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  1. Hello friends My iPhone 11 had music issues when I bought it two days ago. all the ringing sounds are working normally and the speaker is not faulty, just when listening to mp3 there is no sound, I did a lot of research on the internet and followed and failed. Can someone help me or guide me fix this error? Thanks very much.
  2. I asked a lot of users about using yowhatsapp APK files, most of their answer to this problem is no, they don't trust the security of apk file. They believe their information will be revealed when using the apk. But now, in my opinion, even using the top store apps, you can still get in touch. So my opinion about the apk is as long as it's usable, it fulfills my need. So what do you think? Please let me know !
  3. English Official Spam Topic Here you can spam as much as you want, talk about anything, etc., as long as you follow a few simple rules. There may be no post count here, but continuous, nonsense replies such as "sadsadas" or "σpam" will be deleted. Flaming other users is not allowed here. Users flaming will be punished with a karma smite or a ban (depends). Posting improper images, such as ones with nudity or gore content, is prohibited. Any user posting such pictures will be immediately banned. Advertising other websites in here is not allowed. If you do this, you will be punished (Pe
  4. Release Date : September 4 2020 The NBA 2K21 release date comes with extra poignancy following the death of Kobe Bryant in January. It's out on PS4 and Xbox One on 4 September. The basketball legend, synonymous with the series, was killed in a helicopter crash aged just 41, and will be one of three cover athletes for this year's game. Below we catalogue all 2K's digital b-ball plans as well as what we know of the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions. This is your NBA 2K21 guide. NBA 2K21 trailer: watch it here The first NBA 2K21 trailer hit Youtube on 6 Augu
  5. Hello Warriors, We warmly welcome you to our community. We are a constantly growing community in which everyone will find a place. HazeGG Gaming Network a place you can call Home. Where strangers become your friends, and your friends become your rivals. HazeGG is run by gamers, for gamers. Above all else, gaming should be fun, and if you’re not having fun, were not doing it right. With us it’s about being a community that you enjoy being around and you want to return to. Our Vision: We are players of various games such as Rust, Lineage 2, GTA V, Le
  6. So which song is your no 1 so far for 2020?
  7. Hey guys, I once posted about it few years back, but would like to post again, I would like to show you my mobile game about construction, it has over 30 million downloads, so it is quite good game, drive over 25 heavy equipment vehicles to complete various tasks, please rate if you like it, it helps a lot, thanks :) DOWNLOAD
  8. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUUSeDub-uTfZPCWK2J-Prg?view_as=subscriber https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7UUXBg-1hEE&list=UUUUSeDub-uTfZPCWK2J-Prg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4clV8L6Bew&feature=youtu.be https://www.twitch.tv/muppetseel
  9. Lets start with this: The worlds funniest laugh!!! Z4Y4keqTV6w -Dont quote. -Comments are allowed only if you include a youtube video also. -ONly youtube videos, use the button. -This is not a music thread (we already have a billion on spam topic board) Use this one: http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=41127.0 Or make a new one, i dont care. -This is not a WWE Thread, make a new thread IN SPAM TOPICS section if you love it so much. -If you have a lot of videos with the same tematic post them all in 1 post. -you can post more than 1 video per po
  10. I am looking for a moderator to discuss a serious matter about an old account I have here that I forgot its credentials. Unfortunately, @Maxtoris not responding to my messages, even though he is very often online during the day (according to his profile). Some of my older posts contain personal data which I personally want to edit out. According to GDPR law I have the right to ask from Maxtor to delete all said posts (or remove/edit out the personal information), but I figured I can just do it on my own without wasting his time. Since he is not answering to my messages,
  11. in terms of getting the attention of the reader of an Hong Kong Business Email List , it stays in the author's docket to test for the pleasant way to make one want to read it. the issue line can be an amazing manner to try this. [img]https://sxxylpyidnht.wpcdn.shift8cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Hong-Kong-Email-List.jpg[/img] not many people get the time to examine all the messages they get hold of in their inboxes everyday. you want to convince a person that the Hong Kong Business Email List he is set to open isn't always from simply any other spam robot. supply a terrific first i
  12. HERE IS THE CRACKED VERSION OF CYBERPUNK DAY1 PATCH TORRENT LINK. ENJOY! https://pastelink.net/2cxje HERE IS THE CRACKED VERSION OF RED DEAD REDEMPRTION 2 TORRENT LINK. ENJOY! https://pastelink.net/24xp2 Let me know if the links died!
  13. Hi guys. I've launched a new project, an url shortening service with different integrations available (including discord). Link: Click Here Q. Why would you choose to use my service instead of another one? A. We don't tamper with your links.We won't force ads on your links,neither will we add any restrictions. You're the one who choose how your links are customized. Q. Yea but there's already a website who does that, why should I still use yours? A. We're doing it for free,forever. Any feedback would be highly appreciated. Thanks.
  14. Multiply the profit of your business into many folds using customized online shopping app development. The approach of business has changed drastically. So, you can’t win the race if you keep waiting for an idea. Contact the team of expert developers at Appdupe to get a free trial and set your wagon to launch.
  15. Seense we dont have a section for music i decide to make a theard where we could post anything related to music For example you can post something like: -Preview Review of an album -A Musical video you like -Ask for song you dont know by showing a video , add , etc -Put wtf are you listening at the moment -Or what ever that is related to music This is the main part of topic ^^ Only 1 Rule , if you post a video , check the link of the vid it isnt dead The offspring - You are gonna go far kid http://es.youtube.com/watch?v=fRxHHZEqwpw
  16. The FIFA 21 features list doesn't pack any massive surprises. Career mode, Ultimate Team, and Volta all return for FIFA 21, along with incremental gameplay tweaks. But the leap to PS5 and Xbox Series X brings some promising signs, and below we look at how it's shaping up on both current- and future-gens, beginning with an all-weekend playtest of the PS4 version. Get your shinpads on and venture forwards into GR's FIFA 21 features guide. FIFA 21 features: gameplay put to the test It’s impossible to judge any football game in a single weekend, but our first two days
  17. As the Marvel’s Avengers campaign ends, to be replaced by samey missions, it reminds me of the dual identity of so many superheroes. Avengers straps on its tightest, glossiest spandex for the campaign and dazzles with its moves, but once that adventure ends and it returns to the daily grind of a multiplayer-oriented endgame, it blurs into the crowd. Inoffensive, yet indistinguishable but for its famous superhero superstars. The frustrating thing about Marvel’s Avengers is that for the first few hours, you see hints of what it could have been—a visually spectacular and satisfying adventure
  18. Hello friends I am looking for funny ringtones for my iphone x device, but I am very bad at this. Can someone help me or share me the best ringtones? Thanks in advance :) See more free ringtone 2019: "die 10 besten klingeltöne"
  19. Is there a way to edit the name of a spoiler?
  20. @Maxtor You could bring back that section to be more easy for the members to express their opinions about forum improvements though.... Without that section where can they start a suggestion topics about community? Good afternoon everyone.!!!!!
  21. In case you didn't know you can get Grand Theft Auto V , for free ! link : https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/grand-theft-auto-v/home have fun :)
  22. Hello just making a gallop, www.l2revolution.eu is a x100 custom server with retail stats just customs gives u a small bonus of hp for longer pvp duration and weapons got double special abilities. Just wondering if you like this type of textures here is one of our custom weapons do you like it? If not explain why
  23. If you are looking for the best crypto exchange solution for your business, Blockchain App Factory is definitely your go-to-place. With a seasoned, highly qualified team of experts, they assure quality services with cutting-edge technology stack, features and security integrations that will drive potential global customers towards your exchange business, thereby magnifying your profit returns. Visit: https://www.blockchainappfactory.com/cryptocurrency-exchange-software