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  1. Create an item with either black icon or empty slot icon . I do it like that: https://ibb.co/8ry64FM
  2. https://ibb.co/94SpLfz For all of you people that cant even read one line : https://ibb.co/M6hkzNt Dont even bother for real...
  3. http://prntscr.com/mywmci Tryskell tried to help you but you closed the door. Post your errors. As sweets says: ExternalHostname = YOUR IP change this to your IP. disable firewall. open ports in your router. If that doesnt work then : 1)You didnt open the ports correctly 2)Your router has some other option for ports. To check if your ports are on ,first open the server then check one by one your ports here : https://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/ Post your opened ports too.
  4. # Do you want enable powerpack? PowerPakEnabled = True
  5. I dont write bullshit , you know very well there is no respect between the majority of the forum members. "the problem with you guys" I never disrespected anyone here even when I am getting mocked or laughed for my knowledge. [GR] Τα υπολοιπα απο skype,απο δευτερα θα σε τιμωρησω που μου μιλας ασχημα με τα fix μου. [/GR]
  6. All of you speaking of respect when none respects noone in this shitty forum. But of course I agree you cant share what is for sale and respect the seller.
  7. lul answer 1 has been answered twice already .Guess who has to read better.
  8. As sweets said not a vanilla code , so yes I would guess there is a custom config.
  9. Can you post your zone.xml (Your multifunction zone)
  10. stackType="abnormal_item"> If you change the stackType of each augment they will stuck if not your pack has a config or something that prevents it from stucking