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  1. if you could search about the message as nightw0lf said, you could find that the player is in observer mode somehow.. if (activeChar.isInObserverMode()) { activeChar.sendPacket(SystemMessageId.OBSERVERS_CANNOT_PARTICIPATE); activeChar.sendPacket(ActionFailed.STATIC_PACKET); return; } public boolean isInObserverMode() { return !_isInOlympiadMode && !_savedLocation.equals(Location.DUMMY_LOC); } Try this one: public boolean isInObserverMode() { - return !_isInOlympiadMode && !_savedLocation.equals(Location.DUMMY_LOC); + return !_isInOlympiadMode && !_savedLocation.equals(Location.DUMMY_LOC) && !isInTvTEvent(); } public int getTeleMode() Create this new method in order to get the necessary data and check if the player is registered
  2. the answer is in nightw0lf's link. try to understand what you have to change. Btw, learn some basics before you continue...
  3. 1) take a look what calcMCrit method returns return mRate > Rnd.get(1000); 2) I will stick with your example. The skill you should edit is 3589 (Special Ability: Infinity Stinger) <set name="activationChance" val="5" /> this chance will call the other skill (3590)
  4. before the teleport begins (to the arena) , store their location in a map .
  5. Did you try the code i wrote?
  6. what is 'i'? you could use a null check first... final TownZone tempZone = ZoneManager.getInstance().getZoneById(i, TownZone.class); if (tempZone != null) tempZone.setIsTWZone(true); else System.out.println("Zone not found with id " + i);
  7. If you want to search something about l2 xml files then listen sweets and use eclipse. In any other case you can use this one as i do , just place it in the directory where the files are located. If you are afraid of download such things. make it by urself by creating a bat file and use the following code @echo off title [CONFIG SEARCH] cls echo. :find set /p text="enter search text here: " echo. text "%text%" result: findstr /I /N %text% *.xml echo. goto find p.s it can be used for config/propertis and other files too. just change findstr /I /N %text% *.xml
  8. Wrong section. Seems like you didnt update the tables in db
  9. Lets talk about your code :D Why the hell you are using instance. If you want instance use singleton lol but a static way would be the same and less words up on the call Rly now, freya doesnt have intintholder? lol Your new db fields are 'not null' but missing default value... All things will be fucked up (colors are used with integer.decode) where is printstacktrace? The only good thing is the try-with-resources but there you could add the PreparedStatement too ( you are not closing it at storeColor) Why you dont just edit the restore_character query and add one more field to be load + 1 line where the player is restoring data reported Gn <3
  10. You need 2 database connections. 1st for saving the color and the 2nd to restore it