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  1. ExShowTrace then. https://github.com/gmenge/l2jgreen/blob/master/L2J_Server/src/main/java/com/l2jserver/gameserver/network/serverpackets/ExShowTrace.java
  2. I doubt it's retail, so it's probably a custom AbnormalEffect using mouse graphics. Without any client edit, you can use ExServerPrimitive to draw Lines and Points (and by extension, any form you want). Here's an exemple used for movement debug purposes. You can eventually use L2PHX on the server and see which packet is actually sent when captcha occurs.
  3. L2J for a workable version. Correct implementation, none did it.
  4. A custom where classes stack, generally set to 2, to benefit skills of two different classes. Generally set to same race class, but can be exotic too (notably because dwarves can only be Warsmith/spoiler otherwise). Most notable classes are SH/SK, Sps/EE for mages, HE/DA HE/Pal HE/Warlord for archer, TH/Pal for dagger, and destro/tyr. You should avoid to cumulate passive skills (notably masteries), because it scales really wrong, and you probably need to tweak buffs by a lot.
  5. You're still and will probably forever be a showoff, so... Whatever. I don't get the purpose of the topic if you don't want to speak about what you did, actual numbers of your solution, or if there is nothing to test. I'm almost sure there are other solutions, way easier to manage and less disturbing for the player (enforcing players to switch proxies - the lagger simply have to switch of proxy too, enforcing other players to switch, or even, simply attack most if not all your proxies in same time, making all your players permanetly moving from one proxy to another). Anyway, you're probably happy to show your e-penis. I'm off the topic.
  6. I don't see the point if things are already filtered before reaching the GS. iptables/whatever ddos mitigation already filters the bad traffic, therefore the load balancing isn't needed. For the regular packets send, even on big players amount, an asynchronous mmocore is probably the only answer, and probably far enough. Finally, can't you use existing solution rather than trying to implement solutions working only for L2 ? As I said, it remembers me "self coded firewalls" for Lineage 2 than RU forks add. NGINX doesn't make the deal, for exemple ? Good job nonetheless, you should test it on real, live, attacked server with before/after results.
  7. It's extremely rare Java drops content from one version to another (it generally deprecates it, but that doesn't block you to use it). Stuff is normally compatible if you evolve Java, and ofc you can have issues if you use older Java since methods and content wasn't existing on previous Java version. Not sure if your pack relies on the external compiler L2J was using for a long time (libraries called ecj, python-engine and java-engine), but you should dump it in any case - first because it delays your server startup of 45sec-3min in worst case scenario, second because you got no control over the library content so your current problem can occur and you wouldn't get a fuck about it on error logs, third because it's barely useful (personal pov). Normally, the name of libraries give you an hint about which Java version you should run (cf. aCis was using java-engine-1.7 in 2011).
  8. If your proxies are stressed, it means you failed blocking stuff before that. Generally speaking, it's a bad behavior to think L2J server should handle such actions. L2J shouldn't be a "firewall", a "webserver" or whatever else service. Most of internal flood protectors are pointless, for instance, and there are a lot of them. I believe it's not the role of L2J to become something else than... A game server. Stress should be stopped way before reaching gameserver application (iptables is normally enough, if not hardware/3rd party material). That's my opinion. The leftover solution, ping relocation, seems to be already handled on L2J, as stated Nik. About aCis, well, you already know you can provide the "5 lines" on a diff patch on a public state ("Public Workbench" board, for instance), ppl review, and if things are good enough, it's commited. aCis is initially based on L2J IL, a 2007 source, for your information, and the work is all about what I can/want code and what people can/want share. My focus is probably not yours, or other sharers - which shouldn't stop people to contribute.
  9. Then it's isInParty() check on CharInfo on the line related to aura, and a broadcast on addPartyMember / removePartyMember if it's not enough / already called.
  10. You simply have to add one line on addPartyMember, or whatever method is used during the addition of a Party member (probably on L2Party if no rename). And no it will be a terrible mess if multiple parties melt, notably during pvp, since everyone will have the same color. And at best you can have 2 different colors, based on isAutoAttackable state, which force you to broadcast CharInfo to get refresh.
  11. I won't waste my time with you. Continue to be a player. Good luck. And for your information, knownlist range has been cutted down at rev 371.
  12. Regular L2J / retail way is to delay the item equip. Simply add it, it's already implemented on L2J. Search for "ThreadPool", you would eventually found it on UseItem. Instead of return when if (activeChar.isAttackingNow()) , you simply have to generate task to do the initial operation. Basically you queue the task of equipping the item.
  13. I suppose you speak about aCis / L2JFrozen. First, L2JFrozen is basically Scoria, so better say Scoria rather than L2JFrozen, since implementations of L2JFrozen compared to Scoria is, at best, minimalistic and higher versions of Scoria probably fixed/reworked more things than L2JFrozen did. Second, which rev of aCis are you using ? Knownlist rework is probably the cause of the FPS drop (until you spam packets like a noob), and initial region size was set really high. It has been cut by 2, not specially because it was lagging, but because client itself doesn't go that far. Third, show the actual knownlist of both projects. Because, you maybe spawned 10000 valakas behind, and your screenshot doesn't prove much. Fourth, none is forced to use aCis. People use aCis because it has been continuously updated upon the last 10y. Can you say the same about L2JFrozen ? Nope. L2JFrozen 2.0 was called around October 2017. Before that, last free version which is 1118 is tagged around January 2015. Fifth, knownlist could benefit from few cleanup - notably Z layer approach, to cut few results. Sixth, spawn 2000 monsters on L2JFrozen and 2000 monsters on aCis, on a single region. Show me visualVM content with 100 players online on those zones. If your L2JFrozen server is still alive to show it.