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  1. Server's Rules No offensive language towards the staff. Always respect them. NEVER beg/annoy the staff for things like items, enchants, spawns, points etc. Spam is not allowed and its up to GM's/Admin's decision to jail you or even ban you (depending on the type of the spam). You are NOT allowed to use any kind of bug(s)/exploit(s) that gives you some kind of advantage. If you found any then you have to report it at the forum ASAP. If you don't report it and you get caught using it then you can be jailed, banned or worse (not kidding). You are also responsible of reporting buggers/cheaters you found in-game. Bots, scripts and/or any other kind of external software that is used to cheat in game is 100% FORBIDDEN, you will be IP-banned & end up with all of your accounts been permanent banned (or even deleted) when caught using it. Nobody can hide forever, keep that in mind before you try something stupid. Feeding is not allowed except for recommends (/evaluate). Feeding PvP/PK/Olympiad/TvT (etc.) is not allowed and it's up to GM's/Admin's decision to jail/ban you or not. Advertising of Lineage 2 servers, Lineage 2 top-lists or websites with cheating, pornographic, racist or obscene material is NOT allowed and you will be jailed/banned on sight without warning. You are NOT allowed to use Magic Cap in sieges (castle or fortress), in Olympiad or in events like TvT/DM. You are NOT allowed to use wyvern in high populated areas such as Giran Castle Town. You are NOT allowed to move mobs/raids far away from their spawn point, thus creating chaos. You are NOT allowed to impersonate any of the staff or use nicknames like 'GMsmith', 'AdminMohamed', 'Ann0unc3ments' etc. You are obviously NOT allowed to scam or trick other players by using the party drop or any other of these lame things. You are NOT allowed to use obscene, offensive or discriminative nicknames/clan names/pet names/crests etc. The Administrator is always right. If the Administrator is wrong...refer to the previous rule. !WARNING! You should NEVER reveal your account information to anyone under any circumstances, including your friends and family. Also try not to be fooled by fake 'GMs' that are trying to steal your items (for god's shake, this is really stupid)! A real GM would never ask you for such information! because he/she does not need it in the first place! Remember: you are 100% responsible for your account(s) and we NEVER restore stolen items. Have a nice & fair game-play - 17Heroees Administrator Information 17Heroes.tk - is a free Lineage II private PvP server based on L2J emulation software. There are many custom modifications on both server & client side. General Information Full Geodata Starting level: 85 Auto-loot: ON Auto-loot Raids: OFF Buff Slots: 40 Dance/Song Slots: 35 Death Penalty Chance: 0% Auto Learn Skills: ON Occupation change popup when character reach levels 20,40,76 Subclasses without quest: ON Max subclass level: 85 Max subclasses: 3 Stat. Limits: Max Run Speed: 600 Max Physical Critical Rate: 500 Max Magical Critical Rate: 200 Max P. Attack Speed: 2800 Max Casting Speed: 4700 Max Evasion: 200 Max Clans in Ally: 5 Members required to start a clan war: 7 Character deletion after days: 1 Unstuck time: 100 sec Allow drop items: ON Dropped item deletion after: 30 min Karma drop: OFF Attackable NPCs: OFF Blue mobs drop penalties: OFF Raid curse: OFF Olympiad start time: 18:00 (GTM+2) Olympiad period: retail-like (1 month) Olympiad minimum participants: 4 Olympiad minimum teams: 3 Siege interval: 2 weeks Siege length: 120 min Siege min clan level: 6 Territory war length: 120 min Territory war min clan level: 5 Custom Modifications Farming Areas Underground Coliseum (Mega Euro Bosses) Respawn: 24 hours Euro(s): 10.000 Underground Coliseum (Adena Farm)Monster's Drops:Adena: Min/Max: 50000/20000000 Dragon Balls Area (DB Farm)Tyrannosaurus Drops: Euro(s): 1 Dragon Balls: Min/Max: 0/7, Chance: 1% Auto-EventsTvT (Red vs Blue)A team vs team event that runs every hour (at hh:00) Registration Time: 4 mins Run Time: 10 mins Min/Max Players per Team: 2/25 Min Kills Required for Reward: 3 Reward for Victorious Team: 100 Euro(s) per Player Enchant System *Screenshot Safe Enchantment - Easy Max: +350 Price: 2kkk Adena Chance: 100% Safe Enchantment - Medium Max: +400 Enchants every time: +1 Price for every time: 200 Euro(s) Chance: 100% Enchant to +400 you need to have +350 Safe Enchantment - Hard Max: +500 Enchants every time: +100 Enchant to +500 you must farm all DB Other Custom Mods: Max adena limit has been increased to 9.999.999.999 On-Screen Damage Display - Displays the damage your character inflicts or receives Currency of private shops has been changed to Euro(s) Vote System - Up Stats for 12h Anti-Bot System using CAPTCHA verification Unable to mount/dismount near castle/fort doors (experimental) Custom Currencies Euro(s) - Basicaly, server's main currency Adena Pack - A pack that contains adena (extractable by double click) Custom Commands.info - Displays some basic information about the server .config (or .settings) - Displays a menu that allows you to enable or disable various settings *Screenshot .vote - Displays information about the vote system and your total votes for the current month .goto [character name] - Teleports you to any online character (costs 10 Euro(s)) .summon - Used to summon Shenron once you have collected the reqular dragon balls Dragon Ball System: Dragon Balls The Dragon Balls can grant you one of the following wishes once you have collected all 7 of them: Enchant an item to +500 100.000 Euro(s) Donate Support our server by donating! Terms & ConditionsSubmission of a donation is a voluntary action completely unnecessary to play on this server. By submitting any type of monetary unit to our server, you agree that you are not entitled to receive anything from us. Donations help us to maintain and improve the server and for that reason a reward will be given (depending on the donation amount) as a thanks for supporting us. To donate, first you must agree to the following terms: Donations will not be refunded at any case. You will not dispute the charges incurred to your WebMoney account from your donation. You realize that this is a voluntary donation, and in being a donation you cannot demand anything in return. You understand the concept of a "donation" and "voluntary" and agree to all the aforementioned rules (see subsections a and B). A. Donation [doh-ney-shuhn] - Noun - an act or instance of presenting something as a gift, grant, or contribution. B. Voluntary [vol-uhn-ter-ee] - Adjective - done, made, brought about, etc., of one's own accord or by free choice. Lost rewards cannot be replaced, from the very second you receive your rewards they are 100% your responsibility. If you do not agree to these terms, or cannot honor this contract, you cannot send a donation! Cheating or donating without agreeing to these terms can result in the removal of your items or even in account ban. These terms can change at any time without warning. Instructions: To make a donation simply follow the steps below. Click on the WebMoney donation button (it will take you to the WebMoney page) Enter your donation amount in the "Donation amount" box at the top of the page and click on Update Total If you have a WebMoney account, enter your email/password and login. If you don't have an account you can donate by credit card after filling the form (you might need to click on "Use your credit card or bank account (where available). Continue" first, in some browsers). Click on "Review Donation and Continue" & follow the next steps written at WebMoney. When you complete the donation you should get a Confirmation number, make sure you save this number. Now all you have to do is send a confirmation email (read below). You will receive your items as soon as possible (usually send via mail in game). Confirmation e-mail: After donating send an e-mail to adm17heroes@gmail.com with subject "L2 Donation Confirm" and the following information: Your account name Your character's name.* Your timezone and when you are usually online in game to receive your reward. Desired name (or nickname) that will be added to the game's credits under "Supporters" (it will be added when the next patch comes out) if you don't want your name to be in the credits then we will add "Anonymous Supporter" instead. Desired reward(s) from the reward list below (please read it carefully!).* (*) Required. Reward List Note: Prices can change at any time without warning. How to connect Download the official Lineage II Gracia Final Game Client and our server's patch. Links available in the Downloads page. Once you have downloaded the client extract the zip file and start the installation by clicking on the setup.exe file. When you are asked for the setup type select "Custom" and click next. After you accept the license agreement you will be asked for the installation directory, click on "Browse.." and copy the installation path as shown in the image below. On the next screen uncheck the box "Install a Shortcut on the Desktop". You don't want that shortcut, a shortcut will be created later after you install the patch. Proceed with the installation, this might take a few minutes to complete. Once the installation completes uncheck the 2 boxes shown on the installation wizard and click on "Finish". Now it's time to execute the server's patch. You will be asked for the installation path, right click and paste the path from step 4 (this is important, make sure you enter the same path or you might end up installing the patch to an empty directory!) and click next. Finally, when you are done with the installation simply run the game by double clicking the new shortcut that just created on your desktop. Please read notice below! Note: If you have problems installing or executing the game you might need to disable your anti-virus software, the reason for that is that some anti-virus programs tend to falsely assume that some files (such as dsetup.dll, l2.exe etc) are infected. There is nothing to worry about though, the patch it's clean & safe. Note2: The patch is specially made so it does not mess up your client like most other patches out there do. Instead of using the system folder it uses its own "17Heroes" folder. This basically means that you can still play on the official server without having to install the client twice or change the system. so guys this the old version of lineage 2 the 17 heroes server. The server opens today at 20:00 GMT+2 for those who want to connect this is the site http://the17heroes.com .I posted this for those who used to play there, since they may have not seen it. Old players will definitely feel some nostalgia joining back there. I had some good memories back them playing with my uncle :D :D . I met some good people . Before server was updated into freya they had 500+ at prime times. Now since they haven't advertised the server i guess the number will be much lower, but anyway i wanted to inform you about it. Hope i'll meet some old friends once server is opened. you can also see their timer in their site. Cheers :D .
  2. Hi Folks, We're looking for specific types of testers for our new PvP server. Our newest installment code-named 'Bloodlust' is going to shake up the PvP genre - these types of servers have not received a lot of attention from serious teams. Bloodlust is building off our previous work from revamped (circa 2017-2018) and shall be the highest budget PvP server to ever be released. We've restructured the conceptual framework from the ground up and added some pretty ground-breaking / innovative content that really separates us from the current wave of PvP servers. For those that don't know how INERA operates, we are pretty selective for our closed beta phase. Today (26APR2020) we are officially inviting CB testers. Submit your application if you're familiar with PvP worlds and want to give it a test run, otherwise see you around. https://forum.playinera.com/forum/151-bloodlust-applications/ http://bloodlust.playinera.com/ Best Regards, Vice
  3. Hey! i want l2vitality network pack or source files! send me inbox.. thanks you!
  4. Hi everybody, im triying to prevent game changing color when pvp flag activated, so i found this : writeD(_activeChar.getPvpFlag()); in userinfo.java Maybe i need to delete this or change some value ? or maybe im pointing to incorrect place... thanks for your time and sorry my bad English. Greetings .
  5. Hey players..Hi...Can you tell me your best events you have played on l2 srevers form c1 till now and you want some of that events on a srever? FEEL FREE TO ANSWER..PLEASE HELP .I WANT YOUR OPINIONS.
  6. World best mage party dominated baium pvp. L2 lion 50x pvp craft
  7. L2Devil.ws - "Aeron" H5 PvP Server L2Devil.ws - "Aeron" H5 PvP Server https://www.l2devil.ws/ THE BEST H5 PVP SERVER IS BACK! Open Beta 10/Sep/2017 at 18:00 CET Live 17/Sep/2017 at 18:00 CET Special Event Reserve your character name here! General High Five Part 5 chronicle Community Board with everything you need Rates x5000 Start free with equipped Elegia items and Raid Jewels GM Shop full, everything for adena Easy Farm, PvP Balance, PvP Reward, Skins, Mass PvP! Enchants Chance 100% Safe/Max +16 One click maxed enchant Element Chance 100% Safe/Max - 300/120 One click maxed element Scheme Buffer All buffs available (except Kamael and Class Specific) Enchanted +30/+15 buffs, 4 hours duration 32+4 buff slots, 16 dances Cancel returns buffs Overbuff protection Potions Automatic use (HP/MP/CP) Mana Potions 1000 MP / 10s Subclass Subclasses unlimited Hero and Certification skills on subclass too Olympiad Weekly Heroes (Saturday 12:00) Last Olympiad day Friday Anti-feed protection Olympiad enchant limit +6 Castle Sieges Weekly Sieges (Sunday 16:00 and 20:00) Residence Skills balanced Updated Castle defenses Territory War Weekly Territory War (Saturday 20:00) Wards Reset every week Wards anti-hiding mechanic Epic Raids Daily Epics (Monday - Friday) Clan portal capture mechanic Winner exclusive reward Participation reward Skin System Skills, Suits, Weapons, Armors, Enchant colors, Augment color, Soulshots... Make your character look awesome with our Skin System! Over 2500 Skins to choose from! Can be disabled to show the real visual Auto Events Free for All Team vs Team Incursion Siege Event GM Events Fun Events PvP Tournaments Infrastructure DDoS protection Powerful Server Machine Account Security and Scam Protection
  8. Dunno if that one is shared its for acis 370 i found that on a br ? website its antifeed pvp protection unfortunately it works exept this part +# If character died faster than timeout - pvp/pk points for killer will not increase+# and clan reputation will not be transferred+AntiFeedInterval = 120 any thoughts ? *code inside Spoiler*
  9. L2Hayze Reborn Dear Lineage II Players, Recently L2Hayze closed because our new project Kemosa (A continuation of Hayze but on the Infinite Odyssey client) was about to open. However after opening Kemosa and having many issues found by testers and players, we decided that it wasn't fair to our player community to close the server they were already enjoying when the continuation to that project wasn't fully ready and running smoothly. So we have decided to do two things. 1) Hayze and Kemosa will remain separate projects not forcing anyone to upgrade to the next server. Both will remain online permanently, no closes. 2) Kemosa Infinite Odyssey will go into beta mode where it will be online/offline and under construction with the help of some dedicated testers. It is expected to open officially sometime in September. So as a result, Hayze is now back online after a full wipe. New features coming from the Kemosa IO project, such as the war system, raffle system and upgraded event engine have already been implemented. The server is already online, all you need to do is have the gracia final chronicle and download the Hayze auto updater. Which can be found on L2Hayze.net under the downloads section. You can read more information about the re-launch on the forums. If you need assistance you can always contact L2Hayze on Skype. Server Features L2Hayze is a gracia final server, based on L2Pride. It has been reworked and updated to provide the best game play ever with continuous development. If you loved playing on L2Pride well this server is made for you. Wondrous Cubic The Wondrous Cubic is an all in one item that offers basic functions such as a Global Gatekeeper, GM Shop, Skill Enchantment, Augmentation, Symbol Maker, and Class Upgrades. The Cubic also provides some more advanced features like an In-Game Password Changer, and allows you to view player detailed stats. Community Board The community board presents useful commands that can be used in-game, as well as a region viewer and online count. The event system also displays on the community board to show you how much time remains before the next event, as well as while the event is running it displays the statistics of the event. PvP Towns Orc Village is a newbie PvP zone, where only particular items (s80 and below) can be used. Gludin is the event center as well as the main PvP town, where there are no item restrictions. Custom Shops The above pictured NPC's are the shops that can sell you a variety of items, from materials needed to craft armors/weapons to new skills and more. Custom Items While maintaining the same options and wide range of items as on Pride, Hayze introduces new bracelets/cloaks and more and balances previous items giving players the best custom gameplay around. Farming Zones Hayze has the three common farm zones from L2Pride, along with a new zone (Ruins of Agony). Cave of Trials is the starting zone, Ruins of Despair is the medium farm zone, and The Cemetery is the farm zone most suited for party players and advanced groups. It features some new mobs which can only be killed effectively with vesper weapons. Ruins of Agony (not pictured) is a based on new mobs that are needed to farm for Rykros and more. Raid Bosses There are many customized Raid Bosses with improved AI's that will give you a much more difficult time than your average raid. They also use an array of skills and debuffs that increase their difficulty to give you a unique raiding experience. Raid bosses have variable respawn times which makes them hard to camp, and very hard to kill, but worth it to try since they have some nice drops, so make your parties and hunt them all. Some raid bosses depending on their level and strength will flag the surrounding players at different intervals. Donation NPC The donation NPC is a fully automated system that provides in-game services to those who wish to support the server via donating. Most items, skills and services available here are also available to all players in-game. The donation NPC can be reached via teleportation using the Wondrous Cubic, and is available to any player. Donations are processed using PayPal and once confirmed are entered into the donation system in-game for retrieval. More information on how to use the donation NPC and how to donate can be found in the donate section of the forums. Enjoy!
  10. Im Looking for a Anti Farm PVP Protection with ip/hwid option , im using l2jacis 370
  11. Server Live Join Us! Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/l2lucia/ Website: http://l2lucia.com/ Forum : http://l2lucia.com/forum/ RATES: Exp/Sp: x55 Adena: x30 Drop/Spoil: x20 Quest items: x1 [quests have different rates] Knight Epaulette: x3 SERVER CONFIGURATION: Subclass - no quest Max Subclass - 3 Max Level Sub - 85 LvL Buff Slot: 24 buff slot, 12 dance/song Auto Loot Offline Trade Offline Buffs Auto learn skills Vitality System Olympiad every weeks Master Work Items Global GK NPC Buffer scheme Vote reward All instances/quest works 100% Facebook auto reward Twitch auto reward ENCHANT: Safe +4 Max +16 Normal Rate 60% Blessed Rate 66% Attribute stone: 40% Crystal stone: 30% Buff Duration: 2h Max Clients/PC: 5 EVENTS: Team vs Team Protect the King Last Man Standing Korean Style Capture the Flag Fight For Throne Death Match Treasure Hunt COMMANDS: .party - invite players to your party . .control - full menu of player . .offline - go in offline mode if you are selling buffs/stuffs . .getreward - take your reward if you voted . .combinetalisman - combine talismans .openatod - open multiple atods at once
  12. www.L2Equanimity.com Rates -We are a High Five Server! (aka High Five CT2.6) -XP Rate: x120 -SP Rate: x120 -Party XP Rate: x2 -Adena Rate: x250 -Enchant Rate: 70% -Blessed Rate: 75% -Safe Enchant: +7 -Max Enchant: +20 -Buffs: 3 hours Information - Even though our server is highly modified, our server is based off L2J, so we thank them for their hard work! - Unique! Stuff you may have never seen before. Custom Cloaks, Custom Boss Jewels, Custom Talismans, PvP Assists (Healers and support classes get prizes in PvP too). Give us 30 minutes of your time, and your likely to say we have one of the best servers you have ever seen, if not the best. We have also been told we have the most organized server they have ever seen as well. - PvP Assists! PvP on our server is better! Its fair to all classes. All classes can get recognition in PvP, even Healers. Anytime a player contributes to PvP they can qualify for a PvP Assist. This means healing/buffing allies can get you Assists, or debuffing or damaging targets can give you assists too. Other servers only care about DDs (Damage Dealers), we care about everyone. PvP rewards are split between the person who gets the PvP , and the person who gets the PvP Assist. - Dimensional Portals! We have developed a fun Portal system for players. Various regular activites such as killing monsters, fishing, and spoiling can help gain access to these randomized portals that give cool prizes including access to R Grade Armors for the Goddess Of Destruction Client for .dressme - PvP Streaks We have PvP Streaks on our server, but again, this is not just for DDs (Damage Dealers). An Assist counts the same as a PvP. This means support classes, even healers can get in on PvP Streaks as well. PvP Streaks grant prizes such as Custom PvP Cloaks you have never seen on any other server, non tradable versions of GCM, Top 84 LS, and more! - New Player Benefits! -- New players receive bonuses at these levels, 20, 40, 52, 61, 76, 80, 81, 82, 84, and 85. -- You have special benefits for 30 Days! -- You get additional prizes stacked on normal ones for activities such as events, voting, and instances. Normal players do not get these extra prizes that you do! -- Newbie Scrolls grant you instant access to to S84 Gear and much more! -- Gear that Newbies get are easier to ++ and easier to add elements to as well! -- Newbie Character start out with special items like Bound GCM, Bound GC, Bound Top 84 LS. These are just like the normal versions of these items, simply they can not be traded - You will always have enough Adena to get the next grade of gear, as long as your not blowing stuff up wasting it. - Achievement System Thats right, we have an Achievement system, players can complete special tasks such as completing a quest in a certain amount of time, doing exceptionally well in our custom instances, and more. They will be rewarded with items, and achievement points for completing those tasks, to see the full achievement list come check it out in game! Achievements also unlock new weapon glows, new title/name colors, fun weapons, and cloaks! We have 36 Acheivements and we continue to add more. -Custom Event Engine, that we made! - Team Vs Team (TvT) - Capture the Flag (CTF) - King of the Hill (KOTH) - Capture the Point (CTP) - Raid Battle (RB) - Death Match (DM) - Death Match Survival (DMS) - All our events have alternating maps to vary the scenary and strategy! - Set-up time for events (kinda like in olympaid) where you get to prepare yourself. - You choose your location on the battlefield (From a preslected assortement of course) - Party building features, we make it easy to know who needs a party, whos the party leaders and whos a support class - Team Chat - Assists (Not just damage dealers get recognition for killing people, support classes do too!) - Statistics, your event stats such as kills, deaths, assists, captures, damage done, and damage taken are recorded, and everyone can view the results at the end of the match. - Anti afk features. - Even if you lose you still get a prize! - Plenty more! - Lots of settings in .options. Our .options command lets you modify a lot of your personal settings such as On Screen Damage displayer, Your choosable weapon glow settings, .dressme, Exp Mode, Buff mode, PvP Messages, All Block, Soul Shot Color, WH Sorting patterns, Pop Up Critical Hit messages, Pop Up debuff messages telling you when your skills landed and your Anonymouse PvP settings (For PvP Zones). All of which will be saved to your character, you will not have to adjust them next time you log in. - Anonymous PvP Mode Our .options command gives you access to our Anonymous PvP Mode. Which is only usable in special PvP Zones. It allows you to be completely anonymouse, other players wont know your clan, your name, pretty much everything that tells you who you are is changed, even heros no longer have a hero glow in this mode. What is this good for? Well lots of thing, practicing PvP and/or new set ups knowing you wont be humiliated, because no one will now it was you. It can also be used for fun, you can even attack and kill your own clan members in this mode, they won't know its you. Its simply another way to have a good time or expirement. - Dress Me for Armors, Weapon Glows and for Cloaks! We have a .dressme command that enables you to change your armors texture to look like a different armor set, and cloak. also we allow players to choose their weapon glows, these features and more are saved to your character and restored when you log back in. - Vote Reward System You will be rewarded everyday that you vote. 10% more adena per drop for 24 hours when you vote, you also get full Vitality. 10 Gold Einhasad to use in the Voting Area of the GM Shop, and you get a randomized reward stacked on top of that. - Rebirth System At Level 85 players may rebirth, to obtain new skills or to get special items. You can rebirth as many times as you want, and you keep all your skills, and subs! - Development Our server is always getting updates, we strive to make our server the best so you will see a constant flow of updates that can be viewed in the server news window in-game, or on our websites homepage that shows our complete list of updates for each month. - Crystal Scrolls Support Crystal Scrolls are 100% enchant rate, but only drop from Valakas and Antharas so they are extremely RARE! - Custom Instance Zones Our Solo Instance Zone, is a solo mini adventure that you wont see anywhere else except right here on L2 Equanimity! Expect fun and prizes and wanting to come back to do it all over again. Our Group Instance Zone Event, is for 3 to 9 people in a party,, which is also a unique L2 Equanimity feature you wont see anywhere else, and you can bring you friends along for the ride! - Modified Classes Some people may be skeptical of this idea, but aren't you tired of seeing all the same classes being played, for example TH, HE, SH, Tanks, and Bishop? Well here there is a reason to play just about every class. Commonly not played classes such as Summoners, Dwarfs, BD, SwS, EE, SE have been modified with extra skills and even servitors have added stat bonuses to make them better! A complete list of modified classes and exactly what was changed for them is available in game when typing our custom command (.info). Do not worry though, but normal and modified classes are subject to nerfing if they become too strong. - Custom Spoil System Why not utilize a great game mechanic! All of our custom Farmzones monsters have special spoils that are used as a new currency for unique items not available anyway else other then spoiling. - Custom Talismans Talismans DO NOT disappear on our server, also we have custom made Talismans that give effects like extra HP, CP, or M def. - Offline Shops are enabled If you create a shop in a peace zone, then log out, your shop will stay online. - A special command (.info) that lets you perform actions from anywhere Players may augment from anywhere with (.info) command. Players may Add/Remove Dyes from anywhere with (.info) command. Players may see if Epic Raids & Custom Raids are Alive from anywhere with (.info) command. You may see top PvP/PK of everyone on the server from anywhere with (.info) command. You may also check many other things with this command in game like, rules, rates, server news, Farming area info, Staff info, Donations, and Modified Class Information! - Completely Custom and unique Farmzones All Custom Farmzones contain Custom Raid Bosses. Custom Mobs have Custom skills and even player skills (mobs can even do things like lethal you or disarm you). We have a total of 5 Custom Farmzones, one for level 50-70, one for 70-80, two for 80-85 and one group Farmzone for multiple people over 80. Each of our 5 Farmzons have a Variety of completely different mobs! For more in depth info about our Farmzones check them out in game! -NPC Information All our custom NPCs layouts are very organized unlike most servers! Our NPC Buffer can buff you and also buff your pets! You may create custom buff schemes! We have a extremely organized GM Shop with a wide variety of contents. Our Gm Shop is also influenced by castle owners tax rates, so that players can make money by owning an castle, and have some power over the prices. We have a Global Gatekeeper with a clean organized layout that allows you to go almost anywhere easily. Also NPC functions that allow you to De-Level, change your name and title color, give reputation points for farmed items, and even have a NPC Function that allows you to directly enchant your items from +0 to +7 (our safe enchant), but 7 enchant scrolls are still required, this is a custom feature to save you time! - PK protection We have a buff that anyone can obtain at our buffer that makes it where a player cannot be attacked by another player that is 1 or more levels higher then them, and in vice versa. Additionally if you are the same level and you are PKed, if the player who got Pked is new, that person gets +2 Pks and x2 the Karma. On our server, you can not work off your karma in just 1 mob, it actually takes some effort. Also we have some safe zones for people ot farm as well if they want to do it in peace. - Other Features -- Bot Protection -- DDoS Protection -- Territory Wars -- Fortresses -- Subclass Certification System -- Subs may be leveled up to 84 -- Full Geodata -- Anonymouse Olympiad to help prevent feeding. -- Hero Weapons are Enchantable! -- Heroes every 2 weeks -- Special Rewards for Fishing -- and much more! www.L2Equanimity.com
  13. BETA OPEN JOIN US ! https://www.facebook.com/l2apocalyps http://apocalyps.eu http://apocalyps.eu/forum Rates: Exp/Sp - x15 Adena: x10 Drop/Spoil - x10 Safe Enchant: +4 Max Enchant: +16 Quest Drop: (x1 - > x5) Normal Enchant Chance: 60% Blessed Enchant Chance: 66% Attribute Stone Chance: 40% Attribute Crystal Chance: 30% Max Buffs/Dances: 24/12 Buff Duration: 2h Max Clients/PC: 5 Information: Community Board content: User Control Panel / All Custom NPC's{Shop, Buffer} / Event Registration / Custom Services / Vote System / Attribute Enchant / Donation and much more new things. FindParty System ClanHall NPC System Attribute Stone CTRL System Much more new things on server. Server Information: Powerfull Dedicate Machine based on Cent-OS Linux Distribution Anti-bot protection - Available DDoS Protection - Available Contact Us: Email: admin@apocalyps.eu Skype:apocalyps.eu More Information will be available soon* http://apocalyps.eu http://apocalyps.eu/forum
  14. A server made by players for players. We are here for make one big community with big online stats and many online players to play at our servers. L2EoE {Pvp-No Custom} will run first and after that project we have plan for a second mid rate no craft/quest server . We accept any opinion bad or well for our server feature. Be Ready guys. Experience *Experience Rates : x1000 *Sp Rates : x1000 *Party Exp: x1.3 *Party Sp: x1.3 *Adena: x1 (Customize) *Drop Item Karma: x15 Event Engine *DeathMatch *TvT *CTFServer Features *Server Auto Vote Reward System with Vote Coins (L2topzone,L2.hopzone, l2network) *Custom New Player Spawn *All items on {GM-SHOP} With Adena *Flawless Geodata *Instant Development *Auto Loot *No Auto Loot On Raids *Auto Learn All Skills *Announce Raid Spawn *Active Staff *Wedding System *Custom Farm Zones *Custom Mage & Fighter Tattoo *2 Custom Shield *No weight limit *No grade penalty *Subclass without quest *Subclass starting 80lvl *Max Subclasses = 4 *You can add any subclass in Maximilian (All classes there) *Max Clan in Alliance = 2 *Class Balance Perfect *PvP Color System *Anti-Feed System *Castle Sieges Work (Every Week) *Olympiad System Work *Heroes Every 1 Week *Main Town - Talking Island *PvP Areas - Change every 1 hour *Active/Passive = 1+1 *Lifestone Mid/High/Top skill chance (5%/10%/15%) Custom NPC *GM-SHOP A-S grade with Consumables *Global Gatekeeper *Custom Buffer with ressist (Buff slot 60) *Top PVP/PK/CLAN etc *Class changer *Boss manager *Augmenter *Skill Enchanter *Vote Manager *Castle Manager *Symbol Manager *Password Manager *Custom Shop *Olympiad Rank *Olympiad Manager Enchant System Safe Enchant Armor/Jewel/Weapon = 6 Max Enchant Weapon/Armor/Jewel = +16 With Blessed Scroll/Normal Scroll Max Enchant Weapon/Armor/Jewel = +20 With Crystal Scroll (If Enchant Failed Enchant Goes To Blessed Enchant Maximum) Normal Enchant Scroll rate = 55% Blessed Enchant Scroll rate = 90% Crystall Enchant Scroll rate = 80% Raid Boss System (Raid Boss Manager With Raid Bosses Spawn At Main Town) (Raid Boss Spawn Announce) No Auto Loot At Raid Bosses. All Raid Boss Areas Are AUTOFLAG. Hero Boss : Noblesse Boss: Ares Boss: Gaia Boss: Hephestus Boss: Apollo Boss: Hermes Boss: Hades Boss: Zeus Boss: Special Droplist At Our Raid Bosses. Also Special Stats At Our Raid Bosses. -L2EoE Staff. Stay Tuned Website: L2EoE.com (Coming Soon) Forum: L2EoE.com/Forum (Coming Soon) Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Lineage2EoE/ MORE INFORMATION COMING SOON STAY TUNED.
  15. Hello i need script who in server have bigger pvp scores 3 top places they get the IMPRISIONING_1 effect But when someone get from 4 to 3 place they changes effect old one lose big_head effect new one in top 3 place get the effect. pls help L2jFrozen pls help :)
  16. Hello i have interlude l2jfrozen, i need script code. Register on olympiad only can players who have 30 pvp or more.
  17. LF active American players to play with us on the interlude-online.ru GvE server. Will be alot of fun non stop pvp let me know if your interested or just hop on our discord and say hey https://discord.gg/CdyNt6h
  18. Hello community, Below you will find details considering the unique features we have developed specifically for Beyond. Bare in mind that there is also some information left out on purpose for the players to discover themselves as they progress. Launch Date: 5th of January, 2018 19:00 PM - UK UTC 21.00 PM - GR +2 UTC 17.00 PM - BR -2 UTC Rates Dynamic XP: 35x (20x between Lv. 70 and 80) Party XP: 1.5x Adena: 30x Max. Weapon: +12 Max. Armor & Jewels: +6 Beginners Starting Level: 20 Starting Items: Starter Hat (Passive Noblesse buff for 1 hour) - Consumable Pack (Upon double-clicking you will receive 2 Adena, 20 mana and 20 greater healing potions. Class change requires 1 Adena and for 1st and 2nd class changes you will receive a Reward Ticket which opens to Jewelry, Armor and Weapon tickets, either Level 20 or Level 40, depending on the class change) Skills Auto-learn skills up until level 78 Learning 79 and 80 Level skills can be done in Aden's Church. Different ways of obtaining these spell-books. Fully functional 80 level fusion skills (They now require 1 player to force instead of 3) Enhanced anti-buff (it allows specific self, clan and alliance buffs to go through so that it does not affect and clan activities and PvPs) New textures for skill: Death Spike Transfer pain range decreased to 300 Hot Springs de-buffs cannot be cleansed Cleanse re-use and casting time have been adjusted Spellsinger and Sorcerer: Cancellation skill now removes 0-7 buffs and they are restored after 12 seconds. Debuff can be cleansed but still get restored Dark Avenger and Shillien Knight: Touch of Death skill now removes 0-5 buffs and they are not restored. 75% chance for skill effect but can be cleansed 2-hours NPC buffs, Player buffs have the same duration as on retail Limited and Unlimited access on Beyond's buffer NPC, unlimited access can be achieved in-game Miscellanous Earring of Orfen and Ring of Core have both been modified with better statistics in order to be useful and worthy enough for players to fight over them Ring of Core: Increases the protection of the elements by 10% and P.Def. & M.Def by 5% Earring of Orfen: Increases CP/HP/MP by 15% and P.Def. & M.Def by 5% Empower Potion Spawn Protection No level gap penalty Infinity Shots can be purchased Automatic HP/MP/CP potions through our modified Classic Interface Sealed Epic boss jewelry that can be purchased for Noblesse Gate Passes at our rewards shop (Decreased statistics by 4 times lower than retail ones) Two-way addition of special ability on weapons (One way loses the enchants while the other one makes enchants remain) Upgrading up equipment will be available from the beginning. For the armors the whole set needs to be on the same level so that statistics bonus work (More to be announced soon on a different thread) Class masteries on final stage of upgraded armory Remote buff coin (Blocked in specific areas) Buff Unlimited Coin that allows you to access a new button with special buffs such as Chant of Victory, Dance of Siren and many more - Achievable through TvT coins and Noblesse Gate Passes Maximum number of boxes is three (3) NPCs not used on Beyond have been removed Statistics NPC where you view top PvP, PK, Clan and the status of our raid bosses Major Arcana Robe (S-Grade) now gives +15% Casting Speed and +8% P. Def Modified classic interface Quests Every NPC that is located in towns across the map of Lineage II has now been re-located to Ivory Tower (Beyond’s Quest Area). This is done to save time from our players running around the map only to talk to several NPCs as we believe everyone has done it enough times already to deserve this change). The ones outside the town, including any monsters will remain on their usual spawn area Sub-Class Quest: Modified for Beyond. Starting location is in the Ivory Tower and all the quest requires is players to talk to the chests of the first 4 raid bosses that can be found in Seal of Shilen (Cemetery) and Tower of Insolence 3rd, 8th and 11th floors. Quest begins at Maestro Reorin who is located in the Ivory Tower Noblesse Quest: This quest has not been modified but every NPC as mentioned is now located in the Ivory Tower and Blazing Swamp contains all the monsters required in order to gather 5 Lunargents and 1 Hellfire Oil. Flame of Splendor Barakiel in the Valley of Saints is located in a neutral zone and a new Flame of Splendor Barakiel in Bandit Stronghold has been created. The gatekeeper outside the gates will be able to port you inside but bare in mind the whole area is PvP and there is no escape PK Quest: This quest has not been modified. Every NPC is located in the Ivory Tower and all the materials can be found at the starting NPC Hatchling and Strider Quest: This quest has not been modified. Every NPC is located in the Ivory Tower and food as well as equipment for pets can be found there Beyond The Walls (Custom Daily PvP Quest): This is a unique quest developed only for Beyond. It is an instance quest only a group of 9 can take at a time and it is going to be up twice a day. The starting NPC is located outside the house in Hellbound Island just after the Chimeras Area and the whole area is PvP. Only the party leader can take the quest and is going to teleport the entire party inside. Be careful as it can be really dangerous in there Clan System Maximum number of members per clan at Level 8: 80 members Maximum number of clans per alliance: 1 clan Clan skills are fully functional and items required can be earned in several ways in-game as well as clan reputation points Clan penalties for both members and clan leaders do exist but have been shortened Sieges Three weekly castle sieges - Aden, Giran, Oren (Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday) Rewards: Custom daily raid boss spawning inside the castle, Clan Reputation Points, 1.000 Siege Badges used to buy various goods from our rewards shop Clan Hall: Devastated Castle siege every Monday Raid Bosses Bosses will re-spawn to their set spawn area upon being dragged away (It is done to avoid PvP quantity loss) - Does not apply to epic raid bosses Daily custom and epic raid bosses now cannot be healed by players Isle of Prayer and Hellbound Isle contain daily custom raid bosses with great drops Frintezza: Level 80. Teleport has been modified so unlimited amount of parties or players can enter the raid boss area by using the quest item that can be purchased in the misc shop. Players can also enter when the epic raid boss is alive. Area in the Imperial Tomb and after teleporting has been turned into PvP area Core: Level 80. Area has been modified and turned into PvP area. Raid boss statistics have been increased Orfen: Level 80. Area has been modified and turned into PvP area. Raid boss statistics have been increased Zaken: Level 80. Has now been moved to Underground of the Isle of Prayer. You can only teleport inside Zaken's new lair if the raid boss is alive. Unlimited amount of players can enter even when alive. Teleport requires (1) Zaken’s quest item that can be purchased in the misc shop. The gatekeeper can be found in the Chromatic Highlands Queen Ant: Level 80. Area has been modified and turned into PvP area. Raid boss statistics have been increased Antharas: Level 80. PvP area has been added between the first bridge and heart of the Lair of Antharas, as well as the entire Antharas’ Nest area. Teleport has been modified for Beyond, players can now teleport even why Antharas is awake and it requires (1) Portal Stone that can be purchased in the misc shop Baium: Level 80. PvP area has been added from the 12th floor and above, including Baium’s room. Teleport has been modified for Beyond, players can now teleport even why Baium is awake and it requires (1) Blooded Fabric that can be purchased in the misc shop Valakas: Level 80. PvP area has been added from the bridge (After teleporting using Klein NPC) until the heart, including Valakas’ Lair. Teleport has been modified for Beyond, players can now teleport even why Valakas is awake and it requires (1) Floating Stone that can be purchased in the misc shop Areas & Teleporting Unique teleporting system including Towns, Hunting Areas, Other Areas (Quests, Raid Bosses), Noblesse (Edited) Aden Castle Town (Main Town) - Aden church has been modified with several classes NPCs Hellbound Island (End-game area, Level 76 is required) Isle of Prayer (solo) and Chromatic Highlands (party) - Level 65 is required Lair of Antharas (modified path at the first bridge) Blazing Swamp now contains all the monsters needed for the Noblesse Quest Grand Olympiad Custom Grand Olympiad area, specifically designed for that purpose Grand Olympiad Games run every Saturday (Class based matches) and Sunday (Non-class based matches) In the Grand Olympiad Games there is no restrictions beside the blocked items as (pots/elixirs/scrolls etc.) Grand Olympiad shop has been modified with various goods to choose from in exchange for Noblesse Gate Passes and can be found in rewards NPC Required players to register has been changed to a (3) on Class based and non-class based games Required games to be qualified for hero has been changed to a (5) minimum games with (1) victory Mystic classes will now obtain Acumen Lv.3(Except for Summoner classes - Acumen Lv.1) and Wind Walk Lv.2 Fighter classes will not obtain Haste Lv.2 and Wind Walk Lv.2 Heroes Heroes are announced every Monday at 13:00 PM GMT +1 Hero skills deleted: Fear and Silence Wings of Destiny: Passive Noblesse when worn Hero Weapons: Equal to +10 S-Grade weapons with ability (Several special abilities have been changed to specific weapons) Hero Pole effect of cancelling buffs has been removed Hero Mace effect of fully healing players and monsters has been removed First and Second olympiad place medals are now given to players that can be exchanged for various goods to choose from and can be found in rewards NPC For any questions please do not hesitate to ask us on these forums and we will gladly answer to them. We are looking forward to seeing you online very soon! Kind regards, Lineage II: Beyond Staff.
  19. Are you tired of - Pay 2 Win donation rewards? - Olympiad tryhards and server hopers? - Paid clans and fake players? - "Star Wars" Weapons? - Grinding for Attributes? - Complicated grinding for currencies? and do you yearn for - The good old days? - Organic server growth? - Enganging farming & crafting? - PvP focused endgame? - Uncomplicated Interlude-like gameplay? Then L2FX is the server you were looking for! https://www.l2fx.com Experience : x1000 Skill Points : x1 Party EXP/SP: x2 Adena : x1000 Seal/KE : x10 Ancient Adena: x1 Mouse Coins: x1 Quests/Drops : x1 Safe Enchanting : +6 Max Enchanting : +12 Normal Scrolls : 70% Blessed Scrolls : 100% Buff duration: 2h59m Buff Slots: 24 Dance/Song Slots: 12 Cancel/Steal return: 10s Free Class/Subclass changes 5 SubClass Slots Global Gatekeeper, GmShop, NpcBuffer Master Blacksmith, Services, PK Guard Offline trading Auto Potions (Healing, Mana, CP) Solo-Friendly NO Pay 2 Win Donation rewards Real Classic Gameplay inspired by IL & Hellbound Clan Skills only with clan reputation Retail like Fortres/Castle Sieges Retail like Territory Wars Custom currency Economy Geodata without Bugs NO Clan Penalties NO Custom Items NO Attribute System NO Subclass Certifications NO Skill Transfer NO Transformations NO Olympiad Games All GrandBoss Lv80 (24h respawn) All RaidBoss (10 respawn) Custom Playgrounds Killing Spree System TvT Event every 59 minutes Timezone: GMT+3 Ddos Protected hosting https://www.l2fx.com
  20. Hello community ! We are a group of friends that played together on many servers and now we want to join on L2Damage.com at the opening on the 29th of December. Depending on the number of players we manage to gather,i will decide if we will make our own clan or if we join other clan as a CP. To make a better opinion about us,take some time to view our clan videos from previous seasons of L2Damage on our channel : https://www.youtube.com/user/pqTeSTpq Few things that we are looking for from you guys : 1) Basic assisting/positioning knowledge . 2) Headphones + Microphone ON for Teamspeak 3 . 3) Having the posibility of donating ( we will play archers setup,since all of us will donate and without auguments archers hit low damage ) 4) We will speak English language in PvP , since we are from different countries At this moment , i am looking for people who master the cardinal/archer/warlord classes.Feel free to contact me at Skype adress : pi2de.2010 if you have questions or if you want to find out more informations about us.
  21. Grand Opening 24 March 2018 Time : 18:00 GMT+2 EXP : x1200 SP : x1200 Adena: x (Custom) Drop: x (Custom) Spoil: x (Custom) Safe Enchant +4 Maximum Enchant +25 Normal Scrolls Rate : 75% Blessed Scrolls Rate : 90% Victoria Scrolls Rate : 100% (After +20 Varies% ) High Life Stone Rate : 10% Chance Top Life Stone Rate : 20% Chance Active Passive Augment Skill 1-1 Augment Weapons can be traded ! Interlude Custom Server Custom Start Up Main Town Victoria Area Easy-Normal-Hard Areas Vote System Every 1 Hour Voting For New PvP Area Custom Raid Bosses Rank System (25 RaidBosses) Epic Boss Zones Balanced Classes Balanced Classes (passive skills) Unique Gameplay Nexus Event Engine With Many Event's Starting Lv* 80 Sub Class Lv* 80 Buff Slot: 36 + 4 De-buff Custom High Five Buffs Max SubClasses 3 Max Clan on alliance 3 PvP/PK Color System Auto Learn Skills Auto Loot Full Working Wedding L2j off Paid Geodata + Pathnodes Many More Features! Olympiad auto skill reuse on every match Olympiad Period 1 week [ Starts 18:00 | Ends 00:00 ] Custom Gk Custom Buffer Raid Manager Skill Enchanter Siege Manager Bounty Hunter Sub Manager Npc Vote Manager Warehouse Fashion Shop Augment Manager General Shop Misc Merchant Armor Merchant Weapons Dealer Player Ranking Symbol Manager Event Manager Olympiad Manager Password Manager Raid Boss Status Clan Hall Manager Donate Shop Custom Level 1 Armor {Titanium Set Startup Armor} Custom Level 2 Armor {Dynasty Set} Custom Level 3 Armor {Victoria Set} Custom Hat's : Level 1 Custom Hat's : Level 2 Droped From RaidBosses Rank 5 Custom Shields Special Custom Tattoo's {Fighter-Mage} + AIO Tattoo Custom Weapons Custom Level 1 Weapons {Titanium Set Startup Weapons} Custom Level 2 Weapons {Victoria Weapons} Custom Level 3 Weapons {Victoria Weapons Ability } You can ad special ability at your custom weapon. Custom Jewels Ring Of Wrath {Level 1} Earring Of Wrath {Level 1} Neclace Of Wrath {Level 1} Ring Of Fortitude {Level 1} Earring Of Fortitude {Level 1} Neclace Of Fortitude {Level 1} Ring Of Wrath {PvP} {Level 2} Earring Of Wrath {PvP} {Level 2} Neclace Of Wrath {PvP} {Level 2} Ring Of Fortitude {PvP} {Level 2} Earring Of Fortitude {PvP} {Level 2} Neclace Of Fortitude {PvP} {Level 2} Raid Boss Jewles {TOP} Necklace of the Undying Azwraith's Earring Hecarim's Earring Amarok's Ring Ring Fafurion Crystal of Wrath {To Make Weapon With Ability} Clan Reputation Coin Noble Potion Reward Box Herb Of The Farmer Hero Coin Gold-Silver Coin PvP Coin Vote Coin Scroll of Clan Reputation Event Medal Soulfire (Droped Pvp Zone) .menu .online .reg .unreg .votepanel{PvP Zone} Website : http://l2victoria.com/ Forum : http://l2victoria.com/forum/
  22. Lineage II Oblivion 50x Mid PvP Website: www.L2Oblivion.eu Grand Opening 1 December at 20:00 +2GMT Interlude Chronicle Rates: Experience: x50 Skill Points: x50 Adena: x50 Drops of Epic Jewels are 100% Drops of Core, Orfen and Queen Ant are 50% Enchants: Safe +3 Max. weapon:+21 Max. armor: +12 Max. jewels: +12 Enchant Rate is with scale L2Oblivion Information : Time Server (GMT+2) Auto learning Skills Auto loot System (expect raid's drops) Offline Shop: Create your shop and then exit the game Chaotic Zone in all Epic Raid Bosses Only 2 Clans max per Ally Infinity SoulShots and Arrows No Weight limit Life Stones will be added later Epic Quest items on Misc Shop (Harvana) PK Quest: Repent your sins quest(Black Judge NPC in Floran village) Boosted Buffers: In order to give buffer classes a fair chance to participate in PvP,they will receive higher level skills that they can use on themself only. Return skill 15 seconds New Characters will be spawned in the basement of Ivory Tower. Rebirth System Rebirth Once a player reaches 76 level, he can choose 3 rebirths at the Rebirth Manager in Aden. Rebirths are Free and you dont have to level up 3 times. Each player can get a maximum of 3 rebirths. Rebirths are also changeable Items: All weapons and armors below S grade can be purchased to Albert and Meredion with adena(to give them special ability you need to visit our friend Wilbrand and collect the mantras he asks for). - S grade Weapons To obtain S grade Weapons you need to collect 300 fire mantras and 20kk,then all you have to do is go to Wilbrand and take the weapon you want. Special ability on S grade weapons can be made on crafters Custom L2Oblivion Weapons can be obtained by killing our raid bosses. L2Oblivion Jewels can be obtained by Killing our raid bosses For More Info : Buffs: 25 Buff slots 1 Hour Buffer Time, Cov/Pof/Pow/Pow/etc 4minutes All buffs Free in NPC Noblesse: Custom - Noblesse L2 Oblivion has a special noblesse system. Once you have level 78 you need to collect various items from the following raid bosses in order to become a Noblesse. Death Lord Hallate - Kernon - Longhorn Golkonda - Shilen's Messenger Cabrio - Once you have collected all the items and your character is 78 level, you can go to the Noblesse Manager “Eddy Wally” who is located on the stairs in Aden Town, and become a Noblesse. Sub Class Custom Quest Subclass: Once you have become noblesse you have the chance to change into another class.In order to do so you will need to visit Great Soul (the subclass manager) who is located on the stairs in Aden town. He will provide you with the required items you need to have in order to make the subclass.(subclass crown can be obtained after you defeat Flame Of Splendor Barakiel) Sieges: First Siege will be Saturday December 2nd Custom Siege: ~Aden Castle~, ~Giran Castle~, ,~ Goddard Castle~,~Dion Castle~,~Oren Castle ~,~Gludio Castle~ Castle owners will get special rewards Olympiad: Olympiad: Weekly Olympiad time: 19:00 - 20:00 GMT+2 Olympiad start day: 25 December ( Starting Monday) Max enchant olympiad: Unlimited Items Max : A Grade Period 1 week,Heroes every Sunday 24:00 GMT+2 Commands: .Menu ( With Special Command's) Clan Halls: Only clans that reached level 5 can buy clan hall's Bid System ~Gludin ~Dion ~Gludio~ With Special Teleport's Donate ~Aden~Giran~Goddard With Special Teleport's Protections: Anti DDOS Protection It is basically an idea taken from the classic l2 gold server and we changed many things , we tried to make the game more attractive for the players. I know many of you will say that it is a copy of l2 gold but believe me most things have been changed in our own unique way. We are expecting you to try it out . We hope you enjoy your stay.
  23. L2Dusk proudly present! We do not have any type of donation Who wish donate can do it for server maintaince only There are NO REWARDS for any kind of donation WEBSITE: http://www.l2dusk.com/ | FORUM: http://www.l2dusk.com/community/ REGISTER IN OUR FORUM AND TELL US MORE OPINIONS ABOUT WHAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE LIVE Server OBT: 19th Octomber 2017 at 18:00 (CET \ GMT +2) Grand Opening: one day in Octomber 2017 at 18:00 (CET \ GMT +2) - (undefined) Chronicles: Interlude Server time: CET \ GMT+2 OUR SPECIAL FEATURES Lineage2Classic view 9/10 We have implemented an unique Event-Medal system PVP system: -> When you pvping(your name must be pink), the person who kill you will steal you 100 Event-Medals, in case you have less then 100 in inventory, your killed will get all your medals (for example 67 Event-Medals) PK system: -> When you kill a player with karma(red name), you steal form him 500 Event-Medals, in case the player with karma have less then 500 Event-Medals, in inventory(for example 389), you will take form him 389 Event-Medals. -> Event-Medals can be exchanged in shop for various items. -> Event-Medals canot be traded/dropped/destroyed/deposited/selled(only exchanged in shop) -> This way there will be more action and more desire for pvp Special Event Game Shops changes -> Shop currency - Event Medals -> Normal Enchant Scrolls -> Non/Mid/High-grade Life Stones -> Book of Giant/Strider Pet -> Hair Accesory -> Caradinne Letter Lv.65 -> Caradinne Letter Lv.75 Way to obtain Event-Medals: -> kill monsters from lv.1 to lv. 87 -> they will drop Event-Medals based on thier level and difficulty -> kill raid bosses from lv.20 to lv.87 -> they will drop Event-Medals based on thier level and difficulty The Server conception and settings could be changed during the discussions and testing (including OBT)! Rates -> Exp/Sp - x50 -> RB Exp/Sp - x21 -> Adena - x30 -> Seal Stone - x10 -> Drop - chance x15, quantity х1 (If the chance is over 100% - the quantity going to be increased) -> Spoil - chance x15, quantity х1 (If the chance is over 100% - the quantity going to be increased) -> RB drop - chance x5, quantity х1 (If the chance is over 100% - the quantity going to be increased) -> Epic Boss Exp/Sp/Drop - x1 -> Manor - x1 -> Drop quest item - x10 -> Quest - reward (adena/exp/sp) x1 Server gameplay Main changes: Special Click Shift option on monsters -> show monsters stats -> show monsters droplist (icon/item name/chance/amount) Special NPC show raid boss status alive or death -> all world RaidBosses showoff in ascending order by thier level -> click on boss name and view drop amounts and chances -> Killing a RaidBoss (drop will go to the person/party which did the most damage, not last hit) -> Autoloot - yes -> Offtrade - yes, duration 14 days (create shop and use command /offline_shop) -> Autolearn skills - yes -> Mana Potion - can be purchased for Adena (restore overtime for 20 sec - 200 MP/second) -> Buff slots - 26 from the start + can be extended to 30 -> Weightlimit - increased x10 for every character + could be increased to x20 New special newbie assistance: -> Lv.1 Newbie kit - TOP-NG equipment and NG soulshots/spiritshots x2000 potions HP/MP x10 Res/Teleport Scrolls x3 -> Lv.20 Newbie kit - TOP-D equipment and D soulshots/spiritshots x2000 potions HP/MP x25 Res/Teleport Scrolls x3 -> Lv.40 Newbie kit - TOP-C equipmentand C soulshots/spiritshots x5000 potions HP/MP x50 Res/Teleport Scrolls x3 -> Lv.52 Newbie kit/Lv.61 Newbie kit/Lv.70 Newbie kit/Lv.74 Newbie kit/Lv.76 Newbie kit - (useful consumables) -> Boxes limitation - depending on the server load -> Teleportation costs - 1 Adena for towns and retail for other zones -> Cursed Weapons - from 1st day -> Clan Halls - rent is increased x10 Game Shops changes: -> Low-D grade weapon/armor - Store for Adena -> Top-D grade weapon/armor - Store for Adena -> Low-C grade weapon/armor - Store for Adena -> Top-C grade weapon/armor - Store for Adena -> Low-B grade weapon/armor - Store for Adena -> Top-B grade weapon/armor - Store for Adena -> Greater Healing Potion, Mana Potion - Store for Adena -> Soulshots/spiritshots/arrows - Store for Adena -> Other misc and Recovery Penalty, Cursed Bone, Energy Stone - Store for Adena -> Crystals D/C/B - Store for Adena -> Soul Crystal - from 1 to 10 level at Giran Luxory shop for Adena -> Quest Items(clan) - Store for Adena -> Dual Sword Craft Stamp - Store for Adena -> Basic recipe - Store for Ancient Adena Changes and spawn of Epic Bosses (server time, CET \ GTM + 2) -> Core - 80 level, drop rate is 50% and change drop-list, 36 hours +-1 hour. -> Orfen - 80 level, drop rate is 50% and change drop-list, 36 hours +-1 hour. -> Queen Ant - 80 level, drop rate is 50%, 2 days -> Zaken - 80 level, 48 hours +-2 hour. -> Frintezza - 48 hours +-2 hour. -> Baium - 5 days -> Antharas - 8 days -> Valakas - 11 days Changes and respawn of regular bosses -> All game RaidBoss respawn time 12 hours +/- randomly 1 hour -> Flame of Splendor Barakiel (Nobless) - 80 level, 6 hours. -> Alternative Flame of Splendor Barakiel (Nobless). Located in Blazing Swamp (upstairs). Level 80, 9 hours. -> Shilen's Messenger Cabrio (Cabrio Infernium Scepter) - Level 80, 6 hours. -> Death Lord Hallate (Hallate Infernium Scepter) - 6 hours. -> Kernon (Kernon Infernium Scepter) - 6 hours. -> Longhorn Golkonda (Golkonda Infernium Scepter) - 6 hours. -> Varka's Hero Shadith - 12 hours, + randomly 1 hour. -> Ketra's Hero Hekaton - 12 hours, + randomly 1 hour. Seven Signs -> Free teleport for everyone -> Open NON-STOP Enchant Rate -> Safe +3 -> Safe +4(full armor) -> Max = unlimited -> Normal Enchant Scroll - 66% chance -> Blessed Enchant Scroll - 70% chance Life Stone changes -> Non-grade: Life Stone chance to get a skill - 3% -> Mid-grade: Life Stone chance to get a skill - 5% -> High-grade: Life Stone chance to get a skill - 10% -> Top-grade: Life Stone chance to get a skill - 15% -> You will not be able to stack any augment -> You will benefit only from the augment from you current weapon(equiped) -> There are no differences in type of the Life Stone regarding the type of the skill: you can receive any random skill from any type of the Life Stone. -> The higher Life Stone type is - the higher chance to get a skill. Grand Olympiad -> Beginning of the first period of the Olympic Games -> Olympiad Period - retail 30 days -> First heroes - retail(when period ends) -> Olympiad duration period - 18:00 to 00:00 (CET \ GMT +2). -> For non-class fights running you need - 5 people. Classes transferring -> 1st profession - 100.000 Adena -> 2nd profession - 1.000.000 Adena -> 3rd profession - 500 Event Medals -> After complette 3rd class change you will be rewarded with 3x Book of Giant Sub-class -> Free of charge Obtaining of a Noblesse status -> Buy Carradine Letter Lv.65 - Store for 2000 Event Medals -> Buy Carradine Letter Lv.75 - Store for 5000 Event Medals A server concept can be changed in debating and after the server testing. We will notify you in this thread if any changes will be initiated.
  24. most of images are not working , I will update them ASAP ! Use the facebook link I have provided for images until then ! http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.237886732933710.67174.118907648164953&type=3 Hello , i'm here to show you My Freya pack , and few other useful features for your server Like Custom cancel system , advanced anti ks , custom community board and more ! for once more I offer you high quality pack , from trusted member and support for really LONG time.. ( Check my old and new costumers ) Post reupdated based on my old post ! All the info is posted is the new From the latest pack I can offer you So about my Freya pack , check below ! Special Features 1 Custom cancellation system : When you get cancelled, you regain all your lost effects again after 30 seconds. Making cancel worthwhile without it being annoying or overpowered. You will also get notified with an on-screen message when your buffs are restored. Working with all of type cancels, banes, Touch of death, Steal divinity, hero pole. 2 Anti - KS system : Most damage on the Raid Bosses take the drops. 100% safe and you cant just hit the mob run away and take the drops because other player kileld the mob , there are lot of protections 3 Kililng Spree system : You will get publicly broadcasted after you kill 5/10/15/20/25/etc people consecutively without dying. 4 PvP Messages : Another mod very usefull for mass PvP. When you kill or get killed you get a message with big white letters on the screen 5 Spawn protection effect : Anyone getting spawn protected will get a effect so others know he is in spawn protection. Also spawn protection lasts for 10 seconds 6 Ranked pvp system : Wanna stand out? Every time you gain a certain a-beep-t of PvP points, your Rank will raise , You can also trade and buy useful things from pvps! Ranked pvp system installed by masterio ! 7 Geodata and pathnods : We can ensure you will not encounter wallshoots, wallwalkers or any kind of similar troubles with our geodata (Its closed source , high modded geodata and pathnods stazis ) 8 Automated vote reward systems : for hopzone and topzone . protection is enabled for 1 reward per IP / no dual boxes and costum announce texts , not the bored old ;) 9 Completely NEW Community Board : You can see there server info about our server, Top PvP and PK, Castle info, Account info and Server Statistics. You can also repair your character in case if you have got critical error on login using "repair character". ( make another character on the same account and then use community board to repair your char ) Server info ( 2nd tab ) Raid Info ( 3rd tab ) 10 Crystal scrols fully working : We have Made 2 different Max enchant's + 17 for normal scrols and +20 For crystal scrols 11 Custom PK-hunters : Pk hunters kill ONLY players with karma , even if you hit the guard or use mass skills near him guard wont kill you ! 12 custom balance : Adjusted several skills to maintain the best PvP-Experience 13 Buff shield protection : Each character has a skill to block the in-comming buffs from the other players ( overbuff usage ) 14 14 New Custom cloaks : We have 14 new cloaks , with added stats HP and CP, disabled from olympiad games ofc :) 15 Custom Olympiad place designed to avoid "Feed" 16 Custom Wedding place 17 Custom farm place for clan eggs (a small instance) you Need party of 5 ppl , and also you can do the instance only one every 24 hours ! 18 Hero debuffs and weapons are litle boosted so hero worth to fight ! 19 Custom damage window with different colors 20 Smart Craft system You have to choose either buy Foul item by shop, or Try and Craft it , Each char has Craft skills and also Recipes and mats can be found as "set" on the AIO Masterwork is also possible, so wanna stand out? You need Masterwork to own ;) 21 Offline Petition system In order to give the maximum support , We made offline petition system.. The staff is able to assist players even if they are offline by using the In game email system , you can also connect website and reply from there really easy since messages are stored on database ! 22 One cool GateKeeper You can make NPC to count how many players are inside each zone ! You can also edit it a little to show flagged players on each zone , or partys ! 23 One special mob each time you hit the mob , you turn flagged! also This mob using fakepc system to look like player , You can make any mob to flag players by configs or to make npcs look like players with fakepc system , you can add any armor race or what ever you like 24 Solo and party places Files got Solo Instance + rejoin time limit + reward you wish And party Place , They can see how many players and partys are there before they go. They will need X players on each party and to pay each one of them X item Id. Only party leader can use the Tp option , You can use it as donate players place or hard party zone ( Soa is the place ) (X = number and item You choose , default is 5 party members and 300 event adena each member for tp ) 25 .reward vote system + .votebuff players can use .reward command and Vote on network and topzone and get rewards and vote buff ! the vote buff gives few extra stats for 12 hours RATES : XP/SP : X50 ( With level Zone For Fast xp ) Safe Enchant +3 Max Enchant +17 ( +20 With crystal scrols ) Enchant Rate 72% For normal Blessed 75% Enchant rate Enchant rate For crystal Scrols 100% Other features Non-store Zones on main town , flags to show borders of Store zones Dance / Songs 13 Subclass No need Quest Vitality System Subclass 85 Level Certification skills are disabled ( You can enable ) Attributes on items are disabled( Buff element ressist will stay ) ( You can enable ) Augmentations are retail like Sub classes max level is 85 5 Sub classes Scheme Buffer with protections for pvp players Raid boss Respawn Info NPC and on Community Board! Auto pickup items (except Herbs) Increased Weight Limit (20x) Extended buff-slots - 24 (+4 from divine books) and retail dance/song slots - 12 Adjusted several skills to maintain the best PvP-Experience Geodata and pathnods PvP-Anti-Feed-Protection HERO EVERY x days ( You can edit it on l2jmods ) Shop currencies: Adena, Event Adena, Vote Adena, Support adena Auto learn skills Auto loot items (except Herbs) Increased Weight Limit (20x) 2 hours buffs/songs/dances (except some self-, kamael- & hero-buffs) Easy Clan-leveling. Clans don't need more than 10 chars to increase all the levels We have also unique clan egg farming system and also a NPC where you can buy clan reputation points Hero-Weapons are boosted to compare +20 top s80 Hero-skills boosted 7 Custom Raid Bosses inside Farmzone Olympiad retail like ( Anti Feed protections added ) Offline private shops Alt+Click removes a buff/song/dance Mana potions 85 Level Fortress guards S84 Items Removed to give on server old looking style , top armor dynasty and morai ( You can enable any time ) Anti bot systems , one of them is captcha advanced anti auto enchant system ( scripts from auto enchant are useless ) Custom npcs *Scheme Buffer with protections *COOL AIO npc *Event manager ( for 14 events ) or use .event command *VIP buffer with enchanted skill if you like (You need the special item in order to make it work ) *clan points trader NPC *Title color Npc *Boss respawn NPC with new advanced script. working for any l2eos Rb and have more details about next refresh for respawn time etc etc. Other Custom npcs (enable /disable really easy ) *Auto enchanter NPC *COOL AIO npc ( very nice coded script , and htmls , You can have as many categorys you want really easy , script supports many many things.. ) *VIP buffer with enchanted skill if you like *clan points trader NPC *Title color Npc *Pk guard ( This guard hit only Pked players ,and shadow not working on him) Warning :Players cannot drain from NPCs located on farmzones! Event Engine features Event Manager : a NPC or using our custom community board where you can handle both voting and registrating for players and also shows informations about the currently running events or use .events Scorebar : Every event shows a text scorebar to all the players inside, with the time left, score and more! Scheme Buffer : Players can set up their buff schemes for all their characters/subclasses and on the event respawn/teleport, those buffs will be automatically applied on them. Statistics You can check all the players overall event statistics and also statistics for individual event types. Automatic party creation In team events (like TvT) the engine create parties automaticly. Schedulable events There are also few Schedulable events events :) ( no vote from players required, just every day on X time ) Events List of 1st engine (pheonix ) + Nexus , check at the end of the list Capture the Flag: Standard Capture the Flag with 2 teams. Domination: One zone. 2 teams. If the count of team 1 players inside the zone is greater than the count of team 2 players, then team 1 gets one point per sec. Bomb Fight: 2 teams. Every player gets a new skill. When they use it it spawns a bomb which explodes after 1-2 seconds and kills everyone in a certain radius. Team vs Team: Standard Team vs Team fight with 2 teams. DeatMatch: Free for all. The one with the most kills wins. Last Man Standing: Free for all. The last survivor wins. VIP Team vs Team: Standard Team vs Team with a random VIP player in both teams. Killing the VIP = +1 score for the team. The VIP is different at each respawn. Lucky Chests: On start a lot of chests spawns. On click they opens. Theres a chance that the chest explodes and the player dies, and get resurrected a few secs later. The player with the most opened chests wins. Zombie: One random zombie player chasing the others. If he hits someone he become a zombie. The last non*zombie wins. Simon Says: In each round Simon the NPC says a random text. The players have to say it too. The last one who says and everyone who says a wrong word lose. The winner of the last round wins. Double Domination: 2 team, 2 zone. The team gets a score if they hold both of the zones for 10 seconds. Russian Roulette: The event spawns 6 "russian". In each round every player choose one. One of the russian, and everyone who choosed him dies. The survivors of the last round wins. Mutant: One player become a mutant. The others have to kill him. The mutant have increased stats. If someone kills him, the killer will be the next mutant. If the mutant kills someone he gets a point. The player with the most points wins at the end of the event Battlefield: 2 teams. There are a few points which the teams can capture. In every second the teams score increased by the count of the points captured by the team. The team with the most poins wins Premade Zones of the pack *Main Town - Parnassus *Farm zone - drops adena, event adena . PK Guards only on spawn (mid farm) *Custom rbs located Inside FarmZone , Anti Lure system is active *Party zone - drops Life Stones , Giant's Codex, Event Adena, Adena. PK Guards only on spawn (high farm) (Players have to pay event adena in order to go party zone , each party member seperated ) *Custom Olympiad place designed to avoid "Feed" *Custom Wedding place *Custom farm place for clan eggs (a small instance) Other installed updates / codes on files 1 Siege reward system , The winners of the siege will get reward ( you can change it on configs ) 2 Clan point manager ( players can buy rep points for their clan ) all bugs fixed and npc is fully working 3 Vote systems are improved with new msg style ( kinda cool and not the shity announce ment color ^^ ) 4 Announce Hero Login 5 Announce castle lord Login 6 New htmls style ( really unique 100% mine ) 7 More improve html ( cleanup ) faster npcs 8 40% faster core ( Server load really fast , even if all options are enabled ) 9 Dressme system ( players will look to wear w/e armor they wish , no matter if they use other on invetory ) 10 custom starting title for new players ( you can set the title for new players ) 11 change sex npc 12 Automatic Hide and Seek 13 Automatic Quiz Event 14 Last hero event ( Like FFA and winner will get reward hero status untill restart ) 15 New custom clan halls 16 you need X pvps to use Trade and shout. ( you can choose how many pvps or even disable this ) 17 The mob of your chooise will turn players into flag if they cast a skill or if they touch it ( flag mob system ) 18 New msgs style , more unique 19 New unique ender world msgs , you can write anything you like there 20 change sex npc ( players can change sex of their chars , ofc they have to pay :P ) 21 New noobles managers 22 Fame +reward for each pvp (You can change it ) Thats all , sure there are MORE features that i havent add here, So its better to Pm me On msn or here and i can provide you TEST SERVER Payment and prices and Contract! > > Paypal Price : Pm me for price for Freya pack / sourse code /Sourse from event engine / my support for any problem with the pack! Contact : Email : makias-@hotmail.com or Pm me on forum Skype :Cursingqq! Possible separated features for sale : YES! Features can work on H5 : YES ( always with little edit ) Price : 10 -15 euro each feature , depens Warning : Every feature can be easy disable / redit if you dont like it ! Pictures : http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.237886732933710.67174.118907648164953&type=3 Price for pack is LOW ! PM me for more info or add me on my SKYPE : Cursingqq
  25. Start 2017-12-01 16-00 GMT+2 hello http://l2exclusive.us.to Gmail:L2Exclusivepvp@gmail.com Skype-Shatter1994 Rates XP: x500 SP: x500 Adena: x200 Drop: x10 Enchant Rates Enchant Max: +25 Cystal Max : +28 Enchant Safe: +4 Normal Enchant Scroll Rates: 55% Blessed Enchant Scroll Rates: 75% to +25 Crystal Enchant Scroll Rates: 100% from+15 to +28 Another features Top Ls 80% Anti bot system. Stackable system. Npc buffer (3h buff time) Class Master. Custom GM Shop. Custom Gatekeeper. Custom Skill Enchanter. Main towns - Talking Island. TVT event manager. Full npc buffer with auto buff. Max count of buffs - 26+4. Max subclasses - 5. Passive balance skills all sub class
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