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  1. http://rgho.st/8bcPGVwNs Try this
  2. pvpMagicalDmg pvp Magic damage. pvpPhysDmg pvp Physical damage. pvpPhysSkillsDmg pvp skill damage. I am not sure if there are anymore at least for interlude , I use these.
  3. This is a project that has worked on a lot and we are looking for the right GM staff. Client:C6/Interlude Not searching for developers. We are looking for mature and intelligent GM, humble and respectful to other GM staff and even more respectful and patient with its community. People with not that much of a free time and many liabilities are excluded. For the early steps you will be online for a few hours per week just for easy tasks to improve the development of the game. After the server goes live , you will have to be online for 3-5 hours per day solving and helping people with their problems and requests while watching the other players and reporting for any other issue. All GM staff must speak/write the common language to a point that can communicate with the other staff and the community. Can be of any country or religion except of Greece. We are already have Greek staff. PvP: The GM for this server must know at least the basics of GM commands and be fast and adaptive to every situation that will acquire.Must have experience as a "player" in the pvp servers and in interlude client overall. Stucksub: The GM for this server must know at least the basics of GM commands , and have a solid knowledge and experience in the stuck sub PvP system , skills , combos of subs/farm etc. so they can answer any possible question of any player and help with their problems. People with not much of a GM experience are welcomed as long they have a good knowledge of the game and are willing to learn. Every GM will be tested. Add me to skype. https://prnt.sc/k6yac1
  4. Before this dont I have to make a new category like example:TARGET_PARTY_TOGGLE so it wont affect other buffs?
  5. Thanks SweeTs, dont lock it yet I didnt have time to test it.
  6. The first question , I cannot answer just use more space and your line will go under I guess The second question , go to skillgrp and change the oper_type from 1 that is to display "active skill" description to 2 that is for passives. Example:
  7. Yea I already do that ,Thanks :) You can lock the topic.
  8. Sonic blaster was just an example of many with no desc value. I appreciate it but I would l like to learn how to do it myself so I can learn something :D Also this is scripting? and not just grps? Do you have a good guide? Do you know why example : Sonic blaster works with blank desc value and custom skill with same grp ,animation dont work? This rar , are the values of the animation but I dont understand what to do with them. Also my problem is solved as I said earlier if you want you can message me for further discussion so we dont spam :)
  9. The value between icon and cast style is desc at least in interlude , if I add the skill.mo.4 will do the dash animation , but many skills dont have anything at desc value.I understand that there must be a path to read the animation ofc it this case value desc. But skills that dont have it where do they read their animations from? order:you can see it more clear in silver's post. Dash:desc=skill.mo.4 Sonic Blaster:desc=blank Any custom skill's animation works for me if I add a desc value that exists.
  10. Do you mean save it as utf-8? Thank you it worked , not sure why I didnt think about it..xD
  11. Can you show us the grp and and sql line?
  12. Already tried that as you show me in the image but didnt work. Thanks again Silver:)
  13. interlude/L2jfrozen 1004 Dwarfs considered fighters, so can I change them to mages?