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  1. hello mxc forum :) can anyone help me to create a command in java or to use if exisiting , to make a character set to a clan ? i don't know if it's possible but i have an example " int _nameColor0 = 0xFFFFFF; _Player.getAppearance().setNameColor(_nameColor0); " this makes the character to get name color white , can someone tell me how i can make the character to set into a clan , clan id that i want to ? im trying this way Player.setClan(268436844); 268436844 is clanid in database , but i think i miss something
  2. I just want to tell you that after ~ 5 months , i finnaly did it =]] can someone help me make them join a clan ?
  3. Ok Duke If there is any one who can help me with my problem pm me
  4. hello thanks for trying to help mate , i am not programmer / developer , but i think problem is not there because i get same problem when i try //recall the fakeplayer .. just when they die and go town (to village) , they spawn correctly ... if i try to teleport them any other way they go to location but become invisible at all.. i am still searching for someone that i can pay for this service
  5. very thank you guys !! i only tried this if (party.getMembers().stream().filter(k -> k.getClassId() == (ClassId.CARDINAL)).count() >= 2) is working fine thx
  6. Hello i try to make maximum 2 healers allowed in 1 party but im getting some problems maybe can someone help me ? i added this lines to requestjoinparty but is not working properly if (target.getClassId().getId() == 97 && (party.getMembersCount() >= 2) ) { requestor.sendMessage("Maximum 2 healers are allowed in party !"); return; }
  7. can anyone help me how to make maximum 2 healers/titan in party ?? i added this to requestjoinparty if (target.getClassId().getId() == 113 ) { requestor.sendMessage("Maximum 2 titans are allowed in party !"); return; } but when i have party with 2 duelist for example and i try to invite 1 titan i can't ..
  8. i think you need to go to each buff in xml/skills folder fiind this <set name="target" val="TARGET_ONE"/> and change in this <set name="target" val="TARGET_PARTY"/> tell me if works
  9. you can't blame one person for evolution brother.. im still looking for a developer that can do this
  10. Hello mxc , im new to java i have 2 months , i can't do nothing from scrath but is not that hard to edit , so i tought why not make elfocrash robots to go tvt .. so first i tryed to make them register tvt , i found in voice command .register this: public boolean useVoicedCommand(String command, Player activeChar) { if (command.equals("register")) EventManager.getInstance().registerPlayer(activeChar); else if (command.equals("leave")) EventManager.getInstance().removePlayer(activeChar); return true; } so i go to fakeplayers and searched where i can add this: "Ev
  11. L2Erica Interlude PvP Server 5000xGrand Opening 19-04-2020 Custom ServerSafe +8 Max +18 / Blessed Scroll 100% to +14 (fail lose only scroll)/ Golden Scroll 70%(fail lose only scroll)Special RaidBosses instaces and Party Zone / Farm ZoneTitanium Armor,Dinasty Armor,Dusk Weapons,Special Acessories️️️️️️️ International communityView more at: (download patch 300MB)Join Discord GENERAL INFORMATION :::::::::::...Starting Level - 80 [PVP SERVER]Starting subclass level - 80Maximum subclasses - 5Noblesse last-hit barakiel or buy with farm
  12. hello guys , im looking for a dev to add in source announce pvp/pk + zone im willing to pay
  13. im starting gamesrver/loginserver in my local pc works perfectly fine , but when i try on vps server i get this error all time Starting GVBITS AuthServer. [INFO][19:33:49] - |==================[SYSTEM INFORMATION]=================| [INFO][19:33:49] - | OS: Windows Server 2012 R2 Build: 6.3 [INFO][19:33:49] - | OS Arch: amd64 [INFO][19:33:49] - | Avaible CPU(s): 1 [INFO][19:33:49] - | Processor(s) Identifier: Intel64 Family 6 Model 60 Stepping 1, GenuineIntel [INFO][19:33:49] - | Process ID: 1088 [INFO][19:33:49] - | JMV: Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM Build:
  14. can you add in game voice over ip ? talking microfone with clan / party members ?