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  1. Pround of you that you finally decided to open this server, i know it gonna be one of the top interlude servers avaibile online nowadays. Good luck and i am waiting for the grand opening :)
  2. As the title say, i am selling Interlude pvp server (no custom) based on prestige source Features ( can be modified by client or by me ) -anti-bot system for prevent players botting and destroying server economy -pvp zone with auto flag and auto respawn after 10 seconds, don't lose buffs in pvp zone -special camera tutorial for beginners -class/skill balancer ( if needed - optional ) -augment shop ( put specified augment on weapon with donator coins for example ) -fake online counter -fake players -fake online counter in community board -fake online counter in menu npc -top pvp -top pk
  3. You asked my friend 400 euro for a shitty job 200 euro before and 200 after finish yes... But this doesn't mean that i am untrusted...
  4. I know that i edited things with teamviwer on them pc and and helped them put server online ( maybe my english is bad because is not my main language... )
  5. retarded kid who resell my files, if i am a scammer post proffs
  6. sell the source i don't care, but nobody will be that stupid to buy it from you
  7. Again i ask one moderator to lock/junk this thread. Thanks
  8. ok enough, who need files contact me via private or skype, have a nice day and i hope this thread will be junked/removed
  9. People will buy from me if they need something, if this guy files are backdoored? Why he sell for only 50 euro?