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  1. Got strictly nothing related to geoengine (straight line with no obstacles = no geopath execution), it's more about how the speed per tick is processed, and how the server broadcasts it to the client. You should put adenas or whatever item to see the actual, real path compared to the path the client is doing. Sometimes you can have huge surprises. If your offset is normal with normal speed, then it's not offset - until L2J reworked movement system lately, which I doubt, because offset isn't calculated based on actual speed, but determined by straight indicators (coliision radius of both characters + determined number if target is moving + another one for you + range of equipped weapon + ...).
  2. "Plagueseeker" should be more about infection and illness-like skills (mass debuff, mass dot but with limited time with healer effectiveness reduced) and create explosions about player corpses when there is one available (which will delay time this player is ressurected). Illness would spread amongst players if they fail resistance check + are too near of each other. Solo target. A "cure" skill would spawn zombies minions at the place of any corpses around him. Complete aoe centered on himself. Another "cure" skill would try to "heal" (= damage) infected players. Front skill. "Triage" would explode a single corpse, reachable by the boss, with a 500 radius. Damage + chance of infection disease for whoever is inside. I see it more like an aoe boss, instant kill skill is probably too much and unfair, no matter the boss type (or really specific cases such as a solo sacrifice). Some ressources : http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-049 Good initiative anyway :).
  3. http://l2jlovely.ru/forum/index.php?/forum/5-obnovleniia/ 19 revisions after 5 years, with changesets size / 4 compared to aCis. Probably sits on another project, as almost any russian project (fork of a fork of a fork of a fork of a fork).
  4. As a paid developer or artist, you don't care if the game sucks or if you won't play the game - since your point is to deliver a work for the money you are paid for. So basically yes, from the moment you are driven by the money, then people can work together. If you speak about open source / free contribution, then it's all a matter of leadership / leader charism / leader decisions. But tbh if you got 5k € / ppl / month, then better develop a game directly rather than trying to play with necromancy. Or invest them in bitcoins, since you got more probability to get money from it than developing a game, lol.
  5. Your relevant version of Lineage 2 isn't the relevant version of someone else. For exemple, if I had the choice I would simply stop Lineage 2 to C3 (even the map), raises the engine to UE3, add more polygons to actual models, improve maps (add more locations instead of all those empty plains), add some wildlife/lore addition and orientate the gameplay around faction system Dawn vs Dusk (which exists but is underused). I wouldn't introduce Olympiads, Primeval Island and numerous other things. I would inspire from some features taken from other MMOs too. I would probably add some, like a blood pact with summons as a summoner, and other things like that. My vision is probably not your vision, at all. Regarding the community, it is bound both in gameplay changes and ideas because of the client. We're limitated to make things than the client is able to make. If our imagination got no borders, the L2 client got. Packets got their own limitations. I'm not sure what is your relevant and advanced version is, but if it matches with all the popular servers, I probably won't play your game.
  6. You waste your time then, simply pick latest Unreal Engine and make your own game "inspired of" Lineage 2. Lineage 2 is Lineage 2 for a reason, if you want to make another game call it with another name, and find people to code it with you. But that's basically a game company. The point of a Lineage 2 emulator, is to emulate Lineage 2. Final point. If your point is to make Angry Bird, PUBG, or whatever else game, simply pick a real engine to begin with, and not reused UE1.5 with graphical assets of 2004 of a old MMO.
  7. Override the methods on PlayerStat, or edit them directly here if override version already exists. Regarding the "per classe", either store everything on a map (fast but performance hungry) or store it on each PlayerTemplate (slow to edit but best performance)
  8. You can literally inspire yourself from my scheme buffer and pick the codes part you want. Kara the following method creates an empty list for nothing. getBuffOfScheme
  9. It can't be, because people got different expectations about what is good for a server. Also, the leader question is a very big question. I must add L2J never commited a single thing comming from all their forks (they don't want), and when you share something they would take months (if not years) to commit a single line edit. All the forkers never released their work when they stopped to play with L2J, so basically all the forks is like lost work. It's basically impossible to improve the mother project, because heads don't want to. The main problem is L2J leaders to begin with. Believe me or not, I'm the sort of guy who like to reunite things. I personally asked to take back L2J IL fork a long time ago, the answer was "no" (that would mean aCis would be ported back entirely into L2J IL, and then it would be open source and all commits would be available to anyone freely, and reusable by L2J too). I also asked to L2JFrozen if they wanted to merge (there was a topic on their forums), they said "no". And you forget the fact there is multiples chronicles, which makes impossible the "one project" possibility. People simply DON'T WANT to make a single project, forkers destroy their work on purpose once they stop to care about L2J, and L2J is really hard to move on due to specific choices. Due to their choices, L2J is now 3 developers and there was no commits since 4 months, despite it is a fully open source, fully downloadable, and fully forkable.
  10. It's not how things work, but let's say you are right to make you happy. Others people know, that's enough for me. I can't convince a fool.
  11. Sure, so if I delete the GPL of my project, there is no GPL associated anymore to my project. Thank you to give me some apples. You strictly got no argument, anyway good luck you're funny to be wrong.
  12. What's the point to code something legal (and hardly legal, btw), which is unable to be used legally ? You press the ToA button everytime you launch the damn client, you fool. Everytime you try to connect you accepted the ToA, and actually you broke it everytime you played on a private server. Even testing your private server is actually breaking the ToA of the client you accepted. Continue to dream and to be right, since you are always right. Lol.
  13. What Elfocrash seems to forget is all the data required to make the whole thing works is actually leeched and reverse-engineered from one way or another, which is probably forbidden by the whole client stuff and NCSoft property (and they added some retroactive terms since at least GoD). So all in one, the coding section of L2J is probably legal and open source, the datapack side is definitively not. That's right, even Elfo is a outlawer using ripped off intellectual property. Bad, bad Elfo. I would really like to know explanations about how using ripped off data is actually legal, Elfocrash. Because if you think all those formulas and stats/data have been invented and sniffed out, if you think all the HTMs have been handwritten (trivia : actually it was right for some of them), you are either naive or really stubborn in your "I'm always right" attitude. That's fantastic your core side is fully open source, but if actually you follow the "real" law and not the one you invent, then you should provide it without any data - or the one you decide to invent yourself, based at best on your feedbacks (using third part tools on client is forbidden so no PHX allowed to sniff packets). Good luck sharing your fully open source core without data (or at least with your own custom data), Elfocrash. It won't be Lineage 2 emulator basically - but it will match the law you seem to like. Should I add it's normally forbidden to connect a Lineage 2 client to a private server ? Since Elfo likes the laws but probably missed this one : https://us.ncsoft.com/en/legal/lineage-2/lineage-2-user-agreement.php "Must obtain service form ncsoft" means "can't obtain service from someone else". You included, Elfo. Your L2J server is actually outlaw. The use of your C# project for a real live server means you are outlaw when you will use it. So yeah you are actually coding something you are normally forbidden to use. Welcome aboard, yarr yarr.
  14. What you ask doesn't exist or need custom formulas to handle all aspects. People always complain about skills formulas, the thing is they don't seem to test a lot on L2OFF and didn't see a lot of dvp videos where the dude was one-shot nailing B graders with almost 0 buffs, and they expect everything gonna be balanced with +30 items and fullbuff. Until that time comes and men become wiser (or people creates a custom formula to decrease excessive effects, which means some sort of dynamic formulas) people will still say crap. Regarding your ask, simply take what seems to be the most fixed - read changesets and make your own go. For a low rates, I would focus on scripts and quests because it's the most annoying aspect to debug and it needs to work. For a middle rate with quests abort (class item), any pack will work, simply pick the one with the most complex fixes (AI behavior notably). For a high rates, you have to balance anyway, because no matter the pack and the chronicle, formulas are formulas so if you put big numbers, you got big results. Seems logical, but actually not a lot of people understand it. In any case, it needs to be as light as possible in terms of stability issues - being NPE, stackoverflow, ConcurrentException,... Because such issue ends as an ingame issue too, and can be nasty to fix. ---- Regarding the other troll, you can commit to L2JLisvus if you prefer C4. None forces you to use Interlude, nor aCis - and it's totally irrelevant with the whole topic. What exactly did YOU do to help a pack or a chronicle, publically speaking ? I personally chose to open a public pack when I saw IL wasn't really developed. I code for it since 7 years. What did you do ? Tossing SweeTs is also irrelevant - he isn't a coder (at least for aCis vanilla, he adapted a good number of customs and fed the customs section), but a forum moderator (since aCis exists), and he is also a good friend. He got no specific interaction with what is committed - you could blame Hasha, RooT, fernandopm, me or whoever I thank on changesets for code contribution, but you simply picked the worst possible people to mock about. That's just to show how low is your knowledge about aCis history. Anyway, keep barking, and ty for the publicity, I guess.
  15. If you are a Bulgarian, or a Chinese, maybe. I'm not Chinese or Bulgarian.