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  1. The SQL table is simply a matrice X/Y, similar to mapRegions.xml of aCis. It references point of teleport when you die or use a SoE. If the point is valid, it uses the associated list of teleport locations - karma list if you're PK, regular list otherwise.
  2. Yup, this story is the only official attempt by NcSoft to close a private server. Even the github massive drop of L2J sources hasn't be claimed, which is probably the action of a single random dude. All in one, if NcSoft wanted to close something, they would make it a very long time ago (back when L2 was extremely popular). They edited their ToS to be retroactive and usable even versus private developement, but actually never used it. They actually CAN launch lawsuits if they want, the question is more about "will they". Answer has always be "no" for now, and probably will be "no" forever. They could decide to launch lawsuits and attack every single private server <= IL chronicle if they wanted, back when L2Classic was announced - but they never did. Most probably because it falls into one of those points : they know it will cost way more than it gives back (negative investment) they know private servers end will harm bigger than it produces (those players will join other games, they won't join official L2 servers - which means the whole pool will simply won't play any L2 game/server/etc so those players won't join if a new chronicle is produced) + far lesser Google references about Lineage 2 (private servers = free ads for official servers). they know laws are versus them, and they can't win any lawsuit even with their ToS. Who knows. They simply didn't do anything.
  3. That's the sort of things I can commit with eyes closed, if you prepare a patch about it.
  4. Frozen is slightly different than aCis, since we reworked a little shadow weapons. But the finality is the same : a task and a listener on onUnequip to end the task. Simply drop the listener on onUnequip, and care about the task content to fire events even if player is offline (which would be a db query to remove the item based on playerId and objectId).
  5. Get your facts right ; none produced a "viable" L2 emulator, if by "viable" you mean retail behavior. And another scoop : none will. Continue to dream and being ignored. I didn't participate to any drama since at least 2013.
  6. Looks like I'm not the only one to reward you with "annoying orange" award. :D
  7. Put that activeChar.getKnownList().getKnownCharactersInRadius(400) directly in the for loop . First because it's a good writting style to write things in the shortest range possible (faster ready for garbage collection), second because you put it before a activeChar == null check, so it will throw a NPE if activeChar is null.
  8. aCis way to disconnect from one or another way. Basically you only have to send the correct packet, LeaveWorld or ServerClose. private void closeNetConnection(boolean closeClient) { L2GameClient client = _client; if (client != null) { if (client.isDetached()) client.cleanMe(true); else { if (!client.getConnection().isClosed()) { if (closeClient) client.close(LeaveWorld.STATIC_PACKET); else client.close(ServerClose.STATIC_PACKET); } } } }
  9. Sidenote : Rnd.nextBoolean() is more straight.
  10. World data is unique to each server, while game data can be edited from server to server, depending type of server (faction, multiclass, etc) and rates. So until you want 100 servers clones - no usage at all, except experimenting for your personal usage. You still need a local db for each server, with unique modifications per server (by game data I assume you speak about all static data such as recipes, items, etc while world data would be "instanced" stuff such as spawns, players data, items, etc). DB related, there is strictly no problem with L2J. At worst you got easy ways to fix them (db pooler change/tweak, MySQL server tweak, and at very very worst some edits to avoid db calls - which mean memory management using Java containers). You should better find solutions for the network aspect.
  11. Make money on the back of developers, like any company. See electricians, they are hired by a company and paid a regular salary, while doing freelance job they would earn more. The only points would be : - to benefit about potential contacts / existing customer base - which is actually easily achieved using MxC marketplace (mouth to ear, advertisement, etc) - the security of a cyclic payment (monthly pay, same for everyone). Since freelance means unstable amount of money (a lot in short amount of time, nothing for a long time) If both points aren't valid... IT'S A TRAP !