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  1. Not sure if the right now but try it. http://www.mediafire.com/file/5zyy3a51tlhw8k5/C6_System_Win10Supported.rar
  2. Thanks guys works fine , you can lock it.
  3. Not l2tool cause I get this error when I try to use it, after decrypting . https://ibb.co/nbDzjH LF L2toolo, or something similar or another method to do it.
  4. if(blessedScroll){ item.setEnchantLevel(item.getEnchantLevel()); item.updateDatabase(); }else if(crystalScroll){ item.setEnchantLevel(item.getEnchantLevel()); item.updateDatabase(); Thanks SweeTs once again, works perfectly :) You can lock it.
  5. if(blessedScroll){ item.setEnchantLevel(Config.BREAK_ENCHANT); item.updateDatabase(); }else if(crystalScroll){ item.setEnchantLevel(Config.CRYSTAL_ENCHANT_MIN); item.updateDatabase(); So I found some topics about custom enchant system but not what I want to do. I want the bless /crystals when the enchant fails , the item's enchantment to not change. If I enchant a +16 bow and fails then it stays +16.
  6. Yea but not many playing with enter chat Most people playing with the normal style and change between bars. example , I am a SPS and my first bar is my pvp one my 4th bar is the farm bar I switch to 4th bar to farm , I dont use enter chat with 1234 or qwer also yea everyone has his own playstyle but this patch cansels the normal playstyle. can somehow be fixed?
  7. yea thats what I mean and the answer of KPAKEH is not the correct one. Yea ofc I can use another bar with enter chat but I like it like retail when you alt F123 between the bars and use it with f1 f2 f3 . This is not practical for my server. Can you fix that celestine?
  8. omg not what I mean guys come on.. see the photos.. switching between bars 1-10 with alt F1-f10 and casting skills only do skills of first bar . I have to click the skill of the other bars or use enter chat , and thats annoying.
  9. My system is always named system and the bars have the issue I am saying that cause I test it.You should test it again. and read carefully what I said , when you have example the 7th bar it casts the first's bar skills. https://ibb.co/cHYQ1x Nice video btw, although I didnt watch it all is too big:) Thanks KPAKEH macros have appeared.
  10. nice share thanks but I have some issues. 1) black Icons in the macro menu https://ibb.co/hX934H 2)most important one , when you change bars you cant cast the skills on the bar you are only the first one. https://ibb.co/ebAJ4H
  11. Can you have like 2 different dat files for 2 different servers in the same system? example npcgrp.dat(server 1) npcgrp2.dat(server2)
  12. take the new libs that you created after the built (propably->workspace/gameserver/built/gameserver.rar/gameserver/lib) and put them on your server's lib ,server files/gameserver/lib
  13. try replacing the error try (Connection con = L2DatabaseFactory.getInstace().getConnection()) { with that Connection con = null; try { con = L2DatabaseFactory.getInstance().getConnection(false); Also dont double posting , you can edit your post anytime.
  14. Ok thanks already added gold bars, So if I edit the maximum exp that a player receives will this work? I mean it doesnt matter if it says it gives the same exp as long it gives more it will be ok . People watch the percentage not the numbers:) And where can I find it?