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Found 25 results

  1. Othel 100 lvl,dual wynn 95 items:soul queen ant,tezza neck,eternal light set for info add me skype:giannaros43
  2. Yo! WTS SIGEL EVAS TEMPLAR lvl 100 30%++ / DUAL CLASS WYNN 99+ EQ: - brooch 5 slot with ruby 2 / obsidian 3 / pearl 3 / Tanzanite 3 / diamond 3 / garnet 3 - enchanted skills - PA for 6 days - shadow retri +4 - done exalted 1,2 started exalted 3, done q for party nobl - talisman annihilation - TWO other char 85+ on ACC for Farm -> Zaken/Freya - 18k PA points + - agathion zodiac pack 15 day - rare accesorry box (7 day) x4 - 850+ raid points - belt from GAP [30 day quest] PRICE: 60€ for all Pm me on forum :]
  3. Hello , im selling 46 lvl hawkeye karmian set , manticore set, theca set pm me if you intrested with price
  4. WTS Main Tyrr Destroyer 99lvl 74% Dualclass Yul Ghost Sentinel 95 LvL Char equip : Imortal (event) LvL 4 Apocalipse Slasher +4 (2 SA stage 5) LvL7 (Augment +30 attribute attack) Shadow Spear +6 LvL7 Brooch 5 slots La Vi En's ( Ruby LvL3/ Emerald LvL4/ Opal LvL3/ Diamond LvL3 / Pearl LvL3/ Vital LvL3 / Amethist LvL3) Tiara (Attribute attack +40) Nobless+ 10 Days Log Quest + Venir's Talisman Stage 6 Skype = delux.13
  5. 3 Months of PA Attack Skills +7 and +10 on Feoh Saphire Lv4/ Ruby Lv3/ Amethyst Lv3/ Diamond Lv3/ Opal Lv3/ Obsdian Lv3/ Garnet Lv3 La Vie En Rose's Radiant Brooch (5 Slots) Shinny Lemental Shirt +7 Dyes Feoh (+15 INT / -3 WIT) Lv. 4 Legendary INT Dyes Yull Trickster (+15 STR) Lv. 5 Giant STR Aria's Bracelet STR / INT Exalted Quest in the final part Skype: airesjunior_sk8
  6. As title says I'm selling adena on Innova Core official server. Currently I have 100b+ adena to sell. (10€/1b) Also if you like to buy any in-game item just let me know which item you are interested in. Payment only thru paypal as gift, when i see payment, you get adena right away. For more info or questions, pm me here or write me for skype/viber.
  7. as the title says im selling a bishop level 41 with 3 dyes +4 wit = +12 wit char is my own char also if needed a middle man i have trustfull seller "mini" that can do it for me. open to negociations, asking 40 euros gears or adena.
  8. Want to Sell my Feoh Soultaker on 4Game Core EU Retail Server! Main class 100 Lv Dark Elf Race Feoh Soultaker ALL skills +10 Eternal Robe Set Attributes +4+5 Shiny Shirt +7 (many stats +2 active skills) Tezza Nec +5 Istina NEclace Wizard +4 Zaken Earring Top Grade CoC Earring Stun +5 2 Eternal Rings R99 Top Grade Belt +3 PvP Skill Attack +4 Specter Retributer 300 element + SA Briliant Brooch Head Accessory P Def Augments for oly : refresh cd / reflect / heal / enemy pvp weakness dual class wynn 99 lvl same gear items Also in same account Tyrr Titan 99 Lv With the most usefull skills +10
  9. Hello, It's time to quit the game so I have Adena (13euro/bilion) to sell on Official Lineage 2 Core server from Innova. Payment via PayPal gifts and money first. I'm not scammer, can send screens with Adena and all other stuff what you need. EDIT STOCK: 45 bilions Changed price to 13euro/bilion
  10. Hi all guys im looking for a simple Iss DoomCryer on Naia server of l2 NCwest i dont need it with special equip just lvl 85 with R equip taken after awaking skype is marcofiol442 or marcofiol44# mail is marco95gobbo@gmail.com i prefer to pay with paypal thank you all :D EDIT: Offer me a price :D then i will decide ,ty
  11. Lineage 2 High Five Aerius x70 - International Server [Georgian HighFive Server] Start Date: 20 May 20:00 By GMT+4 Open Beta Test: 15 May 20:00 By GMT+4 Our Website: http://L2Guild.Com Server Version : High Five Server Emulator : PTS [L2Off] Rates: EXP/SP: x70* Adena: x50* Sealed Stones: x20 Drop: Chance: x20, Qty: x1* Spoil: Chance: x1, Qty: x25* RB exp/sp: x1* RB Drop: Chance х8. Epaulette: x10 Epic Drop: Chance x1* Quests - Items Drop: х4 (Not for all quests*) Quest (reward adena/exp/sp): x5* (Rates are changed for a few quests, list you can view in this topic*) Community Buff
  12. as tittle says : 1b = 30 Euro on core server stock : 9kkk pm me with your skype . only trusted
  13. Website: http://www.lineage2prestige.com/ (GIVE US A LIKE) Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/lineage2official?ref=hl Forum: http://lineage2prestige.betaboard.net/ ADVERTISE EVENT - http://www.lineage2prestige.com/#!event/c1j7z full features here: http://lineage2com.wix.com/kain#!features/c1x9v A new journey awaits you Join us on 3th of June 2015 New adventures New features New Zones New storyline SERVER BASIC INFORMATIONS All newbies start with level 1 and top no grade items All newbies will experience Premium Rune untill relog Max level 85 XP
  14. WTS Aeore Cardinal nobless ..server Shilen lvl 91 with subclass lvl 75 Twilight Set +3 apocalypse caster + acumen +3 10k mentees mark 545.000.000 adena 30$ paypal pm me or post
  15. So hello folks. Innova team is almost ready to launch a site ,where people can confirm their registration so as to bring classic in europe. Spread the word cause they need 15000 registrations. Site: https://eu.4game.com/lineage2classic/ Facebook page: https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1562037350716235 (not the official)
  16. I was unsure wether to post this in the General Discussion or PServer Request Subforum. I figured its more of a discussion where you might drop in a server suggestion. Sup everyone, I am at a loss. I have played this game quite intesively in my past. Offical, Pserver, everyting from C1 to Interlude. I've been gone for a while, 4 years maybe. I want to return. For a few weeks now I've been checking out servers left and right. Every lowrate server I could find that runs Interlude, while wasting some time on a highrate. There is not a single decent project - none. Why? I honestly d
  17. Grand Opening 26 December 2014 Prodigy-Network server wiped and Reopen 26 December 2014 Server rates: XP 75x SP 75x Spoil chance x12 Spoil drop amount for scroll x2 Spoil drop amount for recipes x1 Spoil drop amount for materials x5 Drop chance x12 Drop amount x3 for all Gm shop till B grade A grade box 70% with Event-Medals ( open boxes and get A grade weapons/jewels/armors ) S grade box 70% buy with materials needed for craft the 60% item ( no crafter needed ) If you fail the box you will earn 10.000.000 Adena NPC buffer avabile all buff/dance/song (
  18. The price of the player is 12 euro each for Any class that u preferee.if the player is not available at moment, in 4 days will be ready for what you have chosen. The Big Store of Awakened Player on Lineage 2 Server Naia, We are a group of friend that work for help the player that dont have time for exp from level 1. Our target is to be known for our integrity and reliability. Thanks all and HAVE FUN http://storenaia.wix.com/storenaia
  19. Platform: L2OFF L2 neverwinter Rates XP 30x SP 30x Drop chance 7-12x Spoil chance 7-12x Drop amount 3x Spoil drop amount 1x Quest drop 5-10x Adena 50x Seal stone 6-8x For more features see: http://neverwinterl2...!the-story/cjg9 Pre-Opening EVENTS [pre-Opening - EVENT] Advertise L2 Neverwinter and Win Festival Adena FOR LIVE! http://neverwinterl2...ge#!events/ca48 [pre-Opening - EVENT] Bring your clan to L2 Neverwinter 30x and Win CRP! http://neverwinterl2...ge#!events/ca48 [pre-Opening - EVENT] Join L2 Neverwinter Facebook Community and win Festival A
  20. I want to buy Otell GH in official Megmeld 95+ (i accept offers from other servers who can transfer to megmeld) send me pm or add me in FB www.facebook.com/devrinokumura
  21. Lineage 2 Official - Megmeld WTS Aeore Cardinal - 85 lvl - Event Imortal Gear WTS Otell Adventure - 90 lvl - Event Imortal Gear (Dual Yul Ghost Sentinel) Pm me for more details
  22. As the Vote Poll says. Give some VOTES :) I want everyone to treat this topic serious, if you dont like,just leave this topic.
  23. Attention, adventurers! MMOPlay is proud to announce the opening of a new, customized Lineage II server. "What makes this server any different from others?" Besiege cities and conquer lands with an army led under your command. Live in a world where diseases and plagues haunt the narrow lands. Fight against an intelligent A.I who learns from every move you make. Use strategic moves in combat with our unique physics engine. "Why should I play?" Because we offer you an ever-changing, player-influenced Lineage II experience! Nothing in our server is ever the same! Each day in our world is
  24. See the picture pm me me here or thanasis.z@hotmail.com or skype : chronos_sales