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  1. yes my friend thats it fix it thank you very much! i have corrupted npcname.dat
  2. fandc project h5 i think the error is from system ..
  3. hello my friends i have some simple erron butt dont remember to fix wen i hit the drakos in dragon valey only this mob in chat the name is noname npc any help? thank you https://prnt.sc/11zod5m
  4. i make last update and i make test if see somthing very nice work gratz! im fun
  5. hi yesterday i make update with 0.62 and give me critical for teleport when restore the 0.60 all ok tonigh i can sent screen after work
  6. very nice interface minimal just only what want i think the best for h5 just a litle fix with damage on screen dont see hp- etc only critical and your damage if fix this with damage on screen its the best! gratz
  7. hey i cant found file edit for lineage 2 essence anyone help me if have this file edit?thank you
  8. hey nice thanks for share but if any pass for geodata?
  9. kalhspera to topzone ekane kapoio update kai den doyleyei to vote reward mou eipan na vrw to kainourgio json mhpws kapoios na vohthisei tipaizei?
  10. hello i have a place but i want to dont make summon in this place is it possible anyone help me with this to fix ?
  11. hey i have try make one quest for high five, the quest work fine but i dont now where find some java to fix this problem look the pics https://prnt.sc/qv7sv2 when start quest the tablet its emty but you can go the next npc .... i dont have this https://prnt.sc/qv7u72 and dont have in the map https://prnt.sc/qv7uqo any help ore any developer help me to fix? Ore any developer to fix for money? I've done most of the work with the files
  12. Need developer for fix some problems in my server files high five pm thank you
  13. se eyxaristw gia thn enimerwsh hsoyn poly katatopistikos katalava ti prepei na kanw tha ta tsekatw kai tha ksanagrapsw edw se eyxaristw para polu +++10