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  1. website https://l2evony.com/ forum https://l2evony.com/forum Server Details Rates Experience (XP) 1000x Skill Points (SP) 1000x Rate Drop Adena 100x Rate Drop Items 1x Rate Drop Spoil 1x Rate Drop Boss 2x Scroll Enchant Rate 65% Scroll Blessed Enchant Rate 90% Scroll Enchant of Crystall 88% Safe Enchant +3 Maximum Enchant +20 Buff Time (Include Song/Dance) 2 hours Maximum Buff Amount 27 Maximum Song/Dance Amount 15 Anti-Bot System (Captcha and ScriptGuard) Infinity soulshots InfinityArrows PvpRewardSystem AntiHeavyProtection Cancel Return Buffs (Open World) Olympiad Anti-Feed AugmentationNGSkillChance = 5 AugmentationHighSkillChance = 12 AugmentationTopSkillChance = 15% FlagRbZones PvP/Pk Color System custom startup system Ddos Protection
  2. :) finnaly add with succes the code, but in game when i use command //create_zone nothing hapen :(
  3. 375 i tried to add this on 391 and i got same error :(
  4. hi who can help me on this code i stuck here private static int calcZ(boolean minZ) { return (savedLocs.stream().mapToInt(loc -> loc.getZ()).sum() / savedLocs.size()) + (minZ ? -zDifference : zDifference); } at "loc.getZ())" i don't know what to do .... https://imgur.com/a/Tuqmz5V
  5. if you read more.....i said "is my first website so is normaly ... but from some people, from this Community is hard to see the reality,so it's necessary to buy a new brain ty"
  6. hello everyone,what is your favorite song of 2016 :D can yuo post here :) mine is Andra feat. David Bisbal - Without You
  7. Good evening everyone, I finally finished my first website,created by me, I think it looks good for starters. it's just PSD file: If you want this psd can contact me on skype: saulea.stefan Lineage 2Ark Design are now RDY http://saulea90.deviantart.com/art/l2Ark-644729080
  8. hello i want to buy a cs go account if you have with lvl 10 minimum skype saulea.stefan
  9. http://l2evony.com/ comming mid rate 45x like l2forever/l2revange
    1. Loftheim


      l2forever ?? hahahahah