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  1. full source High five server L2Gw Source Download Credit: GoGLiKK worked on, @Janiko and @Mobius
  2. full source High five server reb_h5_storm (HF) Download Credit: PrizraKZN
  3. hello wtb ads fb groups / forum pm me here
  4. Hi im looking for buy phantom engine bot for h5 + control panel add skype cerenus.1 or send me here message
  5. WTB Decrypt interface.xdat pm here or skype ( Cerenus.1 ) i Pay
  6. Add Skype Cerenus.1 Community Board Animation Border ( Yes ) Community Board jpg ( Yes ) Button Animation ( Yes ) Button jpg ( Yes ) Backround Npc or Alt+B Animation ( Yes ) Loading Screen Animation + Video ( Yes ) Loading Screen jpg ( Yes ) Logo for in game or login Screen Animation or video ( Yes ) Icon for NPC or Alt + B Animation ( Yes )
  7. Wts Design Website, forum, L2 Community Board, Splash Screen, Loading Screen, Community Board High Five Gracia Final Hellbound Interlude ingame Community Board Animation Gif ingame images Animation Gif ingame logo Animation Gif Banner Gif Logo Symbol Contact Skype Cerenus.1 Facebook Cover
  8. Patch for the client of the game Lineage 2 High Five Download here Mega Full package with textures here Mega Credits to XDarkDelux