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  1. @NevesOma I have actually downloaded from another server. I have not done the import by my self. @GLO My apologize that you might be tired of replying into post, i did not wanted to offend you, all i want is a little bit help. Hope screenshot will explain better than i did already in the description above.
  2. The problem i am facing is that i am using an imported armor from another chronicle, everything works perfect except the shadow of it. When i am wearing the armor only shadow of head and hands it is appeared and if i remove everything shadow of the character comes back. So my question is: where is shadow located (on systextures or animations) and do anyone knows how to fix it/edit it. Thank you in advance.
  3. Thank for your advice @Dev Well, it is still worthy, since you got experienced from that. It is not a job for me to "earn" some money from that. It is a "hobby" we can say. I am just willing to find people who are interesting in spending their "free" time in a project with team effort. *Experience is secondary.
  4. Looking for people that willing to spend time in a Gracia final project, PvP and mid farm server. Pm me for more. +Q: What is Elmeth Project? -A: It is a team project of Lineage 2 Gracia Final Server. +Q:What is the mission of the project? -A: Our mission is to create a balanced custom pvp server with "Medium-chance(chances of drops etc.) farm. The server will use stages/levels(tiers) and every level will acquired by similar farm and *online* effort. +Q: Do i need experience to be a part of the GM team? -A: No, all you need is to follow the mission of the team and the rules(Breaking the rules will lead to an immediately ban).
  5. Here it is the structure, how should i modify it, since the first looks like the default and the "34" seems to be only in 21_25.unr map. Any idea?
  6. My server is java not frozen. Is there any chance to keep both value's? ( I mean to create the new area and keep the rest of the other "waterways as it is" otherwise whole waterways will be "agonoize valley"
  7. I want to change a specific place on the map, let's say 18_18 map. So when you enter this map I want to get a pop-up "Agonoize Valley" as an example. Even though I am creating a new line at the end of zonename-e.dat with this record, it still appears Neutral Waterways. It seems that it is written somewhere else since in my zonename file the neutral waterways recond has x:0 and y:0
  8. Yes i did actually but it still pops as neutral waterways even though i created a line with the map x and y. (yes i mean the Pop Up on screen)
  9. Hello there, I would like to know which file needs to be configured in order to change a "Neutral Waterways" to a "mynewzone". I already changed the ZoneName-e from client system side but nothing changed, also the zone verticals on DB. Thank you in advance.
  10. Is there any way to import l2jserver.jar into eclipse? (convert classes into java file i mean) since the new compile is not working as i was expected.
  11. Hello MXC community, I am facing the problem below please, I have compiled the source. The problem is that it shows me the following error and it does not pass the login screen. Do anyone know how this can be fixed?