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  1. You can use stream for getUncategorizedUniversalDropItemsIds / monstersWithDropId for oneliners. monstersWithDropId should be properly named, and shouldn't create an empty List (but return Collections.emptyList() instead). IXmlReader use would cut your parser class by alot. equals can be replaced by == for enum comparison. Added to that, you can use NpcTemplate#isType for easy instance comparison (if you don't mind the enum.toString()). getUncategorizedUniversalDropById use should be null checked. You can/should use {} wildcard
  2. It's perfectly fine and I don't know why it's not the default behavior since always. My only downside would be about "public negociation", which will easily pollute the topic with things than none cares about. When I go on a topic, that's not to see if I can trade "my chicken to some peas and some pounds of butter". I believe "negociations" should stay in private circle - moreover it's really easy to bypass such rule by PMing the dude directly. But default price should definitively be shown for everyone (I personally even think, being part of the title).
  3. You have to generate a script with onKill event similar to GrandBosses, or a Manager which will basically be a RaidBossManager clone, because what you request is simply not existing - until I miss something and IL+ chronicles edited the system, it's normally only used for random teleport and alike NPCs, such as Master Toma, Mammons, etc. Also, using RaidBossManager by itself wouldn't be enough aswell, since it doesn't handle random locations. So all in one, you have to code it.
  4. Well, it's always better to say it even if for you it's "obvious", because for many people - notably the ones you try to pick - it's not. I don't say it doesn't work - even a Ponzi scam such as bitconnect made real money to some of people - but for any pump, you will have actual pumpers which gonna be negative. It's really, simple maths and it's basically more "gambling" than "trading". That's cool you ma(k/d)e money that way, that basically means you click faster on "sell" than either greedy/lagging pumper. But you should also warn than it's risky and you can become ne
  5. As a sidenote, you have to know some people have to "pay" the pump. It's not magical. If someone makes money, some other loses. And tbh, it's the Discord channel owner which makes the most of it (and his friends, since he gives the coin, he can easily exploit it and fill his own bags), not the regular users. I recommend any people interested by that method to "simulate" before even trying it. That will avoid you to stuck with some pumped shitcoins, due to either your own greediness or your faulty internet, since it's enough to stick 1 min too late to lose mo
  6. EventInterface.onHit(EventInterface.java:153)
  7. I'm not a big client editor, but probably questname-e from your client system folder. Which is sure is, it's related to client and only to client.
  8. If your point is to delete all conditions, easieast is to delete all VillageMaster children instances, and edit the used type from Npc template (on db or XML) from (let's say) "VillageMasterDwarf" to "VillageMaster". If your point is to edit conditions, edit checkVillageMasterRace and checkVillageMasterTeachType on whatever children instance. VillageMaster sends back by default "true" to both.
  9. And what ? I'm supposed to copy-paste your answer ? Elmoreden's Gods...
  10. Not my fault if the dude sharing such customized crap sucks, and if some poor dude are using it. You seem to know better about it. I answered to :
  11. All your issues are related to custom databases, which got nothing to do with vanilla aCis.
  12. Changeset 397 (2224) Geoengine / Movement, Admin commands, Scripts, Bugfixes, Organization Geoengine / Movement - Drop L2D concept. With years, it got less and less uses (was invalid for LoS, and can be calculated in another mean for geopath). L2OFF and L2J are, anew, fully supported. - Fix Z being shifted too high, leading to Z layer misplacement (forts outside wood ladder). Ty Sahar. - Fix geopath heuristics. Ty Hasha/Sahar. - First iteration of multilayer geopath support (Barakiel column, fort stairs/plateforms, etc) using binary heap. Ty Hash
  13. You have to move the code logic, aka (Config.PLAYER_SPAWN_PROTECTION > 0 && _player.isSpawnProtected()) to (and similar to what already is done with //hide effect) : writeD((!_player.getAppearance().isVisible() && _player.isGM()) ? (_player.getAbnormalEffect() | AbnormalEffect.STEALTH.getMask()) : _player.getAbnormalEffect()); Packets accept defined values, if it accepts a CAR you can't put an ICE-CREAM on it. Abnormal effects are set on the line I gave, and nothing else. Remember, for other players you have also to edit
  14. Reading the link answer would give you a good clue. It's your environnement which is faulty. Install another version (lower) of mySQL.
  15. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/51283759/mysql-8-0-11-is-throwing-client-plugin-auth-is-required