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  1. i don't no that but im sure if i get one more person to invite i will be able to purchase GTA 4 :D
  2. im not posting any links im just asking
  3. anyone need lockerz invite? i need one more person to invite :(
  4. anyone need lockerz invite? :D
  5. i need System560-c4v22 patched system for c3 client. can somebody help me?
  6. im double posting cuz i dont want to create another thread (sorry)
  7. i got big problem with c3 game guard. im using System560-c4v22 when i try to loging i got error 620 (hacking tool has been detected) i tryed fyyre game guard killer for c3 client and then i get another error (there was problem when running gameguard Error 0) so wtf? can anybody help me? (sorry for my bad english)