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  1. Hey guys! I am publishing this manual by your many requests. But all code will be available to VIP Members only. In the end, it will look like this: First of all, in the interface we open the class [Hidden Content], and find the [Hidden Content] function there. At the very top, add a new variable: local EItemType eItemType; Then, after all the local variables, we need to set our new variable: eItemType = EItemType(info.ItemType); Now we will have two options to choose from. In the first one, yo
  2. 2 "pulsating" frames, 1 button, 1 icon. Texture names: PledgeSelect_ani01 -32х32; BloodyCoin_ButtonBlink_01 - 256х32; AttendTodayEffect_00 - 64х128; OlympiadWnd_BlinkAni_01 - 128х128 download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VM2coIoNf7_4WvfyueCwCnEnexh9kYGI/view?usp=sharing password: [Hidden Content]
  3. download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/15msPZfz5uq8W3NhsEHWPMTdB-glZHA5_/view?usp=sharing password: [Hidden Content] HtmlWnd_BTN01 HtmlWnd_BTN01.down HtmlWnd_BTN01.over HtmlWnd_BTN01High HtmlWnd_BTN01High.down HtmlWnd_BTN01High.over HtmlWnd_BTN02 HtmlWnd_BTN02.down HtmlWnd_BTN02.over HtmlWnd_BTN02High HtmlWnd_BTN02High.down HtmlWnd_BTN02High.over
  4. It's * u, the functions themselves are there, * xdat is just markup, this file does not contain functions.
  5. No, you don't need to enter character nicknames in the code. You need the index of the group member, in default it looks like this: rectWnd = m_wndTop.GetRect(); if (X > rectWnd.nX + 13 && X < rectWnd.nX + rectWnd.nWidth -10) { if (GetPlayerInfo(userinfo)) { idx = (Y-rectWnd.nY) / NPARTYSTATUS_HEIGHT; RequestAssist(m_arrID[idx], userinfo.Loc); } } As you can see, the position of the mouse and the index of the window by which the assist is taken are calculated. Accordingly, you can always set an assist by th
  6. If the question is still relevant to you, I have an answer. Sorry in advance for broken English, I use google translator. You need to introduce a local variable: local int CrystalChap; In the ITEM_WEAPON block, we define it: CrystalChap = Item.CrystalType; if (Item.CrystalType > 5) { CrystalChap = 5; } In tooltips for physical and magical attacks, replace Item.CrystalType with CrystalChap, you get something like this: //Physical Damage AddTooltipItemOption(94, String(GetPhysicalDamage(Item.W
  7. Thanks for all your comments, I hope they will be useful to someone. )
  8. The information is more relevant for Interlude, but will work for the chronicles above as well. According to this example, you can bind any function (from calling the window for inserting a LAN, to your unique bypass, or some function like "target loss protection") to any hotkey or key combination. First of all, go to xdat, Interface \ Shortcuts \ GamingStateShortcut and select a key / key combination, for example like this: <ShortcutItem Key="IK_Space" SubKey1="IK_Alt">SelfTarget</ShortcutItem> Now for target self you need to hold down the viola and click the space ba
  9. To teach the Interlude client to see LANs where they shouldn't be, you need to make a few changes in the Interface.U scripts. Using the example of Jewelry and Hats: first, look in Interface \ Classes \ ToolTip: // 3. ACCESSARY case ITEM_ACCESSARY: bLargeWidth = true; //Slot Type if (Len(SlotString)>0) AddTooltipItemOption(0, SlotString, false, true, false); //Masical Defense AddTooltipItemOption(99, String(GetMagicalDefense(Item.CrystalType, Item.Enchanted, Item.Magica