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  1. Why do I get all these errors.. https://ibb.co/SVVLY6d https://ibb.co/Chtg5Ly https://ibb.co/KzM57pV Thanks for the share anyways.
  2. oh yea I already figured it out:) thanks sweets!
  3. No I dont really want to cause my knowledge on java is minimal and dont want to break something but in every interlude server when it comes to pvp the higher def is always better than highter m attack. I will make it more balance like that. Also frozen has a ton of damage modifiers so its gonna be piece of cake:) I took my time , thank stinkymadness and you . This is the line I need/will need to modify , I did some random changes for test and it works. double damage = 91 * Math.sqrt(mAtk) / mDef * skill.getPower(attacker) * calcSkillVulnerability(target, skill); Thanks you can lock it.
  4. l2jfrozen 1004 |interlude. Hello , happy new year. Example , if I have 4k m attack , I do 1000 damage. If I have 8k m attack I do 1500 damage instead of 2000. How can I fix the magical damage being increased or decreased 100% from m attack. Right now its 50%.
  5. Hello , go to gameserver/data/stats/experience.xml, best to edit with notepad. Change the values on the first line. <table maxLevel="85" maxPetLevel="85" after these lines <experience level="80" tolevel="4200000000" /> <experience level="81" tolevel="6299994999" /> may be another value,a little bit different , its not a problem. Add these <experience level="82" tolevel="10499905559" /> <experience level="83" tolevel="16800005559" /> <experience level="84" tolevel="27299995559" /> <experience level="85" tolevel="44100005559" /> <experience level="86" tolevel="71400000000" /> Then go to gameserver/data/xsd/experience.xsd And change every line thats is like this.. <element name="experience" minOccurs="1" maxOccurs="80"> or <maxInclusive value="80" /> to 85 <element name="experience" minOccurs="1" maxOccurs="85"> or <maxInclusive value="85" />