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  1. I already answered by PM, but for others : Caused by: java.sql.SQLException: Access denied for user 'root '@'localhost' (using password: YES) You don't connect with an account with enough rights.
  2. When you pay 10€, you got Customer rank status for the time of a complete cycle, a cycle being 10 revisions, which is rev 0 to 9. Actual cycle is the 38th, so 380 to 389. At rev 390, the rank is dropped if you didn't contribute to project (fixes / enough reports) or didn't send back money (10€ / cycle). I say 382 sources because sources have been exceptionally shared at rev 382 due to the amount of added stuff. Generally it's the 0 revision - actually 380 and 9 diff patches ("0" diff patch being for older customers).
  3. Not sure about the question but if it's about to patch 370 using a (leaked version of aCis found on the internet) 374, then the easiest is to get clean 370, upload it on a SVN and then apply 374 sources over it. You will have then a mega diff patch from 370 to 374, to manually apply to your sources. If you speak about the diff patch 374, than it's garbage since there is often links between patches, so you miss 371, 372, and 373. You still can fix some stuffs using it, but if 374 is let's say "Castle rework part II" you are basically screwed regarding it. You also have to know than using leak (even as old as 374) of my work doesn't contribute to make me happy or give some respects to my community, which "play the game". If you pay 10€ you get rev 382 sources and diff patches upon rev 389, and an access to customer section. 374 is almost 2y old (Jan 2018), since that time 2-3 exploit fixes have been applied and I don't even count about the hundred of fixes and the few reworks and/or addition. I invite you to read 370-385 changesets to see what you are missing. 370 and alike shouldn't be used for live servers.
  4. That's cool you manage to find error logic by yourself. :) Not sure about the usefulness of a safety, it's up to the static data to be valid - and thrown error is normally enough to debug.
  5. Well it's not sort of desynchronized, otherwise it would do (1:1 message) : You use Tribunal Damage message bla bla You use tribunal You use tribunal Damage message bla bla Damage message bla bla And if you are sure it's not sort of missing gameplay knowledge (but normally such thing is shown on the other client ?), then you are doomed to spread logs checks to see where the problem occurs. I would begin by logging beginCast to see what happens.
  6. If you got damage message, it basically means it landed. Check with debuffs/buffs, if you got no issues about landing, and it's only about damage skills, then it's probably about reduce hp method. If it's only about PHYSICAL skills and not magic damage, then it can also be whatever stat affecting damage, or maybe some tricky distance check cancelling damage if too far. If the damage shown on sysMsgId is correct, than it's probably reduce hp method.
  7. aCis rev 385 is out ! 2 new handwritten quests, and few fixes :).

  8. Changeset 385 (1468) Movement is still experimental. The status IS NOT OK for LIVE servers. MoveToPawn behavior still need to be fixed. Siegable Hall isn't tested, and probably need further development. Those CHs are normally fully working regarding owner administration. Scripts, CommandChannel edit, Bugfixes, Organization Scripts - Addition of Q336. Ty RooT. - Q384 rework. - Fix IOOBE. Ty p0w3rf1y. - IntIntHolder use for shorter storage, avoid ArraysUtils using String#contains instead. - Medals aren't deleted anymore upon abort. - Addition of Q386, based on Q384 rework. CommandChannel edit - Addition of BossInfoType enum, holding informations about Command Channel. - Move reduceCurrentHp override from Monster to RaidBoss and rework it. - The check task is now running every second, timer is reduced from 15m to 5m. - Looting rights messages have been added (10sec show). - Strategy Guide item (8871 itemId) is used as a side-way to create a Command Channel, and is now only needed/consumed if your clan doesn't own Clan Imperium skill (391 skillId). Bugfixes - Fix TARGET_CORPSE_MOB target types ; you can now use such skills on Guards. Ty Art1s. - Fix unarmed mAtk damage. - Fix enchanted item buy possibility on Player tradelist. Ty RooT. - Fix extractable items inventory limit bug. - Fix a NPE over CreatureMove#moveToNextRoutePoint() execution. - Fix NPCs vulnerabilities passive skills. - Clear variables upon harvest and sweep attempt to avoid exploit attempt. Organization - Add following methods : - Location#isInRadius(int, int, int) / Point2D#isInRadius(int, int) (and variants) - Move 3x3 matrice, used by Q384 / Q386 quests to MathUtil. - Add Generate OverhitState, SpoilState and SeedState from Monster content. Movement is still experimental. The status IS NOT OK for LIVE servers. MoveToPawn behavior still need to be fixed. Siegable Hall isn't tested, and probably need further development. Those CHs are normally fully working regarding owner administration.
  9. aCis scheme buffer got no problems. The core template comes from a 2010 L2J developer (House) share, I heavily cleaned it up in 2014. v2 is part of aCis rev 364, so it's found even on free revision. All buffs are now set on XML and the layout was cleaned. ----- This version is basically aCis scheme buffer v1.1 (not sure why that dude shared it and get reward for it, I didn't know you could edit 10% of a code and get reward, whatever), v1 was already not bugged, but layout was reworked since that time. v2 looks like that :
  10. Your best bet is to revert what you did, and add it back.
  11. It's not possible, except if you broke the logic with brackets { } and some sort of conditions. And by "going inside the method", I suppose you mean gm panel and not the custom you try to add ?
  12. Put a sendMessage("test"); and see if you got something. If not you simply do something bad between the possibilities I said. The leftover option being, what you kill isn't extending Npc or already override onActionShift.
  13. If sendNpcDrop( content is the same than regular share, than your only problems can be : you didn't activate the config to true. you didn't compile and replace the jar once you edited the value. depending how StinkyMadness handled the htm generation, you maybe miss the htm if there is one (and since I'm lazy to reply on his topic to see the share, that will be only a guess from me).