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  1. when i open gameserver.bat i get this message : INFO =================================================================-[ Team ] INFO Kamex Developer of GRANKAIN INFO ===================================================-[ Balance Loading... ] INFO INFO L2jFrozen balance you can reload balance from config. INFO server is balance with skills/ressist/class damage INFO if you want to change balance go to Config/functions INFO and Change damage by fighter / mage INFO INFO INFO ==============================
  2. can you help me with team viever to fix problem???
  3. i have c3 client on dvd !!! i must uploaded somewhere!!
  4. γεια σας εχω φτιαξει εναν c3 server και δν μπορω να κανω log in γτ μ λεει στο startserver :client is not using latest authentication method.<min is 557> μπορει καπιως να με βοιθησει???