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  1. Which one is the correct output? ==========<Raid Bosses>========== or ==========<Raid Bosses>========== ================================= ?
  2. You should save somewhere the npc Filho when it will be spawned and when the mob Pai dies, you have to get the instance of the other npc... like: switch (npc.getNpcId()) { case Pai: YourData.getFilho().deleteMe(); break; }
  3. Okey, lets see it again with examples: @Override public String onKill(L2Npc npc, L2PcInstance player, boolean isPet) { int Pai = 50; int Filho = 100; switch (npc.getNpcId()) // Get the id of the dead monster { case Pai: // We found it and the dead monster ID is 50 if (npc.getNpcId() == Filho) // We comparing if the dead monster's ID is 100. IT is not ... It is 50... { npc.deleteMe(); // This should never run.. } break; } return super.onKill(npc, player, isPet); } its like: int value = 50; switch (value) { case 50: if (value == 100) System.out.println("hi"); break; } We wont get any print at our console...
  4. Aposo thumamai to frozen exei 2 custom tabels gia spawnlists mazi me configs gia na rithmiseis pou paei pou otan o admin kanei spawn. Pithanon na mhn apothikeuei to respawn time - death time dioti to valakas exei enabled to script pou exei oristei ekei to respawn time kai sthn ousia ginete override to time apo to spawn command tou admin. @ontopic elenkse ta custom tables kai ta configs sou na deis kai kane delete to valakas script apo thn stigmh pou tha exeis ws custom auta ta raids. 2h pithanh lush, c/p ton valakas (kai client) kai ftiakse ena RAID (oxi grandboss) me ta idia stats ta panta kai apla orise tou to respawn time apo db 3h apotelesmatikh lush, peta to...
  5. debug each action to see exactly what command is called. Debug: (your best friend) System.out.println
  6. Well, i do like the low rate gaming style but we are in 2k20... ppl haven't much time to sit in front of their pc to xp... Even if you will add customs in order to help them for the 'xp' case, they will play until the 1st siege (max until heroes) and then probably they will leave .... Not by your fault, its just the way that ppl are playing IL these days... So by me, no... Gl anyway
  7. Its not working because you are teleporting the player who left the party. look at your code dude if (player.isInsideZone(L2Character.ZONE_UNUSED)) player.teleToLocation(81035,148614,-3464); You need to add a check (again) about the party size (< 4) and then teleport them all back.
  8. L2 Isn't dead at all. If you are talking about interlude, what do you expecting in 2020 when C6 released at 2003? (17 fucking years old update)
  9. change if (NumberPartyMembers < 5 && NumberPartyMembers > 9) to if (NumberPartyMembers < 5)
  10. Your code cant run that way, an int that starts with 09 is just not allowed in this specific example. If you need '0' at the begging of of any int, you should format it. ex: Arrays.asList(254,156,641,974,112).forEach(val -> html.append(String.format("<td width=30><img src=\"icon.customtex_%s\" width=32 height=32></td>",String.format("0%s", val)))); Arrays.asList("A","B","C","D","E").forEach(val -> html.append(String.format("<td align=\"center\" width=290>%s</td>",val)));
  11. You dont need any check. you replacing comma at every case and you are done