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  1. I could just say array[2] = 3rd element. But I preferred to explain it a bit.. Maybe that guy, one day will be better than us :D
  2. The first element of an array is accessible by the value 0. The 2nd element has the position 1.. the 3rd element 2.... array[0] = first element ... array[2] = 3rd element. The code is hardcoded. Rework it
  3. You didn't get my point :D I'm not saying smt about Sweets
  4. "add me on Skype" post is coming from a guy that have the same bugged files
  5. If you cant speak english, theres a greek section for any kind of help.
  6. you confused me. you have a method with name canUseItem. You are checking if the item id is equal to ex. 7575 (db) and if yes & is equipped you returning false ? it means you cant use that? so you cant even unequip it? you have to edit your method and check only the item id. so.. public boolean canUseItem(PlayerEventInfo player, ItemData item) { if(!item.isEquipped()) return item.getItemId() == _bowItemId; return super.canUseItem(player, item); }
  7. can you be more descriptive? give us examples or atleast give some code to help you
  8. Similar to oly restrictions. 2 things you should care about. 1st) check the type while entering at the event or teleporting? idk, and unequip it 2nd) when useItem will launch
  9. The structure is bad, but you can check the method onExit if the same skill type exists and if yes, simply don't remove the invul
  10. Το έμαθε ο Γιάννης ρε? :D edit: αχ και να σε έπιανε... Χαχαχα
  11. tipota den einai asximo kai tipota den einai wraio. einai kathara thema goustou kai thema organoshs. exoun petuxei poloi servers me to 'palio klasiko vote system' pou anefere o kara kai exoun apotuxei alloi tosoi me api . to thema einai na eisai eksupnos kai na to ftiakseis swsta. An pame me vash to ti einai swsto, den tha eprepe kan na anoiksei server me frozen. parola auta omws to frozen exei istoria kai exoun vgalei spitia eksetias tou... P.s ennoeite oti den kalh idea eidika gia enan arxario na valei to palio style etsi? den to sizitame...
  12. Read again... Should be located at attackable