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  1. New towns new farming zones new armors weapons :D U can update ur client xD L2 is dead that s true..NcSoft make really fail updates..
  2. My ideas.........:D You can make the exp x500 with cool gatekeeper with level up zones(e.g 40-50/50-60 etc) (unstuck with 15 sec) Sub class without quest ofcourse Noble with quest with votes with bosses or whatever if you want to have hard quest with bosses(to have some pvp or more activity) or whatever you can add noble skill to all new players and sell CP pots at shops(better add the cp pots at shop to have more pvp) Add auto cp/mp/hp If you dont wanna have custom zones etc u can add custom drops or increase adena drop at 76+ zones...You need to make really cool and basic gatekeeper menu.. No custom zones its little bit riskie cause this days no1 plays solo ppls can push with parties..Old players can PK new player etc.. S grade/armors/dyes/potions make them all free dont make players wasting time with this sh1ts cause they bored doing same thinks again and again...AND ADD SOMETHING NEW EVERY MOTH! Clan lvl 8 clan skills all need to be free without clan penalty ofcourse Custom black S weapons (back dragonic bow etc) will be cool with +5m/patk more than normal players can choose whatever they want.. You can add custom armors like dynasty apella with CP/HP bonus only and u can make them non usable at oly cause will break the balance between summoners etc. Make +6 max enchant at oly Work hard to balance your server that s very important.. 1 active skill only at start will be good then u can change it to 1 active/passive You can add 2/3 epic bosses with hero coin drop etc.. Make the valor 1 min and workable only at main classes to have more balanced pvp.. For vote reward add vote buff not enchants etc.. At sieges dont active all castles at fisrst week 1 by 1 + y can give and money reward to winner clan.. I think better make 1 unique Koofs vs Noobs server or imagine normal server with 2 sides Reds vs Blues like 2 big allies fighting to rule the server xDDD
  3. WTS for Euros Selling adena in L2 Redempstion serverStock:92kkk ONLY CHAR LEFT FOR SALE 5EURO Race: Elf Main: Mystic Muse Skills: +30/15 enchanted skills Olf: +7 All talishmans that you will need for olympiad ITEMS FOR SALE Armor: +6 Foundation vesper robe set lvl7 Weapon: Vesper Buster +8 Jewels: +6 vorpal earrings 2x/Vorpal ring+6/vesper foundation ring+6/blessed freya necklace+7 For more info and offers send me private message here Payment via Paypal only!
  4. They are following all cheat/exploit forums..and fix everything :) This server is like official..Making epic money from donations etc. They working too hard on it..
  5. Is only for retail mid rate servers with normal instance zones! Make fast adena from instance drops (Zaken/Tezza/Freya etc) Enter infinity times the instance zones per day. How ? Found or make 1 CP to enter faster and done easily the instances. [RECOMMENDED] STEPS : 1.Make account/create char healer/duelist or any useful class for instances. [RECOMMENDED] Duelist or Tyrant to exp easily our bots. 2.Farm gear/weapon s80/84 300 atribute. 3.Start to make your bot accounts with 9 duelists/healers etc and exp them to lv84. Location to exp our bots is the Giant Cave ( in 3 hours max to lv84 ) 4.Enter instances zaken/tezza/freya with your main char. 5.Okay ? you done ? Now trade your items from main char to 1 bot and enter again. 6.Trade the items to another bot. Good Luck! Good Luck! Good Luck! With CP you will enter fast and done easily the bosses and take all the drops. At tales we just farm elegia/freya weapons and sell them for 20kkk+. Then we just sell again adena amount to players from forums and make real money. 1kkk at l2 tales was 3$ Play your favourite game and make real money! How can i farm fast adena ? Morning :Enter the instances with your CP . Night : Spoil knoriks (BEWS/BEAS/NOBLE STONES/GEM S ETC) Sorry for my English
  6. Max atri is not 30£ for normal players.. mages are suck... Is fcking dagger duelist server!
  7. Server will die again in 1-2 moth after heroes.. so join fast play 7/24 farm make items and have fun at pvp/boss events! I think they need to change the client after 2 - 3 moths to hellbound server will fck..! because c6 is up almost 10 years all players are know how to farm and make farm fast items..
  8. Characters are overprice.. at forum of rpg club ppls are selling noble chars for 3000-5000 rur lol zaken earing cost 650kk in game and you sell it for 100 euro? Angel slayer cost 180kk-200kk in game you sell it for 25 euro ?
  9. How you farm this money at 4 servers lol using l2 walker ?