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  1. Well lets explain again then as must simplier it can get. So Linage-->LineageRevolution(check your own the gameplay) and Lineage2-->Lineage2m.Keep these as standard and the conclusion...LineageRevolution and Lineage2m 2 different games.Here another one teaser just to keep you warm.Cheers plonka
  2. Refubrised Lineage seems to be lineage Revolution based on world map and gameplay.This in the other hand it's seems to be a reformed lineage2 as we all know it.You can figure out from the aura that change past game maps with newest
  3. Here guys one of the first teasers from new lineage2(not revolution)mobile expected some moment on 2019. You allready know how's Diablo mobile announcement went so what do you think would happen with this effort?what's your opinion? :D
  4. Well then you can simply tell what you want to edit and hope someone who have compiler for Grandcrusade make the edit
  5. Well(if i fully understand your purposes)the number you want to change only affect windows on the client but not CharacterCreation...
  6. https://maxcheaters.com/topic/177851-giran_green_fairy_v11-small-tutorial/
  7. Does anyone have a working MinimapRegion.ddf for GrandCrusade110?