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  1. When you log in you get free banners.
  2. Well as you dont provide any project info , I can say only this: Go to your database(navicat) find something related to your buffer , In my case buff_templates,check how the other buffs have been added and add your buffs with your ids. Then go to the html of the buffer and do the same. If you want to add the buff to the full buff option find the config and add the id after you finish the first step.
  3. start a dispute and sooner or later you will get your money back.
  4. Something different , I will try , good luck! edit : actually I remember Ive seen this before a few years ago and it was pay to win server,
  5. gameserver\config\head\ # Allows Players to Shift-click Mobs and view their Stats and Droplist AltGameViewNpc = True is this true or false?
  6. to see if your ports are on run the server and try again.
  7. Looking for Interface Dev to work on the community board. My skype: sotid_lid_65
  8. Yes apparently the scammer is his friend lol. Too bad that coolness didnt inform me about him sending the money . Still unprofessional on his part on many ways. I guess issue solved.
  9. Coonless banned from celestine at first. Me and denarts talked to skype , Im not answering anymore to this topic , its on the hands of moderators @Celestine Johnboy13 btw if thats your reasoning you should have been banned a long time ago.
  10. Now I see @DenArt Designs which is really irrelevant cause of the reasons: " * if you read the situation @Coolness was trying to restore the money but it was not in hes hand to make it happen so everybody should understand " You cant see the dates but he was trying to fix his mistakes after I asked a refund after 15 days of little to non existant progress. * when you send money to paypal you need to wait couple of days to see the transfer 8/6/2018 friday paypal will see money propably on monday this means today and weekend hes friend will not be able to deliver (His friend) What do you even mean here? The tranfer has already be done at this date by paypal. He DIDNT add money HE DIDNT REFUND. * @sotid asked money back out of the blue but this is why 50% is given in front so if you dont like the work (the person who worked lost his time but keeps 50%) and you dont pay the other 50% and you part ways. Out of blue? this is what you ended up reading on our conversation? 50/50? . First of all he told me 50% 50% at the beginning and I told him ok , but as long he doesnt have paypal he came to an agreement to send all the money at the beggining. So I sent the 100% of the cost and second I asked for a refund exactly 30 days after I sent the money and before I even start a dispute 20/5 to be precise after a whole lot of ignoring from him. Date I paid: Date I asked for a refund: NOTE TO SAY , HE AND HIS FRIEND WERE IGNORING PAYPAL TOO: Date I got my money back from paypal and not from him, he stopped talking to me at 22/5 : * @sotid on the first 2 images you ask him to make you new website because you dont like yours so he gave you a new website and you make him throw it to trash. (the deal is off here) Read again. I didnt ask for a new website, I asked for an improvement to look better and more professional. And he didnt gave me a new website , he only showed me a header , the very beggining of his progress. He didnt start the code at this point he only made this , if he made it alone : l2 interlude l2 high five in the same image lol. As told I asked for an improvement , even though that wasnt the problem the problem started later on when he was ignoring me and he didnt do any work at all. * he say ok to continue on YOUR psd he work continusly he is polite in every way and never said no i dont do this he was working on everything under new conditions in new PSD this is not easy task so you have to understand the 2-3 days is not apply here this is custom work with new rules. Sure it was a misunderstanding , and still that wasnt the problem and ofc I understand I didnt ask him to finish the project in 2 days he said he will in around 4 days, I started "crying" after 20 days into the project with a ready to go psd that was given. * then you ask him a tone of changes each day NOTE that an animation is not easy task when you make it you might hit a mistake you need to redo it so another 2-3 hours (for those who dont understand and think design is easy or you do this and that and voila a website is born. I didnt ask for any changes , just a preloader that I forgot to mention at the beggining . I didnt ask for an animation at all it was his choise to make it but I said as long you want to make one do one for the eyes. * he end up to make you 2 websites because your fault land page is extra cost normaly and its called landpage because its another page that the viewer lands first there then select what he wants forum second server etc. (EXTRA design => extra work => extra time) He didnt make 2 websites , he made one. Second the land page is the preloader I assume and I told him from the very beginning but he forgot, plus extra work you said? The preloader can be coded in 5 minutes for someone with knowledge . As you like posting small videos go watch a video on how to setup a preloader, with a tutorial it will take around 10 mins for someone with 0 knowledge . * after all this work you dispute him in bad way and you make his friend pay the price and you make him be the bad guy on his friend and get him ban here, without giving him chance to redeem him self or speak for him self ( @Celestine just banned him without letting him speak for him self when he was clearly try to redeem since when is that happening here?) Many people have been banned like this in the past. He is not the first one not the last one , there was proof and he got banned , not sure why are you even try to defend him. PS 1: i talk about this because is stolen template from my work and i know how the animation work ????????? PS 2: second you understand that he delayed because making a PSD to html is so easy you just need some hours and the guy to make it ????????? PS 3: the guy didnt scam the deal changed and you asked stuff twice the value for the same price . As said the only thing I added extra is the preloader. PS 4: unban because he is not a scammer he was there till the very end to make even more work for free to redeem him self Sure -3 reputation , ignoring the client all the time , and waking up when he hears for a refund *totally not a scam* PS 5: GUYS DONT EXPECT IN 3 DAYS PERFECTION HERE IS WHY Already explained that its been 30 days.
  11. I have posted all the conversation in the first post , and celestine banned you , why are you unbanned. And second you didnt refund me as said , paypal decided to send me the money back after I started a dispute . Dont lie dude.