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  1. the point is that you are hungry , in my opinion you don't really get the true idea behind the concept of a cheating forum , you don't come here to cheat people is no a place to be cheated , i mean in this forum people share source codes l2j hours of working all kind of projects hard code for community and you come here ... hey i have this great idea to make money over nothing lol. there are some decent people with brain who really deserve for various skills to earn cash, and then you come asking to make money from this stupid idea here .. for me is just hilarious
  2. really in 2020 ? on a cheating forum ? we can just first casino website or betting
  3. if you need i can give you AI for this bots , if you want to test on live server pm me
  4. can you please explain one more time how to add this to already having interface ?? i put my interface.xdat in target folder and press compile , i get this D:\New folder (2)\Editing textures\xdat>java -jar xdat-compiler.jar compile target/interface.xdat Try compile from target/xml/ collecting windwos's data... 0.001s collecting shortcut's data... 0.0s collecting defpos's data... 0.0s Serialize data... 0.0s Save in to file D:OTHEREditing texturesxdat_Editorxdat2interface.xdat 0.001s done D:\New folder (2)\Editing textures\xdat>pause Press any key to con
  5. i need to know what number to set iterations and threadpool settings for 2.39 ghz dual core / 100 bots spawned
  6. hey thank you i was after many minutes of trying to make 2 separate task for walkers and others i need a list to make all fakeplayers that are inside town to use a other separate aitask from players that are in combat zone , i am trying to spawn 100 bots ... 30 in town and 60 in lets say monastery of sillence and pagans temple i want to get best performance out of them because sometime they get stuck and get an error in console about aitask i changed this and i google it a bit , i was trying to get best performance for 100 spawned bots do you have any suggestions ?
  7. yes you are a funny greek guy , great to have you here only problem is you are below subject i am running windows 10 probably because of compability problems windows runs the game service pack 2 or something like this
  8. public List<FakePlayer> getFakePlayers() { return World.getInstance().getPlayers().stream().filter(x -> x instanceof FakePlayer && !x.isInsideZone(ZoneId.PEACE)).map(x -> (FakePlayer) x) i want to get the count of fakeplayers that are not inside a peacefull zone
  9. i dont think is gpu because is not only me getting
  10. Why i get this critical error whenever i spawn more than 10-20 bots ? History: FMallocWindows::Malloc <- FMallocWindows::Realloc <- 00000000 10080 FArray <- FArray::Realloc <- 45*224 <- UParticleEmitter::Initialized <- UMeshEmitter::Initialize <- AEmitter::Tick <- ANProjectile::Tick <- ANSkillProjectile::Tick <- TickAllActors <- ULevel::Tick <- (NetMode=0) <- TickLevel <- UGameEngine::Tick <- UpdateWorld <- MainLoop or this 2020.12.14 15:44:35 OS : Windows Vista 6.2 (Build: 9200) CPU : GenuineIntel
  11. hello mxc forum :) can anyone help me to create a command in java or to use if exisiting , to make a character set to a clan ? i don't know if it's possible but i have an example " int _nameColor0 = 0xFFFFFF; _Player.getAppearance().setNameColor(_nameColor0); " this makes the character to get name color white , can someone tell me how i can make the character to set into a clan , clan id that i want to ? im trying this way Player.setClan(268436844); 268436844 is clanid in database , but i think i miss something
  12. I just want to tell you that after ~ 5 months , i finnaly did it =]] can someone help me make them join a clan ?
  13. Ok Duke If there is any one who can help me with my problem pm me