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  1. I was not surprised that Frozen has incomplete features ..: D Well, I do not have frozen sources to check what's going on but you can paste here your bypass from the button and what else is included to this feature Or, you can adapt any aCis code to frozen p.s dude, get real... change sources...
  2. You can post the problem in order someone give you some hints or the fix you looking for. Also there are many shares about raid info npc
  3. your code can be replaced with this one final int currentBuffs = getAllEffects().stream().filter(effect -> effect.getSkillType() == L2SkillType.BUFF).collect(Collectors.toList()).size();
  4. check again what i mean... It's clearly about logic. why the target is receiving damage before the 'object' hit him?
  5. The fact that all servers working like this isn't mean that is correct. It's like the private store buy thing with the enchant value bug that lives in all projects.
  6. Do you find it 'normal' ? :D No , the damage isnt calculated once the spell is casted ... conditions yes. The damage is calculating while the last conditions passed about peace zones etc.
  7. Hello guys, i noticed that in all l2jpacks i've worked the damage from skills,arrows are given before the animation-arrow is on the target. Is it about any synchronization? Why all projects have this thing? should increase the delay of the HitTask ?
  8. Your post was incredibly analytical. Thank you for your time, I will update it for sure :)
  9. I thought the 'getting' thing was like add/remove... my bad . Thank you
  10. Well i do not use the id but i added it as a feature in case someone want to extend it or use a specific reward. Correct me if i'm wrong but if rewards will stored in a regular arraylist will end up with error since it has to be synchronized... About the despawn i will update it for sure , i didnt know that. Thank you! Thank you :) Thank you!
  11. Hello members, I made an event because Christmas is coming I made it with xml version ( i like it more..) Here's the video: Source Files Npc's Credits for the awesome htmls : @Sinister Smile What is this event? When a mob dies there is a chance to spawn santa boy/girl and get some rewards. I do not think you need more explainations... Check the xml and set it as you wish! (Rewards are unlimited but one of them will be chosen) Edit: Coded in acis 372 Updates: ConcurrentHashMap replace by ArrayList ty @Tryskell Override onSpawn method removed in SantaClaus instance ty @Tryskell Xml reworked (removed id) Fixed html path Fixed 1 bug while storing rewards. Added npc's link
  12. private static final Logger _log = Logger.getLogger(PlayerInfo.class.getName());