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  1. I won't say anything for the 'scammer'. Mods can handle that. But you... Temple... You insist that you don't care about the 4$ but something is wrong here.. you said you could pick a key from Faken with 6$. The question is Why you didn't since it is 100% legal as you mentioned? Wtf ppl? Did you even try to trade with an unknown person just to save 2$? That's shame bro...
  2. See ya

    1. 'Baggos'


      Καλά να περνάς αγορίνα... 

  3. atleast he can try ... if he cant theres another option too...
  4. if you want only 1 box and nothing more, handle it in useItem.java by checking the id and give the items you want. if you want more than one boxes then change the whole structure .. check parseExtractableSkill method on L2Skill.java
  5. thanks mate thanks thanks unique farm zones?
  6. That's true . no imagination at all
  7. I saw a guy trying to sell this code for 20E.... I thing you get what it is right? You have a chance to craft items with enchant. the only thing you have to do is to add 2 values in recipes.xml. example: <recipe alias="mk_leather_boots" id="69" material="1931-4;1882-8;1885-1;2130-1" product="40-1" itemId="2176" level="2" mpConsume="84" successRate="100" isDwarven="true"/> You can add enchant by adding enchantChance="70" enchant="4-19" (means you have 70% chance to get a random value from 4 - 19 as enchant) in case you want a constant value you can put it like "10-10" <recipe alias="mk_leather_boots" id="69" material="1931-4;1882-8;1885-1;2130-1" enchantChance="70" enchant="4-19" product="40-1" itemId="2176" level="2" mpConsume="84" successRate="100" isDwarven="true"/> rev 375 here is the code: [Hidden Content]
  8. you dont have to mess with skill types / styles... you can follow how the set is giving the skill when all parts are equiped and start the abnormal effect. finally follow again the 'remove skill' case and remove the abnormal effect
  9. Nothing special .. since you have the command in admin panel to play sounds you can make your own engine. Either by voting as you said and send the packet to the whole world or simple target case
  10. take a retail pack from your sources and test there with geodata ofc. if the problem wont be there, then good luck on debug...
  11. Check the speed of your bots. 0 as value can cause a bug
  12. I dont know how much your parents spent for your villa, but the palette we just saw has up to 1.6m 3.2m
  13. Το μισό θα σε χαλαγε δλδ ε? :Ρ