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  1. Banned for what? Because i opened a report topic ?
  2. Just don't spread lies behind my back for scam. I never tried to sell you multiclient code. I said ill check it and i 5 min later i said i won't work with you obviously because i can't do it. If you don't like me you can simply no pick me for coding but don't create fake enviroment around me as if i tried scam you.
  3. I don't do client editing. I said ill check it and 5 min later i send i can't do and i wont work with you. I don't see how he say "I tried to scam him". Ask him to show you the conversation :) It was like: - Can you do it? - Ill check it and tell you. 5 min later. - No i cant i wont work with you. If you don't believe me ask him to show u conversation, i didnt try to sell him anything. He just got rejected and because he can't find anyone he got mad and write random stuff.
  4. No really i just dont care. I have more important things to care than just a greek who is same age with me and he try teach manners while in his life is worst. Plus i never hated anyone in this forum. They accept as hate the fact that i trashtalk to kids who open topics and asj things like "i want someone to make me a server for free". Its not baggos or reborn problem they just show how sad they are inside them. Its my problem for write down and respond while i just use this forum as marmetplace to buy and sell. Anw goodluck aint write further more. No worth to waste my time for pixels.
  5. Thx for been realistic they chat ban m for 2 days and gave me 2 warning not 1 but 2 for just saying fuck. Its my mistake for giving value to those people by reacting to their actions as if they are better than me while they are same age with same life and write same words. Baggos has the worst mouth in this forum but all of sudden he is polite and reborn12 he simply take advantage of moderating rights to have fame and call ke scammer why people on skype tell me that he sell trance pack for hs job. Afc he will deny this and make a reference t something else but i know its true. But again i repe
  6. Elfo said the same, i did.. it's a common problem in all L2J packs. It only works if you add the teleportTo in a threadpool and happen 90 ms after the spawn me
  7. hi i really stuck on this along with other people i asked. at EnterWorld.java there is the activeChar.spawnMe(x,y,z); which spawn the character upon login. If you add after this example activeChar.teleToZone(x,y,z); at first when u login its fine but if you restart and no relogin and u click enter in game it crash. It happen in H5 also but in some specific places..
  8. Ο τυπας γραφει περιπου 9 μηνες πριν κ εσυ απαντας τωρα.. καλοι βλακες ειστε
  9. Hello, i wanted ask people let's say we have a project that is really old and it use java 6 or 7 and we want upgrade it to java 8 (latest). How we do this via eclipse? And if yes will this affect the java coding part? I think java 7 is included all in java 8 so it wont affect the code right? Still how we do it via eclipse?
  10. HellboundLoader HellBoundEngine It throw null exception but i dont know why.. i get that player and npc are both null but as far i checked other Quest ex Freya also start Timers with Null, null and no errors. Why this happen?
  11. Hi, i've got a question. Let's say you let 1 character in middle of dion and you log out. Then a player start running from 1 corner of dion to the other. While he start run u login with the other char. With the char u just logged in u see the moving char walking 2 second delayed while passing infront of you. In his window he already passed you but in your window (logged in char) you see him just passing by. Why this 1.5 - 2 Delay ? What i can adjust to remove this? Ty
  12. i did 150 same.. it show concestration but others buffs just show it casting until the 5 seconds pass
  13. By default npc had 340, + in some buff like Concestration after 4 seconds it show it on players but idk why
  14. Hi, i made an npc buffer i wanted ask how to make it properly cast the buff on you with animation. I did broadcastPacket(new MagicSkillUse(this, player, 5557, 1, 5000, 1)); but it just show npc casting the buff and never show it on player. i even increased npc's c speed to 2000 still