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  1. Y it can be in 1. Also you dont have to check about zone since this code is located at onEnter. I didnt get what this guy us trying to do. He is teleporting the player when he is entering in that zone? Also after the teleport code should be a return statement ( or if else) because: OnEnter -> teleport -> onExit -> and after that setIsInsideZone is taking place. That means the player is somewhere else with that zoneId
  2. @Override protected void onEnter(Creature character) { if (character instanceof Player) { ThreadPool.schedule(() -> ((Player) character).teleToLocation(83597, 147888, -3405, 0), 1000 * 300); ThreadPool.schedule(() -> ((Player) character).sendMessage("Evento Finalizado!"), 1000 * 300); if (_counterTask == null) _counterTask = startCounter(); } character.setInsideZone(ZoneId.PEACE, true); }
  3. I can see the logic there. A site with name Maxcheaters is selling bot protection while all exploit sections are dead. The 90% of the community is from the l2 while the 90% of that community is now out. There are really about 20 members who posting there and a few randoms that creating account just to ask for help about 1 thing. The owner visiting his site only to enable ads in these terrible banners and answering to Skype only to check PSC validation. It's not our fault. I am really thankful to this forum because I worked for many members for free but not really for free. I didn't ask for money but I earned knowledge. When I became l2jdev I had more than 200 PM's for free codes (root , can confirm that) and I was ok with that, but after some time I said alright, enough. It's getting boring the whole thing especially if you have a 'role' there (like daily cleaning the responsible section) without any single reason . Any mod here,have daily jobs to do based on their position. Why? They won't win something except the fame. Ppl like root, Sweets,elfo,xdem who have a good knowledge they don't care about that. That's why I said "I doubt they will accept it". I fully agree with you .
  4. Personally, I can't find a reason for anyone to apply something like that for any position, because you are supposed to know the members who are capable for these positions. Anyway there are a few members that they are really capable but I doubt they will accept it
  5. About the 2nd ask public final static String retrieveIcon(int... values) Can do that. He just have to separate the values retrieveIcon(5,8,10,4,3)
  6. The answer is your question. 2 same armor sets. The 2nd is the same as the first, but with that effect So, When the player enchant the first set up to +6 then, the set is replaced with the 2nd one (with the effect)
  7. I could just say array[2] = 3rd element. But I preferred to explain it a bit.. Maybe that guy, one day will be better than us :D
  8. The first element of an array is accessible by the value 0. The 2nd element has the position 1.. the 3rd element 2.... array[0] = first element ... array[2] = 3rd element. The code is hardcoded. Rework it
  9. You didn't get my point :D I'm not saying smt about Sweets
  10. "add me on Skype" post is coming from a guy that have the same bugged files
  11. If you cant speak english, theres a greek section for any kind of help.
  12. you confused me. you have a method with name canUseItem. You are checking if the item id is equal to ex. 7575 (db) and if yes & is equipped you returning false ? it means you cant use that? so you cant even unequip it? you have to edit your method and check only the item id. so.. public boolean canUseItem(PlayerEventInfo player, ItemData item) { if(!item.isEquipped()) return item.getItemId() == _bowItemId; return super.canUseItem(player, item); }