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  1. its better then Sanity more RB and can buy crystal scroll with vote dats nice and i think is better balanced
  2. The big Gathering today - 17,500 online :O really?
  3. i mean EU/America clans :D i dont care for russian players
  4. any good balanced popular w/o wipe all time server worth start play? is L2Blaze Empire 70x worth start play?
  5. looking for good popular interlude server with +1k online and all time pvp
  6. I have 14euro PSC need 10euro PayPal Need Fast i will pay frast if you trusted
  7. k ty buffs are fine? and which attributes is best for weapon?
  8. here is my gear /buffs and weapon soon i will upgrade gear (noble visper) and add AS (Acumen) at weapon deys wit+4 men-4 and int+4 men-4 and con+4 str-4 anywher i make mistake? or how can make myself better?
  9. dont think nobody no have :0 and nobody no have for sale
  10. is not my own server i only play here :D and no dont hve elegia look http://l2holiday.com/donation.htm
  11. dis mine server dont have elegia only Moirai or Vesper or Vorpal so i will make noble veper tnx any know about buffs?