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  1. Using PlaySound is bad, with a script (or adding a new effect for it) is simply overkill. It got nothing to do with lag/performance (even if you save ressources simply tagging a boolean to true instead of creating new effects), it's simply ugly. One packet (which is already sent, btw) is supposed to do the job - that's how NCSoft decided to do it, no really need to argue about it, that's what the client understands - simply put the boolean to true to get a sound. The constructor you try to use is now private, check PlaySound packet uses to see the correct writting style (not sure why they used static approach, since a new PlaySound is anyway generated). Since the amount of skills is really low, you can simply hardcode it. Past in the time, I figured out than some skills launched status as 0, 1, 2 - so it can't be resolved by a simply boolean, and L2JFrozen fix isn't even complete (so it is both clunky AND incomplete).
  2. http://www.l2jserver.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=90&t=23583 Point 3.
  3. By "expired item", I suppose you speak about Shadow Weapon. PostIL chronicles probably uses the same timer/engine anyway. On aCis, it would be located into ShadowItemTaskManager#run() method, in the following "if" block : if (mana == -1) If you use another pack, simply search for S1S_REMAINING_MANA_IS_NOW_0 which is the destruction of the item when mana reached 0. If it's another system, simply check which message is sent when item is destroyed or when time expires, and put your teleToLocation in the block.
  4. String#split generates an array of String based on the pattern you put as parameter, in your case \n, which is the symbol of new line. An array starts at 0, so a 100 size array goes from 0 to 99, getting the 100th, 101th, etc element would end into IOOBE (index out of bounds exception). To debug such crappy stuff, the easiest is to log each cut element and see if it's supposed to be cut that way. Use System.out.println(Arrays.toString(strs)); To see how your tokens are generated, if they are correctly formed, etc. You can also put logs into handleDonation to see what the transformed Strings are. @Kara` I got a gf, and I visit my friends (14y of friendship for the oldest) every month for some roleplaying session (I'm the DM).
  5. You have to edit AbstractAI#describeStateToPlayer(Player player). Probably a ValidateLocation could solve the issue. But if you begin to edit that, than you should solve more important similar issues. Social actions, casting skills, attack stance,... Basically any action, except movement, isn't sent.
  6. You got multiple issues : * First one is about knownlist (players being far enough and refresh them, or relog event - both those 2 actions is supposed to fire addKnownObject from knownlist sytem) * Second one is about teleport (if and only if the region is the same). For the first problem (and another similar problem can be tested if a player A casts a skill while a player B teleports near him, in 99% of L2J projects you won't have any refresh and skill won't be visually shown for player B) is about AbstractAI#describeStateToPlayer(Player player) which misses packet calls. The only refresh which actually exists is about if player A is moving, but if he doesn't move then informations aren't sent. The second problem, which has been solved on aCis, is about TeleportToLocation packet which is supposed to get heading information. Here's my troll face for the support :
  7. You probably can do x10 to x100 that sum per month if your server is successful. Some servers using aCis pack probably made more money in 6 months than I did in 10 years. You can also sell yourself your own codes, and make money. If you sell a custom 20/30€, which is a common price, you basically can have 20/30 revisions of aCis. I spend all my free time on this project, and actually I'm jobless (employeer didn't renew my job 3 months ago ; which explained why aCis progression jumped those last weeks). While I don't really care about the money people do on my back (and they are, I'm not naive), I think I still can be respected for the job I do. I don't need statues, really. The really basic form is at least to respect what I do for my community (and for MxC). You seem to be worried about 10€, but that's more than 10€ you simply denied me - while I got nothing to do with your whole story, should I remember you. It's np Exiledvp. If you got a question, create a topic on "Request Help" section. If I can answer, I will. I appreciate your words @Designatix ! <3
  8. I got subforums on those forums, and I participate to L2J section since 10y. I add views with my project, and I participate to keep L2J section alive. MxC got no reason to don't go in my way. Finally, for your heading problem, if it's not an aCis based issue, make a request help topic on those boards. And if it's aCis vanilla, you can directly report it on aCis forums bug report section.
  9. If it's an aCis vanilla problem you can report any issue on bug report section, or directly on Discord if it's game-breaking. I fixed 800+ bugs reports since aCis exists (670 topics, but some topics got multiple issues). If you paid someone to fix something, I'm basically not involved, nor aCis project. If you follow someone call, well, maybe be angry vs that people...? And not me ? If a man insults you in the street, you probably won't punch back a random woman who was passing nearby, right ? Nothing stops you to make a "request help" topic on MxC forum. If I got the answer to your question, I generally answer. @Elfo, I know you're part of the sharing people with your l2kt project on L2JBrazil (or even previously, when you were angry), but I know than your project won't move. You are basically harmless, you will stick to 380, code for 3 months and change of idea. Meanwhile I will move to 381, 382, 383,... You simply follow my lead. In your particular way. The problem is about people who share latest and stick to share latest. It's really not sweet, and while others aren't respectful, nothing block you to be respectful towards the amount of work I did. Better goes in my way than the versus, that's better for anyone.
  10. Not sure why you want to deny me 10€ / contributions. That could be explained if I scammed anyone, but I'm helpful, I share exploit fixes for everyone, and my project is my project. Use another project if you're unhappy. If you simply share my work, you simply deny my work and the way my project works. While there isn't legit way to block the redistribution, It's just common sense to avoid to get sources shared. First because you remove me some "income", second because you block my contributors system. Third because none got control over what is shared - it could be backdoored, people simply can resell it with higher prices stating it's fixed but none can control it. I got the freedom to share, as I got the freedom to stop to share aCis. If you want one day aCis ended, maybe you should follow my lead. Moreover, if you dislike my project nothing stop you to begin from L2JIL, as I did. Actually I'm the only dude who did that. If you like the project, simply read my rules and contribute to the project. Sharing the project randomly simply delete contributors aspect (none will share) and possible income. Not sure why you are so much happy about it.
  11. On aCis, RandomAnimationTaskManager handles the behavior. NPCs are registered into it either when a region becomes active, or when the NPC intention is set to ACTIVE using startRandomAnimationTimer(). _lastSocialBroadcast guarantees a social action can't occur lesser than 12sec. Broadcasted animations are 2 and 3. Special bosses got specific animations, used by cinematics (Baium wake up, Mad Doctor,...).
  12. For a localhost server you got nothing to edit, simply edit your hosts file from C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc adding L2authd.lineage2.com It's generally enough to connect. For an IP bound server, only edit the loginserver config if both ls/gs are set on same computer, gs will pick ls config. Verify all your ports are opened.
  13. Tutorial made for aCis, but work virtually for almost any project. For L2J git checkout, use their tutorial http://www.l2jserver.com/#getstarted-advanced
  14. Your skills trees XMLs aren't parsed properly, therefore all methods using it fail to find values from containers (NPEs). Revert whatever you did on XMLs.