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  1. you need to check for dmg formula how dmg is calculated in your source , that is a good start .. anyway your problem could be in any other file but i would start from there 😄 you should consider changing / getting a clean source , it smells like source you just got was trolled before shared 😄
  2. if (party.getMembers().stream().filter(k -> k.getClassId() == (ClassId.CARDINAL)).count() >= 2) you better make the party allow only 2 healers maximum , its better because many ppl will get trolled if you only make healing power lower without notifications etc...
  3. I think this is a great idea , with brains like this forum have on l2j i am pretty sure someone will come with a good project ideea , beside that l2 is not as popular as it was days ago , if l2 die forum will die ? why not expand ? don't be close minded guys... who knows maybe maxcheaters server will be first l2 server to integrate crypto in a mmorpg , now that would be something 😄
  4. thank you , well now is working fine i added the check in the begin cast , hope is not doing any problems ... getAI().notifyEvent(CtrlEvent.EVT_FINISH_CASTING); to be honest , i didin't know what this is doing but i was trying to get a fix to my problem so i forgot to delete this line 😄 can someone explain what is difference between "return" and "Return false" because i think there was the problem , from begintask is only "return" to get and this way character won't stop moving , but from checkskillcondition is only "return false" to get , and this stops char movement .. is there any chance that return false + return false = null ? or something like this
  5. Thank you guys for reply , @Rootware so i need to add send htm packet in bypass to send it again , thank you i think this will solve my problem
  6. Hello , i noticed that i have an delay on community board that is exactly 10 seconds .. how can i disable it ? I am using free acis source , where can i look for it ?
  7. Hello , i am using acis free source and i have a problem i can't fiind where to look for i am drowning :=\ Im asking you guys for any hint or maybe someone who got into same problem can help me. Problem is that , when i try to use a skill that has reuse delay on, for example rapid shot , character stop moving , i have noticed that this thing is not happening when i try to use rapid shot and there is no delay on skill character will cast/use skill and continue moving where he was moving to before using skill. why is this not happening when skill has reuse delay ? //edit: it should write skill is not ready or something like this , i don't get any msg also , also when no mp do same stop moving //edit2: problem fixed i moved this checks if (getCurrentMp() < getStat().getMpConsume(skill) + getStat().getMpInitialConsume(skill)) { // Send a System Message to the caster sendPacket(SystemMessage.getSystemMessage(SystemMessageId.NOT_ENOUGH_MP)); abortCast(); // Send ActionFailed to the L2PcInstance sendPacket(ActionFailed.STATIC_PACKET); return; } if (skill == null || isSkillDisabled(skill)) { // Send ActionFailed to the L2PcInstance sendPacket(SystemMessage.getSystemMessage(SystemMessageId.S1_PREPARED_FOR_REUSE).addSkillName(skill)); abortCast(); return; } from checkDoCastConditions to begincast , only difference is now the return is not written as return false , but only return .. this is still a mistery to me , aa also added this getAI().notifyEvent(CtrlEvent.EVT_FINISH_CASTING); 😄
  8. Hey , my main reason was L2 for joining this site/forum , i can't say that im glad to be part of this forum bcs i didin't feel like i contributed to much but hey , there was some old good times when i came here to fiind l2 exploits / l2 servers , then i don't know how and when things started get on another level , client modifications of CriticalError amazed me years ago (like 10) , then l2jfrozen server packs and suddenly i had donates from spanish people at age 16 (now im 26) to my father bank account , then shit got serius and got ddosed by some russian hacker which i didin't belive he can get me down , but next second my mom was calling me that tv has no signal (yes home hosted server) , after a while (age 18 when license driver came in) i got a big pause from l2 scene also this forum , now since pandemic started im back on old "habits" and soon i will do my first share on this forum so stay tuned ^_*
  9. Hello , ive found on forum this code and added it to my project , i am using it for shift + click and lucky chest feature , so that when you open a chest an htm window appears and tells you what item you obtained , count and adds the icon of the item. Problem is that everytime shift + click is requested or opening chest , all 10k icons loads and i get this message on gs log: IconsTable: Succesfully loaded 9209 icons, in 17.0 Milliseconds. the code im using is this: package net.sf.l2j.gameserver.datatables; import java.io.File; import java.util.HashMap; import java.util.Map; import java.util.logging.Logger; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.GameServer; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.xmlfactory.XMLDocumentFactory; import org.w3c.dom.Document; import org.w3c.dom.NamedNodeMap; import org.w3c.dom.Node; public class IconsTable { public static final Map<Integer, String> Icons = new HashMap<>(); private static int count; private static long t0; private static double t; private static final Logger _log = Logger.getLogger(GameServer.class.getName()); public void reload() { Icons.clear(); parseData(); } public static void parseData() { count=0; t0 = System.currentTimeMillis(); try { File f = new File("./data/xml/icons.xml"); Document doc = XMLDocumentFactory.getInstance().loadDocument(f); for (Node n = doc.getFirstChild(); n != null; n = n.getNextSibling()) { if ("list".equalsIgnoreCase(n.getNodeName())) { for (Node d = n.getFirstChild(); d != null; d = d.getNextSibling()) { if (d.getNodeName().equalsIgnoreCase("icon")) { count++; NamedNodeMap attrs = d.getAttributes(); Node att = attrs.getNamedItem("Id"); Node att2 = attrs.getNamedItem("value"); Icons.put(Integer.valueOf(att.getNodeValue()), String.valueOf(att2.getNodeValue())); } } } } t = System.currentTimeMillis() - t0; _log.config("IconsTable: Succesfully loaded "+count+" icons, in "+t+" Milliseconds."); } catch (Exception e) { _log.config("IconsTable: Failed loading IconsTable. Possible error: "+e.getMessage()); } } public static String getIcon(int id) { if (Icons.get(id)==null) { _log.config("IconsTable: Invalid Icon request: "+id+", or it doesn't exist, Ignoring ..."); return "null"; } return Icons.get(id); } public static final IconsTable getInstance() { parseData(); return SingletonHolder._instance; } private static class SingletonHolder { protected static final IconsTable _instance = new IconsTable(); } } and when i want to get the icon i use this IconsTable.getInstance().getIcon(ITEMID)) , what i need to know is that if there isn't any way to store all this 10k icons , and load them only once , not for every request to get icon.. EDIT: PROBLEM SOLVED , HERE IS THE FIX public static String getIcon(int id) { if (Icons.get(id)==null) { parseData(); _log.config("IconsTable: Invalid Icon request: "+id+", or it doesn't exist, Ignoring ..."); return "null"; } return Icons.get(id); } public static final IconsTable getInstance() { return SingletonHolder._instance; } i had to remove parsedata(); from the getInstance() and add it after if(icons.get(id)==null) , hope that this won't slowdown server much
  10. Thank you !! Broadcast.toKnownPlayersInRadius(this, su, 3000); this is what ive been missing all this time , thank you very much man !! you saved me
  11. oh i just see last free revision is 382 , well isn't there any other way to upgrade files ? best way start from zero ?
  12. i have some problem i can't set packet as bolean , im still working on it
  13. Hello guys , i am now using acis version 368 and i have added many customs and changed alot of things i don't want to copy paste everything and i really don't remember everything i did change in past 2 years in this source , if i will lose everything that would be a lot of time wasted , this is my first java experience it started with l2 (eclipse/java/etc) and i want to know if there is a way i can upgrade my source to latest acis version any guide/video link would help me a lot
  14. thank you , but i have some problem adding this , is this for acis pack ? i can't fiind this line anywhere, even is last rev acis "_actor.sendPacket(su);"
  15. Hey , i am curently using acis rev 368 🙂 , ive been edited posts in order to add screenshots i hope that is not a problem
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