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  1. Tryskell

    EN hmmm?

    So someone before you broke the rules for you, since he edited the client and it's not allowed (and as many games, the punition is generally player account ban), but it's not because you don't see it it doesn't exist :). That's also why on L2J forums you aren't allowed to speak about client modification. The emulator itself is legal. Not sure how they handled the fact the reverse-engineering to gather datapack/formulas is legal, but it looks like either that wasn't disputed, or L2J won over it. Client is NCSoft intellectual property, therefore that's the only part where you can lose. And since L2OFF is also tagged as intellectual property - except the extender part, which is intellectual property of whoever developped it - then basically, NCSoft can attack whoever use their materials without their consent. The only viable targets are top 10/20 servers, since that playerbase is missing cash for NCSoft / Innova, and lower playerbase amount is probably not worth to attack, economically speaking.
  2. Tryskell

    EN hmmm?

    L2J is legal, and won some judgment court regarding it (at least that's what Zoey76 states). Client is clearly marked as being ncsoft property - while it's probably ok to share it as it is (and maybe, even not), it's not ok to edit it and can't be used to access other servers than NCSoft ones. L2OFF is based on stolen material, it's probably extremely easy for NCSoft to win if they decide to attack someone. @xDarkDelux You basically accepted NCSoft rules probably hundred of times, when you click on the "I agree" button over licence on client. Not reading it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. All in one, it's not really "devs" which steal playerbase, but server owners. Those are the only ones to be tracked/hunted by NCSoft/Innova. And your server is probably out of the radars until you become a "threat".
  3. If you use aCis, it's Creature#getKnownTypeInRadius : while being compact, it also delivers the good type of instance without the need to manually cast it. // Find all Players associated to "player"'s knownlist. final List<Player> knownPlayers = player.getKnownType(Player.class); // Find all ChristmasTree in 1200 range around "player". final List<ChristmasTree> trees = player.getKnownTypeInRadius(ChristmasTree.class, 1200); If you use regular L2J, it's CharKnownList#getKnownPlayersInRadius. You got only the choice between "Player" and "Character" (it is then getKnownCharactersInRadius). If you need another instance type, you have to make another filter / conditional check. final List<L2PcInstance> knownPlayers = player.getKnownlist().getKnownPlayersInRadius(4000); Note : the distance is limited by your pack. On aCis, you can see "only" in 6k range, no matter what you try to check. On L2J, there is no fixed range, it depends about what you try to look (vehicles are something like 15-20k range, while Players are far lower). Also, not sure when (or even if) L2J added the possibility for Npcs to see others Npcs - which is sure is, from memory basic L2J IL isn't able to do that.
  4. I have been demoted few weeks/months ago. Also, requesting lock won't solve anything, but I personnally agree, as a regular forum user, it should have more point to be shared around "Request help" section rather than "share".
  5. Well, the initial post was about "all" types of "errors". Until you speak about "performance" "errors" (which actually can have an impact and should be set to at least "warning", and whom 99,99% packs normally already use them), it's all about how a developer (or pack owner) would "feel" Java. Nothing more. I *personally* "hide" "errors" which got no point, are impossible to fulfill due to the very nature of the content, etc. You probably can "fix" all "errors" from Eclipse, but since you don't get any XBox achievement for that, I don't see a point someone would do that. About xdem, pick what it is needed to be picked in his answer (and mine), throw the leftover, and move on. You shouldn't feel offended about what could say an internet randomer (xdem, me or another) to you.
  6. Well, xdem is kinda right - not for the "idiots" part, but for the fact than the user is free to choose from all possible "error types", the way he wants it to be handled. Any "error" can be set as ignored, warning or even error. The initial post is kinda "naive" - there is no proper way to handle "errors", some of those "errors" are also "pointless" at best, "annoying" at the worst. A simple exemple can be illustrated with the "unused method parameter" error, which will be basically triggered on almost any "super" method, because most of the time the use is on the overriden method - a live exemple with sendPacket(L2GameServerPacket) method, which is blank in Creature class, so it will throw a warning here because the implementation is actually on Player/Playable. That "error", if activated, would probably trigger one or two hundred of warnings by itself - while there is strictly nothing wrong to begin with. Generally speaking, you set at least all performances types "errors" to at least "warning", but the leftover is basically up to how the developer see (or feels) Java. There is simply no point to activate everything.
  7. I'm using Eclipse 2019-12, those enum warnings don't exist, and I will eventually edit my environnement when next Java LTS is reached. Some warnings are eventually hidden because they got no real point to be activated (I notably think about the switch "default" warning, which is desactivated). I won't answer to other replies, since they are at best naive, at worst dishonest. You only have to know than when some people don't like something, there is a little chance than many others actually like it.
  8. Everything already exists, than's the whole point of AggroList, storing both damage and hate for each hitting instance. It's notably used to calculate which got loot priority.
  9. Well, it somewhat does matter, since more work is involved into initial project, less work you, as server admin/ server developer, will have to do. But yes, in the very big lines, even basic L2J IL is "fine" to use and can handle hundreds of people, if you fix the 5-6 default exploits. Simply don't do a x1 "retail behavior" with it, or you will have around 200+ pages of bug reports in few weeks.
  10. Nope, "1" or "0" is the default value for most, if not all stats. That level stuff with restore posted by melron isn't part of regular L2JIL, nor even any L2J branch - until I missed something. @L2RAPTOR not sure why you compare L2OFF and L2J - they are completely different. While L2J forks try to imitate L2OFF, they are still far from L2OFF. And L2OFF is, also, far from retail (C5-IL content was mostly "guessed", as L2J "guessed" content aswell). So basically, IL is "not achievable", since we rely on flawed L2OFF. See, after 10y of developping, 20+ devs, 400+ customers, aCis is still far to be perfect - even though, it goes on the right direction. Any randomer can "hotfix" a server and "imitate" L2OFF behavior - the difference between a good and a bad pack is about that "hotfix" policy, imho. When you pill up temporary solutions, that's like RooT's image - a terrible building with nice facade. Which doesn't mean your pack won't be popular - L2JFrozen being the best exemple of that "temporary solution" policy. If you check their dev timeline - as I actually did when it was active - you would figure out they did almost nothing as rework/rewrite. They mostly hotfixed things. And well, it looks it's enough for many people. As an admin and a player, you probably won't have to care. As a developer, it's the night and day comparison when you "read" a code with unified syntax, javadoc, correct conventions, etc... The difference can be so important than the time factor to understand "something" out of a source can increase by a factor of 2 to, easily, 10 - depending about code quality. I won't join the "aCis vs Lucera" battle :P. You only have to know they do different things, for different people. Simply use what appeals you better.
  11. lethal1 and lethal2 are 2 effects of lethal system. Those values (5 and 1) are % of being triggered, nothing more. To edit mechanisms themselves, edit Formulas.java (method should begin by "calcLethal"). Both work differently for Players and Npcs. Check for "lethal strike" here : https://l2industry.com/Home/C5
  12. One dude on aCis forums needed transformations, and so moved aCis to Hellbound. You can eventually work with him to implement all packets. You can also downgrade actual latest H5 to HB.
  13. Changeset 398 (2308) is up !


    Admin commands - part II, Petition, TradeList, TargetHandler, Community Manager, Olympiads, Formulas, Bugfixes, Organization

  14. It's up to selling platforms (MxC and others) to forbid such seller and protect original content creators. I already made my reminder on one topic, not sure why you @quote me. If you manage to see more users doing it, simply report them. I even set my reasons, so you can easily quote me. I got better things to do than to stick on all existing marketplaces seeing if aCis is sold or not. And Pigasos behavior is simply what marketplace used to know. Do you really think than a custom aCis pack is worth 200€, giving the fact than the base itself is free, and customs are freely shared ? It's exactly the same with that website topic.