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  1. I know its the wrong section but I dont know where to post it. Discord: SD65#9069
  2. Better avoid that , Ive seen this option in a multiskill server before and when some people all together were learning skills servers was lagging. Better make them learn the max level of the skill. I havent tested but maybe you could do it from skill_trees to learn the max level instead the lvl 1.
  3. My pack has flood protection option for UseItem and PotionUse. maybe search for something similar in your pack.
  4. I'm broadcasting the userInfo. There is probably some kind of trick i tried inventory reload items and userInfo, even decay - spawn but still i have to unequip the weapon and re-equip to view the visual.
  5. I have a problem with my visual code , when I apply the visual on a weapon or armor I have to re-equip my item to apply. How do I fix that? Project: L2jfrozen /interlude
  6. Well I want to add description of the achievement but I dont have enough space so Im trying to set <br> but it doesnt work on xml
  7. title="Welcome to L2DGA" icon="icon.skill0226" description="123<br>123" this is part of the line on xml The part description="123<br>123" doesnt work . How can I do this?
  8. Didnt work.. I get a Syntax error.
  9. back=\"Button.but1\" fore=\"Button.but2\"/> like that?
  10. sb.append("<tr><td align=center><button value=" + category.getName() + "\" action=\"bypass -h npc_" + getObjectId() + "_category " + category.getId() + "\" width=204 height=20 back=\"Button.but1\" fore=\"Button.but2\"></td></tr>"); and I get this : where is the extra "
  11. When you log in you get free banners.
  12. Well as you dont provide any project info , I can say only this: Go to your database(navicat) find something related to your buffer , In my case buff_templates,check how the other buffs have been added and add your buffs with your ids. Then go to the html of the buffer and do the same. If you want to add the buff to the full buff option find the config and add the id after you finish the first step.