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  1. Possibly something wrong in your l2.ini.try devmode(different l2.ini)and see if problem persists
  2. Someone ban sukamin90 and delete his "traffic pointing site" comments.Thanks
  3. Ok I won't stick to the point if you can or can't do it.Can I just say that you haven't done it yet and i don't like to see you act like you already have?Ahhh let's go to the beginning in order to stop this pointless conversation.You can do it,but you won't.Now let this post just die
  4. Ok you manage to reverse engineer the health bar code and adapt it on il,but that doesn't prove that you can do something like that.That's the problem from the beginning.You act like you can but you assume,you haven't done it. Lets say that I'm the customer that willing to give you 4digit payment in order to adapt discord in messengers place...ok then what?You haven't done it before,you don't really know if you can,So(I believe)you can't expect from me to give you any $$ before you finish the mod.Are you willing to start working without any kind of payment from the beginning? No,you can't even trust me I have the money.I really can't trust you cause you haven't done it before...what's left?Your attitude
  5. So if for you it is equal to adapting a feature from a newer client to an old one such as the health bar,with the discord then be my guest.Also as considering your costumers/servers that they want to remain anonymous so unfortunately there is no evidence from your work...basically i have nothing to said more,you said it all be yourself.You may can do it but there is nothing around proves that you can
  6. I've been watching you on several posts,on several forums and always you are talking about your unique skills on reverse engineering and that you can do anything but only with a 4digit payment(I dont disagree with that).But I disagree with your attitude when you haven't got any proofs but only big words.if you have something to sell then make a portfolio/showcase/client recommendation post,if you haven't then just stop posting and leave topics like that just die
  7. Maybe that's the reason the LU4team trying to port this crap into new engine and most basically into x64.They all want to give their favorite game a second chance
  8. There is no need to put them into D: You can simply put your files into workspace and work from there
  9. So you are trying to make a dynamic dialog system ah?
  10. Well .u files contain only textures and particles(not emitters).emitters are stored on .unr.also staticmeshes are called from .u files as I can remember
  11. I thought that quarantine is at least on half of this planet nowadays...so,what new is going on in this section expect Thanksgiving for 2 interface mods?is there any new on L2?Even l2virus seems to quit his advertisement.is this section dead as f@ck or what?
  12. You have been through hard times with Google translate my friend
  13. Piratebay is your friend and keygen your Bestfriend...
  14. Yeap it's his game.What's your point?
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