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  1. i want to close it , if someone know how i can do this please help me ;) http://prntscr.com/9r91at -L2JFROZEN (last update)
  2. Hello everybody i want to buy R99 Retributer blessed or PVE +6++ Pm me here
  3. I have 99 level healer with 99 dual Feoh if you want him send me message
  4. On 99 level yul i added some items Fritenza necklase Anihilation talishman
  5. kati ginete me to mysql .. an dn to exeis perasei pernao i alaxe mysql gt malon exei thema
  6. i know my friend but i dont have money this period. And i look for antiphx. :/
  7. hello guys someone can give me antiphx for interlude (l2jfrozen).