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  1. Find the item that is broken and fix it.. else if (_currentItem.type instanceof L2WeaponType) { _currentItem.item = new L2Weapon((L2WeaponType) _currentItem.type, _currentItem.set); } else if (_currentItem.type instanceof L2EtcItemType) { _currentItem.item = new L2EtcItem((L2EtcItemType) _currentItem.type, _currentItem.set); } else - throw new Error("Unknown item type " + _currentItem.type); + throw new Error(String.format("Unknown item type [%s] for Item [%s] - [%s]", _currentItem.type,_currentItem.name , _currentItem.id)); }
  2. Θα πρεπει να φτιαξεις ενα νεο πεδιο στην database σου στο characters table και 2 μεθοδους στο class του παιχτη (Player.class για acis , L2PcInstance.class για frozen). Οταν αγοραζει το skill θα αποθηκευεις με μια τιμη στην πρωτη μεθοδο και την 2η θα ελεγχει εαν το αγορασε. Μην ξεχασεις να κανεις load αυτη την τιμη οταν ο παιχτης μπαινει στο παιχνιδι
  3. You want me to answer a question without even providing 1 line of your code? If you added custom codes then check again what you added (im sure you added)
  4. Speak english . you have more chances to get help
  5. Maybe the variable Baium is null somehow? Seems like you added custom code
  6. Development Help Section Rules - Read before posting Baium.java(141)
  7. no :P public MerchantPriceConfig getMpc() this config is null
  8. its not about the code. He is just lazy to google it. Update your jdk to 1.8
  9. i dont know why you need this, but its logical error since you trying to convert enum to int. item.getItem().getCrystalType().ordinal();
  10. What you mean (tested)? make your blessed condition like this if (isBlessed()) { if (enchantItem.isArmor()) chance = Math.pow(Config.ENCHANT_CHANCE_ARMOR_BLESSED, (enchantItem.getEnchantLevel() - 2)); // Weapon formula is 70% for fighter weapon, 40% for mage weapon. Special rates after +14. else if (enchantItem.isWeapon()) { if (((Weapon) enchantItem.getItem()).isMagical()) chance = (enchantItem.getEnchantLevel() > 14) ? Config.ENCHANT_CHANCE_WEAPON_MAGIC_15PLUS_BLESSED : Config.ENCHANT_CHANCE_WEAPON_MAGIC_BLESSED; else chance = (enchantItem.getEnchantLevel() > 14) ? Config.ENCHANT_CHANCE_WEAPON_NONMAGIC_15PLUS_BLESSED : Config.ENCHANT_CHANCE_WEAPON_NONMAGIC_BLESSED; } System.out.println("Config chance: " + chance); } I think you will solve your problem (if any) by urself.
  11. Read changesets, test them, select the best for you. My opinion is ofc aCis.
  12. Add getInstance() in your line. About the suggestions simply ignore them or edit it with try-with-resources style