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  1. can someone help me ? how i can build the sources from bitbucket ? i know only the svn reposities. What about bitbucket?
  2. eisai toso malakas pou anti na mou postareis to event mou postareis mia section...
  3. re magkes psaxno ena CTF gia T2.2 exei kaneis na mou dosei ?
  4. WOW . Amazing Gatekeeper Very Good Job Cronia Plz Check Your Pm.. Thanks.
  5. Its Perfect ... Thanks :)
  6. thank`s man i trying but if i can fix ... i post again :) ty
  7. Hi MxC Members... I have one problem... i start one lineage 2 server but i have one problem... every second teleport the l2.exe closed with this problem I dont know to fix it... if someone know plz help me... Thank`s a lot... [sorry for my "professional english"] if i am in false section plz move me...