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  1. Agree , and this is how I work thats why it takes so much time and effort. Also disagree, you can balance everything with whatever stats or items you have.
  2. I can balance it with 1 person and only . Ive already created all classes and add them items. I dont want more people because I want all the balance to be done by me to make sure is as I want it. Yes people always will cry thats a fact. I can balance it.
  3. Sure when you are working with custom stats /skills/armors , 30 different classes for pvp. You need to balance pvp with starting gear, pvp with max custom gear, and pvp for olympiad. And then balance the pve too.( I can do this by self ofc). Add limitation to the olympiad , custom balancing skills e.t.c. So yes it will take 60~ hours I just added 20 more for any problem we face. And yes all these servers that close within an hour maybe need 3 h for full balance and then they write 99% balanced server.
  4. PvP server/ interlude. Im looking one person with good pvp knowledge to help me balancing the server. (possible to become GM ) The whole thing will take around 80 hours.
  5. no that khalifa is born to ride.
  6. Good luck , the option Features on your server site doesnt work.
  7. Trusted and skilled. Also does things for free and gives gifts.
  8. Thanks I just saw your answer, I fixed it with just enabling GPU Animation option from client settings.
  9. The thread was in the wrong section simple as that.
  10. Im using a customized patch and it works fine , are you sure you added the system and systextures correctly?