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  1. Banned for what? Because i opened a report topic ?
  2. Just don't spread lies behind my back for scam. I never tried to sell you multiclient code. I said ill check it and i 5 min later i said i won't work with you obviously because i can't do it. If you don't like me you can simply no pick me for coding but don't create fake enviroment around me as if i tried scam you.
  3. I don't do client editing. I said ill check it and 5 min later i send i can't do and i wont work with you. I don't see how he say "I tried to scam him". Ask him to show you the conversation :) It was like: - Can you do it? - Ill check it and tell you. 5 min later. - No i cant i wont work with you. If you don't believe me ask him to show u conversation, i didnt try to sell him anything. He just got rejected and because he can't find anyone he got mad and write random stuff.
  4. No really i just dont care. I have more important things to care than just a greek who is same age with me and he try teach manners while in his life is worst. Plus i never hated anyone in this forum. They accept as hate the fact that i trashtalk to kids who open topics and asj things like "i want someone to make me a server for free". Its not baggos or reborn problem they just show how sad they are inside them. Its my problem for write down and respond while i just use this forum as marmetplace to buy and sell. Anw goodluck aint write further more. No worth to waste my time for pixels.
  5. Thx for been realistic they chat ban m for 2 days and gave me 2 warning not 1 but 2 for just saying fuck. Its my mistake for giving value to those people by reacting to their actions as if they are better than me while they are same age with same life and write same words. Baggos has the worst mouth in this forum but all of sudden he is polite and reborn12 he simply take advantage of moderating rights to have fame and call ke scammer why people on skype tell me that he sell trance pack for hs job. Afc he will deny this and make a reference t something else but i know its true. But again i repeat is my mistake for give value this person whos life i guess is full of problens which he take them out on me with a button. Maxcheaters is dead so its pointless to defend my self in a forum where admin no care. Take care frank and to others stay in this forum without people to protect it from haters who just write fuck.