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  1. I agree. He is doing pretty nice job and as you said, he is cheap. I've worked with him many times in the past, without any issue. Also, his personality is awesome :D
  2. post OlympiadManager#IsRegistered method
  3. Nice to see gve servers out there. Best of luck guys!
  4. The comment (//) stands there for a reason.. put the code inside
  5. find a code for dualbox limit and just do a check for class ids
  6. -if (getEffected().isPlayable()) +if (getEffected() instanceof Player && !getEffected().getActingPlayer().isInOlympiadMode())
  7. paste the code where the RestoreBuff is taking place
  8. its an option but not the best. RestoreBuf class shouldn't be called if the player is in oly.. so your restriction must be used in the other file
  9. i tell you what. A frozen pack with a few changes in gameplay handled over than 800 ppl without a single lag. I mean, if a frozen retail pack can handle this number of ppl, imagine what could happen with acis,lucera that they are under developing and ofc far better in perfomance than frozen... Also, read again what kara said, its not 2k8... ;)
  10. Its obvious. The config path in files isnt match with the path that setted in java. So by this way, java reads default values which is probably true. :D
  11. Player#create public static Player create(int objectId, PlayerTemplate template, String accountName, String name, byte hairStyle, byte hairColor, byte face, Sex sex) { // Create a new Player with an account name Appearance app = new Appearance(face, hairColor, hairStyle, sex); Player player = new Player(objectId, template, accountName, app); // Set the name of the Player player.setName(name); // Set access level player.setAccessLevel(Config.DEFAULT_ACCESS_LEVEL); // Cache few informations into CharNameTable. PlayerInfoTable.getInstance().addPlayer(objectId, accountName, name, player.getAccessLevel().getLevel()); // Set the base class ID to that of the actual class ID. player.setBaseClass(player.getClassId()); + player.getStat().setLevel((byte) 80);
  12. + public static final <T> T get(Set<T> set) + { + return get(new ArrayList<>(set)); + }