the oldschool Server back !! If you Need help to Open, I will offer me.