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  1. stolen ? I have worked with Respect,Moveton(InterfaceAI Authors) back in 2014, so he be able to make first simple version
  2. scam who ? your mom Hotaka you 0 skilled noob , mess of this community , go to maxi
  3. hahah Again :D ? P.S. AccessDenied are you not banned yet ?
  4. if you want something qualified pay for it, otherwise forget, if you have 0 knowledge in what you doing, don't obey someone else to do that for you
  5. xxdem why you not from main acc =D ? selling shared shitcode & pretending its your's very productive, not to mention genius idea of cleaning obfuscation.... go away kiddo, you seems smoked out your brains...
  6. What do you mean by limit ? How its affected ingame ?
  7. ResizeFrame Handle Icon, can't be removed or changed via .xdat editor, the simpliest way for you is to look in ct3Ui.utx for that icon, and change it to transparent, but it would be "removed" on every Window Frame, other way are with native not an option for you.
  8. That's Russian/Ukraine retard what else you can expect ? P.S. Those features that you have on presentation, most part of them you didn't get from public shares(like on this forum), but you took exactly from other server patch, that is most like stealing. You didn't even change anything in them so they look different, so it's very simple to understand the accusations of Topic Starter . If the most part of this features, are being taken from l2sublimity, you man deserve a real punishment !
  9. Here you go - download Just a shitty smartcrypt...