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  1. Reason is simple. I had a small hope that you will keep your promise that you made on june and you will make up on the rest of the money that you couldnt do the cb into codes. And as you recall we said 1 of the systems would be the donator system and something else. And good job canceling yourself right now that you said that I paid for the list too that you said earlier which you said you did my list codes to fill the payment. You are such a liar.
  2. Brut its okay mate, the mods of the site will take care of him and ask me for more information . I have all I need the payments the conversation everything. If they need anything else I can show them no need to waste your time talking to a wall because that how it feels talking to him.
  3. changing the subject as always I see kara. I got nothing.
  4. Let me laugh , haha. Good developing skills everyone , server live: Errors from subclass manager errors from his then 150 euro event manager Unfinished formulas Broken PvP Protectors(That before he touched it was okay). Broken PvP Color System(That before he touched it was okay). And more. And now wait till he says that I broke them and not his codes . Lol. I was begging you the last two weeks to fix your bugged codes and when did you try to help me? 1 hour after the server opened. Thanks to Brut that was present at that time that we fixed some of the errors.
  5. So Ive been working with kara since March 2019 all started almost fine . At April I was talking to him to make a complete Community Board with how I imagined it . He knew what project and client I am working with, because he already has installed his vote manager on my server. My total payment to Kara is about 750 euros . But he did the rest , of course not at the right time , always late and full of bugs that he had to fix , but he did the work done. He never finished this CB that I will talk about . After I showed him how I picture my cb to look like he told me okay its possible and the cost will be around 350 euro. These are some samples that I made to make him understand : Him understanding what I need. I have gained his trust by then cause of his previous work and prepaid him 350 euro and I told him we will finish some leftovers from the previous codes and then we will start the CB. After 1-3 days a dispute to his account and a report on the forums started. I was worried that I will get scammed too , and I played my character , didn't push him to finish anything so he wont scam me or he wont vanish. Anyways to finish with that all he didnt make my cb cause of he limited knowledge of html coding,client coding. And after that we make a decision to just make an achievement system only and he told me that it will cost 100 euros and the rest will make them codes. He was asking me some htmls to go buy from stinkymadness even though he told me he will get them from him as said he did it in the past. Anyways after that he fixed some previous bugs that left and made the achievement that he finally finished like 1-2 months ago . After that I made another list with new tasks that I needed and did some of them and paid them few days later when he finished them .After that I reminded him that he stills hasnt finished his previous work . After that I opened my server ,got a lot of errors from his codes and fixes. And we are at present saying him that I want part of my money back for the work that he didnt do and he is saying he doesnt give me anything back. I wouldnt report him , I would still try to get my money back but after I showed the conversation to 3 other people including other devs they all told me to report him so I did. Hopefully he gets banned forever this time and his alt accounts.I dont even understand the reason he is getting always unbanned. Unfortunately I cant post the whole conversation cause it goes back to march and we were talking almost every other day. Plus he ditched me the day I was opening the server and the previous one and didnt fix some last errors and had to pay another developer to fix his errors.
  6. There is another bug that the numbers of exp if they are too long some of them stay on the screen.
  7. L2 DGA Interlude Stacksub highrate server x5000 Server Social: Website : Discord: Facebook : --Server Rates-- » Xp 5000x. » Sp 5000x. » Adena 250x. » Drop 1x. » PartyXp 2x. » PartySp 2x. » Starting character level - 80. » Max character level - 99! » Max subs per character - 20! =Scroll Rates= » Safe enchant +5. » Blessed scrolls max enchant (+12). » Crystal scrolls max enchant (+21) for weapon. » Crystal scrolls max enchant (+16) for armor/jewels. » Simple enchant scrolls chance - 0%.(after +5). » Blessed enchant scrolls chance - 100%. » Crystal enchant scrolls chance - 35% » All Scrolls Maintain enchant if fail. Augmentation Rates » Mid life stone skill chance - 15%. » High life stone skill chance - 30%. » Top life stone skill chance - 50%. » Augment skills are 1 active and 1 passive! » Augmented items can be traded but you cannot see the augment or stats of the weapon on the trade section cause client limitations. --Custom Features-- » Stucksub Main +20. » Custom Max level 99. » Starting armor Freya. » Starting weapon Icarus. » Custom Farming zones. » Custom Boss zone. » Custom level zones. » Unique pvp areas. » Unique event areas. » Valakas Lindvior Antharas Armors And Weapons! » All types of armor and weapons have the same stats. » Custom Rebirth system. » Unique Rebirth skills. --Server Features-- » Main town - Giran. » Working all castle sieges. » Stackable scrolls, lifestones. » More than 10 raid bosses. » Gold bar system. » Wedding system. » Full npc buffer with auto buff. » Max count of buffs - 99. » Max count of debuffs - 5. » Max subclasses - 20. » Free and no quest class change. » Free and no quest sub class. » No weight limit. » No grade limit. » No death penalty. » No fall damage. » No grade penalty. » Pvp/pk show on title. » Online password change. » Top pvp/pk npc in game. » Augmentation system. » Clan Manager. » Boss Manager. » Noblesse Manager. » Offline shop system. » Great class balance when maxed out! --Olympiad Games-- » Competition period [1] week. » Olympiad start time [22:00] end [00:00]. » Server Time: UTC +2 --Event System-- » Online Scheduler where you can see when the events start. » Observer, you can observe an event when you haven't joined. » Hide name option! » Anti afk bot system . Stay inactive for 20 seconds and you get kicked from the event. Events: » TvT: Players divide in to two teams. The team with most kill in the end wins. » Deathmatch: Free for all event. Player with the most kills wins. » King Of The Hill: Kill all enemies in a small range around the zone in order to receive points. Team with most points wins. » Lucky: Open random chests as fast you can. If you lucky enough you will receive points else you will die and respawn. » Simon says: Simon will write a random word. The fastest player who will say it earn a point. The slowest one loses. » CTF: Players divide in to two teams. Each team has a flag. You must steal the enemy's flag and bring it in your pole. The team with most stolen flags wins. » Raid: Players divide in to two teams. Each team try to do the more damage on the raid boss or kill in order to win. --Vote Reward System-- » Server provides Individual Vote reward for Hopzone/Topzone/Network. » There is also a mass auto reward upon completing the voting goal every 20 minutes. --Other Info-- » AFK Systems: Players that are inactive for 30 minutes are being teleported to an afk zone. » .online This command shows online , afk , heroes , castle owners , offline shops and GM players. » Server Time: UTC +2
  8. I know its the wrong section but I dont know where to post it. Discord: SD65#9069
  9. Better avoid that , Ive seen this option in a multiskill server before and when some people all together were learning skills servers was lagging. Better make them learn the max level of the skill. I havent tested but maybe you could do it from skill_trees to learn the max level instead the lvl 1.
  10. My pack has flood protection option for UseItem and PotionUse. maybe search for something similar in your pack.
  11. I'm broadcasting the userInfo. There is probably some kind of trick i tried inventory reload items and userInfo, even decay - spawn but still i have to unequip the weapon and re-equip to view the visual.
  12. I have a problem with my visual code , when I apply the visual on a weapon or armor I have to re-equip my item to apply. How do I fix that? Project: L2jfrozen /interlude