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  1. Yes it is possible. Since you mentioned python you probably using frozen. So, learn python and start coding :D
  2. So , if someone will order a server with: start up system automatic zone changer with votes and config and java 8 version, you will charge him 105E. All the 'available java codes' that you posted are shared here. I think this is a kind of joke. right?
  3. Nightw0lf's answer is the correct one. You just need to edit the visual sell price too in order to work perfect. - writeD(item.getItem().getReferencePrice() / 2); + writeD(1); - player.addAdena("Sell", totalPrice, merchant, false); + player.addAdena("Sell", 1, merchant, false);
  4. Γέμισε το forum με έξυπνους ξαφνικά . Συγχαρητήρια στα ΑΜΕΑ
  5. einai allo to vote allo to hwid. sto vote mporei na exeis otidipote. twra milame gia HWID. gia na exeis to HWID tou player xreiazesai client edit h na peraseis lameguard p.x h smartguard h kapoio bot protection to opoio tha sou exei thn dunatothta tou HWID. opote xorizete se 2 komatia. client gia na sthlei to ID ston server kai server side gia na to kanei accept. esu mporei na exeis to server side omorfa kai wraia kai na sou leipei to client part. Kane ena debug ston server sou na kanei print ta HWIDS ton player kai tha deis ti ginete... den mporoume na mantepsoume etsi. dokimase kai des. ean ta HWID einai swsta kai o kathe player exei diaforetiko tote to provlhma einai allou. ean ta print sou exoun 'null' h ena default string opws 'NO-HWID' tote kati den paei kala me to client
  6. Δεν νομίζω να έχεις πρόβλημα στην java. Λογικά στο client είναι το πρόβλημα
  7. Η μέθοδος getHWID() που χρησιμοποιείς απλά γυρνάει null. εάν έχεις βάλει max 4, και logaroun 4, θα έχουν HWID null. Όποτε ο 5ος που θα προσπαθήσει να μπει ανεξάρτητα το μέρος του , την ΙΡ του και το hwid του, θα διαβαστεί σαν null και ο σέρβερ δεν θα τον αφήσει. Δεν έχεις κάνει κάτι λάθος. Το HWID system σου είναι λάθος
  8. "<tr><td align=center><button value=\"" + category.getName() + "\" action=\"bypass -h npc_" + getObjectId() + "_category " + category.getId() + "\" width=204 height=20 back=\"Button.but1\" fore=\"Button.but2\"></td></tr>"
  9. if in table characters the field name is 'account_name' and in table accounts the field name is 'login': UPDATE characters c, accounts a SET c.botprev_fail_account = a.botprev_fail_account WHERE c.account_name = ? and c.account_name = a.login; Else, edit the query and set the right field names
  10. spawn.setAmount(1); raid.setInstanceId1(instance); raid = spawn.doSpawn(); try like that Edit. why the method name is setInstanceId1? there is another one without '1'?
  11. try to add a second constructor of l2spawn and add the isntance id there, before doSpawn take place set the instance id to see if its working
  12. by doing this, player and raidboss can see each other
  13. Do you want to be able as admin to see the all the objects even if they are not the same instance id with you?