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  1. 1) pay someone to adapt the code 2) learn some basics and adapt it by urself 3) find one for frozen
  2. 'My opinion.' its not about how you will build your server. its about the nowdays community style... All people are playing in a server that is populated to be sure about pvps, (in case of low rate they craft S), try oly and then searching for another server. also let me give you an example. "Are you willing to play on a server named L2 Elite with rates x30? - Yeah" "Are you willing to play on a server named L2 Jack (copy of l2 elite) with rates x30? - no..?". "Success" is pain in the ass today. You have to pay a lot in advertise to build the server name and also you need about 4-5 successfully opening seasons in order to be known
  3. @AchYlek There are a few servers that can get 10k+. Maybe less than 10.. all the others have 2k+ at every opening :D. But you are right, no reason to not open again
  4. You have to add 1 more field in characters table that is responsible for the color (varchar) . When you are setting the new color use a dB connection to save that in the new field. Finally, handle onEnter to load the custom color and you are done. Drop that shit and make one from Java. If you don't know how to, noone will help you with python codes here
  5. 2 possible things you should check. 1) SQL wrong syntax in your query when updating the character field that is responsible for the vote time and instead of edit 1 column, is updating the whole table (characters) 2) If you are looping the whole world while checking the objId check if this loop is correct. Maybe is updating every player
  6. einai thema logikhs. h exeis polu evasion h exeis ligo accuracy. checkare ta stats apo ta armorsets h akoma kai kathe part apo tis armors sou. des ta stats pou exeis valei kai tha to ftiakseis monos sou..
  7. on acis changeset 377 XMLDocument has been replaced by the IXMLReader interface , so it means you can get it by beign a customer . dont expect ppl to help you ... pay 10E and get all the updates , it will help you since you will have access to DL all the possible changesets of the current circle .. @Kara` he dont mean .forEach , he means the method forEach of the interface IXMLReader default void forEach(..., ..., ...)
  8. XMLDocument has different behaviour than IXMLReader. If you are a customer of acis and you got the new patches, change it. Otherwise check how other files are using the xmlreader and adapt it since you are not allowed to get the new version for free.
  9. indeed. something like that would be more clean private static void selectNextZone() { final int maxSize = getTotalZones(); _zoneId = _zoneId >= maxSize ? 1 : _zoneId++; _timer = getCurrentZone().getTime() + 10; } public static int getTotalZones() { return ZoneManager.getInstance().getAllZones(RandomZone.class).stream().filter(zone -> zone != null).collect(Collectors.toList()).size(); }
  10. If you need it only in specific cases, you could do that with title too