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  1. It's already fixed on rev 401. As stated in the changeset, it's linked to follow state behavior.
  2. If you provide and restrict some areas, notably Marketplace, to "not that much" randomers, then there is no benefits to generate a new forum account. Marketplace should be accessible to ppl with positive contribution, to begin with.
  3. I would prefer to get the ban history of a people, on a visible scale (directly under his name) and no matter if he is unbanned one day. It should stay visible. That would give some hints about that people "general" behavior.
  4. That's the main point of a wiki, but not a forum. If anyone can edit anything, without any type of history or rollback, be sure some clowns will abuse of their powers. I agree moderators close topics way too fast, and either should select themselves the best answer, or let the topic author to pin the good solution. About the pin solution, you can reward the topic author himself to use that feature (with a badge, point reputation, etc). The "good solution" provider would earn even more contribution points. Those contribution points can then be "traded" for services, goods, ads. Maybe @Maxtor crypto would have a use ? ;)
  5. It is basically done introducing an "int" into WorldObject class, storing the actual instance. Then in the knownlist system (setRegion + getKnownType methods), you filter objects based on distance (as always), and by that int. There are plenty of shared systems on MxC, for different projects (mine included).
  6. Public repository is actually rev 382, so @ExTrEmEDwarfis right. L2JBrazil = clowns.
  7. Well, calling 6 times (for 2nd and 3rd classes) a method is what I would call messy :). You can eventually put parameter as "ClassId..." to cut the calls. Also, in your exemple canClassIdJoin can be return getMemberCount(classId) < classId.getPartyLimit();
  8. Edit and introduce getClassId() checks here : if (activeChar.getParty() != null) { for (L2PcInstance player : activeChar.getParty().getPartyMembers()) { if (player != null && player.isHealerClass() && !player.isInStance()) { healers++; if (minus != 2 && (player.getPvpFlag() != 0 || player.getKarma() > 0 minus = 2; } } } There are no easy ways to do it, so it gonna be messy if your point is to checks all classes.
  9. You will probably end breaking another part of the geodata simply checking one spot. A geodata file is a huge square, so you better have some visual tool to directly see (and an easy one is the ///geodata client tool). Also, fixing one invisible wall doesn't mean you don't have another issue elsewhere. As said others, geodatas are basically the same (since generation is easily done, and always produce the same result). The only different versions are handmade, and depending about your project's geoengine, they will also be handled differently depending about what people actually did. Understand a "good" geodata on an edited geoengine which use different rules can be simply "terrible". Finally, some invisible walls can be explained by : - you use an invalid geodata for the client version (a simple exemple on IL, around Gludio there are some rocks in some versions, and in another client version there aren't those rocks). So if you use a geodata from one version to another, you can either lack geodata if your client got rocks but your geodata was made on old client revision, or you can have invisible walls if your client doesn't have rocks but your geodata was built on a higher client version. You should check with a visual tool exactly what happens, because an ivnisible wall with the shape of a rock would mean your geodata is definitively not made for your current client, and you will have issues elsewhere for sure. - NCSoft itself added walls.
  10. Do you still have some errors ? Sido moved the forums to another host, it's known from past host change than DNS are broken for some days, even after the move itself. Also, we got some banrules with either IP range / entire domains because of spambots. The forums itself isn't shutdown, aswell as the project. You can also join our Discord, to get access to the main infos, or simply chat. Hopefully, the forums design will be edited soon.
  11. Well, I speak about "project", and such denomination should be clearly defined. The minimum should be : - one "active" timeline - an external forum/blog/discord/media publically reachable I don't think "one shot pack" can/should be considered a "project".
  12. Hiho, here are my feelings about it (already expressed to @Celestine by Discord PM) : Packs are splitted on different categories, that's a good way to harmonize it in this "new" board and make it somewhat useful/active. - Should be opened to anyone, paid or free pack owners. - Topic should be made / controlled by a team member, or project owner directly only. - Someone (one moderator) would need to extract (active) "packs" topics from "Marketplace" and "Share" sections (mine is already there). - No specific board (drop the old aCis board, since the important topic is already extracted), one topic per pack. - Two tags to help users searching : "chronicle" and "paid/free/paid & free" tags. - Can pay a small fee to be pinned/color size (you can ask far lesser money for "free" packs than for "fremium/paid" to promote "open-source" projects/philosophy). About the board itself, consider to reset the rights, since I'm currently unable to modify, edit, or even answer in my own aCis topic. If any high head such as @Maxtor or @Celestine could handle it - I wait to edit my 2013 topic and make it anew alive. If any member got ideas to improve that board, consider to reply here. Ty in advance.
  13. Next rev, currently under debug and accessible by Donator/Inner Circle.
  14. One threadpool task which caches the String from the db query would be enough - It doesn't need to be called below 1 hour, imho.
  15. Maybe think about what YOU can do for this community. I got my own schemes, and my own life - I already dedicated some of my time to MxC, mostly from 2011-2018. Added to my project, I also have a job (well, until September, then I will have more time for aCis), a girlfriend and a little garden (soon cucumber time). You maybe are still "young" and got spare time - or simply are jobless and lonely, which I actually was few years ago - but I'm almost 35y old and got multiple hobbies. Ah, and I also play video games. If you are the one asking for changes - be the change. Don't try to charge other shoulders for something you are incapable of. I don't have a solution for MxC, it's not my forums, I'm already in charge of my own project - I'm a part of this community, like you, and already offered and still offer some L2J content, via aCis ecosystem - my project indirectly generated a lot of views for MxC forums. As zemaitis stated, I don't really understand why project boards were set as paid - I believe the generated traffic is enough as a "payment", while projects themselves had some basic "advertisment". You basically cut some opportunities to make MxC "project-friendly" and gather some developers together. That's a choice. And if people don't make new projects, it's not my concern - but everyone else responsability to simply "sit and watch". There are multiple unexploited chronicles, which await a big number of teams.
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