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  1. Thanks for your replies I am not sure if I said things correctly. so I want the snowing effect and the fog to be removed not the snow on the ground if I do that will it work ?
  2. well yea you are right but the reason is I want to that area for a farm area and with the snowing effect it causes lags.
  3. yea thanks , I know that deMev removes fog from his maps so I guess it would be similar for snow thats why I asked so dont spam bullshit.
  4. no nothing everything runs normal , I see the lag stuck problem when lets say I have besrerker spirit on me and I redo it , its like when the buff being reactivated its happening. Also the same lag stuck happens when you level up and you have toggles on , its like they all close at the same time and reopen after the lvl up . So lets say you have full buffs and you do rebuff from buffer it stucks for 5 sec to redo the buffs. And about the level up stuck , it happens only with toggles open tested with and without them .
  5. Can someone remove the snowing effect from the Ice queen castle area/frozen lake area cause it too foggy also causes lag? Is it possible?
  6. Thanks for your answers I am using frozen . I did change the 16385 to 32 as you said but players still dont get flagged. Also changed it at the zones file.
  7. Yea you become flagged when you get in the zone but when you pvp the pvps dont count. about the second option can you be more specific ?
  8. So I am using this code for multifactiozone working pretty good although I have a problem . when you pvp to this are you dont get any pvps . Can I fix that somehow?
  9. I guess a l2jfrozen project problem. So if you have a buff or a debuff already active and reusing it will cause a little freeze to the game ..
  10. thanks for your answers I already disabled firewall but I guess is still router's problem Btw problem solved you can lock it .
  11. ok thank you but can you explain me why I cant log in with my external ? I always could no problem to my previous home . what is the problem now?
  12. thank you Awesomeboy ,ok I can actually log it with my internal but why I cant log in with my extrenal ? is it only me ? other people can>?