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  1. Looking for l2 classic 3. 5 Any team develop this version?
  2. See before guide have to run 2 servers in 1 machine Its nice run 2 server for test Maybe can drop link or post have to do
  3. I will try to provide more info Its possible get your Skype?
  4. Did any one use and have problem with ipb forum? Then i enabled dns in cliudflare i can't log in forum Maybe need to add page rules or other reason why is happen
  5. All other devs they don't wanna play with me just. Becouse i will not pay xxxx for 3lines code or get him to connect to teamviewer =))
  6. Still looking for kara. Any one ban him pls
  7. Can somebody slap him and teach him turn off Skype then hi is away!!?
  8. Wait wait i call you also=)
  9. Crytek ™

    EN KAra!!

    Looking for Kara Read and go Skype
  10. He say last week this. So i ques I'm need go find somoene in ru community
  11. Okey. I cant make java coded reward becouse Kara just ignore me