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  1. As is now custom made it wont work as intended. Its custom made to work as it is.
  2. @CelestineAbout transparency , guess Im blind :D . About stats on players I figured that was the case. Thanks for your answer. The bars still need fixing :)
  3. Thank you for your share ! Some things I would like to say that they dont seem to faction correctly. First is the main thing with the bars thats broken since the beggining of these custom interface that the bars dont faction with f1, f2,f3 when you manually switch from one to another like khanbbq said. Second is that these sometimes appear transparent: https://prnt.sc/vkrxhq Also making other menus transparent like admin panel. The cp or mp doesnt show on the under the name https://prnt.sc/vkry9o Also these bars under the name dont cha
  4. Reason is simple. I had a small hope that you will keep your promise that you made on june and you will make up on the rest of the money that you couldnt do the cb into codes. And as you recall we said 1 of the systems would be the donator system and something else. And good job canceling yourself right now that you said that I paid for the list too that you said earlier which you said you did my list codes to fill the payment. You are such a liar.
  5. Brut its okay mate, the mods of the site will take care of him and ask me for more information . I have all I need the payments the conversation everything. If they need anything else I can show them no need to waste your time talking to a wall because that how it feels talking to him.
  6. changing the subject as always I see kara. I got nothing.
  7. Let me laugh , haha. Good developing skills everyone , server live: Errors from subclass manager errors from his then 150 euro event manager Unfinished formulas Broken PvP Protectors(That before he touched it was okay). Broken PvP Color System(That before he touched it was okay). And more. And now wait till he says that I broke them and not his codes . Lol. I was begging you the last two weeks to fix your bugged codes and when did you try to help me? 1 hour after the server opened. Thanks to Brut that was present at that ti
  8. So Ive been working with kara since March 2019 all started almost fine . At April I was talking to him to make a complete Community Board with how I imagined it . He knew what project and client I am working with, because he already has installed his vote manager on my server. My total payment to Kara is about 750 euros . But he did the rest , of course not at the right time , always late and full of bugs that he had to fix , but he did the work done. He never finished this CB that I will talk about . After I showed him how I picture my cb to look like he told me okay its possibl
  9. Great dev , trusted fast and cheap. Recommended!
  10. There is another bug that the numbers of exp if they are too long some of them stay on the screen.
  11. L2 DGA Interlude Stacksub highrate server x5000 Server Social: Website : http://l2dga.com Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/HdRCArk Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/L2DragonAge-251461392472783/ --Server Rates-- » Xp 5000x. » Sp 5000x. » Adena 250x. » Drop 1x. » PartyXp 2x. » PartySp 2x. » Starting character level - 80. » Max character level - 99! » Max subs per character - 20! =Scroll Rates= » Safe enchant +5. » Blessed scrolls max enchant (+12). » Crystal scrolls max enchant (+21) for weapon. » Crystal scrolls max enchant (+16) for arm