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  1. Hey thank you for reply , hh for me was easier to move everything from my acis pack to tesla pack because autobots was there lol
  2. Anyway , there are 100% infected hardware of lineage 2 players , mining monero or whatever for some guys right ? :)
  3. yes this is what it does but you need to make it run when players get class changed , you need to search for "public boolean setActiveClass(int classIndex)" or something like this fiind exact moment when class is changed and after that add checkAllowedSkills(); or restoreSkills(); i try to help you but i have 0 experience in substack type servers
  4. Thank you all for help but Tryskell give me best hint / fact :D after a few hours (2 or 3) of looking to RewardInfo/Attackable/Aggro .. found that answer to my question , wich was how i can get the total amount of damage killer or other instance did to a monster was "damageMap.get(killer)"
  5. I dont have a .getDamage() method in Player instance i get this error where do i have to add this ? in player.java ? +public List<Player > Attacker = new ArrayList<>(); + public final Player getDamageDealer() + { + int dmg = 0; + Player DamageDealer = null; + for (Player p : Attacker) + { + if (p.getDamage() > dmg) + { + dmg = p.getDamage(); + DamageDealer = p; + } + } + return DamageDealer; + }
  6. look one way is go to player.java or pcisntance.java what you have and search for public boolean setActiveClass(int classIndex) search for restoreHenna(); or restoreSkills(); rewardSkills(); regiveTemporarySkills(); and try to add checkAllowedSkills(); or restoreSkills();
  7. public class Antharas extends CustomBoss { @Override public void onDie(Monster boss, Player killer) { Map<Player, Integer> damageMap = boss.getDamageMap(); List<Player> canGiveTo = new ArrayList<>(); for (Player p : damageMap.keySet()) { if (p.isOnline() && !p.isDead() && p.isInsideRadius(boss, 1200, false, false)) canGiveTo.add(p); } if (canGiveTo.isEmpty()) return; if (canGiveTo.size() < C
  8. player.giveAvailableSkills(); player.sendSkillList(); player.checkAllowedSkills(); maybe this will help you
  9. Hello guys , i need to know how you get value of how much dmg a player did to a raidboss/monster , or if i can get a list of players that dmg a monster/rb and how much they did , any hint please ?
  10. thank you for sharing , maybe you share more we poor :D could i have the password ?
  11. why? //edit: problem was i was using mysql service istead of maria service (ave marry)
  12. thank you ! //edit can anyone help me add this to acis ?
  13. if you need i can give you AI for this bots , if you want to test on live server pm me
  14. can you please explain one more time how to add this to already having interface ?? i put my interface.xdat in target folder and press compile , i get this D:\New folder (2)\Editing textures\xdat>java -jar xdat-compiler.jar compile target/interface.xdat Try compile from target/xml/ collecting windwos's data... 0.001s collecting shortcut's data... 0.0s collecting defpos's data... 0.0s Serialize data... 0.0s Save in to file D:OTHEREditing texturesxdat_Editorxdat2interface.xdat 0.001s done D:\New folder (2)\Editing textures\xdat>pause Press any key to con