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  1. First time i see a server that does not giving items from donations. Or is just you the one who want back his money? :D
  2. On the other hand, I find it kinda useless to ask such things since he is looking for coder (so it means he don't know to code, so he can't read, so he can't understand if the codes are good and properly coded). He could accept a free code as a prove about his knowledge. Anyway is clearly his way to find ppl. Good luck dude!
  3. I like 'atm' .... except if you are planning to open similar project
  4. as sweets said you can open another .py file to see how database connections are closing connection. you can try this one try : con.close() except : pass
  5. i don't know what are you talking about guys but, even a server with frozen files (which i believe is the worst) can be success with the correct administration. Even if you take the 'best' interlude sources and try to open a server without using your hands you will fail. Now lets get real, before 5 years , or even 7-8... There was many pvp/mid/low rate succesfully servers while aCis/lucera wasn't even there. All in one, pick the sources you think they can give you pleasure, work on them, be happy.
  6. I dont know too what sources he is using. i just saw this image which i can see that getSkills() exists with type Map so values() exists too so values is a collection :P
  7. this is happening because getSkills.values() is returning a collection. Change the array to collection or convert the collection into array. L2Skill[] chaSkills = cha.getSkills().values().toArray(new L2Skill[cha.getSkills().values().size()]); or Collection<L2Skill> chaSkills = cha.getSkills().values();
  8. update for many reasons your sources to 1.8 either edit the whole code . vector is not needed there a simple list would be enough
  9. (use -source 7 or higher to enable diamond operator)
  10. Ok @Nightwolf now i'm laughing about 5 minutes non-stop. the guy want to delete drops not items at inventory. we are both so blinds DELETE FROM droplist WHERE itemid <> 57
  11. you could search about 1 sql query at google as @SweeTs mentioned. The correct query is DELETE FROM droplist WHERE itemid <> 57 probably nightwolf made a mistake and used operators from SELECT command but the thought is the same P.S. this query will delete drops even from raidbosses/grandbosses. in case you want an exception for those types you can edit the query
  12. how you will do that? int type is the correct
  13. it is not a bug. You are missing broadcastUserInfo() when you increase the event kills. .... .... activeChar.increaseTvTKills(); +activeChar.broadcastUserInfo(); .... ....