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  1. Regarding money management, donations - just to be perfectly clear (and maybe it will interest people and demystify the "money thing") : - aCis got 357 customers since the freemium proclamation, which is around november 2011. Current cycle got 117 customers. - Since that time, 6412,7€ have been donated. While it seems a lot, that's 916€/y (in 4 months), so 76€ month. In France, the Internet bill is 40€ / month, and my current salary is 1407€ / month. I don't even want to compare the hour price based on time spent on aCis, the amount would be probably ridiculously high. - From those 6412€, at least 500€ have been delivered to my best sharers - notably RooT, Hasha, fernandopm. - I asked some movement / skill engine reworks for around 400€ each around February 2017. 8 months later, I had still no answer from that person. - I still have around 280€ unused. So if you still think I make money on your back due to my horrible freemium concept which cost you a lot of money - you probably believe into Illuminatis and I can't help you. And I doubt another pack owner made such topic before me.
  2. There is a lot of classes which would benefit about cleanup (notably Player), but I got not the time nor the will to do such a work. And tbh, no one will never will until he gets nothing else to fix or edit, since the benefit is minimal (if we speak about the same thing). If you find code issues (and by code issues, I guess you mean it would impact logic or performance), notably on my own reworks, you can always wisp me. I'm always willing to improve and learn. But saying "shit aCis code" randomly isn't acceptable. Your very obvious reasons aren't that much obvious, since everytime an IL topic involves my name or aCis name (that's the second in few days), you are around delivering a bad comment about it. If that was that bad, you wouldn't use it, at all. Moreover as you are currently developing a concept of server on it, which is actually publically released. What makes a project good and bad depends about the person I guess. For me it's the clarity, the harmony, the will to edit things than people almost never edit ; for others it's the "features". Ok, why not. I prefer 10 valid quests than 20 wrong quests. It's a personal choice. I don't ask you to throw me flowers - I don't care about flowers. Simply don't throw me tomatoes when there is no reason to throw me tomatoes. I never bashed you, insulted any of your action (nor code), insulted a member of this community. I helped when I can (I got probably 1k+ posts on Request Help section). I never scammed anyone. - If you think aCis isn't the solution - code your own solution. That's why I begun aCis - because proposed solutions weren't the good ones, for me, at the date of December 2010. I didn't bash L2JArchid and Sethek at the time, I simply begun my own pack. - If you like aCis but think developement is slow, then help it. It will help all the customers, and in another hand, all free users anyway - since even if there is a delay, if it's committed, it's commited. - If you think I make money on the back of my contributors, you are wrong. You will make faster money rushing an idiot x5000 server with donations. I would make more money rushing such server. I would make more money coding customs for people. I probably would make x100 more money working on a real-time job at this period, than simply coding. Anyway, if you could give some hints about code improvement instead of freely bashing (which I currently feel), be my guest. And if you don't like my stuff, simply make your better version. Users will make their choices alone. I prefer code contribution rather than money, I prefer valid arguments instead of free insults.
  3. If L2J (and any team so far) failed to deliver a flawless copy, no matter the chronicle and with the illimited amount of helpers in 10y of existence (+ the move from svn to github on those past years which should have speed up the commits), there is no specific reason your version will be a flawless version. You will have bugs, and will be bashed for that. And your project will be called hobbyist aswell. Why are you using aCis and not L2dotnet for your battle royale ?
  4. Looks like you should copy the non-hobbystic Elfocrash. If he was still developing, ofc. It is always easy to bash people, when you get nothing to be attacked on. Deliver a product based on the same version of L2J I begun, with the same features or even better, and maybe, MAYBE you will get some points. It's easy to say you can do better if your point is only to pick aCis / random fork and apply some additions such as scripts, and epic bosses. I begun from L2JIL, and consider to read L2J IL version before saying crap. You seem to got no clue from where aCis started. And your knowledge about RU packs is far to be excellent, too. For the few I tested (which are all l2p copies, btw - the AI system doesn't lie), there are bugs even on L2scripts, bugs which exist since L2JIL (2007). ---- I should have done a faction server instead of aCis pack, back in 2010. You would be stucked with L2JFrozen and L2JArchid and this whole pointless discussion wouldn't be here. And I would be rich, too. hlgf
  5. Probably a "teleport out of zone based on X restriction" custom or you edited region stuff (min/max values). Make a video to get a better appreciation of the issue, if the screen is fading black it's a teleport for exemple, if it happens only on PI and not in another place it's a custom, etc. Definitively not a vanilla issue.
  6. Quote me then. And good luck finding it. I only react when there is a free attack on my person. Got 2 shady guys using my pack as their own private sources and one dude who doesn't hesitate to leak sources when he is angry speaking about my own behavior, that's funny. Use L2J IL as base sources and make something from it, maybe you will understand. Until then I got nothing to say to you. I got 114 customers set up to rev 380 actually. I got nothing to prove. Not sure why EVERYTIME there is such a topic, people considers a good thing to attack my own person. I leave the topic, gl.
  7. Your whole points are pointless if you know than contributing to the pack provide you direct access to SVN, for a quite big amount of time, and can even get you some money. That's the point of Inner Circle members. Some of them got access since few years, some of them got money from me (RooT, Hasha notably). Sahar is also a permanent resident of Inner Circle since all the shares/reports he did (until a leak or something). Under your big sentences, basically, there is nothing. My time isn't free, my shares aren't (totally) free. Your own pack is private for a reason. My pack is more free than your. Explain it now. You don't work for any L2J community. I expect some work or financial help from ppl using my pack. Since 2012, aCis is under a freemium concept. If you are blind or don't know to read, that's your problem. People who shares enough fixes are set into Inner Circle, I did it in the past, I can do it now too. 1€ for a revision compared to the amount of money you can do using the pack is free, sorry to say. Finally, the free version of aCis is always moving up. So basically, more there are revisions, more the free revision is updated. That's something you don't seem to understand, neither. Not sure if you really understand the concept of my pack. Maybe you are the lazy people, after all ? Keep your fixes on your shadow copy of aCis, it will be lost as many others since L2J exists, when your mood will change. I basically don't care, but that's exactly what I said earlier : that's the reason packs don't move and you stuck with public revisions full of bugs. PS : if one man could handle everything, then why is there no completed public pack yet ? You're probably 23yo and think you're a God or something, but many ppl, included me, are more humble. Oh, I forgot : you weren't into the Game yet. You will change everything, hopefully :). If L2J could be ended by a man, it would be already ended. It's a world project, yet none delivered such a copy. PPS : you are litterally wasting your time fixing skills, since they can be reparsed and the model should evolve. For a master like you, I'm dissapointed about your approach.
  8. There are flaws, like on any server out there, being it totally free or 1200$ you WILL encounter bugs. Someone who says the versus is a simple scammer. Sahar uses aCis for all his IL sessions, and so far that's like the 3rd or 4th season. Download the pack, read the changesets and make your own opinion instead of reading rumors. And compare with other packs. My pack offers numerous unique fixes, everything is listed and can be traced back. People who say I only reorganize things simply don't read correctly changesets. L2J is huge, it can't be fixed by a single guy. I code what I can and what I want, for the leftover I count to others to fix it and share it. If not, I will simply move to my "single-man" speed.
  9. Not sure what you speak about, my revert amount is extremely low compared to L2JFrozen and alike. I invite you to report those famous issues/flaws you speak about and to share adequate fixes, since you seem enough skilled to say that I'm either lazy or unskilled. Until that time comes, maybe better shut your mouth instead of freely insulting people who are working to keep alive this community. Don't forget, if you can do better than me, with the same tools I got (= L2J IL sources and time), simply do it. If you don't, why are you speaking ? You got no rights. I work for a community and my community (is supposed to) works for me, but people like you don't seem to understand, and probably never will. Bblbblblblblblbbl. It's not my fault if you are all lazy bas**ards waiting for (almost) free fixes. The behavior of this community would be different, all chronicles would be already completed. I wait your fixes, I would be glad to include them if they fix things.
  10. Not sure if you know, but getMAtkSpd() is currently overriden numerous time, depending about the actor. PlayerStat refers to player stats, PetStat refers to pets, etc. If you edit the value on, let's say, CreatureStat, then you have to be sure PlayerStat isn't completely overriding it. It's called inheritance, even if CreatureStat is the mother class of PlayerStat, PlayerStat must be edited OR must refer to mother class using : super.getMatkSpd(); PS : CreatureStat is the new name of CharStat. Correctly used, override is a strong tool, allowing some classes to do specific things compared to others. If you see a lot of instanceof checks, it's generally a "bad" use of overriding and inheritance.
  11. On VillageMaster, section if (command.startsWith("Subclass")) Edit whatever subcommand (probably 1/2/3, or at least 2) with a check : if (player.getBuffCount() != 0) break; The less annoying / more transparent method for the user is probably what SweeTs said.
  12. Terrible idea, you are stucked with a colored name/title with no means to edit it otherwise. Simply edit the content stored in memory, it's enough. For an event, don't store anything, even the initial location can be processed based on area spawn locs (which should be handled by your event engine). Regarding the question, Melron answered. You have to send back the changes to clients, using packets. Simply see how settitle / setname are handled.
  13. Punition seems fair, since it's not the first time you break rules (and while it's not offensive to you, it can be offensive to others), but if you're right about Baggos and what he said, then there is 2 questions to answer : why such a ppl reached moderator rank, while he doesn't give the good exemple himself (it's like asking to someone to never go to the jail, while yourself you did some months in prison) if that was said during his moderator time, why he is still a moderator ? My 0.5 cent, gl with the drama.
  14. It's generally caused by a location getting no spawn points defined. Could be solved editing related data (probably on sql if you say it's a really old project). If it happens even on obvious places (Gludio territory, etc) then it's probably the whole related datafile which is missing - or the core side which sucks.
  15. Until I missed something, there is strictly nothing to change or improve.