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  1. It's too late now, SVN/Git was the only legit way to store your progress. Learn about your error, and use it now. Back in 2009, I destroyed potions system and hadn't knowledge to know what to do to revert it, with such a system it wouldn't happen.
  2. That's the regular way to learn why you should use a Git/SVN. You can rename your .jar to .zip and be able to decompile from it, but you won't make a project out of it. I don't even count whatever DP side you edited.
  4. Reparse them, and share result. devilking did the parse, few years ago.
  5. In your pack source, each packet is represented by a class. Use L2PHX to see what packet is sent for what purpose.
  6. There is no retail data of Interlude. Clueless people stay clueless.
  7. Dude, if you were reading changesets you would maybe figure out by yourself both movement and queue system are under heavy rework. If you're good enough to commit such thing without any problem, then take the place of the rework author, which is bowling4soup. "You've said on your own site that you don't accept any commits." needs a quote of myself, I give you 10€ if you find it. What you say simply defeat the principle of "Inner Circle" member concept.
  8. Mate, I don't care about your considerations. You even tell you're not a developer, therefore your words are worthless, to say the least. I'm the first IL pack focusing solely on retail gameplay implementation, so half your post is pointless. You seem to follow aCis developement "since years", but I don't see your name on any of the changesets. Did you help reporting things, did you share any contribution ? Nope. And spawnlist is on a developement branch. If you were reading what I say instead of random spreading shit from your mouth, you would eventually know. Some people should stay far from developement, you're maybe one of them. Too many autoproclamed server admins which can't do shit, except whine since they got -1 knowledge, and not enough players. Eventually PM Zemaitis, you can open a whining contest.
  9. Track isStackable() occurences on the dedicated packet (from memory).
  10. Use another project, or start your own. We will see how you will end. I got multiple hundreds of bug reports ready for you on my archive section. Fucking genius.
  11. It indicates you replaced jar while server was still running, or you touched to build folder. Compiled classes couldn't find proper path.
  12. Simply query the db to save it on characters table. You have also to know the title and name colors are enforced based on AccessLevel informations.
  13. Instead of level, you can Math.min(level, 80), limiting to 80. DEX will still effect the value.
  14. FuncAtkAccuracy, based on effector DEX and level.